Estimate difficulty: 7/10
Offline: 48
Online: 3
Approximate time: 20-30 Hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
Missable trophies: Closer Analysis
Glitched trophies: Sally Likes Blood, Vehicular Slaughter, Closer Analysis and potentially Veteran difficulty trophies
Cheats disable trophies: Yes (See Note in Road Map)
Difficulty affects trophies: Yes

Trophy Breakdown: 35 14 1 1

Welcome back to the next instalment of the Call of Duty franchise. Treyarch returns as the developer of this hugely popular and successful series and this time you will primarily play as Alex Mason, spec ops operative and Agent Hudson, CIA both members of the Studies and Observations Group (SOG) as they conduct secret covert operations across the globe in an attempt to prevent a Russian invasion into American soil.

Their mission will take them across various locations such as Cuba, Laos, Vietnam, Russia, Hong Kong and more as they attempt to unravel the mystery of a sequence of numbers broadcast by General Nikita Dragovich's group of soldiers of former USSR. Viktor Reznov returns from the previous game, World at War to play a crucial role this time in the plot.

The game itself is not that different from previous Treyarch games in the franchise though the Multiplayer has been revamped and made much more akin to Modern Warfare 2's rank, perk and killstreak system. New multiplayer game modes such as Wager Matches introduce a new experience to veterans and beginners alike, along with hidden minigames like Dead Ops Arcade in a new twist.

Note: Do NOT under any circumstances enter "3ARC INTEL" in the computer terminal if you break free from the chair in Main Menu or you will miss/glitch the trophy Closer Analysis, and might need to delete your save file.

"3ARC UNLOCK" unlocks the map FIVE for Zombie Mode and don't worry this one won't disable trophies for that mode.

There are some glitches in this game that may or may not happen to you. A sure way to know if a trophy unlocks is if your game freezes for a few seconds. I use a variety of videos from different sources with my own written explanations for this particular guide as the trophy descriptions are sort of ambiguous.

In particular I would like to say thanks to XCVii007 from our sister site X360a for discussing and helping me with some of video guides and realsg.com for being a great source of Zombie Mode materials and giving exclusive written permission to integrate them here. Any of XCVii007's videos (which are unlisted in youtube and won't appear in search results) or links to his walkthroughs are posted here with written permission.

Step 1: Complete the Campaign on Recruit, Regular or Hardened difficulty (Optional)
This step is entirely optional and is only recommended if you are new to Call of Duty in general or just poor at shooters. You should attempt these trophies Double Trouble, Russian bar-b-q, and No Leaks during this playthrough as they are quite hard to achieve on Veteran difficulty. Also collect as many intel as you can by following the video guide or the written location guide.
Step 2: Collect all Intel and Complete the Campaign on Veteran and other single player trophies

Important: During this step, I highly recommend doing and focusing on completing the campaign on Veteran only, and do not at any point go back and replay a level on a lower difficulty. Focus on finishing the game from start to end in chronological order and don't do anything else to minimize risk of encountering glitched Veteran difficulty trophies.

Solution: Backup your save files before completing the last mission of each set of Veteran difficulty trophies e.g. If Trophy tells you to complete mission 1,2,3... you backup the save before attempting mission 3 on veteran. Credits to T_l_M_B_0 for idea. If the trophy still doesn't unlock, then try completing one of the missions required for that trophy again.
This is the part where you will be constantly cursing at your screen and raising both arms in the air in a "What the Hell" manner. Veteran difficulty is not as hard as World at War's version, or even Killzone 2's Elite difficulty, but there will be many segments that constantly test your patience instead of skill. My advice is to play it with a cool head, refer to video walkthroughs available on Youtube (I use NextGenTactics or mattie432 for video walkthroughs), and come back later if you're feeling frustrated. Also aim to collect all intel or mop up any remaining Intel you may have missed (if you performed Step 1).
Some secondary mission trophies are a little difficult to achieve on Veteran, like those mentioned in Step 1, so you might want to skip them if this is your first playthrough and replay the level on Recruit. You will still save some time if playing on Veteran immediately rather than go through the game on a lower difficulty first.
Step 3: Obtain Miscellaneous Trophies
There are 4 miscelleneous trophies which are Insert Coin, Eaten by a Grue, Easy Rhino and Just ask me nicely, that aren't associated with the Campaign and involve a couple of short minigames. Please refer to the trophy guide for details on how to unlock them.
Step 4: Obtain Multiplayer Trophies
There are only 3 multiplayer trophies to achieve: Date Night, Ready for Deployment and In the Money and none of them take very long, an hour or two at most. Please refer to section in the guide for details.
Step 5: Obtain Zombie Mode Trophies
Zombie Mode makes a return in this game and there a 5 trophies associated with it, with a couple of tough ones like The Collector and Hands Off the Merchandise. Please refer to the respective section in the Trophy Guide for maps and strategies on how to play this mode and unlock the trophies.
[PST would like to thank Yewjhin for this Road Map]
Escalation DLC:
- Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 5 (4 trophy_bronze.png 1 trophy_silver.png )
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to get all trophies: 5 - 10hrs
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Multiple
- Number of missable trophies: None
- Glitched/unobtainable trophies: None
- Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect trophies?: No


Welcome to the Escalation DLC. The latest game add on for Call of Duty: Black Ops. The new zombie map call of the dead is where the trophies are and believe it or not they're quite difficult, As zombies is entirely luck based and skill based it can be hard for some and easy for others. You also get play as a new set of famous characters from horror films and they are, Danny Trejo (Predators) Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead).

Step 1

Just keep playing zombies, get used to the map and where the zombies are coming from and where's the best place to stay etc. Try not to attack George as he will only make it harder for you, if he does get angry lead him into the ice water to cool him down and he will stop attacking you. All the zombie trophies are luck based so there's not step by step guide to getting all the trophies. If you happen to get a Scavenger in the random weapon box then get the "Shooting on Location" trophy, or if you happen to get the V-R11 then get the "Stuntman" and "Quiet On The Set" trophies. A really good tip I can give you is at the end of every round try and get a crawler to be left so you can go about getting trophies without hundreds of zombies attacking you. Good luck and I hope this guide helps!
[PST Would Like to Thank Harry94_ for this Road Map]
Annihilation DLC:

Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10
Offline: 4 (4trophy_bronze.png 0trophy_silver.png 0trophy_gold.png)
Online: 1 (0trophy_bronze.png 1trophy_silver.png 0trophy_gold.png)
Approximate amount of time to get all trophies: 3-5 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+
Number of missable trophies: None.
Glitched trophies: None.
Do cheats disable trophies? N/A
Does difficulty affect trophies? N/A


"Annihilation" is the third DLC to the Call of Duty: Black Ops game. It features four new multiplayer maps and a new Zombie map called Shangri-La. However, the trophies are related to the new Zombie map only.

Focus on one trophy per playthrough. However, if you're the one who has the Shrink Ray in your attempt for the Time Travel Will Tell trophy, then it's best to get the "Small Consolation" Trophy while you're at it, as it requires a lot of luck.

The general steps are:
  1. Play the game until round 4, or round 3 if you are playing solo, attempting to obtain as many points as possible (i.e. first round, you should shoot five times then kill with a stab). Ideally, that's when you should start working on your trophies.
  2. Make sure to have Juggernog if you're playing coop, and Quick Revive! if you're playing solo. Quick Revive! is right at the starting point, the Juggernog alternates between the area right after the mud hall, or right below the Mining Cart.
  3. As you work for the trophies, always leave 1-2 crawlers (2 is best in case one bleeds out). Leave one person to distract the zombie, when possible, as others can work on the trophies. (you get a crawler by throwing a grenade from a short distance, but not too close).
  4. Keep in mind that the Napalm Zombie (the 'burning zombie' emitting gas and heat) does NOT count as one of the zombies in the round, so if you kill all the zombies yet he is still around, the round WILL end!
These are the general hints you have to keep in mind, although the approach is at your own discretion.

[PST Would Like to Thank DudeInDistress for this Road Map]

Rezurrection DLC:

- Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 5 ( 5 trophy_bronze.png 0 trophy_silver.png 0 trophy_gold.png )
- Online: 1 ( 0 trophy_bronze.png 1 trophy_silver.png 0 trophy_gold.png )
- Approximate amount of time to get all trophies: 5 - 10hrs
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2+
- Number of missable trophies: None
- Glitched trophies: None
- Do cheats disable trophies?: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A

This is the fourth and final DLC map pack for Call of Duty Black Ops and the end of Black Ops Zombies. All of the trophies in this DLC are to do with the Zombie map Moon. It was released on the 22nd of September for the Playstation 3. The DLC has 6 trophies, Cryogenic Slumber Party, One small hack for man, Perks in Spaaaaace, Fully Armed and Operational, One Giant Leap and Ground control. The Xbox 360 did have an additional trophy but that was not included in the PS3 version of the DLC.

A new piece of equipment called the Hacker available in this map. Go to the trophy description of ‘One Small Hack for Man’ to see what it can do.
Road Map

You will want to play the map first and get a feel of where everything is before you go for trophies as it is quite a big map. You may as well go ahead and get the easiest trophy in the Map pack first, The One small Hack for man trophy. The Perks in spaaaace and the Fully armed and operational trophies will probably take you two different games to get as they both require you to save up a lot of points and buy a lot of things. You could do the Ground control trophy in a match while getting other trophies or you could dedicate one match just to getting the trophy. Then there is One Giant Leap. It is not particularly hard, you just need two people to be able to do it, split screen and online co-op works. The final trophy, Cryogenic Slumber Party, is probably a trophy you want to save till the end of the trophy hunting as it takes a long time and you need to have a good knowledge of where certain things are in the map.
[PST Would Like to Thank OLIVERMC97 for this Road Map]

Call of Duty: Black Ops Trophy Guide

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71 trophies ( 18  51  1  )

  • Awarded when all other trophies have been unlocked

    Simply get all the other trophies for this game and this baby will be yours.
  • Take down Castro with a headshot.

    This is during the second breach sequence in the first mission 'Operation 40'. Hold and aim for his head. Wait for the reticle to get smaller and then pull the trigger. If done right, you will see a slow motion scene where bullet embeds itself in his head.

    Video by Powerpyx:

  • Ensure your squad escapes safely from Cuba.

    Story related. To receive this trophy, complete the first mission: Operation 40 on any difficulty level.
  • Destroy all enemies on vehicles during the prison break.

    In the mission 'Vorkuta', you will have a chance to start shooting motorcycles and trucks during the escape sequence. I have a feeling that this trophy can sometimes be glitched, or that it isn't generally that fussy. Either of which is good for you, as it should make it more achievable for you. I could clearly see two enemy bikes (playing on Veteran) beside my truck near the end of the mission when the trophy still unlocked.

    In any case, it is imperative that you pay attention to enemy vehicles from the start till the end of the level (better safe than sorry, because of numerous contradicting posts about it!), particularly after the slingshot event, and after exiting the armory with the minigun, and during the bike/truck scene at the end. Destroy as many as you can, and during the bike/truck parts you should stay behind and move at a slow pace to make sure you let enemy moving vehicles overtake you. This makes it easier for you to shoot them. Lastly, pay attention to the any trucks that appear on the roadside.

    Remember not to jump off the truck if you don't get the trophy.

    According to Aidan: the only parts you need to worry about are once you get on the motorcycle and just afterward. He said he destroyed none of the vehicles before that point.

    Video courtesy of JayCee88:

  • Destroy all slingshot targets in 3 attempts.

    In Mission 2: Vorkuta, after pushing the coal cart, you will enter a tower and go up to the roof to use a man-made slingshot to destroy 3 enemy positions. It is pretty easy to get as long as you line up the bottom of reticule with the target and you will hit the target even if you a slightly off. After hitting the 3rd target pause the game and see if the trophy unlocks. If it doesn’t, save and quit then reload the game. Video by Rooster Teeth

  • Story related. To receive this trophy, complete Mission 2: Vorkuta on any difficulty level.
  • VIP


    Receive orders from Lancer.

    Story related. You just sit through a cutscene during Mission 3: U.S.D.D. and unlock this trophy automatically.
  • Sabotage the Soviet space program.

    Story related. To receive this trophy, complete Mission 4: Executive Order on any difficulty level.
  • Use no more than 6 TOW guided missiles to destroy the tanks in the defense of Khe Sanh.

    In Mission 5: SOG ,Towards the end of the level, as you emerge from the tunnel that is under bombardment, you’ll climb aboard a jeep and asked to destroy 6 tanks, so that’s 1 missile per tank. The trophy should unlock after you disembark from the jeep shortly before the level ends.

    Tip from FARAZ_1994: Aim to fire the T.O.W. missiles a bit higher than the tanks as they tend to dip a little in flight.

    If you miss any of the tanks while attempting this, simply Save and Quit the game, and then choose to Resume to go back to the start.

    Here's a video from PowerPyx:

  • Break the siege in the battle of Khe Sanh.

    Story related. To receive this trophy, complete Mission 5: SOG on any difficulty level.
  • Rack up a bodycount of 20 NVA using air support in Hue City.

    Mission 6: The Defector. About halfway through the level, you’ll acquire a radio which you can use by pressing DpadRight.png to call in air support. Aim it at the buildings filled with enemies, tanks or any position where they’re taking cover to rake up the kills. I think you may want to try to do this on Recruit difficulty because enemies don’t seem to die enough on Veteran. When the enemy tank appears and destroys your APC, don’t target it. First go after the infantry instead. The pilot will notify you if he has killed someone.

    Through out the level, use it as many times as you like. There are no set limits on use.
  • Kill 10 NVA with Dragon's Breath rounds.

    In Mission 6: The Defector, at the beginning of the level Woods hands you a SPAS-12 shotgun that comes with Dragon Breath incendiary rounds. You need to shoot 10 enemies (NVA = North Vietnamese Army) with it and you’ll see them burn to death. There’s lot of ammo given.
  • Retrieve the dossier and the defector from Hue City.

    Story related. To receive this trophy, complete Mission 6: The Defector on any difficulty level.
  • Use the Grim Reaper to destroy the MG emplacement.

    In Mission 9: Victor Charlie, you pick up the Grim Reaper rocket launcher just before the ZPU and you’ll use it to destroy it. Shortly after you’ll come upon an MG emplacement in front of a hut. You will hear Bowman screaming at you to destroy it. Do so and the trophy unlocks.

    Video by NextGenTactics:

  • Silently take out 3 VC.

    This is very hard to miss. VC = Vietcong soldiers.

    In Mission 9: Victor Charlie, after the first firefight, you will come to a point where Woods tells you to be silent as you swim towards a sampan with a lone guy on board. While in water beneath him, press for a silent kill. Moving forward, after planting a C4 charge underwater, you will come to a house with a second soldier sleeping in a hammock, and then a third sitting on a crate shortly after. Follow Woods’ instructions and you’ll be fine.

    Video by NextGenTactics:

  • Use only dual wield weapons to escape Kowloon.

    Kowloon is Mission 7: Numbers. The dual wield weapons will be your default weapons at the start. Later in the level, you get the oppertunity to change to a different pair of dual wielded weapons. I highly recommend doing this only on Recruit, and focus solely on speed-running through the level. The trophy should unlock when a van smashes into a couple of enemies at the end.
  • Escape Kowloon.

    Story related. To receive this trophy, complete Mission 7: Numbers on any difficulty level.
  • Destroy all targets and structures while making your way up the river.

    In Mission 10: Crash Site, you will be steering a boat upriver. Pressing shoots rockets, and for machineguns. Play on Recruit if you want to make it easier. But I managed to do this on Veteran by hanging at the back about 100m away from the objective and shooting from afar, while turning up the brightness. A building is considered destroyed when you see all the walls have been knocked down. You can also tell if its destroyed when one of your allies comments on it. The buildings have different stages of destruction, so you are better off spamming at least 10-15 missiles into each one.

    The first section has two huts on the left, and a series of 7-8 buildings on the right coastline, then 3 mortar vehicles that you need to destroy straight ahead along with 2-3 buildings near them.

    In the second section after the choppers destroy the wall allowing you to pass, take note of a couple of buildings that blend into the darkness on the left side. About 10 buildings on the right side, including some obscured by rock formations until you go past and turn around.

    Next section you come across the second ZPU in this level, and 4-5 buildings on the left coastline, 2 more in the background fairly obscured. Enemies will also come at you in wooden boats

    In the final section is a third ZPU, buildings along the coastline on the left, and as you near the steel bridge a speedy patrol boat will attack you while it goes in circles. Just predict its path, time your shots and take it down and the trophy should unlock at this point even if there are remaining buildings beyond the bridge, just before a flashback scene.

    Video by NextGenTactics:


    Below is a list of each of the buildings in order:

    01. The stone building and the wooden building on your left.
    02. 5 buildings on your right and 1 tower.
    03. 10 buildings on the cliff where you have to blow up the 3 trucks.
    04. 2 buildings and 2 towers on the island right after the wall gets blown up.
    05. 3 buildings right across from the one above.
    06. 2 buildings essentially on the same area.
    07. 1 building across and above previous location.
    08. Around 10 more buildings and 2 towers.
    09. 1 building right across from the above.
    10. 4 buildings when you get the next "target" which will be on the left. (2 are on the river).
    11. 3 buildings after you blow up the wooden bridge. 1 of which is atop the hill.
    12. 6 buildings when you get to the next target (a truck). 2 are on top of the hill and kinda behind shrubbery.
    13. When you get to the part where someone goes "What the fuck is that thing?!", destroy that building, the one on the river and then there's 2 buildings behind you up the hill. They're kinda hard to see.
    14. There's also a building to your left before you get to the destroyed bridge.
    15. I'm pretty sure you don't have to destroy the buildings at the end, considering you have to use them for cover. If you want though, destroy the buildings.

    You can go back at any time and check if you have any buildings left as long as it's before the final battle against the gunboat.
  • Find the Soviet connection in Laos.

    Story related. To receive this trophy, complete Mission 10: Crash Site on any difficulty level.
  • Guide the squad through the Soviet outpost without them getting killed.

    In Mission 11: WMD, you will be guiding a spec-ops squad from the sky in a top-down view. to zoom in, to zoom out, to order your troops ala C&C style. First order them to the objective spot, then into the safe house. Here you will zoom in and play as one of the squad. Enemies will enter the house and you are in position to take them all out.

    Once you’re done, you return to top-down view, and given a new objective. Beware, do NOT send your squad directly to the new objective. Observe closely and you’ll spot 2 enemy soldiers just above. Order your squad to stop some distance below them, and use on the enemies to order your squad to kill them. Go to the next objective but when you spot a group of enemies coming down from the north, immediately press to order your squad to hide. Your squad icon will turn black to confirm they are out of sight. If you fail/die at any point, pause and choose to restart the level, NOT save and quit then reload. You must get through this level in one go for the trophy to pop.

    Here's a video thanks to jaycee_88:

  • Enter the Soviet relay station undetected.

    After completing the above section in Pathfinder, you will rappel down a cliff and then complete a slow motion breach scene. Moving on, you will come across two more guys. You just pick one to shoot with your silenced AUG, your teammate will take out the other. Next, use your crossbow to take out the lone soldier patrolling, then pick one of the two men in the garage. Look to the right, and again pick one of the two guys on the truck, then at the far back to the right you should vaguely see another target. Use the crossbow on him.

    Enter the garage, and as you near the exit, look right and pick one of two guys shovelling snow. Now look to the far right side again and there should be a guy standing there. If he’s not, look further to your right and he might be patrolling around the snow shovelling vehicle. Kill him. In front of the vehicle is a open shed with a lone soldier near the wall. Approach the stairs next to the shed cautiously because an enemy is at the bottom. Kill him and the trophy should unlock. My game froze for a while before it unlocked.

    Video by XCVii007r1:

  • Get to the POW compound in the Hind using only rockets.

    During the chopper section of Mission 12: Payback, use only your rockets for the whole section. The trophy should unlock when you land and get off the chopper. It is perfectly possible to obtain this on Veteran, all you have to do is strafe to one direction continuously and keep turning your camera with . You will never crash your chopper into anything so don't worry about maneuvering around obstacles.

    Here's a video thanks to jaycee_88:

  • Incinerate 10 enemies with the flamethrower attachment in the POW compound.

    Mission 12: Payback, after the chopper section, you’ll come to a cave with POWs and Mason will ask you to take up a flamethrower from a guy you killed. Take it and burn 10 enemies in the rest of the level for the trophy to unlock. Unfortunately, and I don’t know why, kills don’t add to the total if you die for this trophy.

    Video by NextGenTactics:

  • Escape the ship with 2:15 left on the timer in Veteran.

    In Mission 8: Project Nova on Veteran difficulty, the last segment of the game takes place in a ship. Once you are free from captivity, dispose of the commandos and move up slowly. Make sure you clean out the place before you plant the bomb. Immediately aim for the beam next to the tilting rocket to make a path out, and make a run for the objective. The only people you really need to kill at all are the two right at the end near the door when you reach outside. You can pretty much run the rest. If you don’t make it, pause, save and quit, and reload.

    Video by NextGenTactics:

  • Escape the past.

    Story related. To receive this trophy, complete Mission 8: Project Nova on any difficulty level.
  • Kill 7 monkeys in under 10 seconds in the Rebirth labs.

    Mission 13: Rebirth, after jumping down the elevator you will be in a lab with lots of monkey cages. There’s a bunch of cages laid out like a “U” in front of the entrance to the next chamber. The location is shown here in this video by RoosterTeeth, chug a couple of grenades and then shoot any other monkeys nearby. I think you get a second chance at this when playing as agent Hudson later on the same level.

  • Make it through the NOVA 6 gas without dying on Rebirth Island.

    In Mission 13: Rebirth, as agent Hudson, starting from when NOVA 6 is released throughout the area, you must not die until you take off the mask. When you take damage the glass will start to break. Best done on Recruit difficulty to reduce frustration. This section ends shortly after you destroy the two helicopters and move forwards.

    If you insist on doing this on Veteran (or any difficulty), here’s a “cheat” to help: If you die and when your character’s hands start to pull on his neck/face, immediately pause, save and quit then reload.
  • Crack the code.

    Story related. To receive this trophy, complete Mission 14: Revelations on any difficulty level.
  • Destroy both helicopters with one TOW guided missile from the deck of the ship.

    In Mission 15: Redemption, while on the ship, you’ll be asked to pickup a Valkyrie Rocket at one point. Hold to aim, to shoot and you’ll enter guide mode. Guide the rocket with , to boost its speed and to detonate in mid-air. Wait for the choppers to hover in close proximity then shoot and detonate the missile in between them. You won’t always get both choppers together on your first try like in the video, but taking up that position does seem to help a little.

    Video by NextGenTactics:

  • Complete the campaign on any difficulty.

    As the trophy says, complete the campaign on any difficulty. The trophy will pop at the end of the game.
  • Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.

    As the trophy says, complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty. Sometimes its possible to hang back in a safe corner and let your teammates take out the enemies, but beware of grenades.

    I recommend NextGenTactics or mattie432 for video walkthroughs on Youtube.

    This trophy is much easier to get than World at War's was. There is occasional infinite spawning, but the grenade spam is really kept to a minimum (however when they do it, they do it to an extreme).

    A few simple steps to get through this:

    1. Patience. Take it slow, seriously. Unless there's a timer there's really no need to try and rush anything. I know I got a little heated at times when I kept dying at certain points.

    2. Cover. Cover is your friend. It will save your life. Be sure to always hit cover whenever you're in a hot zone.

    3. Prone. Going prone will save your life as much as cover will. When you go prone, you'll be able to avoid enemy fire for the most part. However, they may then shower you (on the rare occasion) with grenades.

    4. Smoke & Grenades. Smoke can get you through corridors very nicely. Occasionally you will get lit up because that's just how AI works at times. Grenades are you friend to flush enemies out. You can either cook or not cook a grenade to kill them or make them run out.

    5. Keep moving. If you're at one of those infinite spawn points, you need to keep moving forward. If you're not at one of those points, staying and waiting to kill everyone is the better option.

    NOTE: The Veteran trophies are glitched. You may or may not get them when you play through. Currently, I don't believe there is any knowledge on why this is so. Just be cautioned on it, that it may happen to you.

    Here are also some other tips for you guys at two specific points in the game that were the most challenging/problematic:
    Executive Order
    In 'Executive Order' there will be a point where you come to a scientific room with a guy that flips over the table and you have to fight your way into the room. If you don't move into the room, the guys will continuously spawn. What I did was go into the room and go to the right behind a tall block of science equipment. You'll know what I'm talking about because if you don't go in, a guy will always go there and stand behind it. While there, just kill whoever and soon you'll have no more enemies spawning for that part. But there will be no more checkpoint.

    As soon as you're ready, make your way to the next hallway and have a smoke grenade in hand. Once you reach the mouth of the hallway from the room you're in, chuck it and make a dash for cover. The smoke is to help you not get hit by the dudes far away. While there, make your way up to the part where there is the semi-circle room. A guy will be in there shooting you, shoot him, cook a grenade and run into the room and throw it to the other end. You'll kill a few guys but not all and make your way the long way around to the other door, don't cut through. Once there, you should get a checkpoint soon so don't die.
    In 'S.O.G.' where you need to make your way down the hill. From the start I always went to the left cover and killed the guys to the far right inside a bunker. Once you have a clearing, go to the 2nd level tier (you start on the 1st). Woods will be there, so go prone and start shimmying your way down to the 3rd tier. You will need to kill people but once you're there, Woods will come down and kick over a napalm barrel.

    After he's kicked it over, you need to kick the one over that's to the right of the bunker you're at. Stay prone and keep a watchful eye to the bunker to your right. Two guys will constantly come up and shoot you. As you get to the barrel and kick it over, make sure you go prone immediately and don't stand up to try to run away. When you kick it over and are prone, back all the way back to the bunker you were at while shooting people that are trying to kill you. When you reach the bunker, you should get a checkpoint and then you need to go kick the third barrel over. The third barrel is at the bunker you kept a watchful eye on while you did the second barrel. Go over there and do the exact same prone manoeuvre that you did for the second barrel.
  • Kill 5 enemies with a single frag grenade.

    There are a couple of places to do this and you might even get it accidentally. Personally I feel the best place is in the Courtyard in Mission 1, as shown in this video thanks to Powerpyx:


    Also: In the mission 'The Defector', if there aren't 5 guys together by the car, or you fail to kill them all: kill yourself and try again. You will get it before too long.

  • Demonstrate killer economic sensibilities by taking down 3 enemies with a single bullet.

    Although not exclusively limited to Zombie Mode, this trophy is best attempted while playing Zombies. Sometimes enemies will drop a powerup that looks like a glowing skull (Insta-Kill) that makes your shots instantly kill anyone. Line up 3 zombies and use either a gun with wide spread like the Olympia or with high piercing like sniper rifles and shoot them to unlock this. Credit to Vo1cl.

    The trophy glitched for me as it did not unlock during my first few tries but it unlocked the next day when I was playing a random Zombie game without doing anything.

    If attempting this in the Campaign, there are a few places you can try these:

    Playing Mission: Executive Order on Recruit. This is currently the easiest way known. Follow the video below to get to the ideal shooting position. Credit to mjc0961.


    Alternatively, try the mission 'Victor Charlie', thanks to PowerPyx for the video:


    Another spot this can be done is in the mission, 'Numbers'. Thanks to jaycee_88 for the video:


    Lastly: Playing Mission 6: The Defector on Recruit using SPAS-12 with Dragon Breath rounds is likely the best way. Early in the level in enemies will come into an office room with desks there should be 5-6 enemies and you can intercept them at the door they enter if you’re fast enough. Unleash your fury while they’re clumped together. Credit to PaNDaSNiP3R. Note: this last method has been noted as being unreliable by some users. Try the above methods first.
  • Use the explosive bolts to kill 30 enemies in the campaign.

    In Mission 4: Executive Order, you get a crossbow that shoots explosive bolts after clearing the Com Station. Target any enemy or space nearby and the explosion from the arrow will kill them. Kills still add to total even if you die and restart from checkpoint, especially on Veteran.

    You also obtain this crossbow in Mission 11: WMD but I wouldn’t recommend using explosive bolts so you can remain stealthy and avoid drawing attention, allowing you to complete the level easier.
  • Complete 'Operation 40', 'Vorkuta' and 'Executive Order' on Veteran difficulty.

    To get this trophy, complete the three levels listed above on Veteran Difficulty. You can play them out of order via the Chapter Select menu.

    Operation 40 and Vorkuta on Veteran shouldn’t give you too much trouble.

    For Mission 4: Executive Order, in the underground facility, after clearing a control room and coming to a corridor with blinking yellow light and a yellow vehicle on the right, you will enter a corridor. This corridor has infinite spawns until you push far enough into the command room on the right behind the vehicle. I spent two hours here. Move from cover to cover and lay prone because you can use be hit by bullets even if you crouch.

    The method I generally use is to crouch behind the crates on the left, move to the vehicle (your allies should move up to the vehicle at this point) and immediately run across to the gap on the left behind the crates earlier. From here I can see the entrance to the command room so I throw (not cook) a couple of grenades and use them as a distraction to make a run for the command room. Pay close attention as there is normally one guy directly in front of you as you enter, and other enemies to your left. Eliminate the first guy and crouch or prone just before the small set of stairs to take a breather. This should also prompt you allies to move further up and cover the corridor.

    Video by NextGenTactics, skip forward to 19:30 for the Corridor of Death


    For more tips on Veteran Difficulty, see BLACK OPS MASTER.
  • Complete 'SOG' and 'The Defector' on Veteran difficulty.

    To get this trophy, complete the two levels listed above on Veteran Difficulty. You can play them out of order via the Chapter Select menu.

    SOG: The part where you are fighting your way downhill to push the napalm barrels is another infinite spawn point. What I do is I run down to the first bunker on the left, prompting my allies to move forwards and one of them will kick the barrel nearest to you. From this bunker you will see two barrels, one beside a cover position where your allies are, and another further behind. I go for the one behind first (the far side) because pushing that barrel eliminates all enemy reinforcements hence no more infinite spawns, then I take out the remaining enemies and push the last barrel down (credit to NextGenTactics for the video):


    The Defector: During the last part defending the LZ, you can camp in the house with the intel (the one storey building below 'DAK' signboard) and melee any enemy that comes in through the window.

    For tips on Veteran Difficulty, see BLACK OPS MASTER.
  • Complete 'Numbers', 'Project Nova' and 'Victor Charlie' on Veteran difficulty.

    To get this trophy, complete the three levels listed above on Veteran Difficulty. You can play them out of order via the Chapter Select menu.

    Mission 7: Numbers is probably the only one that will give you problems because I find the weapons are sub-standard and most of the time you’re being pelted from all sides and mysterious grenades seem to pop up from nowhere to blast you out of where you're hiding even if the enemy is in a building across the street. Take it easy, pickup a sniper and a assault rifle as your main weapons for medium and long range capabilities so you can pick off enemies from some degree of safety.

    For tips on Veteran Difficulty, see BLACK OPS MASTER.
  • Complete 'Crash Site', 'WMD' and 'Payback' on Veteran difficulty.

    To get this trophy, complete the three levels listed above on Veteran Difficulty. You can play them out of order via the Chapter Select menu.

    I didn’t think any of these missions were hard, though Mission 12: Payback does have an infinite spawn point though in the room after you save the POWs.

    For general tips on Veteran Difficulty, see BLACK OPS MASTER.
  • Complete 'Rebirth' and 'Redemption' on Veteran difficulty.

    To get this trophy, complete the three levels listed above on Veteran Difficulty. You can play them out of order via the Chapter Select menu.

    Rebirth can be a real pain in the ass particularly during the sections where NOVA 6 is released into the air. I suggest playing this only when you have lots of time to spare and when you’re cool headed.

    For Redemption I actually sat back sometimes in a corner and let my teammates slowly take the enemies out.

    For tips on Veteran Difficulty, see BLACK OPS MASTER.
  • Find all the hidden intel.

    Note: DO NOT under any circumstances enter "3ARC INTEL" in the computer terminal if you break free from the chair in Main Menu, else you will miss/glitch this trophy and might need to delete your save file. If you accidentally enter the unlock code, just delete all the save data you have and replay the game. This should make it so there is no Intel that you own and so you can get it all again. Each mission has 3 pieces of intel except for Mission 3 as that actually is just a cutscene.

    At any point if you miss any of the Intel, just remember where it was and continue on your game. You don't want to take the chance of your game getting glitched. You can go back to the level via Mission Select after you've beaten the game to get the Intel that you've missed.

    Once you have found all the Intel in a level, you can just save the game and exit. You don't have to complete the level.


    Credit to PowerPyx for the video. You may also refer to my text guide here: LINK
  • Watch a film clip with a friend.

    First you need to have completed at least one Local/Online Multiplayer Match. Go to:
    Multiplayer > Playstation Network > Theater > My Recent Games

    Here you'll find a list of games you have recently completed. Select anyone and choose the option "Place in My file Share" and name it whatever you want. Now, goto "My File Share" in the same menu, select the clip and choose "Select for Playback". You will see a counter on the bottom right that says "downloading". When it is done, press Triangle18x18.png to bring up a list of your friends, and press Select2Button.png to invite any of them. Once they've joined your theater, choose start film and trophy should unlock.
  • Finish 5 Wager Matches 'in the money'.

    Select Multiplayer then Wager Matches to play a Wager Match. You need at least 10 COD points gained by playing normal online matches to participate in Wager Matches. In my personal opinion the best match type to play is "One in the Chamber" where 6 players are given only 1 bullet and 3 lives each. You gain an extra bullet when you manage to kill someone.

    Most people leave the game after having used up their lives and this is really a short 10 minute game about finding opportunities, so its not very hard. All you need to do is finish "In the Money". Being 'in the money' basically means that by the end of the wager match, you should be in the top 3, as only the top 3 are awarded with money as their reward. The 5 wager matches don't need to be consecutive Tip thanks to FARAZ_1994.
  • Reach rank 10 in Combat Training.

    First, in the Main Menu you need to select:
    Multiplayer > Playstation Network > Combat Training

    In Combat Training you can choose to practice playing Team Deathmatch or Free-For-All games against AI bots, with the game settings set to however you see fit. You will progressively gain levels and earn COD points used for buying weapons, upgrades and perks, but NONE of these will carryover to actual online multiplayer games.

    For this trophy, I play a 10 minute TDM 4 vs 8 match first to get a feel of the map/game and gain some COD points to unlock useful attachments like a silencer and scope. Next, I set the match to unlimited time and 30,000 points to win then camp in some place high enough to overlook a wide potion of the map and keep playing until I reach rank 10.
  • Buy every weapon off the walls in a single Zombies game.

    The basic idea to obtain this trophy is that you must buy every single weapon in a single Zombie map. Obviously you will need to be very familiar with the map, good survival skills and keep killing to gain points to purchase these weapons. Below is a layout map courtesy of realsg.com of all the weapons as well as a cost list:

    Weapon Cost List:
    Olympia Shotgun - 500
    M14 Rifle - 500
    PM63 SMG - 1000
    Stakeout - 1500
    MP40 SMG - 1000
    Mp5k SMG - 1000
    M16 Rifle - 2000
    Claymores - 1000
    Bowie Knife - 3000
    Ak74U rifle - 1200
    MPL - 1000
    Frag Grenades - 250
    Total Cost: 13,150

    The Frags are in the room with Pack-a-Punch Machine, use the teleporter on the stage to reach them.

    I've been asked this question numerous times: "Can the whole team be cumulative with the weapons or do I have to buy them all?" Answer: YOU MUST BUY ALL THE WEAPONS YOURSELF.

    Both guide writers have similar methods about going about getting this trophy. There are a few minor differences, so we advise you to read through both, so you have the best chance possible of working your way through the list:

    THE STRATEGY 1: Yewjhin Method

    Map: 'Kino der Toten'.
    Now based on the map above, this is a strategy that ziggy78900 and I use. This works best with 3 or 4 people. 2 people can also pull it off but both players must be totally in sync and are pretty decent in this game. The method works like this, assuming 3 players are ingame:

    Player A - Solely responsible for opening all doors. Has to be an experienced person who is comfortable with using only 1-2 guns like MP40 or Ak74U. His points will go towards opening up access to further areas, any extra points he has can be used at the Mystery Box to see if he can get a good machine gun.

    Players B & C - Should follow player A at all times apart from when defending each round. These are the ones going for the trophy.

    1. Rounds 1-3: can be completed using solely your pistol and knife kills. Use your knife when zombies are pulling out planks or crossing over, that way they can't hit you.

    2. Round 4: Player A should open the door upstairs on the right, and from here on proceed to open the door to the Foyer Room. Defend in the Foyer Room until end of Round 6, which should be the first Hellhound wave. All 3 should camp at the entrance door to the Dressing Room during wave 6 to better manage the hellhounds.

    3. Round 7: Player A opens up the Dressing Room and subsequently the Theater. Turn on the Power Switch, and the door leading down back to the Lobby should open. The teleporter on the left side of the stage can be activated to send you to the projector room with the Pack-a-Punch machine, and overlooks the entire Theater. Enemies will gather in a spot below you while you're in this room and you can throw grenades to bomb the masses.

    4. From here on, you want to run in circles from Theater > Lobby > Foyer > Dressing Room > Theater again, stopping every now and then to turn back and dispose of some enemies but never let them come within an arm's length. As all players start to build their points, buy Jugger-Nog at the machine near the door connecting the Lobby to the Theater. This basically makes you tougher and you can take more hits from zombies. Player A can proceed to open up the left side of the map, while the other players mop up on whatever weapons they still need.

    With this method, we managed to survive up to Round 19 although it was the first time the other guy played this mode/map.
    THE STRATEGY 2: The Jamby Method

    Map: 'Kino der Toten'.
    Below is the strategy I used in 'Kino der Toten' before I hit round 15:

    Start out knifing zombies. You can start using your pistol at round 3 or 4. Once you get to about 3000 or so, head up the stairs to the right door. Open it, along with the next door and go down to get the MP40. The MP40 will sustain you until you get a better weapon. When you get 1000 more, get the Stakeout. The Stakeout is for the first round of dogs.

    Once you get to the dogs and maybe a round afterward, go to the theater. Once in the theater DO NOT turn on the power (the power is the switch to the right of the curtains and has a huge lightning bolt pointing at it). That will just add more problems (it'll also add a new zombie into the mix, a crawler who kinda looks like Gollum and when killed explodes and puts some NOVA 6 gas around). Make sure before you even think about opening the curtain (turning on the power). You have, I believe it's 2500, for Jugger-Nog, along with a little extra money for the first mystery box.

    Before you turn on the power and open the curtain, you'll want to make it so that the zombies aren't coming at you from all directions. Be sure to run around the walls that are in the middle of the floor to keep the zombies chasing you. When they're chasing you, be sure to shoot them occasionally. Do not back yourself up into a wall.

    When you finally turn on the power, run all the way down the walkway and get the Jugger-Nog (this will make it so it doesn't take 2 hits to kill you, more like 5). Then, if you can, try the mystery box. Be sure to get a good automatic weapon with some good fire-power and lots of ammo. I got lucky and got a Galil. It sustained me until I got my trophy.

    To make it so they're not coming all around you, run around in a giant circle. You know the way I told you to go to the theater? Just keep doing that. A giant circle... By this I mean to run all the way back to where you started the game and then go all the way around to the theater (the way I told you to go from the start) and just keep doing a giant circle. Don't run too fast or they'll cut you off. Go at a nice pace to keep them behind you. Now you need to link up the teleportation pieces. Before you do, make sure you kill a bunch of the zombies and save one. When you have one, link the teleportation device. Make sure you have 5250 before you use the teleportation device to teleport. When you do have 5250, teleport and turn around and put your main weapon (mine was the Galil) into the Pack-a-Punch device (this is what the 5000 is for). This will make it much stronger and give you more ammo. While you're in this room, be sure to pick up the Frag Grenade for 250 (this is the other 250). You'll teleport either once or no more times and then be back in the main room you started in.

    Now, when you have your Pack-a-Punch weapon, just keep doing the giant circle until you have lots of money. When you have lots of money, do one last circle and kill all but one (or two, just as long as they don't gang up on you). Now it's time to go get the guns. If I recall correctly, you need about 13150 or so for all the weapons. Luckily, you've already spend 2250, so you only need about 10900, plus the other doors that you haven't opened which is about another 2000-3000 (at this point, there should only be about 2 doors you haven't opened, possibly 3 if you want them all opened).

    Then, once you've gotten all the weapons, you're good to go! Congrats on getting the trophy. Took me about 3-4 hours of consistently doing this.

    Alternative Method: If you have the Hardened/Prestige editions that come with free DLC codes for extra Zombie Mode maps, HERE's a great tip to make it very easy from Rleeson85.

    Video courtesy of XCVii007r1 from X360a:

  • Kill the Pentagon thief before it can steal your load-out.

    This can only be done on the map “FIVE” in Zombie Mode. Maps courtesy of Kuawa Road Productions:
    Top/Starting Floor (Briefing Room) and Second Floor (War Room)
    Third/Bottom Floor

    1. First wave, you start off in the Briefing Room with 500 points. Use your knife R318x18.png to destroy all the glass panels on the doors, then repair them by holding square18x18.png and you gain 10 points for each plank you managed to fit on. You should only use your pistol for the first wave to kill enemies. Kill all but one zombie, and go around repairing every opening to rack up some points, then kill him.

    2. Second wave, you should have about 1000+ points, goto the Quick Revive machine on the left side and buy a Revive. If you're playing solo, when you die you will enter a Last Stand mode and your handguns (don't throw them away!!) are upgraded significantly to deal insane damage for a short time until you are resurrected providing (if you bought a Revive). You should also buy the M14 gun on the right wall and use it to score headshots for this and all future waves as much as possible. It costs 500 points

    3. Third wave, focus on surviving and not dying. As before, leave the last zombie and go around repairing everything.

    4. Fourth wave, same thing again, but this time leave the last zombie. At this point you should have about 5000+ points if you did what I asked. You will need a total of at least 4500 points to open up access to the following areas. Open the door on the right side for 750 points. Clear the debris to the elevator in the back of the right corridor for 1000 points. Use the elevator to go down for 250 points. (Spent 2000)

    2nd level, go down the stairs and clear the debris in the middle for another 1000 points. Go to the left side of the lower level, clear the debris and use the elevator for a total of 1250 points again. (Spent 4250 total)

    On the 3rd level, move forwards and as you approach the first left turn enter the building marked with "3" (1:20 in video). Inside you should find the power generator so activate it. Now return to the previous level via the elevator for another 250 points then to the upper deck and stand at the catwalks opposite the staircase but overlooking that red globe/teleporter in the middle. (Spent 4500 total)

    Wait for that last zombie to appear and kill him. Raising DEFCON to level 5 is NOT necessary to make the thief appear. Raising DEFCON is only used to access the room with Pack-A-Punch machine, which you do not need with this strategy.

    5. Now the next part, the thief may or may not appear after you kill that zombie. He tends to come at different times, but the times usually range from between Round 5 to Round 8. When he decides to appear, it will always be at the end of a round after every other enemy is dead. If he doesn't appear, then you just have to keep surviving until he does. I have tested this method about 7-8 times and he appeared before Waves 5-6 about 50% of the time for me. If you hear the computer saying "Breach detected" and screen goes blue-ish that means the thief is coming for you and he will take away whatever weapons you have (hence the title of the trophy).
    He always appears via the nearest teleporter to you (as indicated by the blue badge/shield icon with 2 guys), therefore the War Room is the best place because the only teleporter is on the Bottomside, and you standing on the Topside opposite the stairs forces him to move some distance before he can reach you. He won't shoot you after taking your weapons but he'll teleport/run away very very quickly. When you hear the "breach" announcement immediately cook grenades at your feet to get yourself killed.

    When playing in a group, if the thief doesn't steal anyone's loadout, you will all get the trophy. But if he steals any one person's loadout, no one gets the trophy. I suggest you do this one solo.

    Note: As a further update, XcVii007 demonstrates in video guide below that camping in the elevator instead of the upper deck is another viable method that gives you direct line of sight of the Thief.

    As I mentioned before, you will be given upgraded dual handguns with 20 bullets each and you need to shoot and kill him before he reaches you. Pickup the items that he drops to unlock the trophy.

    There's some degree of luck involved but with practice you can do it. If you're lucky and a zombie drops a Death Machine/minigun for you and the thief appears in the same round, the minigun drops the thief in 1-2 shots.

  • Shoot at or be shot by an ally with a Pack-a-Punch crossbow and kill six zombies with the explosion.

    As with the above trophy, you or an ally need to find the mystery box but this time try to get a crossbow. Upgrade the crossbow at a Pack-a-Punch machine, and the person with the crossbow should fire it at an ally from a distance. The arrow will stick to the ally and blink red. The targeted ally will have a short time to run into a group of zombies until the arrow explodes and hopefully killing at least 6 zombies. The targeted ally has to survive for trophy to unlock.

    Once you do that, the trophy will pop. The trophy may take a bit longer for the person who gets shot to pop, but rest assured, you will get it (I was worried when mine took longer than the person who shot me, but then it popped).

    NOTE: You need to be far enough away from each other for the CROSSBOW to be able to shoot.

    Video by PowerPyx:


    For getting to later rounds, see The Collector.
  • Access the terminal and battle the forces of the Cosmic Silverback in Dead Ops Arcade.

    After you've freed yourself for the 'Just ask me nicely' trophy, go to the terminal in the room. When at the terminal, type in 'DOA' to play Dead Ops Arcade.

    See Just ask me nicely below.
  • In Dead Ops Arcade, use a Speed Boost to blast through 20 or more enemies at one time.

    You can do this in the first round. Be sure to get a large bunch of enemies together first. Then, when you decide you are ready to do the Speed Boost, it's to do it. Tip thanks to FARAZ_1994.

    See Just ask me nicely below.

    Thanks to PowerPyx for this video!

  • Break free from the torture chair.

    Keep pressing and in the Main Menu and you’ll break yourself free and unlock this trophy. Turn around and access the computer in the corner. Enter “ZORK” to play Zork and unlock Eaten by a Grue trophy, or “DOA” to play Dead Ops Arcade to unlock the Insert Coin trophy.
  • Play Zork on the terminal.

    After you've freed yourself for the 'Just ask me nicely' trophy, go to the terminal in the room. At the terminal, type in 'Zork' to play the text based story game.

    See Just ask me nicely below.

Secret trophies

  • Fire a Pack-a-Punched Ballistic Knife at a downed ally to revive them from a distance.

    If this is your first time playing Zombies mode I do recommend you read realsg.com's very informative Zombie Guide. The "Pack-a-Punch" Machine is a machine that upgrades majority of the weapons found in Zombies Mode at a cost of 5000 points per weapon.

    1. In the map Kino der Untoten, the Pack-a-Punch Machine requires the power to be on (refer to the map in The Collector trophy below). It can then be accessed by starting up the teleporter nearby, going to the lobby to link it to the mainframe core then back to the teleporter which will take the player to the projector room above the theatre where the Pack-A-Punch machine is. For more info and strategies on this map, please visit "Kino der Toten" - The Call of Duty Wiki.

    2. In the map Five, the Pack-A-Punch Machine is accessed by changing the DEFCON level to 5 by hitting separate switches. Once that is done, a teleporter appears on the lower level which takes you to a sort of meeting room where you can find the machine. For more info and strategies on this map, please visit "Five" - The Call of Duty Wiki or this Thread.

    For this trophy, first you must be in a game with at least one other player. You need to purchase the Ballistic Knife from a Mystery Box. The weapon you receive from the box is random and it takes 950 points to activate it each time (or 10 points during a Fire Sale powerup - Dollar Sign icon at bottom of your screen), so it will take a few tries. Once you have the Ballistic Knife, you need to upgrade it for 5000 points at the Pack-a-Punch machine. Once this is done, your ally needs to get himself hit by enemies until he's down (or in a Last Stand pose). Fire your upgraded Ballistic Knife at him to revive him and unlock this trophy. The knife dips somewhat if fire from long range, so adjust your aim as appropriate or get in close and do it.

    For getting to later rounds, see The Collector.

DLC: First Strike Map Pack

4 trophies

  • In ascension escape on all 3 lunar landers

    Lunar landers are rocket-propelled platforms that are capable of transporting you from one part of the map to another. They are a new addition to the many gadgets and machines already present in the zombie mode. There are a total of 3 lunar landers which you must activate and escape on in order to get this trophy.

    Firstly, you will need to activate the power. The shortest route to the power switch is by opening the door on the bottom floor of where you first start (750 Points), next walk up the stairs to open a further 2 more doors (1250 Points and 1000 points respectively). Once you reach the top, the power switch is located to the immediate right of where you open the last door. Hold square18x18.png to activate the power.

    The lunar landers can now be called, to call them 3 computers must be activated. These 3 computers are in 3 different parts of the map. Please look at the 'They Are Going THROUGH!' trophy for a few maps that will hopefully aid you in finding them. Once you reach the locations the maps guide you to press and hold the square18x18.png button near the computers to call the lunar landers. Be careful not to stand on the platform where it will land (which is directly in front of the computer) as you will be crushed. Once it arrives, wait for a few seconds for it to cool down and then hold square18x18.png to activate it (250 points). Once you do this for all 3 landers this trophy will be yours.

    Other than an easy escape the landers are extremely important in another part of this level. Read the 'Space Race' trophy descripton for more information.
  • In ascension kill at least 5 zombies with 1 gersh device

    The gersh device is a small object which once thrown will instantaneously create a black hole where it lands. This black hole will suck any nearby zombies into it, luckily you along with your other partners will not be sucked in. Another use of the black holes is that you can jump in them causing yo to be teleported to a random part of the map, this helps in providing a quick escape.

    Now as easy as this sounds (and a lot of fun), there is one difficult factor in getting this trophy and that is obtaining the actual gersh device. The gersh device can ONLY be obtained through the random box so you have to be very lucky. Once obtained you are only equipped with 3 of these beastly devices so only use them when you are sure there are enough zombies around.

    Here are a few images that will show you the locations where the random boxes can possibly appear:

    Centrifuge Room

    Outside North

    Outside South

    Upper Area

    Credit for these maps goes to rcktkng from the Black Ops Forum.

    If you are still unable to find the boxes then you can simply see the TV's present over each random box, these TV's show you where the random box is currently located.
  • In ascension pack-a-punch a weapon before round 8

    This is easily the hardest trophy in this DLC. Without this trophy, the whole DLC would've probably taken you an hour or less. You have to open a significantly large number of doors, with a lot of money being used up - money being the key element to this trophy. For this I suggest you do this with 2 players offline as you'll have better co-ordination and communication. One player will take the role of opening all/most of the doors around the map, this person will also activate all of the launchers while the other will rack up as many points as possible before the 8th round.

    The key to this is not dying (as you'll lose points) and knowing which doors to open and when. This is also a good opportunity to get the 'The Eagle has Landers' trophy as you must activate all 3 lunar landers in order to reach the pack-a-punch machine.

    Here's what I did for this trophy:

    - Until the 4th round my partner and I ONLY used our pistols and our knives. Even when you run out of ammo DO NOT buy the M14, continue to knife the zombies as it will net you more points.

    - Leave one zombie at the end of the 4th round alive and activate the power (see 'The Eagle Has Landers' trophy for more information). Both you and your partner must now purchase ONE weapon from the random box (which is located opposite to the power switch). Hopefully you will get a good weapon to rack up points with such as the RPK, HK-21 or Famas.

    - Even if you don't, just take whatever you can get. For the next 2 rounds, both you and your partners must rack up as many points as you can.

    - By the end of the 6th round, my partner and I had enough points to unlock all of the doors and activate all of the landers (leaving one crawler whilst we did so). It is important to note that I did not open ALL of the doors, my partner had to open one which left him with about 3,500 points by the end of the 6th round. After the 7th round he had more than enough money to pack-a-punch his weapon.

    - So, after leaving a crawler we set out to open the room where the pack-a-punch room was located. To do this, make your way back to where the power switch is. To the right of the switch is a big red button. Hold square18x18.png to activate it.

    This will launch the rocket which opens up the room to the pack-a-punch machine (see the map in the 'They are going THROUGH!' trophy for the loaction). Pack-a-punch any of your weapons and this trophy is yours.
  • In ascension kill a space monkey with a fire trap

    Space monkeys are small (and rather annoying) little monkeys that appear once you buy a perk. They don't really cause much harm BUT where perks are concerned they are pure evil. What they do is get to work on destroying the machines of the perks you have already purchased from. This causes you to lose that perk therefore forcing you to purchase it again if you want it back. You must kill the monkey's before they reach the machine.

    A fire trap is similar to the electric trap present in the previous zombie maps, however instead of emitting bolts of electricity, they emit fire. They are located in various parts of the map and activating them will cost you 1000 points.

    This is what you should do in order to obtain this trophy:

    If the monkeys are coming, it will be indicated by the screen turning a dark red and minor tremors will occur. Once this happens, run to any one of the fire traps and activate it. Once a monkey walks into it and burns to death you will earn the trophy. For the location of the fire traps, please see the 'They are going THROUGH!' trophy.

DLC: Escalation Map Pack

5 trophies

  • In Call of the Dead, send the crew to Paradise in solo or co-op

    As there are quite a lot of tasks to complete before you can get this trophy, make this trophy be one of the last ones you get as you really need to know the map well to be able to find things. This doesn't have the same tasks as doing it in co-op so refer to the video below if you're doing it in solo. Also do the tasks when there are no zombies around (apart from one crawler), that way it will make things much easier to do. This trophy is a lot easier if you have co-op partners, you still get this trophy if you do it in co-op. It's hard to explain in writing and took me and my friend on the 360 about 2hrs to do this. This is the video we used and we found it extremely helpful. Here are the steps you need to take:

    1. Turn on the power
    2. Go to the room in which the crew are locked in
    3. Get the fuse
    4. Destroy the 4 generators
    5. Activate the fog horn in the boat
    6. Use the VR-11 in the lighthouse to send zombie up
    7. Kill zombie/human while it's going up the light
    8. Collect golden rod
    9. Put the rod into the tube to the left of the door
    10. Knife the fuse box when prompted

    All actions are done using


    Video Credit to Roosterteeth
  • In Call of the Dead, send the crew to Paradise in co-op

    As there's quite a lot of tasks to complete before you can get this trophy, make this trophy be one of the last ones you get as you really need to know the map well to be able to find things. For a co-op partner/s go to the https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/esc...ng-thread.html Refer to the video below. Also do the tasks when there are no zombies around (apart from one crawler), that way it will make things much easier to do. Me and my friend on the 360 found this the most frustrating of all, there are too many tasks and with George walking around it doesn't make things any easier. This is the video we used and we found it extremely helpful.


    Video Credit to Roosterteeth
  • In Call of the Dead, make a zombie explode using the V-R11

    The V-R11 is a new weapon in the Escalation DLC and is found in the Random Weapon Box. It has the ability to turn zombies into real people that just run around and eventually die. To get this trophy you will first want to Pack-A-Punch it to get the upgraded version, shoot a zombie about 3 times and he will explode, the trophy should pop shortly after. If you want a second opinion refer to the video below the "Shooting on Location" trophy. If you're having trouble finding the pack-a-punch machine:
    • The Pack-A-Punch machine only appears once the power has been turned on.
    • It can be in three different places, Next to the Quick revive, on the other side of the lighthouse and under the boat, all of which are ice water.
    • The PAP machine will only appear when the lighthouse light is shining down on the location.
    • You will know when lighthouse starts shiny down on the machine when there's a sort of thunder flash across the screen.
    • The machine constantly moves about.
  • In Call of the Dead, kill 10 zombies with one Scavenger shot from over 100 feet away.

    The Scavenger is a new Sniper Rifle in the escalation DLC which is again obtained through the random weapon box. It shoots exploding bullets which explode after roughly 3 seconds. To get this trophy you will want to do pretty much the same as you did to get the "Sacrificial Lamb" trophy in the main game. Round up 10+ Zombies, make sure you far away from them and when your ready shoot one of them, there will be a huge explosion and the trophy will pop if you managed to kill 10 of them. Try do this this on the earlier rounds because it gets harder to kill the zombies as you progress. The best place to do this is to round up 10 crawlers where you start off and then quickly run all the way up to lighthouse, go up the lighthouse steps then shoot the crawlers. You can do the same thing in CO-OP, just have another play round up 10 zombies down the bottom and shoot them from the same place. If you want a second opinion refer to the video below:


    Video Credit to Roosterteeth
  • In Call of the Dead, cut the lights on the Director

    This trophy requires you to kill George (the massive zombie holding a stage light) you also don't exactly kill him; he comes back after a few rounds. Firstly you will want an upgraded Scavenger as this deals the most damage to him, you can have a ray gun as you secondary or a V-R11. It takes a HELL of a lot of ammo to kill him, make sure when you’re attacking him he's in the ice water so he doesn't start charging at you. You will want to do this in the earlier rounds.

    Killing Romero is a lot easier if you do it on solo, I killed him by round 5 as I got lucky with the random weapon box and got the scavenger. I also got a death machine perk from a random zombie which made it so much easier to kill him. I DIDN'T upgrade the scavenger, I just used all the rounds on him and then started using a ray gun. First thing you will want to do:
    • Make sure the random weapon box is by the lighthouse (you can see the blue light)
    • Open the boat which costs 750 to access the lighthouse
    • keep trying to get the scavenger out of the random weapon box
    • Kill him down at the start in the water so he doesn't go crazy
    • You will be able to tell when he's dying as his stage light flickers blue and yellow

DLC: Annihilation Map Pack

5 trophies

  • In Shangri-La, acquire the focusing stone.

    This is, by far, the most convoluted trophy in the history of zombies, and one of the more complicated ones out there. The 'Focusing Stone' is a stone that gives its holder all the perks, and it's located in the temple up the stairs from where you begin.

    This step requires four people, and it's highly recommended to use a mic for coordination.

    You need to bring on the power. There are four obstacles (debris/doors). To do that, you need to go to the exit left of the temple (you're right-hand side if you're facing the temple). From there on, follow the 'bolt arrows' that point to the direction. Go across the next area to see a circular door, which you open. Keep going and following the bolt arrows, you'll see another door, then debris, and finally you'll reach a big room with two switches with a statue situated in between. Activate both switches, and the power is back on.

    (Note: before you work on it, ally@.co.uk suggested to play normally until you get the Shrink Ray, Pack-a-Punch it, get a Napalm Zombie AND 1+ crawlers. It's up to you)

    Here are the steps:

    Step 1: Go to the main area. In the central place on the broken walls by the Quick Revive! machine, you'll find four switches. All four players must press and hold at the same time at each switch simultaneously. The scene will change to night, you will 'time travel.' (Note: almost each of the subsequent steps require 'night time' activation (henceforth: 'the Eclipse'), which allots a short period of time (Successful completion of some of the next steps will turn the night back to day immediately.)

    Step 2: Send out two people, one on each side of the map. The one in the area with the mining cart should go to a button just outside the tunnel. Once pressed, different tiles will emerge on each side of the map. Via communication, the one in the Mining Cart (Person A) area stands by a stone tile, and calls out the symbol he finds, then steps back. The one on the other side (Person B) should approach each stone he sees to see which one matches that symbol. Once a matching symbol is found, Person B stays on it and calls Person A to step back on. If done correctly, the tile will submerge. If done incorrectly, the tiles will emerge again, and you'll have to repeat.

    Step 3: Once that's done, head to the area with the 'mud hallway', take the left turn to the 'water fountain.' There, have three of your team mates jump in it. They'll land on a panel. As they stay there, the fourth person should slide down, grinding by the right-hand side to activate a switch. If successfully completed, it'll turn the night back to day.

    Step 4: (This step requires the Shrink Ray!). Reactivate the Eclipse, go back to the waterfall, you'll see an orb right by the waterfall's top. Hit it with grenade or Ray Gun, and it'll fall. Shoot it with Shrink Ray, then stab it to push it into the the water pit. Follow the orb as it goes through the hoops until it ends up on a wooden pole. (See "Small Consolation" trophy for more info on the Shrink Ray)

    Step 5 (This step requires the Napalm Zombie!) Reactivate the Eclipse, then go back to the tunnel by the Mining Cart (on your way to power activation.) Inside the tunnel, you'll find a valve and a lever next to it. Turn the valve FOUR times, and gas will leak from the ceiling pipes. Making sure someone stays behind near the valve, and another person distracting the crawler, bait the Napalm all the way to the Power room, making sure he sets each gas leak ablaze. Once all gas leaks are set on fire, all the way from the tunnel entrance right up to the small staircase before the Power Room, the person by the valve pulls down the lever. Once done correctly, night will turn to day. BUT KEEP THE NAPALM ZOMBIE ALIVE.

    Step 6: Again, reactivate the Eclipse, then get four Spikemores (Found in the Power room. You can only buy two Spikemores at a time. You need to either buy it twice or have two people buy once each). Go to the OTHER cave tunnel (the tunnel after the mud hall). On the wall, you'll see four holes scattered through the tunnel; place a Spikemore in front of each one, then bait the Napalm Zombie walk through them. He won't die, but he will activate the Spikemores as he passes them. At the same time, make sure another person is distracting the crawler, lest he run into the trap. Once done, go further down to the pond, and you'll see a rock where it says 'Don't hold '. Hold . Ta-da. Night will turn to day. Feel free to kill the Napalm Zombie.

    Step 7: Reactivate the Eclipse. Now, the 12 tiles will appear on the walls in the main area (just before the two entrances to the tunnel). Ten of them are easy to find, except two; one just before the Mining Cart (by the Gong), and the other in the power room. Stab them to activate them in any order. Once done, go to the Mining Cart, look beyond the patio, you'll see a wooden triangle in the distance. Throw a grenade at it.

    Step 8: Reactivate the Eclipse, then go to the mud room with the circular rotatable stone wheels. First one on the left, switch to four dots. The one on the right is one dot, and the one all the way across is "[|*" Once done correctly, night will turn to day.

    Step 9: You will need to go for the Gongs, but right now, you need to Pack-a-Punch ("PaP") your Shrink Ray if you haven't done so. To get the PaP, find the 'rotating statues' scattered throughout the map. There is a pressure panel near each one, step on each and stay there until all four parts of the statue stop rotating. Once done, go to the starting points and you'll be able to climb up the stairs to the temple. The PaP machine is there.

    Step 10: Once you do the PaP, reactivate Eclipse Mode. Now you need to go for the gongs. Hit four correct ones out of eight. If you hit an incorrect one, the orb in the starting area (look up) will turn red. So use that as a hint. Also hitting an incorrect one will reset it so just try to look for the correct ones first and memorise their locations. Once you find all the four correct ones, hit them (in any order). They will make a resonating sound. Once that's done, go to the Orb just after the entrance to the Mining Cart area. Shoot it with the PaP'd Shrink, and it'll hit other orbs. Shortly after, a dynamite will drop from the first orb. So stay there to grab it as it falls.

    Step 11: While still in Eclipse mode, go back to the starting point. Facing the temple, turn left and you'll see a palm tree in the distance, beneath the Eclipse. Behind it is a semi-invisible orb. Shoot it with the Shrink Ray, and it'll shoot across other orbs and eventually hit the Meteor above the Temple. The stone will fall, and the PaP machine will disappear. You're done! But not quite..

    Step 12: Now you need to repeat the same steps as PaP to raise the stairs to the temple. Once you raise the stairs to the temple, go there and plant the Dynamite. No matter what, it'll push you down. And it'll turn into day time. Again, switch to Eclipse mode, reactivate the stairs (via rotating statues). Go up and pick up the stone. Doesn't matter who picks it up, all four people will get the trophy. Ta-da!

    Here is a video by RoosterTeeth:

  • In Shangri-La, kill a Shrieker zombie while blinded by it.

    The Shrieker is a new Zombie, is pale and gray, has hollow eyes, always run, and appears from Round 4-5 onwards. He emerges in an 'elaborate' dusty twirl. Once he approaches, he shrieks and 'flashbangs' you. Make sure to aim at his head with a POWERFUL gun. Aim at it and wait for it to shriek, while blinded, start shooting. Once done correctly, the trophy will pop. It's best to get this early on (Round 4 or 5) as they will be easier to kill then.

    Here's a video by FeXcEz-_-Sk1lLzz showing how to get the trophy:

  • In Shangri-La, dispose of a Napalm zombie without it harming any players.

    The de facto 'mascot' of Shangri-La zombie map, the Napalm Zombie, like the Shrieker, is also particular; he is brown and orange, emits gas (lol) and heat, walks slow and he explodes upon approach, or when you kill him. The trophy requires that you kill him without you (or anyone if you're playing coop) without getting hit by his explosion, or the gas residue he leaves after he dies. If any of the coop people is damaged, no one will get the trophy.

    Though you will likely get this without trying, the best way to do this is Solo. First, buy the Quick Revive! drink (500 points), play until round 4-5, then walk around and wait for him to show up. Once you see him, kill yourself or let yourself die, and then shoot him with your gun as you're done (Quick Revive will revive you). While down, hail the shots at him and he will die. No matter how close, his explosion won't affect you if you're down, which then unlocks the trophy.

    In coop, unlocking this trophy unlocks it for *everyone*

    Here's the method showing how to do it solo (video by me):

  • In Shangri-La, get something from the monkeys.

    The Monkeys are golden, and they will always steal the power-up that the zombies drop. When a Zombie drops a power up, wait for a monkey to pick it up. He will run away with it to the temple, so as soon as he picks it up, kill him, and the power up will drop down again. Pick it up and you should unlock this trophy.

    Much like Zomb Disposal, anyone who does this will unlock the trophy for everyone.

    Here's a video by FeXcEz-_-Sk1lLzz showing how to get the trophy:

  • In Shangri-La, use the 31-79 JGb215 on each type of zombie.

    This trophy requires luck. The 31-79 JGb215 is the Shrink Ray. It's very particular in appearance; it is a rifle with a green dragon on it, and dangling chimes on the side. You need to pick it up from the Mystery Box (to locate the Mystery Box, look to the skies and you'll see a blue 'spotlight', which identifies its location). The mystery box is very random so cross your fingers and keep trying if you don't get the gun. Once you get it, you need to shrink four different zombies with them. Those are: the regular zombies, the monkeys, Napalm Zombie (burning zombie), and the Shrieker (pale, hollow-eyed shrieking zombie). The last two types appear at rounds 4-5 onwards.

    Unlike some trophies, this is a one-person only trophy so unlocking it for one does not unlock it for coop partners.

DLC: Rezurrection Map Pack

6 trophies

  • In Moon, complete Richtofen's grand scheme.

    STEP 1
    Turn on the power. Play a round of “Samantha Says” on the four computers near the Olympia (wall weapon).

    STEP 2
    Go to the labs, and find the hacker. Hack any one of the four red buttons on the wall, which will activate four nearby switches. You can find them by looking for a green light that should now be on.

    STEP 3
    Hack all four switches. Once done, press the four red buttons as quickly as possible. When done, they will stay lit. This opens up the hole in the pyramid front panel.

    STEP 4
    When Tunnel 6 has been breached, hack the terminal from the Receiving Area so that the excavator leaves. An extra tip from AlphaCookie, the Excavators are completely random, so if a team wants to go through Tunnel 11 at the start instead of Tunnel 6 it wont matter, because for all you know the excavator will hit the Bio-Dome. So if you can't get the excavator to hit Tunnel 6 pretty early on, it might be advisable to restart.

    STEP 5
    Go back to Tunnel 6 where you’ll find an ‘egg’ near the M16 (wall weapon). Knife the egg, and it’ll move around the room. Follow it, knifing it whenever it gets stuck, as well as opening doors, and it’ll end up on a dish.

    STEP 6
    Use the Wave Gun on the tip of the dish. The egg will move again, so follow it through Tunnel 11. It will end up in some metal railings, so shoot it or throw a grenade (using semtex is easier). Keep moving it until it reaches the pyramid in the power room. It will fit in the hole you opened in Step 3.

    STEP 7
    A tube will rise up from the right side of the pyramid. Now you need to fill it up with zombie souls. Kill 25 zombies near the tube: you’ll see the souls (like a red mist) fill up the tube.

    STEP 8
    Once the tube is full, you’ll hear a sound. Activate the switch by the tube, which opens the pyramid, revealing Samantha. At this point, everyone gets a death machine for 90 seconds, as well as unlocking the trophy “Cryogenic Slumber Party”.

  • In Moon, hack something.

    For this trophy you have to pick up the hacking device and hack anything hackable in the map. Here is a video showing you were the hacking device could be and how easy it is to hack something. It could be in any of the white tables in the top or bottom floor of that building he is in. It will take you roughly 4000-5000 points to get to the room where the hacker is, but the power switch is on the way there so turning that on will make things easier for you. Credit goes to iNTiMiDaTeGaming for the video. Make sure you have made a crawler as hacking something such as a door can take a long time.


    You can hack anything hackable in the game for the trophy. Here is a list of everything hackable, click on the source link to see what happens when you hack each one.

    Source: https://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Hacker_(Zombies)
    • Pack-a-Punch machine
    • Excavator controls
    • Doors
    • Windows
    • Players
    • Mystery Box
    • Wall Guns
    • Perk-a-Cola
    • Buttons and levers
    • Power-Ups
  • In Moon, become trapped in the Receiving Area and free yourself through resurrection in co-op.

    The description explained is basically both excavators have to block your way (the excavators have to be digging Tunnels 11 and 6 in order to be trapped) and you have to be on the Receiving Area (Quick Revive side of the map) and be trapped and then you have to die and have your friend(s) finish the round. When the next round starts you should and spawn by the Mule Kick side of the map and get the trophy. This trophy could happen to you randomly as it did to me, so playing normally will eventually get you the trophy anyway. Here is a video showing you how to do it, credit to MooseBombersTV:

  • In Moon, purchase every perk in one game.

    Ok for this one the description describes it. You must buy every single perk in the game for this trophy to pop. You can buy 4 perks go down and then buy the other 4 and you will get the trophy. NOTE: You can go down and lose the perk and it will still count towards the trophy. Also you can hack the perk machine once you have the perk so you can get your money back, that doesn't affect it either.

    • Mule Kick (4000 Points)
    • Double Tap (2000 Points)
    • Deadshot Daquiri (1500 Points)
    • Jugger-Nog (2500 Points)
    • Speed Cola (3000 Points)
    • Quick Revive (500 Points - Solo / 1500 Points Co-Op)
    • PHD Flopper (2000 Points)
    • Stamin-Up (2000 Points)

    I will list a easy way of doing it but you can get all of the perks in any other order if you want. This is needs to be done on Solo as the beginning part has a high chance of being messed up if someone else is playing. If you really want someone else to play make sure you both know what you are doing and you both have mics.

    1. When you first spawn in the beginning area go and check if it is Juggernog or speed cola. You want it to be Juggernog because that will make the beginning part easier because it is cheaper. Restart if it is speed cola.

    2.You need to save up 2500 points in Area 51. After you have saved up 2500 points in the beginning area buy Juggernog and teleport to the moon and put your mask on. Here is a video showing how to do it. It may take a few tries but after you get the hang of it will become quite easy to do.


    3. In the same room you teleport to there will be quick revive. Its only 500 (Solo only) or 1500 (Multi) points so you should be able to get it quite soon after getting there.

    4. If you go right out of the main room the next perk you will get to is Double tap. On your way there you will walk past the MPL. You may have your own gun preferences but I usually buy that gun as it is quite useful as it is a great weapon for killing zombies, and you can buy ammo off the wall if you start running low. Here is a video showing an easy way straight to Double tap from the main starting map point. Credit to JAMIE Elite:


    5.After going through to the power room Deadshot Daquiri is the next perk you will need to get. Here is a video showing how to get to it.


    6. In the same room as Deadshot there are two doors to open. Do not open the one to the moon, open the other one to the Bio dome. Then you need to go to PHD flopper. If you have turned the power on you should be able to take the hacker and hack the perk after you have earnt it as there is oxygen in there. Here is a video showing how to get it. Credit to JAMIE Elite:


    7. After that make sure you have the hacker and make a run for it back to the main room you start in. Pause for a few seconds in the compartments where the space suits are so you can catch your breath. If you haven't opened any extra doors you will need to open the other tunnel where the Stamin-up perk is. Buy it and then hack the perk to get your full 200 points back. On your way back grab a P.E.S as you will need one for the next step. Credit JAMIE Elite for the video on Stamin-up's location.


    8.The next perk to get is Mule kick, the brand new perk that costs 4000 points. Here is a video showing how to get to the perk from the power switch, but you should know what area it is in roughly, as it is the only area we havent been through at all. You will need to make sure you have 4000 points, and you cannot hack this as it is far outside and you will run out of breath. Credit to Matroix:


    (If you go around hacking every perk after you buy it, get mule kick last so you can put on a P.E.S so you can breath as the perk machine is outside)

    9. Now the last perk will be speed cola. You will need to teleport back to the very first starting area where Juggernog or speed cola is. Buy for 3000 points and the trophy is yours!

    REMEMBER: You can hack the perk machines after you have bought them to get your money back. This will make going for this trophy a lot easier and quicker.
  • In Moon, acquire 3 pack-a-punched weapons at the same time.

    To get this trophy firstly you will need to make your way to the area where the Mule kick perk is.

    It is 4000 points. Once you have bought that perk it will now allow you to hold three guns. After getting any three guns you will now need to pack-a-punch all of them. You could either do it at the same time by saving up 15000 points or you could save up 5000 points 3 times as you play through the game. Even if you do have 15000 points I recommend taking three different runs into no-mans land as the zombies will just swarm you if your there for too long. Every time you use the teleport a cage rises up around it so you will not be able to use it for a while. Don't forget to retake your weapon! Because of that I recommend getting at least one good gun such as the Ray gun to help you survive until the teleport re-opens, instead of just picking any random three guns. Pack-a-punch all three weapons then you will unlock the trophy. Here is a video showing how to do it. Do not buy Mule kick unless you have juggernog as a 4000 point perk is very Expensive to waste!

  • In Moon, prevent each excavator from breaching the base in one game.

    Firstly you are going to need to turn the Power on. As each of the excavators become active you must make sure you have the hacker and bring it to the receiving room (the room you start in). In the receiving room, there are 3 consoles, which will say access denied if you move close to them. Whenever an excavator becomes active, its console will have a green flashing light on. When you have the hacking device you must hack the console to stop the excavator. Doing this will also give you 1000 points per go. Once all 3 different excavators are hacked you will get the trophy. Here is a video walkthrough to help if you prefer one. Extra Tip: You only have to hack each console once, for example if a tunnel you have already hacked is about to get drilled into again, don't worry about it as you only have to hack each console once in order for the trophy to pop. Credit to Alex. for the tip.

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