Not Your Fairy Godmother Trophy

  • Not Your Fairy Godmother


    In Campaign, throw back 15 grenades that would have killed or damaged your allies

    If you play on Veteran, enemies will throw a lot of grenades at you (nothing compared to World at War but still) so whenever you see one, run to it and press r1.png when you see the prompt to throw the grenade back. It doesn't matter if that grenade kills an enemy or not thankfully so you can throw it back wherever you want. What matters is that this grenade should be aimed to kill or hurt your teammates so try to stay close to them as if you're on your own then it won't count.

    A good farming spot for this is during Mission 8: The Battle of El Alamein, because enemies will throw a lot of grenades here. You will climb up some hills during the mission and you will see right after that some enemies on the hills above you and they'll most of the time throw grenades at you. Throw them back, reload checkpoint then rinse and repeat until you get the trophy.

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