Pegasus Trophy in Call of Duty Classic

  • Pegasus


    Complete Benouville, France (Day)

    How to unlock Pegasus

    -Story related, cannot miss - Same map as the previous mission except now you're defending it. The easiest way to do this mission is to run to the machine gun nest to right of the bridge upon start up and just start putting bullets downwind, be careful though because a group of Nazis spawn behind you close to the end of this part. Eventually your buddies will start to fall back across the bridge. A timer should then appear at the top of your screen for 4 minutes. When that happens head to the stairs on the left side of the bridge and follow it all the way up and around. You should be able to go prone and just wait it all out. Eventually your allies will arrive and clear everyone out. Wait until your object screen tells you to go get debriefed before moving.

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