Bulletproof Trophy in Call of Duty Classic

  • Bulletproof


    Complete a mission without taking any damage

    How to unlock Bulletproof

    This one is easier than most would think it to be. I actually got it on Veteran without trying. The thing is, you can reload checkpoints (i.e. You start mission and get to checkpoint 1 without getting hit, between checkpoint 2 and 3 you take a bullet. Just die, and restart from checkpoint 1 with full health again). You just have to finish the mission with 100% health. If you're playing on Hard or lower, if you get hit then collect a health pack, it still counts as taking damage. So if you're having trouble with this one, start a new game on regular and play the first mission after training. You can use any weapon you want, Just take it slow, let your buddies do the work and if you get hit, reload the checkpoint, and go from there.

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