Lorry Escape Trophy in Call of Duty Classic

  • Lorry Escape


    Complete Truck Ride to Airfield

    How to unlock Lorry Escape

    -Story related, cannot miss - Another car ride mission. Use the panzerfaust to destroy the vehicles behind you before they get to close. About half-way through the mission you will run out of panzerfaust, so from then on just spray and pray until your enemies die. Good Luck, this one is tough.

    GLITCH WARNING: I have had this happen to myself and have had a couple of other people tell me about it. The checkpoints in this level seem to be glitched (well, 1 in particular). There are 2 checkpoints, 1 after the bridge gets blown up, and 1 in a tunnel about 2/3 the way through. The second checkpoint will flag randomly. I have personally gone through it with 100% health on regular, hard, and veteran and it did not flag, then on another try it would. So do not count on this one.

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  • i hate this level. just lean left while reloading.

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