Golden Club Trophy in Call of Duty Classic

  • Golden Club


    Complete a mission using only melee attacks

    How to unlock Golden Club

    -Same strategy as "Pea Shooter" just a little more difficult. Start a new game on regular and play the first mission after training. You should only have to kill 4 guys. The first guy is when you first start the map. Nazi 2 and 3 are in the first bunker. Now when you set up the radio beacon, start running to the house that the Machine Gun nest is in. Crouch next to the wall and wait. Your buddies will kick open the door and proceed to kill most of the people in the house. Now run through the house and exit out the back and wait for your buddies to kill everyone there. Now when moving through the second house (after your buddies have gone through) just haul ass through it. A truck will come if you don't and Nazis will stand outside the windows and gun you down. Don't forget about the Nazi to the left of the door when you leave the second house. Melee him down and you're at the end. Follow Foley into the trench and the trophy should pop.

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