Tank Breaker Trophy in Call of Duty Classic

  • Tank Breaker


    Finish Hurtgen

    How to unlock Tank Breaker

    -Story related, cannot miss - Your final American Mission. Its actually pretty short. You can do this mission without taking any damage on Vet. You're able to stay behind cover 100% of the time, and your buddies will do most of the killing. The only thing you have to do is clear out bunkers, which by now you should be pretty good at. So have some fun with Pvt Miller. This is the last time you get to see him.

    TIP: At the end you have to kill 2 tanks. Use the Panzerfaust found in the bunker you just cleared rather than the Flak Gun like your CO tells you. It makes things a lot easier.

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  • this level is pretty easy but for some reason im always getting hit by the mortar teams and dying? any suggestions?
  • nvm i got plat :p
  • @trophykid that happeded to me once. It's because the mortars fire behnd you, and if you get hit, you're slowed down, which makes you fall behind and get annilated by mortars. Try to learn where they strike to avoid getting hit by them.
  • I just played the whole american mission thing through (got the Old Glory Trophy) but THIS trophy didnt pop !!

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