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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Offline trophies: 32 (26, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: 13 (6trophy_bronze.png, 6trophy_silver.png, 1trophy_gold.png, 1trophy_platinum.png)
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 35-40hrs (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 campaign, 1 zombie run (+ a lot of grind)
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you must finish the entire campaign on Veteran

Call of Duty Vanguard is the new iteration in the CoD franchise which is, for the two people in the back that don't know, FPS games that consists of shooting stuff. This time the game takes place during the World War II era so grab your best gun and get ready to kill Nazis once again. The game has a campaign mode, a multiplayer mode obviously and also a zombie mode. Most of the trophies are for the campaign, which needs to be completed on Veteran, which isn't that hard compared to previous CoD. The Zombie mode is a bit new this time, no more infinite zombies and rounds that go up and up before you can grab big guns, this time you advance modes by completing objectives. Also no overly complicated and difficult Easter Egg, which is a great thing in term of trophies because they're all easy, just a bit grindy. The online trophies are all progress related so can be done through Zombie if you prefer. Anyway, let's do this!


Step 1: Finish the campaign on Veteran + clean up the misc trophies

First you want to start with the campaign, there are 9 missions and all of them will come with 2 miscellaneous trophies. A few more misc trophies can also be done on multiple missions so take a look at them too. I recommend starting on Veteran right away as I don't see the point of doing 2 full playthroughs. Worst case scenario you will struggle with some misc trophies but most of them are easily done on Veteran so you'll clean them up later on Recruit. Also, the Veteran difficulty is not hard enough to justify a "pratice" playthrough on easier difficulty but that's ultimately your choice.

Trophies earned in this step:
  • Misc trophies:
  • Mission 1:
  • Mission 2:
  • Mission 3:
  • Mission 4:
  • Mission 5:
  • Mission 6:
  • Mission 7:
  • Mission 8:
  • Mission 9:
Allies Together, Strong trophy_bronze.png
Order In Chaos trophy_bronze.png

Step 2: Unlock an operator either through online or zombies

It's very important to unlock an operator before making actual progress on zombies or multiplayer, because there is a trophy for reaching max level with an operator and if you don't unlock them you won't make progress to that trophy. Take a look at Top Of The Mountain trophy_silver.png to know how to unlock them.

Step 3: Zombies

Once you have your operator, try to stick with their favorite weapon for the whole zombie and mp because this way you'll earn double weapon and operator XP so it'll save time. With that said, it makes sense to start with the zombie trophies because the progress with the mp is shared so all the levels you earn through zombies will count for the mp too. All of the zombie trophies are very easy this time and that's coming from a very bad zombie player. These can be done on early rounds and won't require much skills. However, killing 10,000 zombies will certainely require patience.

Trophies earned in this step:

Deal With The Devil trophy_bronze.png
Baker's Dozen trophy_bronze.png
Thirst Quencher trophy_silver.png
As Cold As Ice trophy_silver.png
Shocking Behavior trophy_bronze.png
Escape Artist trophy_bronze.png
Hot Tempered trophy_bronze.png
Death Dealer trophy_silver.png
Grim Reaper trophy_silver.png

Step 4: Online

The final step is the online trophies. If you despise MP, good news, you don't actually have to play it since all the trophies are progress related and progress is shared between zombies and mp so you could create a clan then entirely skip the multiplayer and still get all trophies. If you also hate zombies, then why are you playing CoD in the first place?

Trophies earned in this step:

Hello There trophy_bronze.png
Top Of The Mountain trophy_silver.png
Bling Pro 2.0 trophy_silver.png
Leet Skills trophy_gold.png
The Birth Of Special Forces trophy_platinum.png

Call of Duty: Vanguard Trophy Guide

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45 trophies ( 10  32  3  )

  • Get all Trophies in Call of Duty: Vanguard

    Congratulations for getting all the other trophies and saving the world from the Nazis once again!
  • Beat Call of Duty: Vanguard's Campaign on any difficulty

    Finish all of the 9 missions on any difficulty to unlock this trophy. There is no point doing 2 full playthroughs so you might as well play on Veteran from the start to also unlock The Tip Of The Spear trophy_gold.png 
  • Beat Call of Duty: Vanguard's Campaign on Veteran difficulty

    Finish all of the 9 missions on Veteran difficulty to unlock this trophy. Veteran is unlocked from the start and this game is one of the easiest CoD games in term of Veteran playthroughs. Unfortunately there is no exploit to get this trophy, if you play the whole mission on Recruit, then change the difficulty to Veteran before ending the mission, the game will remember that and it'll be said that you finish that certain level on Recruit. Most of the miscellaneous trophies are also easy enough to do them on Veteran without much trouble and if you struggle with some of them focus on finishing the mission and clean up them up on Recruit difficulty later.

    On Veteran difficulty you will die very quickly if you stay out of cover so make sure to always take cover and try to kill the enemies on your way from a safe spot. There is no instance in the game where enemies can spot from behind you or stuff like that, the enemies will always be in front of you unless you rush but if you stay with your teammates then you'll be fine. Plus the game is very generous in term of checkpoints, there are a lot of checkpoints even during battle so even if you die you won't have to replay long bits of the game.
  • In Campaign, get 15 kills using Blind Fire

    Blind Fire is a new gameplay ability in Call of Duty and it can be used whenever you take cover behind something. A r2.png prompt will appear when you're in cover and when holding the r2.png button halfway down you'll be able to aim your weapons at enemies and then when fully pressing r2.png you'll shoot at enemies. Kill 15 enemies during the game with this new ability, it can be done on any mission and can also be farmed by reloading checkpoints.
  • In Campaign, scavenge ammo from 15 enemy corpses within 3 seconds of killing them

    This is best done on Recruit difficulty, because you will need to be pretty close to the enemies when killing them. Sometimes when you kill enemies, they will drop some ammo and you will see a white ammo icon above their corpses. This is what you're looking at for this trophy. Whenever you see these ammo, run up to these and hold square.png to pick them up. Do that 15 times through any mission, it can also be done by reloading checkpoints.
  • In Campaign, kill enemies with 15 different weapons throughout the game

    This should come naturally as there are a lot of weapons through the game and grenades will also count for this but for the sake of it make sure to pick up new guns whenever you see them whether when you kill enemies or when you find them on your way. Kill at least one enemy and then get back to your favorite weapon if you don't like them.
  • In Campaign, Tactical Sprint through 5 Destructible walls

    Tactical Sprint is another new gameplay ability in CoD games. Basically it makes you run faster by pressing l3.png x2 and you can also destroy destructible walls with it. It's not a feature that you will use a lot through the game so the best way to earn this trophy if to farm the destructible wall that you can find on Mission 3: Stalingrad.

    Right after getting the knife and killing the enemy with it when you get back home, you will see a destructible wall on your right with 2 soldiers behind it. Tactical Sprint to this wall to destroy it, it doesn't matter if you kill the soldiers or not, then reload the checkpoint and do that 5 times.
  • As Arthur, give 15 different commands to your allies

    This can be first done during Mission 2: Operation Tonga and Mission 9: The Fourth Reich.

    Each of the characters in the campaign will have special abilities. Arthur can give orders to his allies by pressing dpad_up.png. However you need to have the opportunity to give orders, like attacking a position or a half track etc. You can't just give random orders at any time so when you see the prompt, press dpad_up.png to give your orders, you can farm it on the same prompt or even replaying checkpoint but it's not really necessary as it should come naturally.
  • As Polina, kill 15 enemies immediately after emerging from a crawlspace

    This can be done during Mission 3: Stalingrad or Mission 6: Lady Nightingale (but mission 3 is best).

    Each of the characters in the campaign will have special abilities. Polina can crouch and crawl through vents and other tights spots like this very fast.

    During the 2 big encounters in mission 3, there will be a lot of crawlspaces and for this trophy you need to kill enemies shortly after getting out of these spots. Make sure to shoot at the first enemies you see when getting out of your crawlspace and then restart the checkpoint to farm this trophy and get it out of the way.
  • As Wade, kill 15 enemies using his focus ability

    This can be done during Mission 5: Numa Numa Trail and Mission 9: The Fourth Reich.

    Each of the characters in the campaign will have special abilities. As Wade, you can press dpad_up.png to highlight enemies in yellow and slow time when you're aiming with your gun, for a short period. Kill 15 enemies during that period, you can reload a checkpoint to farm these kills if needed.
  • As Lucas, use 4 types of lethal equipment, getting 3 kills with each

    This can be done on Mission 7: The Rats of Tobruk and Mission 8: The Battle of El Alamein.

    Each of the characters in the campaign will have special abilities. As Lucas, you can grab different types of lethal equipment (Gammon Bombs, Model 24 Hand Grenades, Throwing Knife, S-mines 44, Timed Demolition charges) and you need at least 3 kills with 4 different equipments.

    The Gammon Bombs can be found everywhere during Mission 7, same with the Model 24 Hand Grenades in Mission 8. The Timed Demolition  harges can be found at the end of Mission 7 when you need to blow off tanks just before taking out the plane. The Throwing Knives can be found in Mission 7, where the Pied Piper trophy_bronze.png  trophy starts. The S-Mines can be found at the end of mission 8 where the She'll Be Right Mate trophy_bronze.png  trophy starts.
  • In Phoenix, kill 15 enemies while standing atop a train car roof

    Mission 1: Phoenix

    This trophy is best done on Recruit as you need to stay at of cover at the top of car roofs and you will die quickly on Veteran.

    This mission takes place on a train and very shortly at the start of the mission you will have a small tutorial about stealth eliminations. Don't kill this guy with your knife, instead jump on the left and you can climb the ladder to get to the roof. From where you can start killing enemies so shoot that guy that should've died peacefully. Then move up to the train and kill any enemy that you see. You will have to jump down and find some other roofs you can climb on to keep killing enemies. Open the hatches to be able to kill enemies inside the train too. There are more than 15 enemies that you can kill this way so you should be fine. At some point you'll see trucks on the side of the train, you want to kill soldiers at the back of the trucks as the drivers don't seem to count.
  • In Phoenix, shoot a truck driver with a vehicle full of soldiers

    Mission 1: Phoenix

    During that mission, you will climb a train car roof and you will see 2 trucks on your right. Don't kill the soldiers at the back of the truck but shoot the driver instead.
  • In Operation Tonga, protect Evans with quick reflexes

    Mission 2: Operation Tonga

    Halfway through this mission, you'll be inside a bunker with only Evans as your teammate and your task will be to blow off Gun Battery Cannons. After destroying the first one, Evans will crouch behind something and will be attacked by an enemy right after that. Killing this enemy or not isn't important but immediately after that Evans will move up and a grenade will be thrown his way from the stairs. You need to run to this grenade and throw it back with r1.png before it explodes. It doesn't matter if you die (as you can see in my video), the only thing that matters if pressing r1.png when prompted. If you miss it, reload the checkpoint immediately as another checkpoint will trigger right after that.
  • In Operation Tonga, throw smoke from the anti-tank ditch to provide cover for the charge

    Mission 2: Operation Tonga

    Near the start of the mission, you will reunite with your teammates in the burning windmill. At the next enemy encounter (the one with a half track) you can find a smoke grenades on a box on the left side of this area. Take them up and keep them with you until later in the mission.

    Later on in the mission, you will drive a truck over some mines to explode them and end up inside a ditch, ready to charge a bunker with your allies. Give the order to charge the bunker with dpad_up.png and throw the smoke grenades towards the bunker with r1.png.
  • In Stalingrad, protect the Partisans without missing a shot

    Mission 3: Stalingrad

    You start the mission with a sniper, keep it with you until the end at this trophy takes place near the end of the mission and you will need that sniper.

    After rescuing Misha after the 2 big enemy encounters, you will climb on some roof and will need to protect the Partisans from that roof. Both this trophy and Rain Of Fire trophy_bronze.png take place here and you can get them both in the same run.

    Use your sniper and start shooting at enemies below. Make sure to not miss a single shot so take your time and wait until enemies don't move to shoot them. Do not try shooting at enemies when they're moving. After a while, some halftracks will come in to action, you can find some molotovs on crates on the roof. Pick them up and throw them at the halftracks, it might take a few shots to earn the trophy but as long as you don't miss the halftrack you're good. Once you get Rain Of Fire trophy_bronze.png , stop with the molotovs and get back on sniping enemies. Keep killing them one by one, taking it safe and make sure to never miss a shot. If you miss at any point, reload the checkpoint and retry. There are multiple checkpoints during that fight.
  • In Stalingrad, hit a halftrack with a Molotov Cocktail

    Mission 3: Stalingrad

    See Legend In The Making trophy_bronze.png to see how to get both of these trophies, during this mission at the same time.
  • In The Battle of Midway, help 5 threatened Allies during a dogfight

    Mission 4: The Battle of Midway

    You will control an airplane during this mission and soon after getting off the sky, your allies will be attackes by some other planes. Sometimes you'll see a blue icon, which is one of your ally, being chase by an enemy marked with a red icon a bit more visible than others. These are the guys you are looking for so whenever you see these icons go chase them and shoot at them. There are 2 that you can kill before the first Dive-bomb, then you can finish them off after the dive-bomb.
  • In The Battle of Midway, avoid getting hit by bullets during the first Dive-Bomb

    Mission 4: The Battle of Midway

    This trophy is a very annoying trophy and will probably require multiple attempts. First off, it's way easier to attempt it on Recruit difficulty because being shot by bombs will kill you quickly in Veteran.

    Very soon in the mission, you will perform a Dive-bomb with your plane which is basically Dive-Bombing at the ship to drop a bomb to destroy it. While dive-bombing you will be shot at by the ship and for this trophy you need to avoid getting hit by the stream if bullets.

    The very good thing is that getting shot by the bombs doesn't void the trophy. You get shot by the bombs whenever you go too far from the action, it kinda work as an invisible wall. You can use this at your advantage to escape the bullets then get hit by bombs instead. However it only works for the first few streams of bullets.

    The bullets are not random, it's always the same order so after a few tries you should know where to fly to avoid them. Watch out for the final streams when you aim at the ship as you can get hit here too.

    Make sure to not get hit (you can tell when you get hit by buletts as it makes a different sound than the bombs) and if you do, restart the checkpoint and retry.
  • In Numa Numa Trail, avoid getting hit by the sniper

    Mission 5: Numa Numa Trail

    Halfway through this mission, you will come in front of a bridge with your teammates and soon a sniper will start shooting. Wait until your allies throw a smoke bomb and go take cover on the left side after crossing the bridge. Crouch and stay on the left side of this area, the sniper can't shoot you as you're in tall grass and there's trees in front of him. When there's no more grass you'll need to run and take cover behind a tree, you can be shot at here, even when behind the tree so if it happens just reload the checkpoints and retry. When you make it to that tree, wait until the sniper shoots again and run quickly to the next tree. From there hold circle.png to prone and make your way to the sniper, when you're close to him press dpad_up.png to highlight him and shoot at him.
  • In Numa Numa Trail, find Mateo without firing a bullet

    Mission 5: Numa Numa Trail

    At the very start of this mission, your objective will be to find Mateo. You don't have guns when you start but you can grab some if you want after killing the first enemy, however make sure to never fire a bullet until you reach Mateo.

    Keep pressing tp.png to highligth the objective and to know where to go and dpad_up.png to highlight enemies on your way. There aren't a lot of enemies in this section so if you stay outside of the main road it won't be too hard. You are also allowed to get spotted or kill enemies with your knife, if you really need to get rid of an enemy but it's really not necessary.
  • In Lady Nightingale, kill 5 snipers across the open field without getting hit by them

    Mission 6: Lady Nightingale

    At the very start of this mission, you'll get attacked by snipers. You can press dpad_up.png so Misha will attract the snipers and you'll have a few seconds to get out of cover to kill them without being hit. Keep using that feature to kill them safely, there are a total of 7 snipers in this area but you only need to kill 5 of them for the trophy.
  • In Lady Nightingale, take out all of Steiner's troops in the department store using only takedowns

    Mission 6: Lady Nightingale

    There's always an annoying and frustrating trophy on CoD games, well it is most definitely this one. It's not very difficult but it's really frustrating. Definitely attempt this on Recruit as it is impossible on Veteran.

    So after the section where you carry Misha, you'll end up inside a building which is the department store. From now on, you need to kill every enemies with takedowns only. Press r3.png when prompted, to perform a takedown on an enemy. It's very important to wait for the prompt to appear, otherwise you'll just punch the enemy and it won't count.

    In the first section, there are 6 enemies to kill before climbing up. They're pretty easy to get rid of, they won't see you unless you get really close to them so wait until they're alone and get rid of them one by one. If you get spotted it's easier to just reload the checkpoint and retry.

    In the second section, there will be 4 enemies. One in front of you when you enter, one on the right, one on the left and the next one at the end of this section. Again, pretty easy.

    You can miss these enemies so make sure you kill them all before moving on. After that you don't have to worry as it'll be mandatory to kill them all.

    After that, you'll reach the top floor and you'll have to kill the sniper. You'll get spotted here but don't worry, just go on either side and sneak your way behind him to perform a takedown. As you need 2 takedowns to kill snipers, do the same when he moves on the other side of the area.

    After killing the sniper, there will be a first group of 12 enemies but it's very difficult to explain a good strategy as they are random and will go wherever they want through the area. Just stay hidden and wait until you see one of them alone and kill them with takedowns, one by one. Just take your time and play it safe, if you get spotted reload checkpoint. After killing these enemies (or before, if they find out something looks wrong, it's a bit random here) more enemies will spawn. The same strategy here to take them one by one.

    Now the fun begins. After killing a certain number of enemies, you will get spotted. No matter what you do, combat will be triggered and you can't do anything about it. A sniper will also spawn as well as an MG enemy.

    The thing here is to stay very close to enemies and wait until they run to take cover. You will have a few seconds to perform takedowns but make sure to not miss as sometimes it'll just punch them. If it happens, just reload checkpoint. Again, take them one by one, this is a bit of a mess as they will contantly shoot at you and you'll need to retreat and get back to crawlspaces etc. Keep doing that and eventually you'll get them all, then take care of the sniper and the trophy should pop.

    Here is a video by PowerPyx, as I couldn't record a decent one when attempting the trophy and will never get back to trying it again:
  • In the Rats of Tobruk, bring down the Stuka with a pistol, grenade, or rocket

    Mission 7: Rats of Tobruk

    You start the mission with a pistol, keep it with you until you need to take down that plane, which is at the end of the mission. You can also get rocket launchers from some enemies or grenades but funnily enough, it's easier to attempt this trophy with a pistol.

    At the end of the mission, you'll have the objective to take down a plane. Keep shooting at it with your normal weapons, after a while some enemies will spawn in the area and they will carry MG guns, kill them and pick up their gun to deal great damage to the plane. When the plane starts to burn, switch to your pistol and shoot at the plane when he's coming at you. After a couple of attempts, the plane will explode and as long as the final shot was from a pistol your trophy will pop just fine.
  • In The Rats of Tobruk, lead the Rats through the desert without getting detected

    Mission 7: Rats of Tobruk

    Halfway through this mission, after taking out an outpost, you will need to interact with a map on a table. Before doing that, take the silenced MP40 on a table right of the map.

    When interacting with the map, it'll be your starting point for this trophy. Follow the mission marker and you'll see a tank on your right. You'll need to make it inside the ruins on the left without being spotted. After that, keep going left and there will be 2 enemies that you will want to kill with your silenced weapon.

    Keep following the marker and soon you'll see enemies on your right and on your left so just take the middle path above some rocks until you make it inside a house. In this house will be 2 enemies to kill on a right side and another one outside on the left. After leaving that house, you're done with this trophy.
  • In the battle of El Alamein, get run over by a tank

    Mission 8: The Battle of El Alamein

    At the very start of the mission, you'll have friendly tanks around you that are here to help you with this difficult mission. Run in front of one of them in the direction they're going and you'll eventually die, which will earn you this trophy.
  • In the battle of El Alamein, get twice as many kills as Des during the final defend

    Mission 8: The Battle of El Alamein

    This trophy takes place at the very end of this mission. You'll have to help Des put up a machine gun but before that, search the area and take some big guns like MG guns and some grenades. You can also grab some S-mines and go place them on the area in front of you.

    Once you help Des, a huge combat encounter will start and your goal will be to kill twice as many enemies as Des. Cool, however there is no counter and the two protagonists only mention that very briefly through dialogues. Your best best is to just kill as many soldiers as you can since the friendly AI is not very helpful in this game anyway so this should come naturally.
  • In The Fourth Reich, use Leadership to help takedown a Jäger Mörder

    Mission 9: The Fourth Reich

    Shortly after the car ride section at the start of the mission, you'll have an enemy encounter and you'll see an enemy throwing smoke grenades. This is a Jager Morder. You're playing as Arthur at this very moment so you'll see a prompt to give the order to attack this guy. Do so by pressing dpad_up.png and kill the Jager Morder to receive this trophy.
  • In The Fourth Reich, go through the level without any instances of friendly fire

    Mission 9: The Fourth Reich

    This trophy is self explanatory, do not shoot at your allies, for the whole mission. Play it safe and take enemies one by one and make sure there's no blue icon/name when aiming at them. If you shoot at an ally by mistake, reload checkpoint and retry.
  • Reach level 55 in Multiplayer

    Even though it says Multiplayer, this can be done through Zombie mode too. The 2 modes share the same level system so the progress made will count for both modes. It's the same with operators max level and weapons max level. Which means if you want, you can actually entirely skip the online multiplayer if you really despise it.

    With that said, it will still be somewhat grindy to reach level 55. Of course the CoD veterans players will probably be done in a few hours.

    In Zombies, the best way to level up is to play the game as it should be played, completing objectives and reach higher rounds, then succesfully exfiltrate.

    In multiplayer, Domination is usually the mode that gives the most XP, because it rewards all sorts of players, whether for killing other players, taking or defending positions etc. but in the end of the day, it all depends on how good you are and what do you prefer.
  • Reach max level with an operator in Multiplayer (base game operators only)

    First thing first, you need to unlock an operator. Until you unlock operators, you will randomly play with any of them but you won't make progress towards their levels.

    There are 12 operators and you can unlock them through Multiplayer or Zombies:
    • Daniel: 200 Marksman rifle kills / 2,000 Marksman rifle eliminations
    • Wade: 100 headshots / 250 kills with field upgrades
    • Halima: 50 prone kills / kill 3 Sturmkrieger
    • Polina: 200 sniper kills / 250 critical kills with sniper
    • Solange: 10 double kills / 2,000 eliminations with assault rifles
    • Shigenori: 25 finishing moves / 100 slaughter medals (5 rapid kills)
    • Roland: 300 AR kills / 1,500 kills with pack-a-punched weapons
    • Lucas: 100 hipfire kills / kill 50 boom-schreiers with SMGs
    • Beatrice: 5 kills without dying 10 times / complete 100 portal objectives
    • Arthur: 10 kills with killstreak / Exfil 3 times
    • Constanze: 300 LMG kills / 2,000 kills with LMGs
    • Padmavati: 200 shotgun kills / 20 eliminations with a shotgun without getting hit 50 times
    As you can see, the conditions to unlock them are a bit grindy and/or difficult. In addition to that, each of them have a favorite weapon and when playing an operator with their favorite weapon you get Double XP for operators and weapons levels, which is very good.

    With that said, I would recommend unlocking Halima as killing 3 Sturmkriegers can be done in only one run in Zombies (it's the big zombies that carry guns, that starts spawning at round 4 or 5). Plus, the MP-40 is her favorite weapon and it's a solid weapon to use on zombie and on mp.

    Once you unlock her or any other operator, keep playing with that operator and if possible with their favorite weapon to level up until you reach level 20 which is the max level for operators.
  • Reach max level with a weapon (base game weapons only)

    The max level for weapons are level 70 (60 for handguns), the progress made through zombies and multiplayer will count for this. If you play as an operator with their favorite weapons, you'll get Double XP so make sure you do that to save some time.

    See ​​​​Top Of The Mountain trophy_silver.png to learn how to unlock operators.
  • Join a clan in Multiplayer

    Very simple trophy, you don't actually have to play multiplayer. In the multiplayer menu, press triangle.png then either join or create a clan. Creating a clan with you as the sole member works fine for this trophy.
  • Equip 3 Covenants

    In the main hub on zombie mode, you will see a skull with big horns near the fountain and the square.png prompt will ask you to sacrifice hearts to get covenant abilities.

    You get 1 heart each time you complete a portal objective. The 3 different objectives are:
    • Blitz: You need to kill as many zombies as you can in a short period of time
    • Transmit: You need to escort an orb to its destination while killing zombies
    • Harvest: You need to kill zombies and feed 5 runes to 3 different pillars
    Each time you complete an objective, you'll receive a Heart and the game will move to the next round. This is basically how Zombie mode work in this game. Once you get 3 hearts, equipe any 3 covenants and you'll get this trophy. Then after sacrificing 13 hearts (buying 13 covenants) you'll get Baker's Dozen trophy_bronze.png.

    Note that Baker's Dozen trophy_bronze.png doesn't need to be done in the same run, it can be on different runs but the hearts that you don't spend will be lost once you finish a run.
  • Sacrifice 13 Hearts

  • Drink from all 5 Demonic Fountains in a single session

    The 5 Demonic Fountains can be found on the main hub on Zombie mode. They are locked at the beginning but completing portals will unlock more areas in this hub. Completing 5 objectives (4 should be good too, as you can drink from these fountains when doing objectives) is enough to unlock the whole hub so search for the fountains and drink from them. The first upgrade is free so don't worry about having to spend points.
  • Eliminate 10 zombies via melee that have been slowed by the Frost Blast Artifact

    You should first get to at least level 4 before attempting this trophy, this is because you can then change loadout ingame and do many trophies on the same run.

    Once you are level 4, go to weapons => loadouts and create 4 different loadouts with the same weapon. For each of them choose one of the 4 different artifacts. Now ingame, press and you'll be able to change loadout and it will actually change your artifact. For this trophy you'll need the Frost Blast artifact equipped. The artifact will be activated by pressing l1.png + r1.png but you need to charge it first, by killing zombies. When activated, Frost Blast will instakill the zombies close to you but will slow down and cover in ice zombies around you. Get close to these slowed down zombies and melee kill them with r3.png. This is best done on a Harvest challenge at round 4-5 so there will be an infinite amount of zombies.
  • Eliminate 10 zombies that were damaged by the Energy Mine Artifact

    You should first get to at least level 4 before attempting this trophy, this is because you can then change loadout ingame and do many trophies on the same run.

    Once you are level 4, go to weapons => loadouts and create 4 different loadouts with the same weapon. For each of them choose one of the 4 different artifacts. Now ingame, press and you'll be able to change loadout and it will actually change your artifact. For this trophy you'll need the Energy Mine artifact equipped. The artifact will be activated by pressing l1.png + r1.png but you need to charge it first, by killing zombies. When activated, a blue Energy Mine will be deployed and when zombies will walk to it it'll explode and zombies will get instakilled. This count for this trophy so keep doing that. This is best done on a Harvest challenge at round 4-5 so there will be an infinite amount of zombies.
  • While using the Aether Shroud Artifact, enter the Aether Shroud 5 times with less than 25% health

    You should first get to at least level 4 before attempting this trophy, this is because you can then change loadout ingame and do many trophies on the same run.

    Once you are level 4, go to weapons => loadouts and create 4 different loadouts with the same weapon. For each of them choose one of the 4 different artifacts. Now ingame, press and you'll be able to change loadout and it will actually change your artifact. For this trophy you'll need the Aether Shroud artifact equipped. The artifact will be activated by pressing l1.png + r1.png but you need to charge it first, by killing zombies. This artifact will make you invisible when activated and zombies will run away from you. You want to let zombies hit you until your health is below 25 (you can see that on the bottom left of the screen) then activate the artifact. Do that 5 times.
  • Eliminate 10 zombies while your damage is increased by the Ring of Fire Artifact

    You should first get to at least level 4 before attempting this trophy, this is because you can then change loadout ingame and do many trophies on the same run.

    Once you are level 4, go to weapons => loadouts and create 4 different loadouts with the same weapon. For each of them choose one of the 4 different artifacts. Now ingame, press and you'll be able to change loadout and it will actually change your artifact. For this trophy you'll need the Rind of Fire artifact equipped. The artifact will be activated by pressing l1.png + r1.png but you need to charge it first, by killing zombies. When activated, a ring of fire will appear on the ground. Stand inside this ring and your damage will be increased, kill 10 zombies while you're in it.
  • Eliminate 2500 zombies with a PaP level 3 weapon

    The Pack-a-Punch is in the main hub, on the other side of the fountain when starting a new run. Upgrading a weapon to level 3 will cost you a total of 52,500 Zpoints. Don't try to get this amont during early rounds as it'll take a while from just killing zombies. It will come naturally while completing objectives. You can also find upgraded weapons in crates that spawn sometimes in the hub or through the magic box.

    Once you get your level 3 weapon it's just a matter of grinding kills. The Harvest objectives have an infinite amount of zombies if you don't complete it so it's a good way to farm. See Grim Reaper trophy_silver.png  for a good farming method.
  • Eliminate 10,000 zombies

    No secret here, it will take a while to kill 10,000 zombies. During the Harvest objectives however, there is an infinite amount of zombies that will spawn so these challenges are the best to farm the kills.

    There is a pretty good method to farm kills quickly and with almost no effort but it requires a bit of preparation (this method was posted by Dylan-Mehl on PSNP but I added a few things):
    • First you want to start with the Einhorn Revolving shotgun in your loadout. This gun is a pain to reload but is good to kill zombies in one hit and works very well against the big zombies with guns.
    • Complete objectives until you have enough to upgrade your shotgun to PaP level 3
    • While doing that, try to get the Ammo Gremlin covenant (refills ammo when stowed) and the Death Blow covenant (critical hits return one bullet) - if you get rare or legendary covenants it's even better
    • Get another gun at PaP level 3, any weapon that you're confortable with will do, you probably won't have to use it with this method but it's just in case
    • Once you have all that you should be at round 10-15 so start a Harvest objective when there's one and find a good spot to farm zombies. If you're lucky enough to be inside the house, you can stand on the staircase, zombies should not come from above you so they will line up perfectly below the stairs. Aim for the head and you almost all of the time will perform Critical hits, which will return one or more bullets to your gun depending on how rare your covenant was. Which means you virtually never have to reload your shotgun and can keep shooting at zombies. If you ever need to reload, just switch to your other gun for a few seconds and with the help of the other covenant, your shotgun will refill automatically.
    This is not a magical method but that might save some time for this trophy. Unfortunately, this shotgun is not a favorite weapon for any operator so you won't make fast progress towards these trophies.

Secret trophies

  • F


    In Campaign, die by your own grenade’s explosion

    This is self explanatory, just throw a grenade at your feet or keep it in your hand until it explodes and you'll get this trophy. F indeed.
  • In Campaign, throw back 15 grenades that would have killed or damaged your allies

    If you play on Veteran, enemies will throw a lot of grenades at you (nothing compared to World at War but still) so whenever you see one, run to it and press r1.png when you see the prompt to throw the grenade back. It doesn't matter if that grenade kills an enemy or not thankfully so you can throw it back wherever you want. What matters is that this grenade should be aimed to kill or hurt your teammates so try to stay close to them as if you're on your own then it won't count.

    A good farming spot for this is during Mission 8: The Battle of El Alamein, because enemies will throw a lot of grenades here. You will climb up some hills during the mission and you will see right after that some enemies on the hills above you and they'll most of the time throw grenades at you. Throw them back, reload checkpoint then rinse and repeat until you get the trophy.
  • Watch the credits to completion

    The credits happen after beating the game on any difficulty. Grab some popcorn or a Snickers or whatever as they're pretty long, like 20 minutes long and you have to watch them entirely.

    Pro tip: you don't have to watch them, you can let them play and do something else, no one will verify if you're in front of your TV! More seriously though, if you missed this trophy (I didn't see a skip option but it's possible to turn off the console or whatever), the credits can be found in Settings => Account & Network => at the bottom.

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