Dam the Tallboys Trophy in Call of Duty Classic

  • Dam the Tallboys


    Complete Battleship Tirpitz (Night)

    How to unlock Dam the Tallboys

    Story related, cannot miss - Another one with you by yourself. Easily the most difficult British mission. First part is simple, just stick to cover and use the lean function. The next few are more frustrating. An MP40 is your best bet here, and the best tip i could give is to use trial and error to figure out where the people are in the hallways, then run and gun before they can get there. Just keep trying on this one and you will get it.

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  • i think this trophy is gliched out...ive beat the level 5 times on vet..and it didnt even pop up
  • when playing this on vetran check the corners alot. Also when your planting the charges just run and hip fire because when i took my time they would just kill me. im curently on the 2nd russian mission and its taken me about a day to get there, so it is possible to beat this game on vet.

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