War Hero Trophy in Call of Duty Classic

  • War Hero


    Complete the game on Veteran difficulty

    How to unlock War Hero

    Just follow my tips in the above guide and you should be able to do it. It is by no means an easy trophy. Just stay calm, and keep retrying. It can be done.

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  • for this trophy i seriously recommend looking up a walkthrough for each mission on youtube thats what im doing and im already half way through it makes things so easy!!
  • i'm stuck on Pavlov's House, it's just freaking hard
  • The most difficult part of this is knowing that you have to drag your ass through this awful game 3 times because the difficulty trohpies dont stack lol seriously
  • Finally, completed Berlin a few hours. YES, NOW TO HARDENED!!
  • i finished the game on veteran and did not get the trophy WTF!!!
  • This is the hardest COD in history, even harder than WAW. Why? SImple 1 grenade in COD=10 grenades in WaW. You can't throw back grenades which makes me run our of cover to survive and getting killed the second I stand up. Grenades in this game have a huge radius and is deadly. Enemies can throw back grenades which makes it harder. Your either solo with enemies hidding behind corners or on ledges sniping, or in full out battles with th 30 enemies all shooting at you. + lack of health regeneration [or health packs] which means you are injureded until you die. I killed myself alot so I could have enough health for it to save.
  • This game is psychotic. I just beat Veteran literally 3 minutes ago...and it felt so good! I hope Hardened feels a lot easier. I need a break.
  • got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! psn:spoony_123
  • I suggest playing regular then hardend then veteran. this way you can memorize the levels and enemy positions. plus beating the game on veteran first doesnt get you the reg. and hard. trophies like in other COD titles.
  • im really gonna have to push myself to play this again
  • I thought if I make the game on Veteran I get trophy for hardner and regular but nothing for veteran. So the game must not exceed three times. If I had known he would not have even begun to play
  • @SnakeHR **Yeah, I agree 100%.. If u beat the hardest setting (Veteran) then, it should automatically give u the lower difficulty trophies w/ it; just as any other game would & mostly do!! Lol ----MaximusSplatter
  • If I decided to complete the game, than I'd go w/ JAY-C420's strategy.. Start low than go high; u can learn what to do n run thru it faster each additional time!
  • Most difficult trophy to obtain
  • Finally got this darn trophy... Cursed the game many times haha
  • haha completed veteran sucks thatb u dont get the hrdened and regular trophy :'(

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