Ring the Tank Trophy in Call of Duty Classic

  • Ring the Tank


    Complete Pavlov’s House (Day)

    How to unlock Ring the Tank

    -Story related, cannot miss - Hands down the hardest mission in the game. First you have to storm the house, pretty easy except there are 2 or 3 machine gun nests, plus 20-30 guys with MP40s and rifles that will love to kill you. Stay to the left and keep your sniper rifle handy. After all that is done you get to clear out each floor of the house.

    Here is where it gets difficult. If any of your buddies survive (they all go stupid for this) they love to stand in doorways and not shoot people. So since you cant kill them, you have to work around them. This will take many tries. Start with the basement and work your way up. I have no real strategy for this, so take your time and clear it out room by room.

    Now that you have done that, you have to defend the house. There is a trick to this though. When you see the final Objective Complete for clearing out the last floor, start hauling ass to the second floor Anti-Tank Gun. Try to get as close to it as possible before your check point pops. Now a tank should be coming. Kill it before it kills you and take off for the third floor anti-tank gun. There is another tank. Kill that one as well. Almost done, now a timer should pop up for 5 minutes. Since you're on the third floor there is a really good hiding spot for you. Run back to hallway on the third floor and run all the way to the back. To the left there should be a room with a ramp going down. Behind the ramp should be a doorway to a room with a giant hole in the floor. The room with the hole in the floor is your safe spot. Get in the back right corner and aim at the door and kill any Nazi that appears. Wait for the time to go down and viola! you win.

    GLITCH ALERT: This has happened once to me, and a few times for others. When sitting in the safe spot, the Nazis pile up in the hallway to the right of you. Every now and then they will some how get pushed through the wall and be standing on top of you. You shouldn't have to worry too much, this has only happened to me once, but be on guard!

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  • One of the hardest missions in the game. When you have to take control of the anti-tank rifles, I really recommend turning the sensitivity down to 1. Those rifles are super oversensitive, and hard to aim. Doing this, I took out both tanks with ease on vet.
  • this was really easy just take your time, stay in prone the whole time and check your corners.
  • This was extremely difficult. You have to clear the building out of Germans who are camping in the corners of rooms waiting for you to poke your head in to shoot you in the face
  • HARD!!! My Gawd this mission took me ages, I was soooooooooooo happy when I finished it

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