Ticket Please Trophy

  • Ticket Please


    In Phoenix, kill 15 enemies while standing atop a train car roof

    Mission 1: Phoenix

    This trophy is best done on Recruit as you need to stay at of cover at the top of car roofs and you will die quickly on Veteran.

    This mission takes place on a train and very shortly at the start of the mission you will have a small tutorial about stealth eliminations. Don't kill this guy with your knife, instead jump on the left and you can climb the ladder to get to the roof. From where you can start killing enemies so shoot that guy that should've died peacefully. Then move up to the train and kill any enemy that you see. You will have to jump down and find some other roofs you can climb on to keep killing enemies. Open the hatches to be able to kill enemies inside the train too. There are more than 15 enemies that you can kill this way so you should be fine. At some point you'll see trucks on the side of the train, you want to kill soldiers at the back of the trucks as the drivers don't seem to count.

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