Flag over Reichstag Trophy in Call of Duty Classic

  • Flag over Reichstag


    Finish Berlin

    How to unlock Flag over Reichstag

    -Story related, cannot miss - The final Russian mission and final Mission of the game. And it is surprisingly easy. Here's how: SNIPER RIFLE!! Stay in cover, sniper everyone until its clear and blow up the artillery. After blowing up the first Flak Gun. Sniper the 2 Machine Gun nests and the 5-6 soldiers, then wait till one of your buddies goes running out in front of the tank. When it starts firing on him, run towards the tank and blow it up. Then blow up the second and third artillery guns. Now its time for the final push (way easier than i think they meant it to be). Just find some cover and sit. Yes, its the final fight and you should sit. Wait until your tanks come and blow the place up. Then run to the front door, clear out the enemies, or wait until your buddies do that for you, run into the place, clear out more enemies, then run to the roof and enjoy the final cut-scene. That's it. Congrats, you beat CoD Classic.

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