The Tip Of The Spear Trophy

  • The Tip Of The Spear


    Beat Call of Duty: Vanguard's Campaign on Veteran difficulty

    Finish all of the 9 missions on Veteran difficulty to unlock this trophy. Veteran is unlocked from the start and this game is one of the easiest CoD games in term of Veteran playthroughs. Unfortunately there is no exploit to get this trophy, if you play the whole mission on Recruit, then change the difficulty to Veteran before ending the mission, the game will remember that and it'll be said that you finish that certain level on Recruit. Most of the miscellaneous trophies are also easy enough to do them on Veteran without much trouble and if you struggle with some of them focus on finishing the mission and clean up them up on Recruit difficulty later.

    On Veteran difficulty you will die very quickly if you stay out of cover so make sure to always take cover and try to kill the enemies on your way from a safe spot. There is no instance in the game where enemies can spot from behind you or stuff like that, the enemies will always be in front of you unless you rush but if you stay with your teammates then you'll be fine. Plus the game is very generous in term of checkpoints, there are a lot of checkpoints even during battle so even if you die you won't have to replay long bits of the game.

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