• Estimated Difficulty: 8/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Approximate time: 80-100 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Trophy Breakdown: 48 (32, 14, 1, 1)
    • Offline: 43 (28, 14, 1)
    • Online: 5 (4, 1)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs required: 2 (Veteran No Checkpoints, Realistic) + many replays for accolades, challenges and decorations.
  • Does Difficulty Affect Trophies: All Chapter trophies require you to play the game on Hardened, Veteran or Realistic. No One Will Believe You requires you to play on Realistic difficulty.
  • Missable Trophies: None
  • Glitched Trophies: 2 - Doing Camo Right and Personal Decorator (Requires Patch 1.03)

It's that time of the year again, and Call of Duty is back. Back in Black. Ops 3. As Treyarch's first game on a 3-year development cycle, Black Ops 3 is the deepest COD game to date, with bundles of content across its modes: content we all get to explore for the purpose of trophies. Yay.

Trophy-wise, Black Ops 3 is the hardest Call of Duty platinum to date, and the longest. The new Realistic difficulty introduced one hit kills, max level on multiplayer is back, and Personal Decorator will have you doing practically everything that is physically possible within the campaign. Co-op Campaign changes how you can go about earning your trophies drastically, as you can do everything completely solo or with up to four players. Some things will be easier solo, whilst other things will indeed be easier with friends.

For some reason, all trophies in this have a delayed pop much like on PS3, so if you think you've done a trophy requirement and it hasn't pop, give it a minute and it may pop.

Campaign Save File - Online/Offline

Campaign has two separate save files, one online and one offline. If you're connected to the servers, you'll automatically be playing with your online save file, and vice versa if you're not connected to the servers. Nothing transfers between these save files, so it is highly recommended you stick with one or the other.

Glitch Warning - Personal Decorator

Patch 1.03 has fixed most of the issue related to this trophy, making it obtainable. That being said, however, if you had your accolades glitch in the Campaign Challenges prior to the patch, there is currently no known way to unglitch them. It's also not known whether accolades can still glitch while earning them on Patch 1.03.

All steps are concurrent and can be completed in any order you so desire, and you can jump from step to step whenever you please.

Step 1: Complete the game on any difficulty, get all collectibles and work on miscellaneous trophies/accolades.

For your first playthrough, you can choose to do whichever difficulty you like, but we recommend you do it on Hardened or Veteran to get a feel for what the game will be like on Realistic, as well as to get the silver campaign trophies out of the way. Get all the collectibles as you play, and try and get as many miscellaneous trophies and accolades. If you're playing in co-op, all players will have to pick up the collectibles themselves, one person picking them up won't pick them up for everyone. The same goes for miscellaneous trophies, these are completely individual and will only unlock upon fulfilling the requirements yourself. Some accolades will unlock for everyone, but the majority will still only unlock when you perform the actions yourself.

Keep an eye on your weapon progress as you play, and change weapons if and when you unlock the last camo for whichever weapon you're using. You'll need to unlock all camos for every weapon eventually, so it'd be a waste to continue using a weapon past its last camo. The same goes for cyber core abilities, use them as much as you like until their challenges are completed, but after that focus on using other abilities that still have challenges left to complete.

Upon completing Step 1, you will earn:

 A Second Chance
 High Tide
 Belly of the Beast
 Into the Abyss
 Blood for Blood
 Friends and Foes
 Understanding Madness
 Fly, Swim, Shoot
 200 Stories of Sheer Adventure!
 Full Circle
 Another Side of the Story
 Walking Encyclopedia

Step 2: Complete the game on Realistic difficulty. 

This will be one of the three main challenges towards getting this platinum. Realistic difficulty gives you a very small percentage of health, so most things will kill you in a single hit. Sometimes you won't die, but it's so irregular that it may as well be one-hit death regardless of the situation. Getting through this will require perserverance, and while it is doable solo, we recommend doing this with at least one other person, as in co-op you can simply revive each other constantly, making certain sections significantly easier. We also recommend you do this at Campaign Level 20, so that you have full access to everything in your arsenal. For details, please see No One Will Believe You.

Upon completing Step 2, you will earn:

 No One Will Believe You

Step 3: Earn all Zombies trophies. 

All Zombies trophies are tied to the Shadows of Evil map, so if you have The Giant map from the season pass, then it isn't needed for any trophy. Shadows of Evil has 9 trophies, all of which are quite simple to do and can be done within the first 10 rounds. You also do not need to complete the Easter Egg, but instead complete a few rituals that can be done in the first few rounds once you know the locations. These trophies are easier solo, but can be done with friends, however if you do them in co-op all trophies except The Beginning of the End will only unlock for the player performing the actions.

Upon completing Step 3, you will earn:

 The Beginning of the End
 From the Shadows
 Not out of Gobblegum!
 Sorry, we're DEAD
 Beat CoP
 The Spider and the Fly
 Margwa Party

Step 4: Earn all Multiplayer trophies.

There are only four trophies tied to Multiplayer, and you'll most likely get them while playing. You'll ultimately need to reach Level 55 once for Battle Tested, and the length of time required for this will vary based on your proficiency at the online. That said, if you want to get through this is quickly as possible, you are best off playing modes like Domination, Safeguard, Hardpoint and Ground War and completing objectives to maximise your points. These modes are also best for the Specialist trophies.

Upon completing Step 4, you will earn:

 Welcome to the Club
 Battle Tested
 Tactical Specialist
 Deadly Specialist

Step 5: Personal Decorator and Clean Up.

This is what will separate most people from their platinum. Personal Decorator requires you to earn all Campaign Decorations, which in turns requires you to earn all Campaign Accolades, complete all Campaign Challenges, finish Realistic and finish Veteran without using any Checkpoints (ie, not failing or dying). A lot of this is a grind, with a few of the requirements (Realistic, Veteran No Checkpoints and Realistic Combat Immersion) being the reason the platinum is an 8/10 in difficulty. You will also need to grind out over 20,000 kills across all your weapons and cyber cores, plus play through each chapter multiple times in order to acquire their accolades. For details, please see Personal Decorator.

Upon completing Step 5, you will earn:

 Hold Still
 Rolling Heavy
 Sting like a Talon
 Gun Game
 Personal Decorator
 Doing Camo Right
 Maximum Firepower
 Can't Hide
 Biff! Bam! KaPow!
 Inertial Distance
 For real this time
 Foe To Friend
 Throwing Flak
 Unlocking Potential
 Lock, Stock, And Then Some
 In Their Sleep
 Silverback In Black

Which will ultimately unlock:


[PST Would Like to Thank Dark_Raven666 + Lachz for this Roadmap]


Awakening DLC:


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 7/10 (Personal Estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 10 (7, 3)
  • Online trophies: 0 (All can be done offline or online)
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 10-20 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Multiple
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A


Welcome to the first map pack for Call of Duty Black Ops III! Awakening features 4 new multiplayer maps and a new zombies map, Der Eisendrache, which translates loosely as “The Iron Dragon.” The multiplayer maps are quite fun to play if you enjoy the multiplayer, but all trophies are just for zombies, so all focus here is on the new zombie map.

Der Eisendrache takes place in a castle on a mountaintop in Austria. The 4 heroes: Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, and Richtofen are going there to “secure a package” (Won’t spoil anything here for all you fans of the complicated storyline), and once they arrive they find it overrun with zombies. In terms of how the new map works, it takes a lot of elements from the older Black Ops zombie maps like Mob of the Dead, Origins, and even an old item used in the Easter Egg from Call of the Dead!

The trophies may seem quite daunting and tough at first, but most of them will come naturally while going for the Easter Egg in this map. For this Easter Egg, I would recommend doing it with a party of 3 or 4 friends. It can be done solo, but some of the steps are much faster and easier to do with multiple people. A few of the miscellaneous trophies require a bit of luck and skill, but all of them aside from 1 can be done solo without too much hassle.

Note that there are a few glitches in this map, 2 of which can screw you over when going for the Easter Egg. Whoever is hosting the party should make the game private and unranked so that people can join back in if something glitches on them. If you are playing solo, play in ranked or else it will make the Easter Egg harder for you (See guide for more info).

1 of these glitches involves the Ragnarok DG-4 item. It’s basically the same as Gravity Spikes from multiplayer, but you can also place them down as a trap to kill zombies for you. If you place one down, then die and don’t respawn, your DG-4 will disappear. The game thinks you have one still, so you can’t pick up another one making it impossible to finish the last step of the Easter Egg. So if you place 1 down, make sure you pick it up as soon as you can to avoid the glitch happening to you.
The only way to fix this is to leave the game, wait until your party starts the boss fight, then join back in and spectate until you can play again. Your game will still be glitched, but your team will bypass the part that would otherwise be impossible to start without you. [Latest patch may have fixed this, awaiting confirmation]

Similarly, there is a glitch during the final cutscene when you get the trophy. Sometimes a player may not be able to start the cutscene. The only way to fix that is to leave the game and rejoin immediately after. (Thanks to SmithyReborn86, Potent_Delusions, and DarkRaven666 for posting about it in the forums and confirming a solution!)

When playing through the map, you will want to prioritize certain tasks in order to make the setup for the Easter Egg (and other trophies) easier, I have a post here detailing my strategy for setting up to get the bows upgraded as early as possible! Please read it before attempting any trophies!

Finally, I want to give a huge thanks to DISCOKING and his son (The_Disco_Prince) for staying up literally all night to finish off the Easter Egg with me! I really appreciate the effort and sacrificing your sleep to help us beat it! Also, thanks to Harry94_ and PowerPyx for the videos!


Step 1: Play through the map a few times to get used to where things are.

This step is just for people playing the map for the first time. I would advise opening up all the doors, and just exploring everywhere, not worrying about getting any trophies. Try to memorize certain locations, like the underground pyramid & BRM, the 3 Dragon statues, the different perk machines, the Wundersphere locations, Pack-a-Punch machine locations, and even try to find the hidden songs in the map if you want!

Step 2: Get the bows, upgrade them, and attempt the Easter Egg.

This will most likely be the hardest step of the dlc, but you will get a lot of the trophies done on your way to completing it!

At a minimum, you will unlock the following:

My Brother’s Keeper
Der Meisterbogunschuetze
Take a Bow

Step 3: Clean up miscellaneous trophies.

All that’s left now is to do a few more runs to get the last few trophies. You may have some of these already, but you will get the rest of the trophies here.

Trophies unlocked:

None Left Standing
Not Big Enough
Time to Slam
Quick Off Your Feet
That’s a lot of Jigawatts!
Fling Me to the Moon
Death From Above

Good luck and hope you enjoy the map as much as I did!

[PST would like to thank Jerry Appleby for this Roadmap]


Eclipse DLC:


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10
  • Offline trophies: 10 (7 , 3 )
  • Online trophies: 0 (All trophies can be done Online or Offline)
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 5-10 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Multiple
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0, but Crop Duster is finicky
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A


Welcome to Eclipse, the 2nd DLC pack for Black Ops III! This map pack features 4 new multiplayer maps as well as the new zombie map Zetsubou no Shima! (Translates as “Despair Island”). This map finds the 4 heroes Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, and Richtofen shipwrecked, and they find a remote island in the Pacific. This island features a research lab that experimented on plants and animals with Element 115, and is now overgrown with mutated foliage.

If you’ve been following the zombie storyline from the last map pack, the 4 heroes are out to change history from the original timeline by killing their future selves, and the focus of this map is to find and kill the original Takeo.

Trophy-wise, this map is easier than the previous map pack. The Easter Egg (from here onwards I’ll refer to that as EE) is a lot less convoluted then the one for Der Eisendrache, and the miscellaneous trophies are also quite easy as well.

The only thing that can be annoying in this map is that a few of the trophies rely heavily on randomness, as there’s a bit of luck involved when using plants in the map in order to get the right items you need for specific trophies. Luckily, almost all the trophies can be done in early rounds, and even the EE can be completed by round 10 if everything works to plan! The trophies also take a while to pop, sometimes even up to 20 seconds late, so if they don’t pop right away, don’t worry!

Before trying to go for any trophies, I would suggest reading my Tips and Tricks section at the end of the guide (or click HERE), as it has some useful information on getting to know the map and what you should try to do to speed things up in the early rounds.

Finally, I’d like to give out thanks to some members here that helped me with a few trophies:

Potent Delusions

Thanks for all the help guys! This guide wouldn’t have been possible without your help and expert zombie skills! Also thanks to PowerPyx for the Video Guides!


Step 0: Play through the map a few times to practice (Optional)
I recommend just checking out the map, explore every area and try and find a few items and areas that might help you get away from zombies easier.

Step 1: Equip Gobblegums for doing the EE
Before starting your attempt at the Easter Egg, you’ll need a specific Gobblegum unlocked, namely “Anywhere But Here.” You need to be at least level 10 to unlock the gum. If you’re playing co-op, at least 1 person needs it unlocked, but the more players that have it, the better the chances of getting it in a round when you can use it.

Other gums that are useful for trophies are “Immolation Liquidation” (spawns a Fire Sale for getting random weapons) and “Re-spin Cycle” (allows you to switch weapons in the Mystery Box). I also recommend NOT equipping "Aftertaste" as it seems to sometimes glitch the boss fight at the end, wasting all the hard work you did to get there.

Step 2: Complete the EE
Now that you’ve explored the map, it’s time to attempt the EE. You can do it solo or co-op, but I recommend at least 2 people so that one person can do some steps while the other makes sure the last zombie alive doesn’t die.

Trophies Unlocked:
Seeds of Doubt
Sanguine Serum
The Ultimate Sacrifice

Step 3: Clean up
Now that the hard stuff is done, it’s time to finish the rest of the trophies.

Trophies Unlocked:
Herbal Remedy
Crop Duster
Iron Lung
In the Belly of the Beast
Assault With Battery
Web of Defeat
One Too Many

[PST Would Like To Thank Jerry Appleby for this Roadmap]


Descent DLC:


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 7/10 (personal opinion)
  • Offline trophies: 10 (7, 3)
  • Online trophies: 0 (but a lot of trophies are much easier with multiple people online)
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 5- 10 hours (personal opinion)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Multiple
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: Yes, 1 - Time Attack
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No


Welcome to Gorod Krovi, which translates to the "City of Blood". This DLC brings the 4 heroes to a battle torn Stanlingrad, where they have set out to kill the original Nikolai to preserve his soul in the hopes of stopping the apocalypse.

In this timeline, there has been a giant battle between dragons and mechanized soldiers. Only the original Nikolai is left but to reach him you have to do a long series of trials and challenges, finally finishing with a series of epic battles.

The trophies on this map are annoying, specifically the Easter Egg (henceforth will just be called EE) and the Time Attack trophy. There is also a trophy for completing all solo trials in a game, which can either be really easy or really hard depending on your luck with getting a good set of challenges. The other trophies are all based on getting kills with random miscellaneous weapons and traps and are not too bad to do.

Note that the trophies seem to pop extremely late on this map. Sometimes as "early" as 30 seconds late and sometimes up to 5 minutes late. If you're fairly certain you’ve done the requirements for a trophy, then just wait for a bit and the trophy should pop eventually. Also there are texture issues with this map, where things don't spawn in right away. It's annoying but will hopefully be patched soon.

*Glitch Note. All trophies are now obtainable as of August 15, 2019, providing you installed the latest patch.*

Walkthrough (Note that steps 2-3 and 4-5 can be done in whatever order you please)

Step 1: Play through the map a few times, get to know where things are and get some miscellaneous trophies, as well as the trials trophy.
This step will serve as getting used to the map. Most of the miscellaneous trophies will be obtained naturally while doing the trials since a majority of them rely on traps and the new Zombie Shield.

Trophies Unlocked:
Wield a Fist of Iron
Taking Flight
Not One Inch
Viktorious Revenge
Fire Mission
Blown Away

Step 2: Prepare some Gobblegums for the Time Attack trophy.
You aren't getting any trophies in this step but you need to get a good setup of gum for the Time Attack trophy. My advice would be to equip any combination of the following gumballs (prioritize the ones near the top of the list and note that most of these require spending Liquid Divinium to obtain them):

Kill Joy
Dead of Nuclear Winter
Fatal Contraption
Wall Power
On the House/Perkaholic
Ephemeral Enhancement
Pop Shocks

Step 3: Complete Time Attack Round 20.
This is the 2nd hardest trophy to obtain for this map. Way easier said than done. This may be easier with more people even though there will be more zombies.

Trophies Unlocked:
Time Attack

Step 4: Prepare some Gobblegums for the EE.
While you don't need a specific setup for the EE, there are some Gobblegums I would highly recommend:

Undead Man Walking
Shopping Free
Kill Joy
Immolation Liquidation
Cache Back
Crate Power

Step 5: Complete the EE.
The hardest trophy in this DLC. It can be done solo or in co-op but it's much easier the more people there are due to a few steps and trials you need to complete.

Trophies Unlocked:
Love And War

Good luck!

A few useful links to help out with getting the trophies:

The Pipe Puzzle Solutions Guide
Learning the Map + Tips/Tricks

Before continuing onto the main trophy guide, I need to give Special Thanks to the following people for helping out with everything in the map:

DISCOKING - For the banner, helping with the EE, some formatting and the Pipe Solution Guide.
The_Disco_Prince - For helping with the EE
G-unit0838 - For helping with the EE and constantly reviving me with the crossbows.
Gage - For tips and tricks as well as helping with the EE and Trials.
Druoxrodest - For the massive help figuring out the pipe puzzle, as well as helping us complete the EE.

[PST Would Like To Thank Jerry Appleby for this Roadmap]


Salvation DLC:


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10* (see Difficulty Note in the Roadmap)
  • Offline trophies: 9 (7, 2)
  • Online trophies: 0 (All trophies can be obtained solo or in co-op, but playing with others may make some trophies easier)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 5+ hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Multiple
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A


Welcome to the final map pack for Black Ops III! The Salvation map pack features 4 new multiplayer maps, and 1 new zombie map called Revelations.

The new zombie map is the final one in the saga for the characters Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, and Richtofen, and the map is really fun to play! It is a cluster of old zombie maps from all the previous Treyarch games, so fans of the series will recognize many areas and will become accustomed to the new map quite easily.

The map itself is very easy to learn and there are loads of good spots to run trains of zombies, so whether you’re going for trophies or getting a very high round for the leaderboards, you’ll be able to do both easily!

The trophies for this DLC are just like all the previous maps; there are trophies for doing the Easter Egg (written as EE in the guide), as well as a bunch of miscellaneous kill trophies and explore trophies. The miscellaneous trophies are quite easy with only 2 of them actually requiring effort and planning. The EE for this map is actually not too difficult either (despite the Call of Duty community taking longer to figure this one out than any other map), but one thing that separates this map from the other ones is that there are 2 trophies relating to the EE this time.

Only 1 of the EE trophies will unlock for completing it, and the final one will only unlock if you’ve completed EVERY previous EE on the other maps. One important thing relating to the EE: If you are playing co-op, the game will detect whoever has the most EEs completed. So if you play with someone that has all the other EEs done, you won’t need to complete the other EEs for that 2nd trophy.

If you want to have all the Easter Eggs completed yourself, check out the following links to my other guides as well the Boosting Thread:

Before blindly rushing into the new map, I recommend checking out my Tips and Tricks section, linked below. It will help you understand some of the new things in the map and help you find buildable items easier.

*Difficulty Note: This map alone is rated a 4/10 in difficulty. However there is a trophy relating to completing all the other zombie Easter Eggs before completing this one, so the difficulty rating is actually more like a 7 or 8 rating because of that. Furthermore, if you decide to play Shadows of Evil, you will need 4 players to complete that EE since it is the only EE that cannot be done solo.


Step 1: Explore the map and work on the miscellaneous trophies.

This step serves as practice for the EE. Explore the map a few times, get to know each area and where to find items as well as good spots to run trains of zombies to. Aim to get all the miscellaneous trophies here.

Trophies Unlocked:
Keep Close
Death Ray
The Grand Tour
Wardrobe Change
Controlled Chaos

Step 2: Prepare for the Easter Egg by completing all the previous map’s EEs (optional if playing co-op with someone who’s already done them).

The reason you must do this is to guarantee that you’ll unlock both EE trophies for completing the Revelations EE. See the links in the Roadmap for all the other EEs.
In order to tell if you've completed each map, look in the bottom right of the map image. If you see a Gateworm (or Summoning Key in the case of Shadows of Evil), then you've done that map.

Step 3: Complete the Revelations Easter Egg.

Equip some good gobblegums, get a few friends (or play yourself), and complete the main Easter Egg.

Trophies Unlocked:
For The Good Of All
A Better Tomorrow

Step 4: Clean up.

If you missed any trophies, now is the time to finish those up!

Good luck and enjoy the final map!!

Special Thanks:
DISCOKING – For the banner and help with trophies.
The_Disco_Prince – For helping with trophies and exploration.
Druoxrodest – For helping me with the EE and sacrificing all his good gobblegums to help us complete it.
Potent_Delusions – For helping me with the EE and sticking around whenever I screwed up badly.
Jeanmi96 – For helping me with the EE.
PowerPyx – For the video guides.

[PST would like to thank Jerry Appleby for this Roadmap]

Zombie Chronicles DLC:

  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (Personal Estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 11 (11)
  • Online trophies: 1 (1 )
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 10+ hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1+ on each map
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A, but there are Gobblegums you can equip to make things easier, and they do not negate any trophies.



Welcome to the Zombie Chronicles!

This DLC pack is the 5th one for Black Ops III, and is a perfect DLC for zombie lovers! It brings back 8 zombies maps from World at War, Black Ops I, and Black Ops II, which are completely remastered with amazing graphics, newer weapons, and new Gobblegums!

Note that this DLC is not included with the Season Pass and must be purchased separately. It also is not a standalone game, so you must have Black Ops III installed in order to play it. It is fairly pricey, but is well worth the price if you love zombies!

Sadly there are only 12 trophies for the DLC, all of which are bronze . 9 of them are directly copy/pasted from the older games, with just 3 new ones added. Most of the trophies are fairly easy, but there are 3 for completing Easter Eggs (from now on they will be referred to as EEs).

Only 1 of the EEs requires 4 people (See Time Travel Will Tell for more info), whereas the rest of the trophies can be done solo. I would recommend playing the maps with a partner though, as all of the trophies/EEs are easier with 2+ people.

Check the Co-op Boosting Thread for a partner if you need one.

Most of the miscellaneous trophies can be obtained in less than 20 minutes on each map, so they won’t require much effort.

As for the different Gobblegums you can equip, there is no matchup that will suit everyone, but here are some suggestions I’d highly recommend:



  • Shopping Free: All purchases are free for 1 minute, so use this to open all doors early on in a game. Saves lots of time!
  • Perkaholic: Gives you all perks, again saves time so that you don’t have to waste money.
  • Immolation Liquidation: Spawns 3 Fire Sale powerups. Very useful for getting good guns early, and also for getting any luck based weapons for certain EEs.
  • In Plain Sight/Anywhere But Here: Both of these are good if you need to get away from zombies that trap you while trying to earn a trophy or do an EE step. The former gives you about 10 seconds of invisibility, whereas the latter teleports you to a random location away from zombies.
  • Aftertaste/Self-Medication/ Near Death Experience/Phoenix Up: All of these gums allow you to keep your perks if you go down/get revived. Extremely useful in co-op!


Feel free to experiment with any other gums you want! They are not needed for getting trophies, but they do make things a lot easier, so I definitely recommend using them!

Note that if you are about to die, you can quit to the XMB and close the application in order to keep all your gums. It will not save your round for the leaderboards, but you WILL get to keep all your gums and XP! Don’t do this in public games though, as it’s rude to the other people playing the game.


Note that you can do the steps in any order you wish. You decide which maps you want to play first. I’ve written the steps in order of the map listings, but feel free to move around anyway you want to!

Step 1: Nacht Der Untoten

Simply play the first 3 rounds without letting in a zombie.

Trophies Unlocked:
I said we’re CLOSED!

Step 2: Verruckt

Headshot 20 zombies in the courtyard from the upper floor.
Trophies Unlocked:
Acted Alone

Step 3: Shi No Numa

Get 3 kills with different traps in the same round.

Trophies Unlocked:
It’s a Trap!

Step 4: Kino Der Toten

Use the teleporter to visit 4 unique locations for a trophy.

Trophies Unlocked:
I’ve seen some things…

Step 5: Ascension

There are 2 trophies in this map. 1 just requires you to unlock 3 specific areas and use a lunar lander to travel back to spawn. The other is to kill a zombie monkey with a fire trap. Both should be obtained in a single run.

Trophies Unlocked:
The Eagle has Landers
Chimp on the Barbie

Step 6: Shangri-La

This map has 2 trophies. The EE requires 4 people to earn the trophy! There is also another trophy for using a shrink gun on every type of zombie. That one will most likely need to be done in a separate run, as only 1 person can have it at any given time.

Trophies Unlocked:
Time Travel Will Tell
Small Consolation

Step 7: Moon

There are 2 trophies to earn on this map, both of which involve using an excavator at some point. They should be done on separate runs, as doing the EE right away can lock you out of the other trophy. Your trophy to obtain first will depend on which excavator spawns in first on that run.

Trophies Unlocked:
Cryogenic Slumber Party
Ground Control

Step 8: Origins

There are 2 trophies to earn on this map. One is for the EE and the other is for completing 4 challenges. Both can and most likely will be done on a single run while going for the EE, as the EE requires 2 of the 4 challenges done along the way.

Trophies Unlocked:
Little Lost Girl

You should now have all the trophies done! Congrats!

Before continuing onto the main guide itself, I need to give thanks to some people for helping me with some of the Easter Eggs and some miscellaneous trophies:


Also thanks to all the previous guide writers for the older Zombie maps! Their info helped me create this guide and is extremely appreciated!

[PST would like to thank Jerry Appleby for this Roadmap]

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

99 trophies ( 25  72  8  )

  • Awarded when all other trophies have been unlocked.

    Patch 1.06 makes this platinum obtainable. With it installed, unlock all trophies to get the platinum.

  • Complete Black Ops on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.

    Story related. Can only be earned if the mission is completed on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic. This will be awarded after you finish the first mission Black Ops on Hardened or above.

  • Complete New World on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.

    Story related. Can only be earned if the mission is completed on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic. This will be awarded after you finish the second mission New World on Hardened or above.

  • Complete In Darkness on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.

    Story related. Can only be earned if the mission is completed on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic. This will be awarded after you finish the third mission In Darkness on Hardened or above.

  • Complete Provocation on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.

    Story related. Can only be earned if the mission is completed on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic. This will be awarded after you finish the fourth mission Provocation on Hardened or above.

  • Complete Hypocenter on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.

    Story related. Can only be earned if the mission is completed on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic. This will be awarded after you finish the fifth mission Hypocenter on Hardened or above.

  • Complete Vengeance on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.

    Story related. Can only be earned if the mission is completed on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic. This will be awarded after you finish the sixth mission Vengeance on Hardened or above.

  • Complete Rise and Fall on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.

    Story related. Can only be earned if the mission is completed on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic. This will be awarded after you finish the seventh mission Rise and Fall on Hardened or above.

  • Complete Demon Within on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.

    Story related. Can only be earned if the mission is completed on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic. This will be awarded after you finish the eighth mission Demon Within on Hardened or above.

  • Complete Sand Castle on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.

    Story related. Can only be earned if the mission is completed on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic. This will be awarded after you finish the ninth mission Sand Castle on Hardened or above.

  • Complete Lotus Towers on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.

    Story related. Can only be earned if the mission is completed on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic. This will be awarded after you finish the tenth mission Lotus Towers on Hardened or above.

  • Complete Campaign on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.

    Story related. Can only be earned if the mission is completed on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic. This will be awarded after you finish the eleventh and final mission Life on Hardened or above. If however you've played levels out of order through co-op, you'll get it upon completing the last of eleven levels on that respective playthrough.

    To check your campaign progress, go to Select Mission and look at the symbol on the right: this indicates the highest difficulty you've completed the mission on.

  • Kill 6 enemies affected by one Blinding Swarm or Firefly Swarm.

    Blinding Swarm is a Cybercore ability that can be purchased in the Chaos Core tree, and upgraded to the Firefly Swarm. Blinding Swarm will distract enemies whereas Firefly Swarm will distract and burn them to death over time. You can simply use either of these in an area with lots of enemies and kill them one by one as they're affected by the swarm. A good place to do this is Mission 4: Provocation - Objective: Get to Cloud Mountain, immediately after the spot where 3 civilians are running and are killed. There's about 8 enemies in close proximity here, so just use the swarm and kill the enemies the swarm targets.


  • Kill 5 enemies using one burst of Unstoppable Force.

    Unstoppable Force is a Cybercore ability that can be purchased in the Martial Core tree. Unstoppable Force is the upgraded version of Overwhelming Force ability, so this must be purchased and upgraded for the trophy. Unstoppable Force charges you foward and kills anything in your path. A good place to do this is Mission 4: Provocation - Objective: Get to Cloud Mountain, immediately after the turret and the two Warlords. There will be 5 robots that walk down the left side of a photo booth in the middle of the area and stand in front of it. Charge through them and you'll get your trophy.


  • In Campaign, kill 20 enemies while flying the same Talon.

    In order to hijack a Talon, you must use the Remote Hijack ability in the Control Core tree. You'll gain access to this automatically in Mission 2: New World - Objective: Locate the Generator. This is the best opportunity to get this trophy. When Diaz tells you about hacking robots, hack one of the Talons (the drones on the tables) and then use it to kill 20 enemies in the section through the door Diaz opens. Stay back a bit so that your Talon doesn't get destroyed, otherwise you will have to try again. Doing this will also unlock the Foe to Friend trophy, which simply requires you to get 10 kills with a hacked robot.


  • In Campaign, kill 10 enemies in under 3 seconds.

    There are multiple opportunities to get this throughout the campaign, and there's even an accolade in Mission 9: Sand Castle that will get you this as it requires 10 kills in 2 seconds, but the easiest place to get this is in Mission 1: Black Ops - Objective: Go to the Secondary Extraction Point. When you're using the turret on the APC, you'll crash through a gate, at which point you'll have robots streaming towards you from the front for 20 seconds before you move again. If you constantly shoot the robots during this section, you should easily get the trophy. If you're playing in co-op however, you likely won't get enough kills assuming all players are shooting, so try this solo.


  • Discover all of the collectibles in the Campaign.

    There are 56 collectibles throughout the campaign, and these vary from broken robot pieces, to helmets, to data pads, to stained glass windows. When you are close to a collectible, its name will appear on your HUD and you'll be able to pick it up by holding . There are between two and six collectibles in each mission. The collectibles are user friendly, so you can see which ones you have in a mission by pressing and looking at the collectibles section on the right-hand of the screen. The order they are listed here is the same order as they are found in the missions, so it's easy to figure out what you're missing if you happen to miss collectibles. Collectibles, like accolades, will save the moment you get one, so you can quit the mission immediately after getting a collectible and it will still count. This also applies to dying after getting a collectible, it will still count.


  • In Campaign, kill 5 enemies with 5 different guns in under 30 seconds.

    There are two ways you can get this trophy. You can either use the Copycat ability in your Tac-Rig, or you can set up multiple custom loadouts with different weapons and change them using a Mobile Armoury. The latter is a far easier way to do this, as enemies will often use the same weaponry. A good place to do this, like multiple other trophies, is Mission 4: Provocation - Objective: Get to Cloud Mountain, immediately after the 5 robots who walk around the left of the photo booth. Here you'll find a Mobile Armoury, and immediately ahead of this area more robots will spawn. Kill two robots with the two weapons in your loadout, then change your loadout to get two more weapons, repeating this until you get the trophy.


  • Earn all Decorations.

    GLITCHED (Requires the 1.06 patch to unlock correctly)

    While doing Heroic Service, Legendary Service and Immortal Fame, the game may not track your completion of some missions. If this happens, you'll simply have to replay missions until it unlocks, as there is no tracking.

    This is, to put it simply, the make or break for the platinum. There are 12 Decorations available in the campaign which are viewable in your Safehouse by going to the bedroom and interacting with Service Record (if you are playing in co-op, there will be a Service Record for each player - your Service Record is the one in the room you spawn in). These will cover doing pretty much everything in the campaign, and is a huge grind along with having three difficult requirements: Completing Veteran with no checkpoints, completing Realistic and completing all 16 rounds of Combat Immersion on Realistic difficulty.

    The Decorations are as follows:

    • Master of Arms: Earn all Campaign Weapons, Attachments, and Camos.
    • Dedicated to Excellence: Fully upgrade all Cyber Cores.
    • Armament Superiority: Unlock and purchase all weapons, lethals, tacticals, and CyberCombat Abilities.
    • Heroic Service: Complete the Campaign on the Veteran difficulty setting.
    • Legendary Service: Complete the Campaign on the Realistic difficulty setting.
    • Immortal Fame: Complete every mission in the game at least once on Veteran without restarting from a checkpoint.
    • Chronicler: Locate all of the Collectibles in the Campaign.
    • Above and Beyond: Complete all Accolades for all Missions.
    • Duty Calls: Complete all Campaign Challenges. To view your Challenges in Offline Mode, you must do so via the Calling Cards page.
    • Tried and True: Earn a score of 35,000 in the Training Simulator.
    • Grim Reaper: Neutralize 2000 hostiles.
    • Full Honors: Earn all Campaign Decorations.

    We have compiled a fully supplementary guide for this, showing how to earn all Accolades, Challenges, and everything else for these Decorations. It is currently in progress, but all of the Accolades are available already: Personal Decorator Guide ~ Accolades, Challenges, Decorations

  • In Campaign, unlock all camos for any weapon.


    All campaign weapons have camos that can be unlocked by killing enemies. Primary weapons take 650 kills to unlock all camos, pistols take 150 kills and launchers take 300 kills. This is glitched, however in a good way, in that it will most likely unlock before you unlock all camos for a weapon. Regardless, just keep using a weapon and you'll unlock the trophy in no time. All camos will need to be unlocked for Personal Decorator anyway, if you decide to go for that trophy.

  • Take control of an ASP.

    In order to hijack an ASP, you must use the Remote Hijack ability in the Control Core tree. You can upgrade this ability to Enhanced Remote Hijack, which allows you to hack ASPs faster, therefore it is recommended. Most ASPs throughout the game cannot be hacked, but at the end of Mission 7: Rise and Fall, your objective will be to destroy an ASP-ML. This ASP cannot be hacked, but once you destroy it, another ASP will be airlifted in. This ASP you can hijack, and doing so will give you the trophy. Hacking an ASP takes about 15-20 seconds with Enhanced Remote Hijack, and if you are interrupted (shot, ASP moves out of range), then the hacking will stop. However when you restart the hack, you'll be at the same percentage when you were interrupted, so keep trying and you'll eventually finish the hack.


  • Discover all of the collectibles in any Mission.

    There are between two and six collectibles in every mission. Collecting all of them in one mission will grant you this trophy. See Curator for more details.

  • In Campaign, kill 5 enemies from over 100m away.

    There are multiple opportunities throughout the campaign to do this with a sniper rifle, but the best place to do so is during Mission 9: Sand Castle - Objective: Eliminate Refinery Ground Defenses. You'll be piloting a VTOL and have to destroy multiple ASPs marked on your HUD, and there'll be dozens of enemies indicated by red hexagons. Fly your VTOL backwards, using the distance indicator on your mission objectives to ensure you're more than 100m out, then shoot the enemies. After you kill five at a distance greater than 100m, you'll get the trophy.

  • In Campaign, kill an enemy through a wall or obstruction.

    Chances are this will be your first trophy in the campaign. Many enemies hide behind cover, and most cover in the game can be shot through. Simply kill one enemy by shooting through a wall or cover and you'll get your trophy.

  • Kill three enemies in a melee combo.

    In order to perform a melee combo, you must purchase and upgrade the Rapid Strike ability in the Martial Core tree. This allows you to chain up to three melee kills in a row by pressing  when near an enemy, and pressing it again for the following two enemies. With the upgraded Rapid Strike, simply set your Cybercore to Martial Core, find a group of enemies close together and press  once for each enemy. 

  • In Campaign, wall run over 250 meters.

    In order to wall run, you must have the Traversal Enhancement ability equipped in your Tac-Rig, which can be done from the Armoury. With this, when you jump towards a wall, you will run along it. Do this every opportunity you get and the trophy will pop in no time.

  • Earn a Gold Rating in the training simulator.

    The training simulator is the Combat Immersion available in the Safehouse, accessible through any of the 4 chairs surrounding a big screen. In order to achieve a gold rating, you must earn 25,000 points. This isn't a hard score to beat, as we've managed to get as high as 45,000. Your score is determined by your killing shot, so if you kill with a headshot you'll get the most points. You'll also get a points bonus at the end of every round based on how quickly you complete it, however you can still easily get a gold rating with absolutely zero speed bonuses, if you're efficient with your headshots. There are 16 rounds total, however you do not need to complete them all, if you meet the score requirement and die it will still count. That being said, it is recommended to try and get a score of 35,000 (which is still possible without speed bonuses), as this is a requirement for a decoration, which is needed for the Personal Decorator trophy.

    A good loadout for this trophy is the Gorgon LMG and War Machine (use whichever attachments you prefer), with the Traversal Enhancement and Repulsor Armour in your Tac-Rig. Trip Mines and Shock Charges are also beneficial too, to stop enemies flanking you. You can make this easier on yourself by playing on Recruit difficulty, as difficulty doesn't affect your score. However, if you want the platinum you will at some point have to complete all 16 rounds of Combat Immersion on Realistic difficulty for Personal Decorator, which is easily the hardest part of the platinum.


  • Use an enemy combat robot to kill 10 enemies.

    In order to hijack a robot, you must use the Remote Hijack ability in the Control Core tree. You can do this to Talons (flying robots), Cerberuses (small tanks), PAWWS (large bipedal robots) and ASPs (massive walking tanks with repulsor armour). Kill 10 enemies with one robot and you'll have your trophy. You'll get this trophy while doing Sting like a Talon.

  • Kill 3 Talons with a single mid-air grenade detonation.

    Talons are the flying robots you encounter countlessly throughout the story. In order to do this, you must be using the standard frag grenade, sticking them with semtex or shocking them with EMPs will not work. Talons almost always spawn in groups of three or more, so whenever you see a group, cook a frag grenade and try hit them. The earliest opportunity for this is during Mission 2: New World - Objective: Pursue the Suspect. When you're chasing the suspect, you'll encounter three groups of three Talons (or more on high difficulties).

  • Fully upgrade a Cybernetics Core.

    There are three Cybernetics Cores available in the game: Control Core, Martial Core and Chaos Core. In your safehouse, you can upgrade these at the Cyber Core Station. Each core has 7 abilities, and you must purchase and upgrade all 7 in one core for the trophy. You need Fabrication Kits in order to buy and upgrade core abilities, and these can be acquired by levelling up in the campaign, getting medals in Combat Immersion or completing specific accolades.

    If you want to quickly upgrade everything to the max, there is a cheat to give your 100 Fabrication Kits. Go to the data vault in your safehouse and highlight the S symbol on the top left like you do with Silverback in Black, but don't click on it. While hovering over it, hold  and , then press  and . You should now be able to input a code. Type in MANIFEST and you'll get 100 Fabrication Kits.

  • In Campaign, unlock all attachments for any weapon.

    Every primary weapon and secondary pistol (except Annihilator pistol) has attachments, and these are unlocks by levelling your gun. In order to level your weapons, you simply need to get kills with them. It should only take a few hundred kills with a weapon to reach max level. Pistols have fewer attachments and therefore will hit max level faster.

  • In Campaign, kill 5 stunned enemies in under 3 seconds.

    In order to stun enemies, you need to use Flashbang Grenades. The easiest way to do this is find a group of enemies, flash them, then kill them with a launcher like the XM-53 DF or War Machine. A good place to do this is right near the start of Mission 4: Provocation. Run through the marketplace until you reach where the turret appears, and from the door to your right a group of five enemies will come out. Throw a flashbang, then kill them with your launcher.


  • In Shadows of Evil, complete all Rituals.

    This is the trophy most thought would be the new Tower of Babble, from Black Ops 2. It's actually just the steps required to gain access to the Pack-a-Punch machine and can be done in the early rounds if you know what to do and have enough points. It requires you to complete all 4 rituals, which are done by using the Beast Form (hold  on the purple flames around the map, each player can use one of these flames once per round) to knock down a box containing an item and open up a room containing an altar, then using that item on the altar to summon enemies. These enemies just chase you around the altar room for about a minute before dissipating, ending the ritual. Once all four rituals are complete, the trophy will pop.

    Before you are you able to perform the rituals, you must first get the Summoning Key, which is in the box in the back of the truck right in front of you as you spawn. You'll have to smash the box open with  while in Beast Form. This can easily be done in conjunction with the Fountain Pen, see below.

    • Junction - Fountain Pen: Through the first gate at the start is a crane. Use the Beast Form in the spawning area to zap () the power box on the crane to drop a box containing the fountain pen. Then turn around and look up to see a grapple point, so grapple (), then go into the building and around to the power box to open the staircase. Use the fountain pen on the altar in this room.
    • Footlight District - Toupee: In the area with the Black Lace Bourlesque, use the Beast Form to grapple behind the bourlesque sign and turn on a power box to open the bar. Then grapple across to the left, head around to where the Mystery Box in this area spawns and jump across to a ledge where the box sits. Hit it down with . Grab the toupee and perform the ritual in the bourlesque bar.
    • Waterfront District - Belt: Open the gate directly past the Mystery Box to the Beast flame. Use it, then grapple the platform in front of you. Turn to your left to see another platform you can grapple up to and knock the box down to reveal the belt. Head down the stairs to the warehouse and smash open the door to get to the altar and perform the ritual.
    • Canal District - Badge: Firstly, open the gate across the bridge. Use the Beast Form and grapple above into the Ruby Rabbit, then go down to zap the power box and make the altar room available. Then go into the sewers, smashing open the wooden door and wooden barrier on the grating to the right of it. Head all the way around to the left of the sewers to see a hole in the wall you can go into to zap a power box, opening the grating you smashed open previously to get the badge. Use the badge on the final altar and complete the ritual.

    If you want to go to the Pack-a-Punch Machine, head into The Rift (go through the portals found behind the breakable wooden doors, one in each district), then walk up to the wall with symbols on the back - it will open if all rituals were performed. Place the Gate Worms from the rituals on each pedestal and a fifth ritual will begin, which opens up the Pack-a-Punch Machine.


  • In Shadows of Evil, spot the Shadowman fives times in one game.

    The Shadowman spawns at particular points in the game, such as the start of the game and during each of the rituals. He's directly above you on a rail when you spawn, and clearly visible as you move around the altar rooms during the rituals. He is only visible for a second before vanishing, but he won't do this until you spot him. He can also just appear at random times, so chances are you'll get this naturally. If not naturally, then simply doing all the rituals and spotting him at the start should do it.

  • In Shadows of Evil, purchase and chew every type of GobbleGum in your Pack.

    You have five GobbleGum types available in your loadout, and they can be acquired through GobbleGum Machines. There are four of these in the map, and only one is active at a time - much like the mystery box. There is one in Junction (default spawn), one in Footlight District, one in Waterfront District and one in Canal District. Each time you use the GobbleGum Machine, you will receive at random one of the five GobbleGums in your loadout. It costs 500 points to use the GobbleGum Machine, and it can only be used once per round. It cycles through your GobbleGums, so after five purchases you should have the trophy.

  • In Shadows of Evil, kill 10 zombies that are inside of a store in one game.

    In the Junction, there are multiple stores that zombies can spawn from, indicated by the big glass windows. During one game, you'll have to kill 10 zombies before they jump over the barriers out of the stores. Behind the GobbleGum machine are multiple stores you can simply watch and kill the zombies before they jump over.

    Alternatively, with zombies in the Junction area you can run back to the spawn and this will respawn the zombies on early rounds (as they're moving too slow), forcing them to spawn inside the stores. This gives you control over the trophy rather than waiting for enough zombies to spawn in the stores. Credit to optimusmart for this alternate method.


  • In Shadows of Evil, use the rocket shield attack to kill at least 10 zombies in one burst.

    There are three parts to the Rocket Shield, one found in the location of each of the rotating Perk Machines in Canal District, Footlight District and Waterfront District. The perks that rotate are Jugg-a-nog, Double Tap and Speed Cola, so if you are at these machines then one of the parts are in that vicinity. Now use them on a workbench to craft a Rocket Shield. There are three workbenches, but if you can't find one there is one behind the warehouse in the Waterfront District.

    Once you have the Rocket Shield, press to equip it and to charge forward with it. You only have three charges, so if you use them all you will have to get another shield. Group up as many zombies as you can, preferably more than 10 to have room for error, and then charge through them all in a line for the trophy.


  • In Shadows of Evil, summon the Civil Protector in every district in a single game.

    This is the most involved trophy in Shadows of Evil. The Civil Protector is an AI that costs 2,000 points to summon, and can be summoned in all four areas - Junction, Canal District, Waterfront District and Footlight District - but you must turn on the fuse box first. In order to do this, you'll have to get three blue fuses, which can be found in the upstairs area of each District. There are two or three spawns for each fuse, but they're all upstairs in the same vicinity as the Perk Machines.

    With all three fuses, you must enter the Rift through the portals (by destroying the wooden doors in one of the districts using the Beast), and then use the fuses on the fusebox right next to the Footlight portal.

    Once this is done, the Civil Protector can be activated in each district. The panels to summon the Civil Protector are relatively close to the Mystery Box locations and have a big green light (yellow when he is spawned) and the number 2000 across it, indicating how much it costs. He can only be summoned in one district at a time, and lasts about 2 minutes, so you'll have to wait a while to summon all four.

    He is extremely powerful and instakills most enemies before you even get a chance to react, and unfortunately you get no points from enemies he kills. Therefore if you are playing solo, it is highly recommended you save up 8,000 points first before you go around using the Civil Protector. if you are playing in co-op, your friend can train the last zombie(s) in another district while you use the Civil Protector in another district. Rinse and repeat.


  • In Shadows of Evil, kill 10 zombies ensnared by a Widow’s Wine grenade.

    Widow's Wine is a new perk that costs 4,000 points that can be found inside The Rift. In order to get it, you must open a rift by smashing a wooden door with the Beast Form. There is a smashable door to a rift in each district - In an alley in Footlight District, off to the right of the Mystery Box in Waterfront District and in the sewers in Canal District. Once this is done, you will want to save up 4000 points to purchase the Widow's Wine.

    With the perk in hand, enemies that attack you will be ensnared by a spider web, slowing them down. Whilst they're covered in the web, kill them, rinse and repeat. You can ensnare a whole pack of zombies at once if they're close together too.


  • In Shadows of Evil, kill 2 Margwas in a single round.

    Margwas are the big three-headed monsters that spawn every so often. To kill them you must destroy each head, with only the head with its mouth open being vulnerable. In order to have two Margwas in one round, you can do a few things:

    • You can keep a Margwa alive between rounds (round ends when all zombies die, regardless of whether a Margwa is alive) until a second one spawns.
    • Force Margwas to spawn by completing the rituals (one will spawn after completing one of the four initial rituals, another when you do the fifth for the Pack-a-Punch Machine).
    • Play until after Round 12, at which points Margwas can spawn in pairs.

    When you have two Margwas alive at once, take them out one at a time, all the while making sure not to end the round. Make sure you kill two yourself, as if a friend kills one it won't count towards your trophy.

  • In Shadows of Evil, kill 5 Parasites while riding on the train.

    Parasites and the flying yellow creatures that spit at you, and they first spawn around Round 5 or 6. The train is located in each of the three districts, up a staircase. Once you have boarded the train, simply kill 5 Parasites and the trophy will be yours. You don't have to activate the train and be moving, as long as you're standing inside it will count - thanks to zb420 for confirming this.


  • Reach Sergeant (Level 10) in Multiplayer while playing online.

    You will reach level 10 upon hitting 58,100 XP, this should take a few games. It will not be as quick as other COD games as the leveling system in this one is a lot slower.

  • Reach Commander (Level 55) in Multiplayer while playing online.

    Level 55 is the highest level you can get in the multiplayer (without prestiging). For an average player, this will take around 24 hours of playtime (as tested by Treyarch). Depending on your skill, it will likely take between 18-30 hours to do this. If you want to hasten the process, your best bet is to play objective-based game modes, like Domination, Safeguard and Hardpoint, and constantly playing the objective. It is also wise to play in Ground War, as the lobbies are larger and thus give you more opportunities to kill people. If you have access to the Nuk3town map, then Chaos Moshpit is another great source of EXP.

    Regardless of what you play, a great way to gain extra EXP is to complete challenges and unlock attachments, camos and reticules for your guns. If you want to be efficient, equip an optic on your gun and go for headshots/one shot kills to unlock camos. Assault Rifles, SMGs and LMGs require 100 headshots for their camos, whereas Shotguns and Sniper Rifles require 100 one shot kills for their camos. Each optic requires 500 kills while aiming down the sights to unlock their reticules. Every gun and optic has camos and reticules that can be unlocked beyond these requirements, but they are only available after completing these previous challenges. These final camos and reticules give large EXP, so they are worth going for. You'll also get significant EXP for unlocking skins for your Specialists simply by getting kills and using your Specialist weapons and abilities, so it is recommended you find a Specialist you like and stick with them until you unlock their skins.

    Like all COD games, you won't be able to boost (unless you want to get your rank reset), as the moderators are very vigilant, so you'll have to play through it normally. However, also like all COD games, there are occasional 2x XP weekends, which are usually mentioned in the forums. These are an excellent opportunity to reach level 55, and are fully recommended if you don't want to grind this out.

  • Get 5 Medals based on a Specialist Ability in a single game.

    This must be done in a public match, you cannot do this in private match.

    Each Specialist has a Specialist Weapon and Specialist Ability you can choose to use. You'll need to be using a Specialist Ability to get this. Each ability has a medal that can be earned with it (viewable through Menu > Challenges > Multiplayer > Specialists > Specialist Abilities). Most of these medals are simply achieved by getting a kill while the ability is active.

    Below is a list of all available Specialist Ability medals:

    Level Unlocked: Specialist's Ability - Medal - Description

    • Level 1: Ruin's Overdive - Speed Kill - Kill an enemy while Overdrive is active.
    • Level 1: Outrider's Vision Pulse - Tag and Bag - Kill an enemy who is pulsed by your Vision Pulse.
    • Level 1: Prophet's Glitch - Surprise Attack - Kill an enemy shortly after Glitching.
    • Level 1: Battery's Kinetic Armor - Bully - Kill an enemy while your Kinetic Armor is active.
    • Level 22: Seraph's Combat Focus - Optimizer - Earn a scorestreak with Combat Focus.
    • Level 28: Nomad's Rejack - Grudge - Kill enemy that killed you shortly after Rejacking.
    • Level 34: Reaper's Psychosis - Psyche - Kill an enemy while Psychosis is active.
    • Level 40: Spectre's Active Camo - From the Shadows - Break from Active Camo to kill an enemy.
    • Level 46: Firebreak's Heat Wave - Heat Stroke - Kill an enemy who is stunned by your Heat Wave.

    If you want to get this out of way early, the best way to do this is by using Ruin's ability, Overdrive. This causes you to move faster for about 10 seconds, and any kill you get whilst this is active will give you the Speed Kill medal, and you can get multiple medals with one usage of Overdrive. You need to get 5 of these in a single game. 

    If you're at least Level 20, you'll have access to Overclock, which is a perk, in the Perk 1 slot. This allows you to earn your Specialist Weapon or Specialist Ability faster, which will make doing this a lot easier.

    Whether you use Overdrive or another ability, it is wise to use them effectively, when you know you'll easily get a kill - don't just waste it the moment it is available. Given you will likely need multiple uses of your ability to do this, it is recommend you play a gamemode that lasts a while, like Safeguard. Safeguard can last four rounds if it goes into double overtime, which is more than enough time to get 5 of these medals.

  • Get a Specialist-based medal that requires 3 or more rapid kills while using any Specialist Weapon.

    This must be done in a public match, you cannot do this in private match.

    Each Specialist has a Specialist Weapon and Specialist Ability you can choose to use. You'll need to be using a Specialist Weapon to get this. Rapid kills are simply kills within a few seconds of each other, and you need at least three of them for this. This can be done with any Specialist Weapon, but the best ones to use for this are Ruin's Gravity Spikes, Prophet's Tempest and Reaper's Scythe. To give yourself a better chance to achieve this, play objective-based gamemodes like Domination or Safeguard where entire teams will be camping objectives.

    If you're at least Level 20, you'll have access to Overclock, which is a perk, in the Perk 1 slot. This allows you to earn your Specialist Weapon or Specialist Ability faster, which will give you many more opportunities to do this.


Secret trophies

  • Complete the Campaign on Realistic.

    Realistic is a new difficulty introduced in Black Ops 3, and unfortunately it doesn't really live up to the name. You will essentially die in one hit, though there are few cases where you will not die instantly (however these instances are few and far between). It will take perseverance and dedication to get through this, and we recommend you do this on a second playthrough to familiarise yourself with the game first, and so you can play with a levelled up character and have access to a greater arsenal. Co-op is highly recommended, but it is very doable solo, and in fact some sections (albeit few) are easier to do solo. Ultimately it is up to you on how you play, but below are some suggestions on how to ease the process of completing the game on Realistic.


    (Our loadout for four player co-op on Realistic.)

    • Weaponry: We absolutely recommend that you use a Sniper Rifle with a Thermal Scope and FMJ throughout this mode, preferrably the SVG-100 or Drakon. These guns will one-hit kill most enemies, deal huge damage to those who don't die in one hit, and can penetrate through most objects with ease. In addition, the Thermal Scope will allow you to see all enemies through walls, meaning you can often sit behind cover and actually shoot all enemies without even exposing yourself. You will likely want another weapon for close encounters, in which case the Gorgon is an amazing LMG that will 2-hit everything. Alternatively you can use an XM-53 DF to take on groups or large robots.
    • Cyber Cores: First of all, being Level 20 is a massive assistance in completing Realistic, as it will allow you to change your Cyber Cores on the fly, rather than being stuck with one Core until you find a Mobile Armoury. The abilities you should make full use of are Extended Camo (Martial Core), Mass Paralysis (Control Core), Enhanced Remote Hijack (Control Core) and Firefly Swarm (Chaos Core). Extended Camo will turn you invisible for about 15 seconds, allowing you to dash through an area or move to new cover without the risk of dying. Mass Paralysis allows you to stun up to five robots at once, giving you the opportunity to kill them without risking death. Enhanced Remote Hijack lets you hack into non-bipedal robots, which can make clearing out certain sections significantly easier, and Firefly Swarm will distract human enemies and allow you to take them out.
    • Tactical Rig: If you're playing solo, you'll definitely want to use Emergency Reserve and Repulsor Armour, both upgraded. Emergency Reserve essentially grants a free revive, which is a huge assist when you can't rely on teammates to revive you. It will only revive you once, however if you change your loadout at a Mobile Armoury, even to the same loadout, that revive will be reset. Therefore in areas with a Mobile Armoury, you can go down multiple times and keep resetting the free revive (credit to MonsterMaver for discovering this exploit). Repulsor Armour will repulse the majority of grenades and rockets, saving you from many unnecessary deaths. If you're playing in co-op, you can sacrifice the Emergency Reserve for Traversal Enhancement, which will allow you to wall run and use your thrusters to boost further mid-jump, which is beneficial in some spots. You may however prefer to keep the Emergency Reserve for the abusable revives.

    General Tips:

    • Level up: It's by no means necessary, but extremely beneficial to play Realistic when you're already level 20. You'll have full access to the best weapons and tac-rig abilities, and you'll be able to use Multi-Core, which lets you change between the three Cyber Cores on the fly. Normally you can only change your Cyber Core at a Mobile Armoury, so this will make certain encounters much easier to handle.
    • Cover: You'll always want to be behind cover, and with an SVG-100 or Drakon with Thermal, you'll be able to kill everything through cover. Never stay out in the open, and if you need to stick your head out only do so for short periods.
    • Co-op: Playing with friends can make doing this signficantly easier, as long as they're not horrible. You can go down as many times as you so desire and be revived by your teammates, and with Extended Camo your friends can revive you without being targeted by the enemies at all. This makes certain sections throughout the campaign significantly easier to get through, as you don't have to be nearly as cautious and can essentially dash through certain areas. You can also dedicate a player or two to being revivers, always staying back and out of the action - doing so will almost guarantee you won't die. You can find co-op partners in the Co-op Partners Thread (PS4).
    • Warlords: These guys can be a real pain, fortunately there are good ways to deal with them. You can either use Extended Camo and unload on them for the duration of your Extended Camo, or use Firefly Swarm to distract them much to the same effect.
    • Abuse your Cyber Cores: It's been said before, but your Cyber Cores will be absolute lifesavers. In particular, Firefly Swarm for solo and Extended Camo for co-op can make your experience with this mode a lot less painless.

    Section Tips:

    • Mission 4: Provocation - Defending Hendricks in the server room: For this room, you'll want to head back into the room you came into this area through, where the Mobile Armoury is. This way enemies will only come from in front of you. Enemies can spawn through windows on either side of this room, but if you stay back you should be able to see them. If you're using Emergency Reserve, you can also abuse the Mobile Armoury to get unlimited revives.
    • Mission 5: Hypocenter - Destroying Diaz's chamber: When you get to this section, it is wise to stay back at the elevator where you come in. You'll be able to overlook the entire area here, and enemies will mostly come down the middle, and occasionally down the sides.
    • Mission 7: Rise & Fall - Planting the ground spikes: This part can be a great pain, especially if you're playing solo. The enemies will spawn indefinitely, and by the last spike charge you'll have RAPS spawning too. The best way to get these is to use your Extended Camo to plant the spike, then get out fast. If you're playing in co-op, your friends can revive you if you're downed after planting the spike. You'll have multiple checkpoints throughout this, and most of the spikes aren't too bad, but it is the final spike that causes most problems. Playing solo, you'll have to try clear the enemies near the spike, plant it, then use Extended Camo to stealth away from the area, relying on your free revive to save you. If you're in co-op, you can one player plant the spike in Extended Camo and blow the charge immediately, while another player is ready at the gates to interact with the tablet to move onto the next objective.
    • Mission 8: Demon Within - Sarah Hall fight: This can be a little frustrating if you don't know what you're doing, but an extremely effective way to do this is to hack the Talons flying around with Remote Hijack. They absolutely decimate her health, and you won't be able to die while piloting it.
    • Mission 9: Sand Castle - Hacking consoles to reach the sniper: As always, Extended Camo is your friend. Use it to get to each console you need to hack, then wait for it to regenerate so you can move forward. Also, beware of fire throughout this mission! Even being near it will down you, and if you're playing in co-op it will outright kill you, meaning you won't be able to be revived.
    • Mission 10: Lotus Towers - Mothership fight: This is better off solo or with two players, more than two makes it a lot harder. To the right of the spawn room is a destroyed building, the wall here cannot be destroyed by the Mothership's missiles and provides great cover. You can essentially keep the Mothership on the other side of the wall. Use either your Sniper Rifle or the provided Mini-guns to damage it while it uses its cannons, and when it fires missiles you can either stay behind the wall and rely on your Repulsor Armour or dash away into the open while the missiles crash behind you. Definitely have Emergency Reserve equipped, as there are multiple Mobile Armouries available, meaning you can constantly reset your revive count. When it spawns RAPS, stay in the corner behind the broken wall and the RAPS will only come from one direction, making them a lot easier to take out. If you're doing this with more than 2 people, it is best to split into pairs, using Extended Camo to revive when the Mothership isn't firing missiles.
    • Mission 11: Life - ASP Courtyard: This courtyard can be a pain, as once again the enemies spawn indefinitely. Focus on taking out the first ASP, as this is the only way to progress. Once the first is destroyed, move into one of the buildings on either side and take out the PAWWS that are outside, before focusing on the second ASP. With the second ASP down, you just have to hack the panel at the end and get through the door. Use Extended Camo to hack the panel, then try dash through the door - relying on Emergency Reserve if you get downed.
  • Complete the Campaign on any difficulty.

    Story related. Simply complete all 11 missions on any difficulty, in any order.

  • Hack the Data Vault and brace yourself for Cyber's Avengening in Dead Ops Arcade 2.

    In your safehouse, there is a data vault you can interact with in your bedroom. Interact with this and click up to the top left to highlight the S icon, and press . Press it again and after watching a cutscene, you'll start Dead Ops Arcade 2 and get your trophy.


DLC: Awakening

10 trophies

  • In Der Eisendrache, obtain all of the ancient bows.

    For this trophy, you must obtain the bow, and complete all 4 upgrades. If you are playing with multiple people, each can work on doing a different one, and once the final upgrade is complete, the trophy will pop for everyone. You do not need to equip every bow yourself, just have all of them upgraded at once for the trophy. When you upgrade your first bow, Take a Bow will pop.

    First of all, how to get the bow:

    There are 3 Dragon statues on 3 specific spots of the map; 1 in the Right Courtyard in the back, 1 in the green lab, & 1 underground near the pyramid. You need to kill zombies under each one, and they will get sucked into the dragon’s mouth to power it up. You have to wait in between kills for it to count though, so kill one, wait for it to be eaten, then kill another. After about 8 kills the dragon will breathe fire & crumble away. Repeat on the others. Then head to the tomb located between the stairs connecting the green lab and the underground, behind it is a box with the bow inside.

    Here are the steps to get the 4 upgraded bows.

    Lightning Bow:
    1. Head to the Death Ray and shoot the weathervane up above with the bow, it will drop a piece that you must pick up.
    2. Next, you need to shoot 3 pyres located outside the map with the bow:
    -Left Courtyard, head upstairs by the 4 computer screens, look over the right side of that area and you’ll see it in the distance.
    -Area with Double-Tap, look by the floating stuff that glows blue, and look to the right, way off in the distance behind the Rocket Pad is the next pyre.
    -Rocket Pad area, face towards the main area, and look up and to the right to see the final pyre.
    Each pyre should light up on fire as it’s being shot.
    3. Head underground near the pyramid. Once the anti-gravity starts, wall run around the entire outer wall without touching the ground, there are 5 symbols with wind on them that you need to run over. Once all 5 are ran over without touching the ground, you’ll be done that step.
    4. Around the map 3 urns will be lit up with electricity, you need to kill around 5-10 zombies near each and the urn will be powered up. Then you need to charge a bow shot (Hold ), your bow will have electricity on it, then shoot the pyres you shot earlier to infuse the fire with electricity. If you miss, just go back to the urn and charge the bow again.
    They are located as follows:
    -Left Courtyard, inside the clock tower under a staircase.
    -Right Courtyard, in the room directly above Double-Tap.
    -Rocket Pad, inside the tunnel.
    5. Head up to the Death Ray, underneath the weathervane, the ground will have a blue electrical cloud, press on it and the final piece will spawn, grab it.
    6. Head to the pyramid, put the arrow into its box with , the kill zombies close to the pyramid until the box stops collecting souls, then put your bow in the box to collect the Lightning Bow.

    Note that some of the steps in the video are not needed, the only steps needed are the ones I've mentioned.


    Wolf Bow:
    1. There are 4 paintings around the map, you have to hold on each in a specific order. If the painting stays lit up, then you got it in the right order. If not, just start again until you get all 4 lit up.
    -Bedroom, located right next to the entrance to the Knight/Power Switch room.
    -Green laboratory, at the top of the stairs on the right side.
    -Clock tower, near the doorway leading to the computer systems outside.
    -Circular room under the clock tower, on the wall.
    Once all 4 are activated, head underground. Near the exit closest to the pyramid, a wall will open up with the first piece.
    2. Head to the Rocket Pad, above the tunnel entrance is a flag sitting up high on the mountain above it. Shoot it with the bow to make a skull fall down. Pick it up.
    3. Head to the pyramid underground, then put the skull on the box to spawn a turquoise wolf. Follow the wolf around the map and it will stop in front of some dig spots (1 in Left Courtyard, 1 by Double-Tap, 1 underground). Kill about 15-20 zombies at each and the wolf will start digging, hold to pick up the remains at each.
    4. After getting all the dig spots, the wolf will stop underground and try to climb up a wall. There’s a hole at the top of the wall, you need to fire an arrow into there while anti-gravity is on, and it will create a ledge up top. Once up top, hold and the last arrow part will spawn.
    5. Put the arrow into its box at the pyramid and power it up by killing zombies near the pyramid until the box stops collecting souls. Now put the bow in there and you’ll have the Wolf Bow.


    Skull Bow (AKA Void Bow):
    1. Head to the area with Double-Tap, there is a symbol on the wall directly above the entrance to the Right Courtyard, shoot it with the bow to get the first part.
    2. Head over to the circular room underneath the clock tower, and there will be a glowing panel on the floor, melee a zombie while it’s on it and the panel will break, revealing a vase hidden underneath.
    3. Next, you have to find 6 skulls scattered around the map, and collect them with .
    -From the spawn, head left towards Mule Kick, and as you’re going through the tunnel, the skull is on your left right before you get to the opening with Mule Kick.
    -Left Courtyard, head up the stairs on the right as if heading into the green laboratory. There is a window here with the skull on it.
    -Near Double-Tap, there is a shelf that has fallen over to the right, the skull is on the wall next to the shelf.
    -Bedroom, in Samantha’s room on a shelf. (Near the teddy bear on the chair)
    -Teleporter room, sitting on a sink near the safe.
    -Rocket Pad, in the back of the truck near the Pack-a-Punch machine.
    Once you collect all 6 skulls, head back to the circular room.
    4. In the circular room, make 6 crawling zombies (earliest you can do this is round 4), and the 6 skulls will eat the zombies and kill them.
    5. Now shoot the urn and it will say 3 of the following 6 words:
    Make sure you hear exactly what words he says and in the correct order. If you mishear it, you can always shoot the urn with your bow again to hear the words. I suggest writing it down on paper.
    Head to the room with all the Knight statues (same room as the Power Switch), find the Knight statues corresponding to the words he said, and press on each. A purple symbol will appear at each Knight, write down the symbol for each word you need. It doesn’t matter what order you hit these; it is just to find the correct symbol you need.
    6. Now you will need to kill lots of zombies until they drop symbols (much like they drop powerups like max ammo, etc.), you need to collect the symbols before they disappear. There are 6 symbols that can drop from the zombies, but you do not need to find them all, just find the ones you need that correspond to the words you heard. Once you find the symbols you need, head back into the circular room and shoot your bow into the symbols on the floor. This time make sure you shoot them in the same order that you heard the words, this will spawn the final piece you need.
    7. Head down into the underground, and put the arrow in the box near the pyramid, then keep killing zombies to power it up until it’s done. Then put your bow in the box to get the Skull Bow.


    Fire Bow:
    1. Head into the clock tower, and go to the top floor. You’ll see a symbol on the wall, shoot it with your bow to drop the first piece.
    2. Head over to the Rocket Pad, and look at the bunker to the right of the tunnel, and you’ll see a black colored rock sitting on top of it. What you need to do is wait until the rocket test fires, and head into the tunnel while it fires. Once the firing sequence ends, the blast doors will open. You will need to rush over to the rock and you’ll see it glowing from the heat, you must shoot it while it’s glowing to get a fireball to spawn into the air. It might take a few tries, as your shot has to hit the hole in the center of the rock.
    3. Next, you have to use the Wunderspheres and launch into the air and shoot some circular symbols that will glow red/orange. They are fairly visible while in the air but they won’t light up while on the ground. There is 1 near Double Tap, 1 near the Death Ray, and 1 near the computers at the clock tower. If you succeed in hitting the targets while in the air, they will stay lit and glow with bits of fire on them.
    4. Go to each of the circles you lit up, and kill 10-15 zombies while standing inside the circles. Once each circle is filled, a tube of fire will fly into a fireball located above the death ray.
    5. Head back to where you picked up your first part, and hold on the clock. It will reveal a symbol. Write it down or memorize it. Now head to the 3 fireplaces around the map and find the one that has the symbol inside it.
    - 1 in the green laboratory, under the dragon statue
    - 1 in Edward’s bedroom, which is the room on the right when entering from the courtyard
    - 1 in the small tower in the back right corner of the Right Courtyard
    6. Once you find the correct symbol in a fireplace, head back to the circles you just filled. 1 of them will be lit up again. From there you must fire a shot into the ground to create a mini-volcano. Now you have to stand in the volcano and fire a shot in the direction of the fireplace you need. When the arrow lands, it will create a new volcano where it landed and the one you were in will crumble. Continue by doing the same thing at that volcano until you get to the fireplace. Then fire a shot into the fireplace to make it glow with a red flame. Grab the item in the flame.
    7. Head to the Death Ray and the fireball will be really close to the ground. Just hold on it, and it will drop the last part.
    8. Head underground to the pyramid and put the arrow into its box, then power it up with zombie souls near the pyramid. Once it’s finished, put in your bow and you’ll get the Fire Bow.

    This video is courtesy of MrRoflWaffles on Youtube.


  • In Der Eisendrache, kill every type of zombie using a minigun.

    For this trophy, you must kill 4 types of zombies:
    -Regular zombie
    -Electric zombie
    -Fire zombie

    Once you get all 4 types, the trophy will pop!

    The minigun is called the Death Machine, and it can randomly drop while killing zombies.

    There is another way to spawn it in though, there is a secret that can spawn one in when anti-gravity starts underground. While underground, once the anti-gravity starts, a few switches will light up blue. Most of them are used for spawning in the BRM wallbuy icon, but there is 1 located at a lower height on a U shaped wall near the exit that leads to Juggernog. Wallrunning on this one will spawn a Death Machine near the pyramid, but it disappears quick so you have to be lucky to get it in time. If you miss grabbing it, simply just wait around for the gravity to reset itself twice. Once it activates a third time, you can activate the switch again and spawn another Death Machine (Thanks DISCOKING for confirming!)

    You can also use the dlc Gobblegum Fatal Contraption, this gum can spawn up to 2 Death Machines at any time for you if you manage to get it from the gum machine. In order to get this gumball, you must spend Liquid Divinium (earned from spending lots of points in-game) in Dr Monty's Factory at the Zombies main menu and hope you get lucky.

    As for the zombies to kill, the Panzersoldat spawns in round 12, and every 4-6 rounds after that. The electric and fire zombies spawn in 2 places, one of them is during a Panzer round. If you let the Panzer throw its electric mines at you, it can hit a zombie and make it electrified. If you let it use its flamethrower on you, there is a chance that a zombie will hit the flame and get lit on fire, which will allow you to get all kills needed in a single round. Just hope that a Death Machine spawns, or use the one underground.

    An alternate location for fire and electric zombies is the Rocket Pad tunnel during a test launch. When the rocket is about to test-fire, there is a switch with a red light under the Pack-a-Punch machine that will turn green and the lever can be activated. Pull the lever and run into the tunnel. This will spawn about 5 of each type of zombie as well as regular enemies. However, it’s very hard to spawn a Death Machine while doing this, so I only recommend going here if you can manage to get the Gobblegum that gives you a Death Machine spawn.

    Here is a video of the trophy being done using the Death Machine that spawns with the wall switch:


  • In Der Eisendrache, upgrade the Wrath of the Ancients.

    See Der Meisterbogenschuetze for how to make the different bows.

    Note that you have to upgrade a bow yourself to get the trophy, it will not pop for you if someone else does it for you. (Thanks DISCOKING for confirming for me!) I would advise doing either the Lightning Bow or the Wolf Bow since they are the easiest ones to do.

  • In Der Eisendrache, trap and kill a Panzersoldat using the Ragnarok DG-4.

    In order to get the Ragnarok, you need to find 3 parts around the map:

    -Rocket Pad: Wait until the rocket is about to test-fire, then head below where the Pack-a-Punch machine is and you’ll see a switch on the wall. Activate it when you can, then head into the tunnel. It will spawn a bunch of zombies inside here, simply kill as many as you can until the door opens. While killing, you’ll notice next to the teleporter there is a panel that has 3 red lights on it. As you kill more and more zombies, those lights will turn green. Once all lights are a solid green, hold on the lever and it will spawn the part in the teleporter. Note that sometimes the part won’t spawn, if that happens you’ll have to wait until the next test fire and try again.
    -Death Ray: Activate the Death Ray and afterwards, the part will spawn in the air, either directly above the electric balls, or behind the Wundersphere. You need to take the correct Wundersphere from either the Left or Right Courtyard and you’ll grab it automatically in midair. (If it’s directly above, take the Left Courtyard one, if it’s behind the Wundersphere, take the Right one)
    -The first Panzer you kill will drop the part. (Usually the one in round 12)

    Once you have all the parts, build it at any workbench (There’s 1 in the green lab, another by the pyramid).

    To use the Ragnarok, you must wait for it to be charged (The icon on the bottom-right will be green), then press + to equip it. does a gravity spike move, the same as in multiplayer, but uses the trap feature, which is used for both miscellaneous trophies. Note that after you use the trap attack, you will need to pick it up again with or else you could risk it glitching on you and be unable to use it again that game.

    Next time you get a Panzer to spawn, weaken it a bunch first by shooting its head until the mask falls off. Once its face is visible, get your trap ready and place it right next to it. The Panzer will float in the air and be helpless, simply shoot it until it dies, and if you got it before the trap expires, the trophy will pop. Note that even if you place the trap, anyone on your team can get the trophy by killing him. So if you’re playing with a group of 2 or more and you don’t kill him before the trap ends, the other can also use their trap as well.


  • In Der Eisendrache, revive two players protected by the Ragnarok DG-4.

    See Not Big Enough for how to build and use the Ragnarok as well as a video guide for both trophies.

    For this trophy, you can actually revive the same teammate twice and the trophy will pop. You don’t even need to do it during the same trap placement, you can get 1 revive early one and get another later.

    The easiest way to get the trophy is to play with 3 people, and have 2 of them go down next to each other. Then place your trap with near them, and revive them to get the trophy easily! If you’re playing with just 1 other person, have them go down and quickly revive them while the trap is down, then have them down themselves with a grenade again and if you’re lucky you’ll get the 2nd revive done before it ends! If not, just wait until the next time its charged and get 1 more revive.

  • In Der Eisendrache, wall buy the BRM.

    To get the BRM, you must have access to the underground area. You can get there by making it to the Power Switch. You can head to the left or the right at the start, opening the doors that cost 750, 1000, 1250, and finally 1500 points to reach the Power room. Once the power is turned on, the entire map is available to access via the death ray area and the underground.

    You can get underground through the spawn, the Right Courtyard, and the green lab. Once underground, make your way around to a pyramid sitting in the floor. On each side of the pyramid, there are 4 pressure plates that you can stand on, each taking about 5 seconds to step on. Once all 4 are activated, the entire underground will have anti-gravity for a minute or so.

    Once anti-gravity starts, you’ll see some little squares on the wall that light up blue. If you wallrun along them, they will get pressed. Once you press all 6 squares, head back to the pyramid, and along the wall just above and left of the workbench will be a wallbuy icon for the BRM.
    You can only access it when anti-gravity is on, so if it’s not, just wait another minute or 2 and it will start again. It costs 1800 points to buy and once you buy it the trophy pops. It’s easily one of the best weapons to have for this map, so you’ll want that gun as soon as possible!


  • In Der Eisendrache, electrocute 121 zombies.

    There are 3 ways to electrocute zombies: The Death Ray, the Lightning Bow, and the Electric trap at the entrance to the green lab. (Thanks SmithyReborn86 for confirming the electric trap!)

    The Death Ray costs 1000 points per use and it electrocutes the floor all around it. It’s good for taking out large swarms of zombies and Panzers, but the downside is that zombies won’t walk on to it while it’s active, so you can only use it when the zombies are all on you already.

    The electric trap electrifies the doorway, and everything that runs through it dies almost instantly. It's best to only use this if you have Juggernog, as if you run through it while it's active you'll get downed without Juggernog. It's great for taking out trains of zombies as well.

    The best and fastest way to get the trophy is to use the Lightning Bow, every kill with it counts as an electric kill. Get a train of zombies following you, and turn around and fire a charged shot at them. Repeat for a round or 2 and you’ll have the trophy easily!

  • In Der Eisendrache, use every Wundersphere twice.

    There are 4 Wunderspheres on this map, and they each cost 500 to use, so you’ll need 4000 points total to be able to use them all.
    In order to use each Wundersphere, you’ll need to activate every landing pad around the map with :

    -One in the spawn near the tram calling device
    -One in the Right Courtyard above Double-Tap
    -One in the Left Courtyard by the clock tower computers
    -One at the Rocket Pad, on the floor near the tunnel entrance.

    The Wunderspheres themselves are in the following locations:
    -Left Courtyard in the back-left corner, under a balcony.
    -Right Courtyard directly above Double-Tap.
    -Death Ray location, can’t miss it.
    -Rocket Pad at the very back of the area.

    Once all 4 pads are active, you can use any Wundersphere around the map. Simply use each sphere twice, and the trophy will pop. If you are playing co-op, then all of you can stand in the sphere, and only 1 of you needs to activate it. It will still count towards your trophy if they spend the points as long as you do launch through the air with it.


  • In Der Eisendrache, kill a zombie while being flung by a Wundersphere.

    See Fling Me to the Moon for all the Wundersphere locations and how to activate them. There are 2 easy ways to get this trophy.

    -Make a crawler zombie in an early round, then bring it to a Wundersphere. Cook another grenade and throw it at the zombie, then activate the sphere right before it goes off to get the kill and the trophy.
    -Get the bow (See Der Meisterbogunschuetze for how to get it), then simply fire the bow at a zombie while launching through the air to get the trophy.

    Both methods are really easy to do, and either will be sufficient for the trophy.


Secret trophies

  • In Der Eisendrache, the one must be erased.

    This trophy is for completing the Easter Egg in the map. If you do everything right, you can get this trophy before round 20, and it will take around 2-5 hours depending on your skill. It can be done solo or online, but is really difficult solo so it's best to do the Easter Egg with more people. All players in the game will unlock this trophy once it is complete. I will be assuming you have a full party of 4 for this, so if you have less, some of the steps might have to be altered to make it work for everyone. Make sure you know the map well enough to be able to follow the steps easily! Also Steps 1-8 can be completed in the same round if you keep a zombie alive.

    Here are the steps for completing the Easter Egg:

    1 - Build and upgrade the bows.
    See Der Meisterbogenschuetze for how to build the bows. Note that if you are playing in ranked mode (ie not a private game), you only need to make 1 bow per player (Thanks gh0stface and Druoxrodest for posting and confirming for me!), but if playing an unranked game you'll need to make all 4 bows regardless of the amount of players (Step 10 requires it). Make sure you keep 1 zombie alive as soon as the last bow is done!!

    2 - Get players in positions around the map.
    Player 1 will put their upgraded bow back and grab an un-upgraded bow and then heads to the teleporter.
    Player 2 will go to the room above the Double-Tap perk machine.
    Player 3 will go to the Bedroom area.
    Player 4 will go to the Green Laboratory.

    3 – Shoot the prongs on the teleporter and find the electrified objects.
    Player 1 will fire the bow at each of the electrical prongs above the teleporter and they will turn gold. Once this happens, they should run back to the pyramid area and get their bow back, and head over to the Quick Revive machine as fast as they can.

    Now that the prongs are gold, you will hear a sound and 4 (out of a possible 8) random items will turn electrified, one at a time, and with a weird sound before it turns on. You have a limited time to shoot them with your upgraded bows before it fails and you have to wait another round. The items and locations are as follows:

    -The phone by Quick Revive
    -The back tire of the car in the area with Double-Tap
    -A wooden box in the room above Double-Tap (near the Lightning urn)
    -A globe in the Bedroom
    -A phone next to the Power Switch
    -A radio in the Green Lab
    -A clock above the fireplace in the Green Lab
    -A clock in the Left courtyard upstairs on the 2nd floor

    Player 1 will stay by Quick Revive and also check the tire too if they can get there.
    Player 2 will check for the wooden box and car tire (if Player 1 is not close to it)
    Player 3 will check the globe and Power Switch area.
    Player 4 will check the Green Lab as well as the Left Courtyard.

    Each player should call out if their item is electrified, and once all 4 items have been shot, the teleporter will have a purple glow on the bottom. Note that if you accidentally shoot an object before it electrifies or shoot a wrong one, it will fail, so either use your guns or stay far enough away that your bow doesn’t accidentally activate it.

    If you failed, you will hear a weird buzzer-like sound and then you have to wait a round to try it again. The first time you attempt it, you’ll luckily just have 1 single zombie running around so it will be much easier. But if you fail, the objects start lighting up right at the start of the next round, making it way harder due to the amount of zombies that will spawn right away. You will have to repeat this step later, so remember the player’s positions to help out later.

    4 – Teleport into the Past
    Now that you’ve activated the purple glow, have every player run to the teleporter and activate it. You will teleport into the same room in the past, and you will see a doctor putting items in a safe. Have one player watch him type in the password, and have the others look around for 2 items. There is a fairly large canister on the floor in 1 corner that glows a bright blue, and 1 person needs to grab it with . There is also a small fuse that is hard to see that needs to be grabbed as well. For the password, there are 4 possible symbols that might show up, luckily, they all have a distinct shape:

    -Diamond with the bottom cut out
    -2 Triangles shaped like a “Z”

    Either write down or remember the password, in order top to bottom (My team had password Rectangle, Circle, Circle). It changes every round, so as long as you don’t kill the last zombie, you needn’t worry. SmithyReborn86 has a great tip: Take a screenshot of the code with your PS4 by using the button and pressing the Save Screenshot option.

    Shortly after you’ll teleport to the Rocket Pad. A Panzersoldat will spawn here, so kill it but don’t kill the last zombies! (If you’re lower than round 12, this Panzer will drop an item needed for the Ragnarok DG-4, see Not Big Enough for how to build the rest, you’ll need it to finish off the EE)

    5 – Head to the Death Ray
    Easy step, go to the Death Ray, you can put the fuse on the left side of it (when facing the purchasing icon), then go to the right side to find a small knob that you can turn with to change the Death Ray to “Protect” Mode. Note that anybody can place the fuse, not just the one that grabbed it.

    6 – Go to the computer terminal by the Clock tower
    Input the 3 password icons in the correct order from Step 4. (Interact with on each button) If done correctly the screen will turn off. Head down to the teleporter area, and the safe door will be open. There will be a keycard and a set of grey fuses, grab them with . Now head upstairs to the Death Ray. Look at the 2 electrical pylons, on each of them there is a single fuse missing, so go and place the ones you just grabbed over there. After this, change the Death Ray back to “Destroy” Mode.

    7 – Simon Says on the computer terminals.
    During this step, an infinite amount of Hellhounds (dogs) will spawn. Have 2 people focus on taking out the dogs while the other does the next part.
    The computers at both the Clock Tower and Rocket Pad will light up with 4 symbols, 1 on each screen. Make sure you memorize/write down the correct screen for each symbol. Shortly after, all the symbols will disappear, and only the top screen will show a symbol. You must remember which screen that symbol was on, then press on the button under that screen. It will then repeat another 6-7 times until you get all the guesses right. Then you must head to the other computer that you did not do yet. (ie Rocket Pad or Clock Tower) and repeat down there until that’s done.

    Note that if you fail by pressing the wrong button, you can retry immediately without waiting a round, but it will reset both computers, and the ordering switches every time you do it! Also, sometimes it only lets certain players use the computer, 1 game I was able to do it, another game I wasn’t, it’s a bit finicky.

    8 – Activate the Death Ray.
    Now that both computers have been activated, head up to the Death Ray, and on the opposite side from where you usually activate it, there will be a big green button that is lit up. Press on it and watch the sky! A big rocket will come in and smash through the bell tower, landing on the ground in the center. On the ground to the right side of the wreckage, you’ll see a small item called the Golden Rod (From Call of the Dead for you zombies fans!) it looks a bit like an hourglass, pick it up! DO NOT use the item yet though! It goes in a slot near where you first got the bows, but do not place it until you do Step 9!

    9 – Go back in time again and grab the tablet.
    Now that you’ve done the first 8 steps and hopefully kept a zombie alive this entire time, you will need to go back in time again. However, in order to do that, you must shoot the electrified objects again (Step 3)! The difference this time is that you do not need to shoot the prongs on the teleporter, instead you have to start a new round and shoot all the objects while the new round is starting! This step might take a few rounds depending on your luck with finding the objects again. Note that if you accidentally shoot an object before it electrifies or shoot a wrong one, it will fail, so either use your guns or stay far enough away that your bow doesn’t accidentally activate it.

    As soon as you find all 4 objects, have everyone run straight to the teleporter as fast as they can! Once you’re in the past again, the only thing you need to do is open a crate in a back-left corner near the entrance. In order to open it, you need to interact with a computer on the right side with , then it opens the crate where you'll find a tablet (Thanks again to SmithyReborn86 for correcting the info!). Grab the tablet as soon as you can!

    Afterwards, you’ll teleport to the Rocket Pad where another Panzer awaits, so kill it before heading back up top!

    Before stating the next step, make sure you have all areas opened up or it risks glitching the next step! optimusmart has confirmed that if you do not open up the area with Mule Kick, the ghost in the next step will get stuck and won't be able to finish the path he takes, making it impossible to finish the EE! (If playing co-op, chances are you've already opened this area, since the Skull Bow has a skull pickup here)

    10 – Use the Golden Rod and power the Keeper.
    Now that you have the tablet, you are almost done! Head to the tomb where you got the bows for the first time, there will be a Knight’s body with a hole under it for the rod. Place the rod here and a ghost will spawn. You’ll have to follow it around the map to 4 locations (It’s a randomized order every time you play, so actually follow it!), then you’ll have to shoot zombies with a specific bow while standing inside a white circle on the ground in order to power up the ghost via a sigil on the wall. The circles grow bigger the more players are in them, so have everyone stand in each circle.

    In order to know which bow to use, your screen will have a different colored tint around the border to indicate which bow to use:

    Turquoise – Wolf Bow
    Purple – Skull Bow
    Blue – Lightning Bow
    Orange – Fire Bow

    Have only the correct bow killing zombies while the others shoot all the dogs that attack. They spawn nonstop so take them out before they kill the bow shooter.

    The 4 locations are:

    -The tunnel between the spawn and Left Courtyard (near Mule Kick)
    -The Left Courtyard next to the Wundersphere
    -The hallway with all the Knight statues
    -The area near Double-Tap (Important Note! For this one you need to put the tablet from Step 9 on the wall near the ghost with , otherwise your bow won’t power it up!)

    Once you’ve powered up every sigil, head down to the pyramid for a quick scene. Zombies won’t spawn during it so feel free to watch!

    11 – Place a Ragnarok DG-4 on the pressure plates and defeat the boss!
    The penultimate step! Make sure before you do anything that everyone has at the least Juggernog and a Pack-a-Punched weapon. Any gumballs that could help out are great too (Phoenix Up and Aftertaste are very useful here if you have them)! Stamin Up and Speed Cola are useful as well as Quick Revive.

    Once everyone is ready, head to the pyramid underground. Everyone must place a Ragnarok with at roughly the same time on each of the pressure plates surrounding the pyramid (or if you have less players, each player must place theirs and leave a pad or 2 open), so wait until everyone has theirs ready to use. Note that a piece of the Ragnarok must be on each pad, so line yourself up along the rightmost edge on each pad so the left charge on the Ragnarok hits the pad when you place it. As soon as you place 1 for each member, you will teleport to a small dark arena with pillars around the edges. Then the boss fight begins.

    Now you will have to defeat the Keeper, and the boss fight can be actually quite long and tough to win!

    His attacks:
    -Skeletons, they will spawn infinitely and you can either kill them or keep running around the area in circles.
    -Fire portals, they will spawn from the ground and can heavily damage you in you stand in them, simply run away from them, pretty easy to avoid.
    -Skull attack, he sends skulls that fly around the air and can home in on you and damage you. They do very little damage so just run away.
    -Lightning Attack, this move can insta-kill you if you’re caught in it. He will be in the air holding electricity between his hands, and a white coloured electric portal will spawn in the center of the area. Once he powers up enough, he will unleash a massive shockwave that kills everything in its path instantly. The only way to avoid it is to hide behind the pillars around the map and wait for it to end. This is also how you beat the boss…

    Just keep running around the outside of the map in a circle and save your ammo by not using it at all unless the skeletons trap you. Once you see him start his electrical attack, have 1 player put their Raganarok trap () right in the middle of his white colored portal. This will stun him and allow you to unload as many bullets/arrows into him as you can! Aim for the yellow symbol on his chest. If you do enough damage he will disappear. If not, just repeat the same thing again.

    When he disappears, he leaves you to deal with a wave of about 10 Panzersoldats. Just keep running and occasionally turning/shooting to avoid being killed by them. Note that lots of Max Ammo pickups will spawn during this wave in middle of the area.

    The boss will return, so repeat the same strategy again.

    Sometimes it spawns dogs instead of Panzers, which are much easier to kill, but near the end of the fight he will spawn Panzers during his attack phase, so keep 1 player distracting the Panzer while the rest try to finish off the boss!

    Note that if you need to charge your Ragnarok a bit before placing it, then you can kill some skeletons to power it up. But usually if you are playing with at least 3 people, by the time all 3 people have used theirs, yours will be ready to use again.

    12 – The final step and cutscene!
    Now that the boss is dead, you will return to the pyramid room, and you will see a small orb floating near the floor in front of the pyramid. Simply grab it, and place it on the computer near the clock tower, and you’ll see a short epic scene in front of you, followed by a cutscene, and then the trophy! Preferably have someone who is not the host grab the orb, so that way if the cutscene glitches, they can leave and join right back in!

DLC: Eclipse

10 trophies

  • In Zetsubou No Shima, drink fresh Widow's Wine.

    To get the Widow’s Wine perk, you first need to get the KT-4 weapon by finding 3 parts around the map, then fight a spider mini-boss to access the perk.

    Here’s how to get the KT-4 parts:

    Lab A Area – After you turn on the power here, you can lower a cage to the ground with , and you’ll notice a purple coloured hand sitting in it. Play a few rounds until you get a spider round, and stand near the cage to make a spider go into it. Once a spider enters the cage, go upstairs into the lab and raise the cage with , a needle will kill the spider and draw purple liquid into a vial. Simply grab the vial with .
    Lab B Area – After turning on the main power switch, the next round will spawn a zombie in a white lab coat with a glowing green test tube. Simply kill it and grab the part he drops.

    Underwater Tunnel Area – Make your way through the flooded caverns as far down as possible, past a bunch of blue crystals, until you reach a dead end with the item here (Note that you can use spores to regain air here if you are about to drown).

    Once you have all 3 parts, you can build the KT-4 in the lower floor of the Yellow Test Tube room. Also once it is built, any player has a chance to get one from the mystery box if they want one too.

    After grabbing the KT-4, head to Lab A by the Blue Pool and shoot the blue webs behind the pool. Follow the tunnel to land in a pit with the boss.

    The boss is really easy to kill, just keep shooting it in the mouth while it has a green acid around it’s mouth, and it will go down fairly quickly. (In the video he keeps shooting the entire time, don't waste ammo unless the mouth is open!)

    After beating the boss, go through the tunnel behind it, and you’ll see a pool of light purple water on the right. Simply stand there and hold to get a free perk, and the trophy! (Also note if you go down, you can get unlimited refills of the perk by heading through the tunnel again!)


  • In Zetsubou No Shima, use a plant to return to life.

    This trophy requires you to have the KT-4 weapon, Blue Water, a seed, and is heavily luck-based. Once you have the KT-4, plant a seed at any spot, water it with the Blue Water, and shoot it with the KT-4. Repeat this for 2 more rounds and if you’re lucky a plant will spawn that allows you to imprint on it with . Once you imprint on the plant, simply kill yourself with a grenade or let zombies kill you, and you’ll respawn in the plant once you bleed out, giving you the trophy! If you have multiple seeds, feel free to plant them all at once and water each one every round with the Blue Water and KT-4 to increase your chances of getting one to spawn.


  • In Zetsubou No Shima, retrieve the Skull of Nan Sapwe.

    You’ll get this on the way to completing the EE.

    From the spawn area, if you open up the door on the right for 500 points, and continue forward to another door costing 750 points, you’ll reach the altar where the Skulls are. There are 4 skulls here, and you can pick up any of them as well as place them back if you don’t want that particular one (Use ). Each skull has a distinct pattern of symbols on the altar underneath it, and around the map there are 4 altars that you need to bring these skulls to in order to power them up.

    The locations for the altars are as follows:

    Spawn - To the right of the lake you spawn at.
    Airplane Trap – Immediately in front of the open area at the entrance, hard to miss.
    Yellow Test Tube Area (The game calls it the Operation Room, but it’s confusing underground so I call it the Yellow Test Tube Room due to the many yellow tubes scattered in the area) – On the lower floor, near the KT4/Masamune buildable spot.
    Docks Area – In the middle of this small area.

    When you place a skull on any of these altars, it will spawn a few waves of green covered zombies that make a beeline straight for the altar. Once you kill a lot of them, they will disappear and the skull will be white, meaning it’s powered up. Now take the skull back to the altar and place it back down where you got it. Each time you power a skull the enemies added become tougher. The first time it’s just simple zombies, the second is zombies and spiders, third time is zombies and Thrashers, and the last one is all 3 types. Once all 4 skulls are powered up, a hidden room will open up right next to the main altar. Down here you press on another bigger skull, and this time you fight lots of keepers that chase you around. Simply keep killing them until they disappear, and the Skull of Nan Sapwe and trophy are yours!


  • In Zetsubou No Shima, kill 10 zombies with a single shot of the KT-4.

    To build the KT-4, you’ll need 3 parts scattered around the map. See Sanguine Serum or Seeds of Doubt for how to build it.

    To kill zombies with it, you can either fire a regular shot with , or hold it down to make a more powerful attack. It’s best to use the powerful attack.

    Try to get as many zombies on you at once by running circles around any area, then fire a charged shot into the floor in front of you to make a puddle of acid. Then keep running over the puddle to make zombies follow you and they’ll die while on it.

    If you managed to kill 10 at once, you’ll get the trophy. But sometimes it can be finicky and you might think you got 10 kills, but for some reason not all of them will die. So keep trying and it will unlock eventually!

    If you're having trouble you can always try the upgraded version, the Masamune, and it will make the trophy easier!

  • In Zetsubou No Shima, stay underwater for one minute.

    This easy trophy can be done as soon as you have access to the Underwater Tunnels, but can be made even easier with a Gas Mask and Juggernog. Simply stay underwater for 1 minute straight without going up for air and the trophy will pop. Normally you can’t survive more than 20 seconds, but in the Underwater Tunnels there are orange spores that you can shoot which will release air bubbles. Simply go underwater, wait until your health flashes 3 times, then hit a spore, wait another 20 seconds until you lose health again, then use 1 more spore to have more than enough time for the trophy! With Juggernog you can take 6-7 hits before drowning and with the Gas Mask it takes longer to damage you, so if you’re having trouble wait until you have those!

  • In Zetsubou No Shima, survive getting consumed.

    This trophy requires another player in your game. What you need to do is get a Thrasher to spawn, then down yourself near it. The Thrasher will pick up your downed body and carry you around while trying to kill your partners. Now your partners just need to kill it to drop your body and you’ll get the trophy while they’re reviving you!

  • In Zetsubou No Shima, electrocute a zombie with a shield.

    You’ll need to get an Electric Shield to get this trophy. To get the Shield, you just need to find all the parts around the map:

    Lab A Area – Underneath the Lab, there is a wallbuy icon for the Kuda SMG on a rectangular pillar. The part can spawn on that pillar, the one opposite attached to the Lab wall, or the pillar slightly counterclockwise around the Lab.
    Lab B Area – The part spawns on a tree. The 3 locations are the tree where you drop down from the Skull Altar, the tree on the left at the entrance to the Lab area (from the ruins before the altar), or the tree by the exit leading to the Bunker.
    AA Gun Area – The last part spawns here in the back left corner, or the back right corner.

    You can then build the Shield in Lab A or B on the workbench.

    To make it electrified, you must complete all 3 challenges for every player in the game. Once all challenges are done, you then must go to the altar where the skulls are, and lightning will strike the altar every few minutes. Simply equip your shield while lightning strikes the altar to electrify it.

    Now kill a zombie with the shield for an easy trophy!

  • In Zetsubou No Shima, remove webs in every possible way in one game.

    While playing through the map, you’ve no doubt noticed that all the perk machines and Gobblegum dispensers are covered in spider webs, and also doorways sometimes get covered during spider rounds. To get this trophy, you have to remove webs on any of those objects with a bunch of different weapons. A small tip is during every spider round, keep one alive and let it web as many things as possible to help you get enough webs to destroy when needed! Also the blue web leading to the Spider boss fight (the one you use the KT-4 on) does not count for the trophy, so make sure you shoot a regular web too!

    Here are the weapons that you need to use: (Tested and 100% accurate)

    • Bowie Knife (Hold to destroy a web) Located by the Bunker entrance.
    • Grenades/Widow's Wine Grenades (Throw directly at the web, it will stick)
    • XM-53 (Can be obtained from a plant or Mystery Box)
    • Ray Gun (From Mystery Box or from a plant powered by a KT-4 shot. Thanks paulcoe for confirming!)
    • KT-4/Masamune (Can be obtained through the Mystery Box once it is built for the first time)

    The following are NOT needed:

    • Knife (Hold to destroy a web)
    • Tripmine (Throw directly at the web) Located by Lab B.
    • Death & Taxes (Pack-a-Punched Pistol)


  • In Zetsubou No Shima, throw up.

    This trophy is another luck based one involving plants, but a bit easier than Herbal Remedy.

    For this trophy, you must get a fruit plant to spawn. The fruit plant either gives you a perk, or makes you throw up. The best way to guarantee yourself the trophy is to get max perks (4 normally, or 5 if you did the hard challenge), then eat a fruit afterwards. To get a fruit plant you must plant a seed and water it with 3 different colours (Blue, Green, and Purple), a different colour each round. Some people report that you must do the order Blue, Purple, Green, but it’s not always a 100% chance of getting a fruit to spawn.

    Once the fruit plant spawns, you can leave it there and it won’t disappear until someone picks it up, so if you want to wait until you have more perks before picking it, you can wait. If you have multiple seeds, you can plant all of them in 1 round and do the watering at the start/end of each round, making sure to do every colour once, and increase your chances of a fruit spawning. If you eat a fruit and don’t see a perk appear, you’ll see your character put their hands in front of their face, and you will get the trophy! (You can also look for a grey-coloured puke stain on the ground to know you did it right as well)



Secret trophies

  • In Zetsubou No Shima, the one must be saved.

    This trophy is for completing the Easter Egg of the map. There are a bunch of steps to completing this one, but luckily a lot of these steps can by combined together at the same time. Most of these steps should be completed around the same time, and luckily since none of the steps (other than challenges) require killing zombies, you can do a lot of these steps in the same round by having a player leave 1 zombie alive. All players in the game will get this trophy at the same time.

    Steps 1, 2, 3, and 4 should be done in any order simultaneously to minimize difficulty later. As you open a new area, there may be parts for a buildable item, an opportunity for a challenge, or a location for a skull, so try to complete those 4 steps at the same time.
    Step 5 can be completed once you have the Skull of Nan Sapwe (Step 2).
    Step 6 can be done at any time once you get the KT-4.
    Steps 7 & 8 can be done simultaneously, but you can get the parts needed for these steps throughout the entire EE process once you get the items needed for each part.

    Step 1: Turn on the power.

    In order to turn the power on, you must have most of the map unlocked already, specifically Lab A, Lab B, and the path connecting them. You will also need a bucket that you can fill with irradiated water (any colour). Buckets can be found at the spawn, Lab A, Lab B, and the Bunker in multiple locations.

    There are 3 power switches in the map: Lab A (which turns on power on the left side of the map), Lab B (which turns on power for the right side), and 1 in the Bunker (permanently leaves power on).

    The power switch in Labs A and B are only temporary, and they will turn off after a few minutes. You turn them on by bringing a full water bucket to the switch (which looks like a bowl with a luminescent blue colour on the rim, attached to a panel), and holding .

    To open the Bunker, you need to turn on the power in both labs, then run to the entrance (the path connecting the 2 labs), and press on the door to open it. From the Bunker entrance, make your way forward into the 2nd room, and buy the door on the left for 1500 points. This is the Power Switch Room. In the Power Room, you’ll see a switch with a light flashing red above it, telling you to unblock the underwater vents. Turn around, and there’s a path leading underwater where you’ll sere another flashing red light. Hold near it to clear away the webs. This traps you underwater, and also spawns in a few zombies that you need to kill. (You can go up for air in this area still, make sure you don’t drown!) Once you kill all the zombies, the door opens, and you can turn on the power.

    Step 2: Power up the Skulls to get the Skull of Nan Sapwe.

    From the spawn area, if you open up the door on the right for 500 points, and continue forward to another door costing 750 points, you’ll reach the altar where the Skulls are. There are 4 skulls here, and you can pick up any of them as well as place them back if you don’t want that particular one (use ). Each skull has a distinct pattern of symbols on the altar underneath it, and around the map there are 4 altars that you need to bring these skulls to in order to power them up. The locations for the altars are as follows:

    Spawn - To the right of the lake you spawn at.
    Airplane Trap – Immediately in front of the open area at the entrance, hard to miss.
    Yellow Test Tube Area (The game calls it the Operation Room, but it’s confusing underground so I call it the Yellow Test Tube Room due to the many yellow tubes scattered in the area) – On the lower floor, near the KT4/Masamune buildable spot.
    Docks Area – In the middle of this small area.

    When you place a skull on any of these altars, it will spawn a few waves of green covered zombies that make a beeline straight for the altar. Once you kill a lot of them, they will disappear and the skull will be white, meaning it’s powered up. Now take the skull back to the altar and place it back down where you got it. Each time you power a skull the enemies added become tougher. The first time it’s just simple zombies, the second is zombies and spiders, third time is zombies and Thrashers, and the last one is all 3 types. Once all 4 skulls are powered up, a hidden room will open up right next to the main altar. Down here you press on another bigger skull, and this time you fight lots of keepers that chase you around. Simply keep killing them until they disappear, and the Skull of Nan Sapwe is yours! (The Ultimate Sacrifice will pop here)

    Step 3: Complete all Challenges.

    This step is harder to do the more players there are. If you make it to the altar where you get the skulls (go right through 2 doors from the spawn), you will see 4 pillars in each corner of the altar.

    The pillars have challenges on them that you can view by going up close to the one that is yellow coloured (that one is yours, the blue ones correspond to the other players). Each player will have 3 challenges of increasing difficulty, and all the challenges must be completed in order to advance the EE steps.

    The lowest challenge on the pillar is the easy one, which usually involves doing something with plants (like water a plant 3 times, water 5 different plants, etc.) or with spores (shoot 5 spores, use a spore underwater, etc.) The prize for completing this is a Max Ammo.

    The middle challenge is a medium one, and involves killing specific ways (like underwater, plane trap, fan trap, headshot spore infected zombies, etc.) The prize for this challenge is a weapon, either the SVG, Dingo, or Brecci. You can also choose to not get the prize and next time it might give you another weapon.

    The highest challenge is usually the toughest one. These usually involve something to do with killing mutated zombies specific ways (like headshots, kill before they enrage, kill before they mutate, etc.) but sometimes you get lucky and it’s to eat a fruit from a plant or use the fan/plane traps, which is way easier! The prize for this challenge is you can buy an extra perk.

    Also note that if any player gets the challenge involving “Killing X zombies before they mutate,” I advise quitting the game and starting a new one. It’s the only challenge that is really random and is incredibly tough to do because of the randomness of enemy spawns.

    Once all the challenges are complete, lightning will strike the altar every few minutes, which you can use to get an Electric Shield later.

    Step 4: Build the Shield, Gas Mask, KT-4, and unlock the PaP machine.

    Technically the Gas Mask and PaP machine aren’t needed, but they make all the underwater steps really easy as well as the boss fight.
    Here are the locations of all the parts for each item: (Also note that each part for the Shield/Gas Mask can be in 3 spots in each area)

    Lab A Area – Underneath the Lab, there is a wallbuy icon for the Kuda SMG on a rectangular pillar. The part can spawn on that pillar, the one opposite attached to the Lab wall, or the pillar slightly counterclockwise around the Lab.
    Lab B Area – The part spawns on a tree. The 3 locations are the tree where you drop down from the Skull Altar, the tree on the left at the entrance to the Lab area (from the ruins before the altar), or the tree by the exit leading to the Bunker.
    AA Gun Area – The last part spawns here in the back left corner, or the back right corner.

    Gas Mask:
    Plane Trap Area – The part can spawn on the right tunnel at one end, the same tunnel at the other end, or left of the mystery box on a rock.
    Green Pool – This part can spawn on a box near the perk machine, a box on the right side by the Lab B stairs, or on a shelf near the irradiated meteor right in front of the pool of green water.
    Dock Area – The final part spawns on a box next to the altar or a box near the Zipline exit.

    You can build the Gas Mask and Shield inside Lab A or Lab B on a workbench, my group always did the Shield in Lab B, and the Mask in Lab A.

    Lab A Area – After you turn on the power here, you can lower a cage to the ground with , and you’ll notice a purple coloured hand sitting in it. Play a few rounds until you get a spider round, and stand near the cage to make a spider go into it. Once a spider enters the cage, go upstairs into the lab and raise the cage with , a needle will kill the spider and draw purple liquid into a vial. Simply grab the vial with .

    Lab B Area – After turning on the main power switch, the next round will spawn a zombie in a white lab coat with a glowing green test tube. Simply kill it and grab the part he drops.

    Underwater Construction Area – Make your way through the flooded caverns as far down as possible, past a bunch of blue crystals, until you reach a dead end with the item here (Note that you can use spores to regain air here if you are about to drown).

    Once you have all 3 parts, you can build the KT-4 in the lower floor of the Yellow Test Tube room. Also once it is built, any player has a chance to get one from the mystery box if they want one too.

    Pack-a-Punch Parts:
    (Note that all these parts are in the Bunker, and are in the 3 rooms surrounding the flooded PaP machine)

    Power Switch Room – After turning on the power by killing all the underwater zombies, the part comes out of the blocked pipe.
    Cocoon/Purple Water Room – This room is on the right side of the PaP area. There are cocoons everywhere and if you knife one, a zombie comes out that you should kill. Simply keep knifing every cocoon you come across until 1 of them drops the part you need.
    Underwater Construction Area – In the flooded caverns, it’s in one of the tunnels you swim through at the start of the area. If you see the blue crystals in the lower part of this area, you’ve gone too far.

    There are valves along the side of the flooded PaP pool. Each part goes with the valve across from the area it was in, once all are placed the PaP machine will be accessible.

    Step 5: Unlock the secrets with the Skull to start the EE.

    Now that you’ve gotten the Skull, there are a few things you need to do with it. You need to shine it on a few spots around the map to star the actual EE process. (You equip it with + then you can kill zombies with or use to stop zombies from moving. The move is what we use for this step.)

    First, head to the Cocoon/Purple Water Room. From the pool of purple water, directly behind you is a wall with a torn poster on it. Shine the Skull on this spot until you see the poster appear.

    Next, while you still have the skull equipped, go to the entrance to the Bunker. Directly across from the AA gun entrance is an elevator shaft covered by a metal barrier. To the left of this is a blank wall, shine the skull here to open up the elevator maintenance room.

    Finally, there’s 1 more spot to open up (You might need to wait for the skull to recharge, or have another player here). Head to the Underwater Tunnel where you got the part for the KT-4, and shine the skull on the wall to the right to open up a secret area where you can plant a seed. (Don’t plant anything yet, there’s an item you need first!)

    Step 6: Fight the Spider mini-boss.

    Once you have the KT-4 built, I suggest getting the Juggernog perk before starting this fight. Head to the Lab A Area, and go to where the Blue Pool is. There are some webs that are light blue here that you can destroy with the KT-4. Head through this tunnel and you will fall into a pit where you fight a mini-boss, a giant spider.

    You can only hurt the spider when you see green slime spewing from it’s mouth, simply shoot it in the face until it dies. Sometimes it spawns little spiders that can give you a Max Ammo powerup if you run low as well.

    After it dies you can get Widow’s Wine from a pool of water after the boss, which will give you Sanguine Serum . You can head back here at any time if you need more.

    Step 7: Upgrade the KT-4.

    This step requires getting 3 more parts, none of which show up in your inventory, so you have to require on visual sight and listening to the character’s dialogue to know if you got the items needed.

    First, you’ll need the Rainbow Water and a seed. To get this, you have to go to the Yellow Test Tube room (Where you built the KT-4). On one side of the lower floor, there is a sewer pipe that will take you to the Green Pool Area for 500 points. While riding through here, you’ll pass 2 open-ish rooms with a blue hue, after the second room, hold square as you pass by a pipe on the right and you’ll grab the Rainbow Water (Might take a few tries to get it). Now head to the Underwater Tunnel where the KT-4 part was, and plant the seed in the new tunnel you opened up with the skull. Water it with the Rainbow Water. Now do this for 2 more rounds in a row, and after the third round it will spawn the part you need.

    The next part is really easy, once you beat the spider boss, simply walk up to its dead body and hold on it. You’ll know you have the part if your character talks about it.

    The final part requires an Electric Shield. To get an Electric Shield, you need all 3 challenges done for every player, then simply equip a shield while the altar gets struck by lightning to electrify your shield. (Note if you melee a zombie with it, the effect will disappear and you’ll need to wait until lightning strikes the altar again, but you’ll also get the Assault With Battery trophy!)

    Once your shield is electrified, head to Lab B, and you’ll see a cage that you can lower. Next to that one is another cage that you can melee with your shield ( to equip it, then to melee), and once you melee it, you can enter it and it will lower you down below into a bright blue room. There is a skeleton next to the cage that holds the final part.

    Once you have all 3 parts, you build the Masamune next to the build spot for the KT-4.

    Step 8: Grab the 3 cogs and activate the elevator.

    There are 3 cogs that you must collect around the map in order to activate the elevator that takes you to the boss.

    Cog 1 - This one requires the Gobblegum “Anywhere But Here.” Once any player gets the gum they must use it, and if they’re lucky they will teleport to a hidden room above Lab A filled with giant egg shells (Some people have reported using it after the Spider boss fight in the boss room and it took them to the room, but it seems to only work after you’ve opened up the walls with the Skull in Step 5). Inside this room, find a cracked shell and the cog is on the ground near it.

    Cog 2 – This requires building the Electric Shield. Once you have your shield, go to the Zipline connecting Lab A to the Bunker. Melee the Zipline switch which will electrocute the line itself. Now use it and press melee while sliding to drop onto the docks, where the part awaits (If you’re playing multiplayer, instead of pressing melee while on the line, your teammate just has to zap the control box while you’re on it to drop you down).

    Cog 3 – Once you have the KT-4 and a seed, plant it at any seed spot. Now grab Blue Water (near Lab A), water the plant with the water, and shoot the plant with the KT-4 too. You’ll see green sparkles showing you did it right. Repeat this for 2 more rounds in a row, and after the next round it should spawn a giant AA Gun shell. Sometimes it will spawn a revive plant, it’s heavily luck based. If you have extra seeds feel free to plant multiple in the hopes that you get lucky. Now head to the AA Gun and put the shell in with , then wait until you see the big plane fly overhead, and shoot it down with again. If you miss, you’ll have to repeat planting again until you get another shell.

    Once the plane is shot down, the cog will fall down from the wreckage, and it can fall near the entrance to the Bunker or by the Green Pool.

    Once you have all 3 cogs, head to the elevator maintenance room that you opened in Step 5, and place the 3 cogs there. This opens the elevator for the boss fight.

    Step 9: Use the elevator and beat the boss to finish the EE!

    The final step! Wait until every player has Juggernog, Speed Cola, Quick Revive, a Pack-a-Punched weapon, and the Masamune if possible. Having the gum "Aftertaste" might sound like a good idea, but many players have experienced a glitch where the enemies stop spawning during the boss fight with it equipped. They had to restart, so to be safe don't use it. Also make sure you have a full Gas Mask before heading down there!

    Also, if you got lucky and had a revive plant spawn in during the last few rounds, activate it before the boss fight in case you go down so you can have another chance!

    Now head down the elevator to fight the boss!

    The boss is basically a giant Thrasher that stays still behind a wall, and occasionally uses its branches to slap you, which is a 1-hit kill. As long as you don’t go near it, you’re in no danger.

    In order to beat it, every so often a branch will open up and spores are visible. Fire a Masamune shot into the boss and it should take down that branch almost instantly.

    In between waiting for the branches to open up, it will spawn an infinite amount of Thrashers and spiders, so you’ll have to keep on your toes to avoid getting killed by them.

    After shooting off all the boss’ branches, he’ll be defeated, and you’ll view the final cutscene to get your trophy! Congrats!

DLC: Descent

10 trophies

  • In Gorod Krovi, wield the Gauntlet of Siegfried.

    The gauntlet is the special weapon of the map, activated with + . It's a dragon that launches fire and you can also let it fly around while you melee zombies.

    To get the gauntlet, you need to first obtain the Dragon Egg, located in the Hatchery. See Taking Flight for how to get to the Hatchery. Once inside, head to the basement and the exit leading to the sewer. Right above the exit is the Dragon Egg. Simply shoot it with any gun and it will fall down so you can pick it up.

    Once you get the egg, you will have to complete a series of trials to hatch it, luckily the order is always the same. First you must plant it at any nest around the map, I recommend the spawn. Now you must let the dragon breathe fire on it and once that's done, you must let it cool for 2 rounds before picking it up. You can also use a Dragon Strike on the egg and it will heat up as well (thanks diagnonsense for the tip)!

    Next, you need to get napalm zombie kills (let the dragon breathe fire on them). The exact number seems to be around 15-20. You can press the to see if you’ve completed it (It will be 3/5ths full) or check the trials on the tombstones at the spawn.

    After the napalm kills, you need to get multi-penetrating kills. It seems to be about 10 double/triple kills. Best way is to use either a Sniper or the Ray Gun Mk 3,or obtain an Instakill powerup. Once it's done, check the or tombstones at spawn to see if it’s done (egg will be 4/5ths done).

    Finally you need to get melee kills on zombies, about 5 total. Really easy challenge. Simply equip a Zombie Shield and just melee a bunch of zombies with , it's a 1-hit kill.

    After powering up the egg fully, you need to head back to the Hatchery and place it in the empty incubator in the basement. Now you’ll be locked in the basement and have to fight a few waves of zombies until it’s done.

    Once it's done, you need to wait another full round for it to cool down, then you can pick it up. Now head to the spawn and go to the trial tombstones and hold on the bottom icon. The prize will raise from the ground and give you the trophy soon afterwards.

  • In Gorod Krovi, complete Time Attack: Round 20.


    Some people are reporting that this trophy will not unlock for them despite fulfilling the requirements for the trophy. However, recently it has been shown that playing the game Ranked sometimes fixes the issue (thanks Lachz for the info). Another possible reason for the glitch is that the time clock doesn't work sometimes. Make sure you get the 5 minute bonus to know if it works.

    This is quite a difficult trophy to obtain so I recommend playing with 4 people as you have more entrances to cover and even though there are more enemies, you will kill them faster.

    You need to complete Round 20 with 32 minutes and with the right strategy, it's definitely doable. My group of 4 managed to finish in 27 minutes on our first attempt. The prize for completing this is a Fury’s Song melee weapon, which you can claim on the bulletin board at the bunker entrance (next to Mule Kick) for 500 points. There are also time attack bonuses for Round 5 and 10 as well (5 minutes and 13 minutes respectively), so you can use these to determine if your group is on pace to complete in time.

    If you read Step 3 of the Walkthrough in the Roadmap, you will see a list of Gobblegums I’d highly recommend equipping. The most important for this is Kill Joy so you can spawn an Instakill powerup whenever you need one. This is invaluable in killing enemies as fast as possible. Another good choice is Dead of Nuclear Winter, which spawns a Nuke powerup.

    The important thing is to not open any doors around the map. Staying in the spawn forces all zombies to spawn there, which lessens the time you need to wait for the zombies to reach you.

    At the start, each player should go to grab a gobblegum from the machine. Depending on the gums obtained, use them whenever the situation deems necessary. Don't waste Nukes or Instakills on the first 3 rounds, only use the knife or pistol. Buy the RK5 or Shieva when you get enough points. Also don’t overlap any powerups! Like don't waste a Nuke when Instakill is active, or if someone is using a Death Machine, don’t bother using gums. If you get an On the House gum, use it to give everyone a free perk. Once everyone gets Juggernog (luck based), you will be a lot safer in later rounds.

    Try to cycle through gums player by player so if 2 people get Kill Joy, let one person use theirs up first so they can attempt to get another gum sooner rather than later. The more players there are, the more chances you have to consistently have good powerups. You will have more than enough money to keep trying for gums after round 10 anyway.

    Once you complete Round 20, the trophy will pop.

    Also note that if you don't want to waste all those gumballs you used for this trophy, you can quit to the XMB by closing the game. It will keep all your gumballs, as well as the XP earned and any Divinium you obtain. Literally nothing bad can occur from doing that other than possibly losing out on a high score for the leaderboards, if you care for that sort of thing.

  • In Gorod Krovi, ride a Dragon.

    This might be one of the first trophies you obtain.

    In order to ride the dragon, you need to first collect 3 pieces for the Dragon Controller. In order to do that, you must have access to the Dragon Command Room (where the Power switch is) as well as the Supply Depot and Tank Factory (accessible for 1750 points each after turning on the power).

    Once the power has been turned on, zombies have a fairly high chance of dropping a Console Node (looks like a test tube/cylinder). You can only have 1 at a time and they usually drop in the same order each time; Red, then Yellow, then Blue, then any colour after that.

    The 3 different colours of nodes:

    • Blue – Plugs into the console at Dragon Command, located by the dragon platform upstairs.
    • Yellow – Plugs into the console at the Supply Depot, located downstairs by the Eyebeam Trap switch.
    • Red – Plugs into the console at the Tank Factory, located up the ramp by the dragon platform.

    Once you have plugged in any node, a supply drop will fall from the sky into a random location around the map. It will only drop in areas you've opened, so no need to worry if you've only opened 4-5 rooms total. The drop will fire a bright green laser into the sky so it makes locating it really easy.

    Make your way to the drop as fast as possible, because zombies will start spawning non-stop and try to destroy it. You must hold them off until the drop is done charging. When it’s done, it will open up and you can grab a piece for the Dragon Controller.

    Repeat the drops at other consoles until you get all the parts for the controller. If you mess up and a drop gets destroyed, just kill zombies until another node drops and you can repeat. Once you have the 3 parts head to the underground bunker. There is a rectangular console in the middle where you can place the parts with , which now allows you to use the dragon platforms.

    Head to any platform and summon the dragon for 500 points. When it lands, it will stay there forever until someone boards it. After that, you have about 15 seconds to board it as well, then it will take off and fly you to the Hatchery and the trophy will pop soon after.

  • In Gorod Krovi, complete a Lockdown Event.

    You need to have every member in the Hatchery to attempt this trophy. See Taking Flight for how to get there.

    Before attempting this, I highly recommend obtaining the Ray Gun Mk3 from the mystery box as it makes this a breeze. It’s still doable without it but is much easier with it.

    Once inside the Hatchery, head upstairs and take a right. Inside this room is a console with a greenish-blue crystal sitting up top inside a glass barrier. Each person in the game must press at roughly the same time.

    After that's done, the windows will temporarily shut and all exits will be closed. Now you have to survive 4 waves of enemies that will constantly attack you and you only get 1 free ammo located by the Pack a Punch machine so don't waste it!

    The first 3 waves will only spawn enemies from a specific area (Either the left side, the right side, or the top). The final wave will spawn enemies from every direction and it becomes quite hectic. Each wave always starts by spawning regular zombies, followed by some Mangler Soldiers, then finishing up with another 3-4 Mangle Soldiers. The final wave is the same but sometimes a Valkyrie drone or two will come in as well so be prepared to shoot some of those too.

    I recommend sitting upstairs on the left side corner, since no zombies can enter over there and just camp there with the Ray Gun Mk3. You should be able to survive the first 3 waves without needing the ammo pickup. If you're doing it without the Ray Gun Mk3, then it will be much harder but you can also run circles around the first floor if it gets too hectic up top.

    Once you complete all 4 waves, the lockdown will end and the trophy will pop. Also don't forget to grab the Dragon Strike weapon from the console once it's done!

  • In Gorod Krovi, complete all solo Trials in one Zombies game.

    This trophy is heavily reliant on luck but luckily you can just quit the game if you get a trial that you don't like. There are 3 tiers of trials i.e. Bronze, Silver, and Gold. There is also a trial for getting the Dragon Egg but it's not needed for the trophy, only the 3 tiered ones are needed. These can be done in any order and once you complete your 3rd trial, the trophy will pop.

    You can view the challenges you get at the spawn when the game first starts. There are 4 tombstones along the right side of the spawn and the one with the green flame on it is yours. You can view your challenges simply by looking at any of the 4 icons and they will tell you what you need to do. The easiest one is always the bronze one at the top. The silver one on the left is usually for getting trap/weapon kills of some type and are also easy for the most part but costly depending on the trap. The gold one is the rightmost challenge and usually will be the last one you complete but some of the gold tier challenges are really easy and might come naturally.

    Here are all of the challenges that can show up:

    Bronze: (Prize is always a Max Ammo)

    • Take damage from dragon fire and survive. – Very easy, simply wait for the dragon to breathe fire and then walk into it, then out. Using the Shield will negate damage but will still count the challenge. Strangely enough, you can go down in co-op and still get the trial complete!
    • Shoot the helmets/arms off Mangler Soldiers. – A tougher one but still pretty easy. Whenever the big soldiers spawn in, just aim for the correct body part and shoot.
    • Ride the dragon from every platform. – Super easy as well. You need to summon the dragon from the 3 locations: Dragon Command, Tank Factory, and Supply Depot. Anyone can summon the dragon, as long as you ride it from each spot.
    • Headshot 10 napalm zombies. – You have to wait for the dragon to breathe fire, then let the zombies catch fire. Once they are on fire, simply kill them with headshots. You will probably need to repeat this 2-4 times depending on how early on you go for this trial.
    • Recover 3 Supply drops in green condition. - This challenge is pretty easy. All you need to do is protect the supply drops while zombies spawn, and don't let them damage the pod too much. As long as the pod is green when it ends, it will count as 1 complete. You can use the drops whenever you get a Console Cylinder, even after you've recovered all the Dragon Controller parts. The only rewards you'll get after this are random powerups.

    Silver: (Prize is always a random Pack a Punched weapon)

    • Headshot electrified zombies. – This sounds tough but depending on how many rounds you survive, it will become very easy. Around rounds 9-11 you will get a wave of Valkyrie drones attacking you. Once this wave is done you have a chance of having some spawn in with regular zombies, and they can electrify them for you. Now you just need to headshot them. If you survive until the next Valkyrie wave, the last one alive constantly spawns in electrified zombie skeletons. As long as you don't kill the last drone, you can farm kills with these zombies until you're done.
    • Absorb dragon fire with the shield. – A really easy trophy but time consuming. Whenever you see a dragon breathe fire, equip the shield and simply stand in the fire as long as possible. Repeat until the challenge is done, usually takes around 4-6 dragon fires.
    • Get kills with the Guard of Fafnir. – Another easy challenge. Build the shield, then just keep killing zombies using the move. Let the zombies break the shield, get another one and repeat.
    • Get kills with the Gigant Beam trap. – Another easy but expensive challenge. First of all, get the shield built. You're invulnerable to the beam with it equipped. Now activate any eye trap, stand on the beam with the shield equipped and let the zombies come to you to die. Should only take 2-4 uses if you're lucky.
    • Get 10 kills with the Finger Trap within 3 seconds of sliding. – One of the worst challenges. You not only need to get 10 kills with the finger trap (which is a terrible trap) but also only kills within 3 seconds of you sliding under the trap will count. It took me 4 uses to get the challenge and a lot of that was luck because I went down and the zombies kept hitting the trap while going for my partner. I recommend restarting if this one shows.
    • Get 8 kills simultaneously with the Elevator Trap. – This is the worst possible silver challenge to get, reload the game if you get this one. The elevator trap is the bridge between the Infirmary and Armoury and costs 500 points. You have to somehow get 8 zombies to stand on the platform as it's ending but due to the timing of using it I can never get more than 4 enemies on it at once. Restart the game, it's not worth the frustration.

    Gold: (Prize is a free randomized perk)

    • Get 3 kills with each Flinger Trap. – Super easy trial. Simply use each flinger trap while there are at least 3 enemies on it. There’s 1 at the entrance to Dragon Command, and 2 on each side at the Hatchery. The only downside about this is spending the 3000 points. Try to get this trial!
    • Shoot all the cameras/arms off 6 Valkyrie drones. – Pretty easy challenge, also easier and faster in co-op since more of them spawn. For the arm trial shoot off each of its 3 arms, and it will plummet and die. You have to be the one to shoot off each arm so make sure nobody damages any of them. For the camera one, shoot the little red spot on the bottom, and it will charge at you and die if done correct. If you’re with multiple people, you can finish this during the first wave of them. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until more spawn later.
    • Survive 4 rounds in a row in the Hatchery. – Not incredibly tough but still annoying. You need to survive 4 while rounds in the Hatchery in a row. You don’t have to be in the basement, anywhere in the whole building is fine. If you have the Ray Gun Mk3, just camp in the upper left corner, and you will easily survive the rounds. Otherwise, just keep moving and use the PaP machine and gumballs if you need extra help.
    • Get 100 Dragon Strike kills. – One of the worst gold tier challenges. I usually recommend restarting if this shows up, since it takes the longest to set up, and the longest to farm kills with. It's an easy challenge but all the other ones can be done much faster with less effort so restart if it shows up. If you decide to go for it, try to get as many kills as possible per use. You will have to wait until a new round or get a Max Ammo to use it again so you're looking at anywhere from 5-10 rounds just to finish this one off.
    • Get 100 kills with the MG42. – This is by far the worst challenge. Restart the game immediately if you get it! The only place you can use the MG is the Hatchery and it only faces 1 direction. Using it means you're vulnerable from everywhere else, which means you will need to leave the turret every so often to watch your back. Also, using it costs 1000 points and if you leave then use it again, you need to pay another 1000 points. You will run out of money before you even get past 20 kills, let alone the 100 you need.
  • In Gorod Krovi, use the Gigant Beam to kill 20 Zombies in one activation.

    The Gigant Beam can be found in 2 locations, the Supply Depot and the Tank Factory. It costs 1500 points to use, and each of the 2 areas has 3 switches that can be used to activate it. The beam is very deadly and can kill you instantly without Juggernog and also extremely quickly with Juggernog. It also lasts a decently long time.

    To get this trophy, you must kill 20 zombies before the beam dies out. Before even starting this, build the Zombie Shield since equipping it actually makes you invincible from the beam itself.

    You need to be at approx round 10 to have enough zombies spawn right away but the easiest way to do it is to get a good train of zombies behind you first, then activate the trap, equip your Shield and sit in the middle of the beam. You won't take any damage and the zombies will constantly try to chase you, resulting in them dying before they can even touch you. Just keep sitting in the beam with your shield out, and you should get the 20 kills needed without even trying.

  • In Gorod Krovi, kill 8 zombies with a single Dragon Strike.

    See Not One Inch on obtaining the Dragon Strike weapon. This trophy is actually incredibly easy, despite how difficult obtaining it is.

    The Dragon Strike is used by pressing and it puts a green marker on the ground. You must be outside to place it properly, and you press to mark a location. The attack functions like a Monkey Bomb, and all the zombies nearby will home in on it before getting killed by a firestorm from above. Simply wait until you have a decent sized crowd of zombies near you then mark the ground close to them. A couple seconds later, the attack will start.

    If you managed to get 8 enemies at once, the trophy will pop. If you didn't, then you have to either wait a round to use it again or get a Max Ammo powerup.

  • In Gorod Krovi, kill 10 zombies at once with the Guard of Fafnir.

    The Guard of Fafnir is the Zombie Shield of this map. It functions the same as the other shields from previous maps except for 2 new abilities. You can equip it by pressing , then while equipped you can fire a deadly ball of fire at enemies in front of you with . That is what you use to get the trophy.

    The other ability is that while equipped, you are invulnerable to fire from the dragon and also invulnerable to the damage from the Gigant Beam trap as well.

    There are 3 parts to find around the map and they always spawn in the same buildings each game but sometimes at a different spot in each building.

    • Part 1 – Juggernog/Bunker: This part will either be in the chair next to Juggernog, on the truck outside on the left, or in the bunker on the first shelf on the left wall. Looks like a Red Jewel attached to some metal.
    • Part 2 – Infirmary: This part can spawn on the top floor on the leftmost wall, the middle floor on the rightmost bed (when facing from spawn) or on the ramp leading up from the bottom to the middle floor. Looks like the head of a dragon with green eyes.
    • Part 3 – Armoury: The final part can spawn on the bottom floor near the lower entrance to the Supply Depot (blueish tunnel), the middle floor near the upper entrance to Supply Depot or the top floor near the bridge switch. Looks like a pair of jaws.

    Once you have all 3 parts, you can build it in the underground bunker on the workbench. Then simply get a train of at least 10 zombies and blow them up with the shield blast for the trophy.

    You get 3 attempts before you run out of shots, then you either need to break the shield and get a new one or get a Max Ammo to replenish the ammo.

  • In Gorod Krovi, launch 10 zombies into the air at the same time.

    This is the hardest of the miscellaneous trophies. You need to use a trap called the Flinger Trap (not to be confused with the Finger Trap, the names are similar). The trap costs 1000 points to use and launches zombies into the air by flinging them away.

    There are 3 locations for these Flinger traps. 2 of them are at opposite ends of the Hatchery, the final one is at the entrance to Dragon Command. I find the Dragon Command trap is the best one to use.

    You will need to get a massive train of zombies on you. I recommend at least 15 since they sometimes don't want to go where you want them to. You need to make them chase you in a way such that they are all standing on the trap when you activate it. There is a split second delay from when you activate it to when it first launches zombies so keep that in mind.

    Once you manage to get 10 zombies flung into the air at once, the trophy will pop. They also must all be from the same trap. You can't activate multiple traps and get 10 total, it must be 10 on the same trap and at the same time.

    This will take multiple tries. Some people may find it easier in co-op and some find it easier in solo so if you can't succeed one way, try the other. Also you can try to use Monkey Bombs to get them to go on the grating but I find they don't tend to work very well since the zombies don't seem to like standing on the grating. Another tactic is to use the Ray Gun Mk3's alternate fire () because it slows the zombies down so you can line them up properly.


Secret trophies

  • In Gorod Krovi, the one must be freed.

    This trophy is for completing the Easter Egg of this map. The steps are actually fairly simplistic in nature but quite difficult to do. All players in the game will get the trophy when the EE is complete.

    *Glitch Warning! On June 11th, 2018, the Love And War trophy became unobtainable. As of August 15, 2019, a patch released to fix the trophy.*

    Here are the steps:

    Step 1: Turn on the Power, build the Shield and ride the dragon.

    This is the part of the setup for the EE. See Taking Flight for getting the dragon and Blown Away for getting the Shield.

    Step 2: Obtain the Gauntlet of Siegfried and Dragon Strike.

    You will need these to get some objects that are necessary for starting the EE process. See Wield a Fist of Iron and Not One Inch for how to obtain these.

    Step 3: Find the 6 Objects.

    There are 6 objects you need to find that look like little trophies with icons on them. You can start this step when you first start up the map, but 2 items require the weapons from Step 2.

    • Gersh Orb – At Dragon Command, face towards the spawn and you will see a mural of 3 people on the wall. On the rightmost person you will see the object in their hand, simply shoot it with any gun and it will fall for you to pick up.
    • Mangler Soldier – In the Supply Depot, activate the Gigant Beam. When it's done, look underneath where the beam was. You will see a safe that is open with the object inside.
    • Valkyrie Drone – Head to the Tank Factory and equip your Shield. Stand by Double Tap and fire the Shield blast at the window (or stand at the bottom and fire at the pipe under Double Tap). The object will fall and land next to Double Tap.
    • 935 Logo (looks like a cog) – Head to the Hatchery. Take the sewer exit and while swimming you will see a red light along the top of one of the pipes. Shoot at it with any gun and if you hit it, it will turn green. Now head back to the Hatchery via the dragon. On the opposite end of the first floor (across from Pack a Punch) you will see a toilet shooting poop everywhere, the object is in the toilet.
    • Nuke – Requires Dragon Strike. Head to the outer area connecting the Armoury with the Supply Depot. In the corner underneath the bus and balcony is a puddle of water, aim the Dragon Strike there and the object will appear at the surface as soon as the blasts end.
    • Supply Pod – Requires the Gauntlet of Siegfried. Head to the underground bunker, and go to the safe to the left of the workbench. Equip the Gauntlet with + , then pres to send the dragon in the air. While the dragon is airborne, press to melee the safe and it will open, revealing the object.

    Step 4: Complete the Pipe challenge.

    This step can be started on any round that you manage to get a Valkyrie drone to spawn.

    Once a drone has spawned in, you need to kill it in the basement of the Hatchery nest to the generator (it's located in the right side of the basement, near where you put the egg in to incubate). The generator will then turn on, and every round it must be re-activated with if you fail the puzzle. This is a fairly annoying puzzle to solve, as it's based on a lot of trial and error and some luck.

    There are 6 pressure valves around the map, and 1 of them will be the colour green, and the others will either be blue, or they will be off. Also 1 of the pipes will contain a purple cylinder. The goal is to get 1 green switch and the other 5 switches blue, which will in turn unlock the cylinder so you can grab it.

    The locations are as follows:

    • Tank Factory – Lower floor in the open square area.
    • Infirmary – On the middle floor, behind a set of beds.
    • Dragon Control – Top floor on the right.
    • Armoury – Up top near the bridge.
    • Supply Depot - First floor near the bookcases.
    • Department Store. Top floor, by the stairs leading down.

    The way the puzzle works is when you switch a dial at 1 location, it will transfer the air flow towards another switch at another location. The goal is to start at the green switch and move the air flow through all the other areas until you reach the one with the cylinder.

    All the pipes have a specific area to move the air flow, and the list below will tell you where each switch leads to:

    Tank Factory 1 - Infirmary
    Tank Factory 2 - Supply Depot
    Tank Factory 3 - Armoury

    Armoury 1 - Supply Depot
    Armoury 2 - Tank Factory
    Armoury 3 - Department Store

    Department Store 1 - Armoury
    Department Store 2 - Infirmary
    Department Store 3 - Dragon Control

    Dragon Control 1 - Supply Depot
    Dragon Control 2 - Department Store
    Dragon Control 3 - Infirmary

    Infirmary 1 - Department Store
    Infirmary 2 - Tank Factory
    Infirmary 3 - Dragon Control

    Supply Depot 1 - Dragon Control
    Supply Depot 2 - Armoury
    Supply Depot 3 - Tank Factory

    For example; If the Tank Factory has the green switch and the Armoury has the cylinder, change the switches at the following locations:

    • Tank 1 -> Infirmary
    • Infirmary 1 -> Department Store
    • Department Store 3 -> Dragon Control
    • Dragon Control 1 -> Supply Depot
    • Supply Depot 2 -> Armoury

    This would route the air flow through all 6 areas, ending at the Armoury where the cylinder is. There are many possible routes you can make yourself and as long as they all go through each area and end at the cylinder, you will be fine!

    If you don't want to figure it out yourself, DISCOKING has made a very useful guide here: LINK detailing a solution for every configuration you may get. Just note that there are multiple ways to solve each one so if you figure out a different way to solve each puzzle than what's listed, then it will also work.

    Once the switches are on correctly, the valves will become inoperable and you can grab the cylinder. If the system turns off before you can do all the switches, just play another round and activate the generator again.

    Step 5: Start up Sophia and type the password.

    Nice easy step, bring the cylinder to Sophia and place it in the empty gap in front of her. You will see a 6 letter password cylinder on the left. Shoot at each letter until it spells "Kronos" vertically, then press to accept the password.

    Step 6: Place the 6 objects and do the trials.

    This part is hardest and most tedious part of the EE.

    To start, you need to head to the computer across from Sophia and will notice 6 spots. Place the 6 objects from Step 3 in the spots here and the button in the middle will be green. Press it with to start the challenges.

    You need to complete 6 trials, one for each object. The order is randomized and you need to complete all 6. You can tell what one you have by watching a small light travel over each object. It will stop on the challenge you're doing.

    You can only attempt 1 per round and if you fail, then you need to wait a round before doing it again.

    Here are the 6 different challenges:

    • Gersh Orb – A small yellow orb will spawn and fly around the map. You must shoot it with your weapons non-stop until it stops and talks to you. Repeat 3 times and it will say you're hurting it. It will then go to the Dragon Command room and you will finish after a short dialogue scene.
    • Valkyrie – A friendly drone will be at the spawn area. It makes a sonar noise so you know where it is. You need to escort it all the way to the teleporter in the Dragon Command. It will only move if you're standing right next to it and you will have zombies swarming you non-stop. Having the Undead Man Walking gum works wonders here so you won't get trapped. Once it gets to the teleporter, you're done.
    • Mangler Soldier – Similar to the Valkyrie drone, you need to escort a Mangler to the teleporter, only this one is a huge pain! It can attack you while following you and if you go too far away, it will stop following you and do its own thing. You also can't damage it too much or else it will die and since you're killing zombies non-stop, it's quite annoying to get him so close only to have him die by an errant bullet. Use the gum Undead Man Walking to help you out!
    • Supply Drop – Easiest of the trials. A supply drop will fall outside the map at 1 of the 3 locations that the dragon can pick you up at (Dragon Command, Supply Depot or Tank Factory). Keep it from blowing up from afar with your weapons. Once it's done, you need to retrieve the cargo by deploying the dragon pet from the Gauntlet of Siegfried ( + to use, then to send out the dragon). It will drop the package right in front of you, then you need to place it inside Sophia to finish the trial.
    • Nuke – This one is a huge pain, easily the most annoying. 6 bombs will activate around the map and you have a very limited time to defuse them. The computer screen will flash really fast, then it will list out the locations you must defuse in order by lighting up each location. It's still pretty fast' so I used my phone to record the order so I wouldn’t forget. You can also have each player in the game memorize a few locations each so that you don't have to remember everything yourself. Now you need to defuse them all in order. If you get the wrong one, the bomb will blow up and you’ll go down, as will anyone else standing near one. If playing solo, this could ruin your entire run. Luckily you can be revived in co-op if you do go down. If you missed the correct order, then you can either detonate the wrong one and go down or wait out the timer. As long as you're not standing right next to a bomb, you should be safe. Also note that you must wait for the blue fuses to go down before defusing the next bomb or else they will explode!

      The bomb locations are as follows:
      • Department Store - On the first floor behind the stairway.
      • Armoury - Near the ramp leading upstairs.
      • Infirmary - Near the stairway that leads to the bunker.
      • Dragon Command - On the upper floor on the left, above the teleporter.
      • Tank Factory - In the room in on the top floor, above the piping system puzzle.
      • Supply Depot - On the first floor, near the lower entrance to this area.

      Once the final bomb is defused, the trial will be complete.
    • 935 Logo – You will receive a key card from the computer. You have to go to the Hatchery and use the Red PC hidden at the back of the first floor. All players must be there to activate it. You will then do yet another lockdown sequence, except this one is entirely Manglers for 3 waves. Just camp up top in the corner and spam everything you have! There is 1 Max Ammo downstairs that you can grab if needed. Once this is done, grab the key card back again and place it in Sophia. Almost done the EE!

    Step 7: Activate Sophia again and deliver the Power Core to Nikolai.

    Press on Sophia again and she will talk for a bit then open up a compartment. Grab the Power Core inside. Now you need to head to the spawn and use the Gauntlet to send your dragon out. It will grab the Power Core and deliver it to Nikolai (who is trapped inside some rubble outside the map). Now talk to Sophia and she will fly away, revealing a grate leading to the boss.

    Step 8: Boss fight(s)!

    Get as many perks as possible, grab a new shield if needed, Pack-a-Punch all your weapons and equip some good Gobblegums (Aftertaste preferred if possible). Now have all players stand on the grate and it will open a sewer pipe leading to the boss. Once in the boss arena, hit the switch in the middle to spawn the boss (Feel free to explore the area before doing so).

    First Fight (Dragon):

    The dragon will spit fire at you, which covers the entire battlefield. It lasts a long time so either hide in the trenches or equip your shield and run through it. Zombies will also spawn forever and Nikolai will be running around in his Mech suit. Just keep running together clockwise around the arena.

    Nikolai will shoot missiles at the dragon and eventually will open a weak spot on it. Shoot that weak spot whenever you get a chance and eventually it will break. Repeat for the last 2 weak spots and the first phase will be done! The first weak spot is on the dragon’s right shoulder (your left when looking at it), the second weak point is on the opposite side and the final weak point is on the dragon’s neck.

    Second Fight (Nikolai):

    This is the last fight of the EE. Nikolai will be in his mech suit, attacking you with a barrage of missiles, stomping you and firing electric spikes into the ground. His attacks are really powerful so you constantly need to keep moving. Zombies also spawn non-stop as well, so be careful. Later in the fight, he will also send RAPS out at you, so make sure to kill those fast too since they can down you pretty fast!

    Nikolai has 4 weak points on his suit. Every so often, a yellow core will poke out on top of his head (1 on each side) and you must shoot them until they blow up. He also has 2 weak points on either side of his face, they look like little cylinders that have to be blown up as well. Once those are blown up, 1 final weak point will show up right in the middle of his chest. Shoot at it until it explodes, finishing the fight!

    After you've defeated Nikolai, you will see the final cutscene and the trophy will pop afterwards! Congrats!

DLC: Salvation

9 trophies

  • In Revelations, recover the Pack-a-Punch machine from its abductor.

    This is the easiest trophy in the new map and one of the first trophies you’ll unlock.

    While playing the map you have to complete 4 rituals at Corruption Engines by paying 500 points and surviving a small wave of enemies. Completing them unlocks portals leading to Nacht Der Untoten.

    There are Corruption Engines in the following locations:

    • Spawn
    • Mob of the Dead
    • Verruckt
    • Der Eisendrache

    Once all the rituals have been completed, go to the top floor of Nacht. You’ll see red wires that all lead to a control panel. Occasionally the big Apothicon beast will fly by, when it does press on the panel to electrify the beast. It will then stay there and you can enter it.

    Once inside, you’ll see the Pack-A-Punch machine up inside a gland. Shoot the 3 yellow support glands on each side (any gun, only takes 1 bullet each), the machine will drop and the trophy will pop!


  • In Revelations, assist a Keeper in defeating every type of enemy.

    This trophy can be a pain as you need to get lucky with enemy spawns. You need to spawn a Keeper from any Summoning Point (costs 5000 points per spawn), and it needs to kill 1 of every type of enemy. The trophy description is a bit misleading as you don’t actually have to shoot any of the enemies, the Keeper just has to be the one to kill them. Note that if you are playing co-op and multiple people contribute to calling it in, only the one that finishes the fund and summons the Keeper will get the kills counted.

    To summon the Keeper, you first need to find parts scattered around the map, then build them at any Summoning Point.

    Here are the part locations: (Note that there are 3 parts, and each has 3 spawn points)

      • Verruckt – On a chair as soon as you land from the Mob jump pad.
      • Verruckt – On a shelf near Speed Cola.
      • Verruckt – Near the electric trap on a chair.
      • Der Eisendrache – Near the Primis statues on the right.
      • Der Eisendrache – On the side of the Anti-Gravity Pyramid.
      • Kino – On a table near the jump pad to Verruckt.
      • Origins – On a corner of the giant footprint.
      • Origins – On top of the Dig Site on the left side.
      • Mob of the Dead – Next to Mule Kick.

    A lot of the enemies only tend to spawn inside the Apothicon beast, so you will need to stay in there most of the time to get the enemies you need.

    Here are the enemy types you need:

    • Regular Zombies
    • Apothicon Stomach Zombies
    • Parasites
    • Spiders
    • Enemy Keepers
    • Furies
    • Margwas
    • Panzersoldats (called Mech Z in this map)

    The spiders are the toughest ones to get as they only spawn inside the Apothicon and there is no set way to get them in when you need them. The Furies and Keepers can be killed easily during a special zombie round.

    The best thing to do is save up your points and only spawn a Keeper during the special waves and whenever you see a Margwa/Panzer spawn in. The other kills come naturally, especially in higher rounds.

    Note that sometimes the Keeper glitches in a good way where he won’t ever de-spawn. It is unknown what causes the glitch, but if you get fortunate enough to get it then you can just stay inside the Apothicon beast until the trophy pops.


  • In Revelations, kill 40 enemies with a single activation of a Corruption Turret.

    This is the hardest miscellaneous trophy in the new map. It is incredibly difficult to do solo, so I recommend doing this one in co-op.

    The Corruption Turrets are the same things you activated to unlock the portals to Nacht. They cost 2000 points per use, and they don’t last very long. You need to kill 40 enemies in a single use of a turret. It might not sound like a lot, but it is actually quite difficult.

    The game does not spawn an unlimited amount of zombies at once, it maxes out with 24 zombies spawned at any given time. So you need to first be on a high enough round where enough zombies spawn (I recommend round 25+), and also you’ll need to have as many zombies on screen as possible before starting the turret.

    There are turrets at the flowing locations:

    • Spawn
    • Mob of the Dead
    • Verruckt
    • Der Eisendrache

    I personally recommend using the one at Der Eisendrache, as enemies cannot spawn in behind you while on the turret, so you only need to aim straight for the kills. Others have reported that the one in Mob of the Dead is another good choice since the spawns are all in plain sight. But there is one spawn on the right side of the turret, so be careful if you use that one.

    If you are playing co-op, have the one going for the trophy camp near the portal and have another run a train in front of the turret. Then the person running the train can bring the zombies right to you as you activate the turret. They can also watch your back if a zombie somehow spawns behind you.


  • In Revelations, visit every unique location within 2 minutes.

    This trophy is really easy, but a bit misleading. The description says to visit every unique location, but you don’t actually need to go to each area. You only need to visit each island within 2 minutes.

    Wait until you have activated all the Corruption Altars, then head to Nacht. Simply go through each portal to each area and back to Nacht and the trophy will pop.

    Here are the exact places you can go (The ones grouped up under the same number are considered the same area):

    1. Spawn
    2. Origins & Mob of the Dead
    3. Verruckt
    4. Kino, Der Eisendrache & Shangri-La
    5. Nacht Der Untoten


  • In Revelations, wear three different hats.

    There are 8 different hats you can find in this map, but you only need to equip 3 different ones to get this trophy. One hat is obtainable from the start, and the rest are obtained by doing kill-related tasks around the map. Whenever you unlock a new hat, you will hear a high-pitched sound and the hat will appear on a mannequin backstage in Kino.

    If you'd like to know what bonus effects you get from each hat when deciding which to unlock, check out my Tips & Tricks section HERE.

    I recommend doing Al’s Hat, the Wolf Hat, and the Viking Hat, as they are the easiest ones to unlock and don't require any extra point spending.

    Here are all the different hats and how to get them:

    • Al’s Hat – Located in Mob of the Dead.
      There is an empty jail cell near the shortcut to the Origins Generator. The hat is inside the cell.
    • Wolf Hat – In Der Eisendrache, go to where the last piece of the Wolf Bow would have been in the Awakening DLC. It’s a small gap up high in the Anti-Gravity area. Cook a grenade and throw it in there to knock out a wolf skull.
      The skull will fall out and land on the ground in front. When the Anti-Gravity goes on, the skull floats. Simply get about 20 kills near it until you hear a wolf howl. Then go to Kino for the Mask.
    • Viking Hat – go to the Corruption Turret in Der Eisendrache. Up high above you is a clock. Shoot the numbers 9, 3, 5 (IX, III, V on the clock) in order without missing or firing an extra bullet and you’ll hear a gong-like sound. This is the first step.
      Next there will be 4 urns around the map that get lit up with electricity, you need to headshot 5 zombies at each urn. You’ll hear a confirmation sound each urn you finish and a foghorn sound once the hat is unlocked.

      The urn locations:
      • Der Eisendrache – Between the Anti-Gravity area and the Primis statue area.
      • Kino – Inside the projector room.
      • Verruckt – Second floor near a kitchen area.
      • Origins – Along the left path when going there from spawn.
    • Keeper Hat - Summon the Keeper at any Summoning point for 5000 points. Let it kill zombies nonstop until you hear a high-pitched noise, then grab the hat from Kino. Really easy hat as well, but requires spending points.
    • Furies Hat – Headshot lots of Furies.
    • Margwa Hat – Kill every type of Margwa with 3 shots total. Use the Shield or Thunder Gun for easy 1-hit kills. There are 3 types of Margwas: Regular, Fire, and Void.
    • Templar Helmet – Kill lots of zombies with traps until you hear a noise. You also need to shoot the helmet and power core off a Panzer.
    • Shadowman Hat – You need to get a bunch of different enemies killed inside the Apothicon beast while there is green gas everywhere.
      Here is the list of enemies needed:
      • 50 Zombies
      • 5 Parasites
      • 5 Spiders
      • 10 Furies
      • 5 Keepers
      • Shoot a Panzer’s power core and a helmet.
      • Kill 2 Margwas with 1 hit kills with 2 different weapons (ex. Thunder Gun and Shield).
  • In Revelations, kill 10 enemies in one shot with each wonder weapon.

    There are only 2 wonder weapons in the new map:

    • Thunder Gun
    • Apothicon Servant (Called Estulla Astoth in-game)

    Both can only be obtained from the Mystery Box, so it is a little bit luck based to get the weapons you need.

    You just need to kill at least 10 zombies in 1 shot with each weapon in the same game. The weapons are really powerful so you should have no trouble getting the kills needed.

    Note that only 1 of each weapon can be on the map at once. So if you are playing co-op and someone else gets the Thunder Gun for instance, you cannot get the gun unless they get rid of theirs.

    I’d recommend using the gobblegum Immolation Liquidation, as it spawns in 3 Fire Sales, which you can stack to get weapons nonstop for a few minutes! This way you only need to spend 10 points per gun and you can just grab every weapon regardless of how bad it is until you get the 2 you need.


    There is another method that can help you get the guns in co-op. There is a mini-Easter Egg where you can grab a bunch of chalk drawings around the map and solving a little puzzle unlocks a table in Nacht where you can place your weapons to give them to someone else (See the Secrets section HERE for figuring it out).

    If your co-op partner gets one of the 2 guns that you need, they can put it on the table and you can pick it up to get the kills you need. You can then give it back to them if they need it for the trophy as well.

  • In Revelations, override all of the Corruption Engines before round 6.

    This trophy is very easy and will probably come naturally if you try to open the entire map early on.

    There are four Corruption Engines around the map, and every time you complete one, it unlocks a portal leading to Nacht Der Untoten. You just need to complete all four before round 6 ends. Note the trophy description says that it has to be done before round 6, but it can be done during round 6 as long as you finish the last one before the round ends.

    The Engine locations are very easy to find, but here are the locations:

    • Spawn
    • Mob of the Dead
    • Verruckt
    • Der Eisendrache

    Playing solo, I was able to get Juggernog and 2 guns while still having enough money to do all Engines before round 6 ended, so there’s really nothing hard about it. In co-op, you can usually get all them done before round 3 ends, so it’s very easy either way.



Secret trophies

  • In Revelations, the Key must be opened.

    This trophy is for completing the main Easter Egg of the map. If you are playing co-op, the trophy will unlock for all players during the cutscene at the very end. Also note that the game will end as soon as the scene is done. So if you were working on any miscellaneous trophies at the same time, complete them before doing the final step.

    Here are all the steps to completing the EE, and please note that steps cannot be skipped/reordered in this map. They must be done in the same order that I have written them.

    Step 1: Shoot the 4 Gravestones in the order of the character’s deaths.

    At the Spawn area, there are 4 gravestones outside the map on the left side of the screen. 2 of them are along a narrow alcove on the left, and the other 2 are near the Origins jump pad that you have to spend points to access.

    You must shoot them in the order the characters died from the previous maps, so shoot Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo, and finally Nikolai (The order is 2, 3, 1, 4 when reading from left to right).

    When done correctly, you will hear a sound and 4 red flames will flash on the gravestones before quickly disappearing.

    Step 2: Complete the Keeper ritual at the randomized jump pad and collect the audio reel.

    After completing the first step, a small triangular rock will appear at the base of one of the jump pads. It will spawn on one of these pads:

    1. The one from Mob to Verruckt.
    2. The one from Verruckt to Mob.
    3. The one from Verruckt to Kino.
    4. The one from Kino to Verruckt.
    5. The one from Shangri-La to Spawn (Thanks gh0stface for confirming!).

    The rock is tough to spot, so the best way to find it is to jump from any jump pad to a new area, then as soon as you land go onto the pad you jumped to. The cooldown will give you enough time to see if the rock is there. If it isn’t just simply repeat at another pad.

    Once you find the one containing the rock, you must summon the Keeper for 5000 points from any of the summon points. Note that if you don’t have 5000 but are playing co-op with a group, you can each chip in funds until it’s paid for.

    To summon the Keeper, you first need to find parts scattered around the map, then build them at any Summoning Point.

    Here are the part locations: (Note that there are 3 parts, and each has 3 spawn points)

      • Verruckt – On a chair as soon as you land from the Mob jump pad.
      • Verruckt – On a shelf near Speed Cola.
      • Verruckt – Near the electric trap on a chair.
      • Der Eisendrache – Near the Primis statues on the right.
      • Der Eisendrache – On the side of the Anti-Gravity Pyramid.
      • Kino – On a table near the jump pad to Verruckt.
      • Origins – On a corner of the giant footprint.
      • Origins – On top of the Dig Site on the left side.
      • Mob of the Dead – Next to Mule Kick.

    Now you must bring the Keeper to the little rock and press on it. The Keeper will start a ritual; you can tell he’s doing it because he will make weird sounds and his energy ball will move up and down. All zombies will ignore you and will try to attack him, so you must defend him until he is done. This usually takes around 3-4 minutes (You can also keep 1 zombie behind a window at the start to guarantee that the Keeper won’t be interrupted).

    Once he is done, the Keeper will disappear and an audio reel will drop where he was standing. Pick it up with . You must then bring it to Nacht Der Untoten and place it on an empty recording device upstairs (directly above the spawn portal). This completes the step once the audio plays.

    Step 3: Get the audio reel in the Apothicon using Lil Arnies.

    This is the most annoying step in my opinion. To do this step, at least 1 player must get the Lil Arnies weapon, which is randomized from the mystery box. It’s like the Monkey Bombs from previous maps, thrown with . You must then head into the Apothicon beast (where the Pack-a-punch machine is).

    While inside the beast you will notice little round holes around the outer walls of the area that randomly spew green smoke, and zombies spawn in through these holes too. There are 9 of these holes in the Apothicon; 3 on the right, 3 on the left, and 3 near the back. You need to throw a Lil Arnie into each hole to finish this step (Easiest when lying prone ()).

    You only get 3 Arnies, and every 3 holes you fill will send in a wave of 3 Margwas. Also if you miss a throw and need to leave the Apothicon to get a Max Ammo, it will reset the holes to the last multiple of 3 that you reached (i.e. If you fill 5 holes but miss the 6th one then leave, it will revert to only 3 completed). The Margwas will sometimes drop a Max Ammo when killed so you can get lucky most of the time.

    This is much easier in co-op because if you miss a throw, your partner can try a Lil Arnie if they have them. Or they can leave the Apothicon to try and get a Max Ammo while you stay there.

    Once all 9 holes are filled and all Margwas are dead, the audio reel will spawn on the bridge above the green pool. It will be right next to the bright yellow fleshy bulb. This reel goes to Kino, the recorder is on the stage on the right (between the Mystery Box location and the rightmost mannequin). Once the audio plays, this step is complete.

    Step 4: Collect the Bones for the final audio reel.

    Around the map there will 6 bones to find. They are hidden in rubble that must be shot first by a Pack-a-Punched weapon (only bullet firing weapons, so Thunder Gun and energy weapons don’t work), and then sucked up by the upgraded Apothicon Servant weapon. To upgrade the Apothicon Servant, see my Other Secrets Section HERE

    The bone locations are as follows:

    • Shangri-La – Directly above Stamin-Up is a rock that looks out of place. It is slightly blue/grey in colour, and when shot it will release a skull in plain sight.
    • Spawn – Stand near the Corruption Turret facing away from the portal. Look to the right and slightly ahead to see the church with a broken wall. Stand near the front-right orange pillar and look into the broken church. From the stained glass window, you’ll see 2 candles next to it on the left. Directly above those is some rubble on the ceiling, shoot that to release the bone. A little bit tough to spot.
    • Origins – Stand in the giant footprint near generator 3, and face to the right (towards the center of the map). You’ll see a small slope with some fire, and directly behind the fire is a large pointy rock with some debris at its base. Shoot that debris to get the bone.
    • Verruckt – From the Corruption Turret and facing towards the portal, look to the left to see a greenhouse and a waterfall behind it. Near the small waterfall there are a few rocks, and one on the left has a small rectangular block sitting on it. Shoot this block to release the bone. Hard to spot at first.
    • Nacht Der Untoten – From the portal leading to Der Eisendrache, head up the ramp on the left and turn around at the top. Look above the portal and slightly right to see a small patch of roof that has been destroyed. Shoot the top of this section to get the bone to appear.
    • Der Eisendrache – Along the wallrun/parkour challenge is where the last bone is. On the 3rd wall you run to (it’s U shaped on the right if facing the portal), you need to get on the opposite side of the wall and fire your gun along it. This will take a few tries as the spot is very tough to hit, but when you do it right, the last bone will pop out. It is possible to shoot it from the Corruption Turret instead of while wallrunning, but it’s a tough shot either way.

    After you get all 6 bones, head to Nacht Der Untoten and go to the second floor. In the middle of the room with Juggernog and the recorder where you placed the reel in Step 2, you’ll see a pile of bones sitting in the middle of the floor. If it isn’t there, you missed a bone.

    Shoot the pile of bones with the Apothicon Servant and it will form the bones into a dead woman’s body. Shoot the body again, and it will drop the last audio reel. Bring this reel to the top of the Dig Site in Origins, and place it on the recorder on the table. Once the audio plays, this step is complete and large object will fly past you.

    Step 5: Power up SOPHIA with the Corruption Turret lasers.

    The large object that flew through the air was SOPHIA, which you may remember from the previous map, Gorod Krovi. She will be directly above where the bones were in Nacht, but she’s a hologram that needs to be powered up.

    You will power her up using the laser turrets at each Corruption Engine. What you need to do is aim the turrets at the floating turquoise rocks in each area. These will deflect the lasers towards Nacht to power up SOPHIA.

    Each turret costs 2000 points to use, and most of the areas have 2 floating rocks. Just aim the turret to the rock on the left (when facing the portal) and as soon as the laser starts deflecting, it will automatically lock on and kick you off the turret. This is how you know you did it right.

    Repeat at all 4 turrets. Once you’re done the last one, head to Nacht and hold on SOPHIA. She will become solid and will fly towards Kino, landing at the teleporter on the stage.

    Step 6: Get the Kronorium book.

    Super easy step. Have every player in the game stand on the teleporter; it will warp you to Samantha’s room in the house behind the spawn.

    In the room, look on the corner of the bed to see a book. Press to pick it up, and then you will be teleported back to Kino. Place the book on the podium on the stage with and you’ll see lights going to the projector room, where you’ll find a bright purple marking on the floor. Don’t head there yet, but you’re almost there!

    Step 7: Find the Apothicon eggs around the map.

    After placing the book, 4 eggs will spawn around the map. They are coloured bright orange and they spawn 1 at a time, meaning you must find the first one in order for the second one to appear, and so on.

    The eggs tend to spawn 1 per island, but occasionally Shangri-La/Der Eisendrache/Kino get 2 eggs on the same island (this is because the Spawn area does not have enough egg locations, so Shangri-La is considered a part of Spawn in this step). The eggs have many locations where they can spawn, but here are a few that I’ve noticed in a bunch of different attempts:

    • Kino – Near the map on the chalkboard.
    • Kino – On the balcony overlooking the right side of the stage.
    • Der Eisendrache – Near the Primis statues.
    • Shangri-La – On the Fire Pits on each side of the stairs at the bottom.
    • Spawn – Near the Shangri-La jump pad on a garbage can.
    • Spawn – On a barrel near the Origins jump pad.
    • Origins – Near the giant footprint.
    • Origins – On top of the Dig Site.
    • Mob of the Dead – Near the Corruption Engine on the left side.
    • Verruckt – Under a chair next the Mob jump pad.
    • Verruckt – Near the yellow test tubes on the second floor.

    Once you find an egg, bring it to the Apothicon Beast and place it with in one of the four incubation chambers around the green pool. Then kill around 10 enemies of any type to turn the egg into a gateworm.

    Note that even parasites count for this, so if you want to make things really easy but a bit slower, don’t kill the last zombie in a round and just use the infinite spawning parasites to power the egg! Update: As of the latest patch for the game, only zombie kills will power up the eggs, parasites DO NOT COUNT anymore!

    Step 8: Use the Gateworms to find the runes.

    Fairly easy step. Once you have a gateworm, run around the entire map until you feel your controller vibrating and you hear a sonar-like sound. Once the sound gets really fast and your controller vibrates nonstop, press . You’ll see the gateworm floating near you and it will dig into the ground to reveal a rune. Pick it up with , and repeat until you find all 4 runes. With 4 players, each person can work on a single rune, but only that person will be able to hear/feel the vibrations!

    The runes always spawn with 1 on each island. If you have multiple players, once someone finds their rune they can tell the others not to check the island they were on to help lessen the search time.

    Step 9: The Summoning Key, Simon Says, and the first battle!

    Before starting this step, make sure everyone has upgraded weapons, and as many perks as possible. Don’t forget about the free perk above Der Eisendrache! Each player can grab one, so that’s 4 free perks for you if you’re in a 4 player game! Also any reviving Gobblegums would be great as well (Aftertaste, Self Medication, etc.).

    Head to the projector room in Kino, this is where the purple marking is on the floor. Each player needs to stand on the marking, and once all 4 players are there, you will teleport to the boss arena.


    To avoid the glitchy death spawn, have each player stand as far apart as possible, at each end of the mural. It lessens the chances of it happening but it can still happen. I as well as many others have had this happen to us and it is a huge pain to have everyone die for no reason, especially 2+ hours into a really good run! So stand as far apart from the others as possible to avoid this. There is no way to 100% guarantee that you won't die; it's just an unfortunate glitch.

    Once you arrive in the boss arena, you’ll notice the Summoning Key floating above the area. You don’t need to do anything with it until the end though, so ignore it for now. At one end of the area you’ll see a pedestal with the Kronorium book on it.

    You will need to hit on the book, which will flip through pages that show the runes. You need to activate them in the same order that the pages show. The symbols will then appear at the start of the area along with some fake symbols to confuse you. You need to activate all 4 in the proper order to complete the first phase. If you mess up you will be immediately teleported back to Kino, where you will have to wait another round before going back. Have one person run a train of zombies down below while the others finish the Simon Says puzzle to keep the others safe.

    With my group, we made nicknames for each rune that showed up and would shout them to our teammates that were staying by the rune’s spawn (We used the upper half of each rune as a visual clue and from left to right we called them “stache, horns, eyes, and squid”) Feel free to use those or anything else you can think of to make remembering them easier.

    After the Simon Says puzzle is complete, the arena will transform and tons of enemies will spawn constantly. You need to kill all the Margwas to advance your progress. Every change in the arena brings a new type of Margwa into the fray and once they are all dead, the Summoning Key will drop for you to pick up with .

    The different types of arena changes:

    • Fire Arena – The arena will get covered in fire, which can kill you very fast if you stand in it. Fire zombies and Fire Margwas will spawn nonstop.
    • Fast Moving Blocks Arena – Blocks will appear and randomly block you from moving around. Pretty easy phase.
    • Void/Electricity Arena - Electricity will flow around the outer edges of the map. There will be pillars moving around in the middle of the map that can also hurt you. Void Margwas spawn here.
    • Anti-Gravity Arena – The floor will damage you very fast, except for a few light coloured sections that can keep you safe. Hardest of the phases as the safe spots constantly move around.

    Once you get the Summoning Key, you will be teleported back to Kino for just 2 more easy steps!

    Step 10: Throw the Summoning Key at EE objects from older maps.

    This step is really easy, especially if you have a teammate keep the last zombie alive while you run around.

    Every area from the old zombie maps that were used to create this new map has an object that was related to the Easter Eggs from the older Treyarch games (World at War, Black Ops 1, and Black Ops 2). What you need to do is throw the Summoning Key into each of these objects. When done correctly a bright light will shine around the object.

    The Summoning Key is thrown with , you can also switch to your guns with if needed to survive. If you throw the key accidentally, you can pick it up simply by walking on top of it. Even if it goes outside the map, it will reappear inbounds near where you threw it.

    Here are the 7 objects that you need to hit with the Summoning Key:

    • Shangri-La – When at the bottom of the stairs looking up, face to the left about halfway up, and you’ll see a blue orb to throw the key at.
    • Der Eisendrache – Above the Corruption Turret is a clock, throw the key at it.
    • Kino – There is a big chandelier above the center of the area, throw the key at it.
    • Verruckt – At the Corruption Turret facing away from the portal, on the right is a greenhouse. To the left of it is a fountain with a MG42 on top of it. Throw the key at the LMG.
    • Mob of the Dead – From the Corruption Turret, head straight all the way to the dead end with the prison cells. On the second floor you can see a small poster in one of the cells, throw the key at it.
    • Origins – On top of the Dig Site near the exit leading into the caves is a tombstone sitting just outside the map. Throw the key at it.
    • Nacht Der Untoten – Head between the Der Eisendrache portal and the one leading to Spawn and look outside. You’ll see a truck with a red barrel next to it. Throw the key at the barrel.

    Once you’ve thrown the key at the last object, they key will disappear and you won’t be able to pick it up.

    Now re-equip yourself with more guns/perks/gobblegums, and have all players stand inside the teleporter in Kino to teleport to the final battle!

    Step 11: The Final Battle!

    The final battle is almost exactly like the battle against the Shadowman from the Shadows of Evil Easter Egg. So if you’ve done that one, you’ll know exactly what to do here!

    Once you enter the boss arena, you’ll see the Shadowman floating above with an impenetrable shield. During this fight, there will be enemies spawning constantly, mostly Margwas and Panzers as well as some Furies. The arena can also change like the previous fight you did here.

    In each corner of the arena are 4 altars where you can place the Summoning Key. You’ll also see SOPHIA floating around the area as well. What you need to do is place the key in any altar and kill zombies near it to power it up.

    Once the key is powered up, it will stop collecting souls. Pick up the key and throw it at SOPHIA. She will fire a laser at the Shadowman to break his shield.

    Now all you need to do is keep firing your guns at him, he’ll teleport around slightly as you push him back towards the Apothicon beast. Once he is right in front of the beast, hold on the Kronorium book, it will fire a laser at the Shadowman and defeat him!

    Note that if you fail to interact with the book in time, just fill up the Summoning Key from any altar again and repeat as necessary.

    Once the Shadowman is defeated, you’ll get a cutscene. Once the scene is done, you’ll get the trophy! Congrats!

    If you have completed all the other Easter Eggs or are in a lobby with someone who has, you’ll also unlock A Better Tomorrow.

  • In Revelations,complete the cycle.

    This trophy is for completing every Easter Egg in Black Ops III and will pop after completing the Revelations EE. You get a cutscene after the boss fight and the trophy pops during that time. (Huge thanks to XyienceNL for confirming that you do need every previous Easter Egg completed!)

    The following maps need to have their EEs completed before finishing Revelations. You can tell they're done by looking for a symbol on the bottom right corner of the map image, or seeing 5 images on the Revelations map image:


    1. Shadows of Evil
    2. The Giant
    3. Der Eisendrache
    4. Zetsubou no Shima
    5. Gorod Krovi

    See For The Good Of All for how to complete the Revelations EE and see the links in the Roadmap for the other EEs.

    Also note that if you are playing co-op with someone that has completed every map already, then you don't need to have them all done yourself.

DLC: Zombies Chronicles

12 trophies

  • In Shi No Numa, kill at least one zombie with three different traps in a single round.

    I recommend having a partner for this trophy. Or alternatively just have Juggernog equipped so you can run through the traps without dying after activating them.

    To get this trophy you will need to unlock at least 2 of the 4 outer areas, then earn 2750-3000 points to use three different traps in a single round. You must kill at least 1 zombie with each trap in the same round for the trophy to pop. You can do this on any round, but the higher rounds have more zombies so it’s easier to obtain.

    There are electric traps at each of the 4 outer areas, as well as the Flogger trap, located between the Fishing Hut and the main building. All the electric traps cost 1000 points, and the Flogger costs 750.

    Here’s what I did to get the trophy done:
    Open up the door leading downstairs and open up the door leading outside to the Comm. Room, as well as the Comm. Room itself. Then open the way to the Fishing Hut and open the hut as well. Now you have access to 2 electric traps and the Flogger. Now simply get 2750 points.

    Once you have the points, start a new round and have a partner run a train of zombies around. Take 1-2 zombies away from the train, and bring them to the first electric trap. Activate it and let them die, then wait for the trap to end. Once it ends, take another few zombies and walk them into the Flogger. Finally, take the rest of the zombies to the other electric trap and activate it to get the trophy!

    If you are playing solo, make sure you buy Juggernog first. Then you can run through the traps without dying so that you don’t accidentally kill all the zombies while waiting for the trap to end.

    Note that the trophy will only pop for the one that activated the traps, so if playing with a partner they will have to do the traps themselves to earn it. Also note that the trophy does not appear to pop for 2 players trying to do the trophy in the same round. So if you are playing with friends, only have 1 person go for the trophy per round. Thanks TheManUtdFan for letting me know!

  • In Ascension, escape on all three lunar landers.

    Ascension is a massive map and can be hard to navigate, so here’s an image of the map from the Call of Duty Wikia page. Note that the weapons in the image are from Black Ops I, so all of them in the game are the Black Ops III equivalent of those weapons.

    You have to open up the majority of the map to be able to do this trophy, so you will need to take a few rounds to get it done.

    To get this trophy, you simply need to ride each Lunar Lander back to the spawn. However, to do so, you must also turn on the power first.

    Start off by opening the lower exit for 750, then the next door for 1250. Keep heading upstairs for another 1000 point door, this is the power room.

    Once the power is on, head downstairs to where the 1250 door was. There are 2 exits outside this room that each cost 1250. The left exit leads to Landers A and C (although C will require another 2250 points to access). The right one leads to Lander B (requires an additional 1250 to access it though). Once you have accessed a Lander, you must call it in by pressing on the pad, then paying 250 points to fly it back to spawn.

    Repeat this at all 3 Landers and your trophy will pop during your flight back!

  • In Ascension, kill a space monkey with a fire trap.

    See The Eagle Has Landers for a map of Ascension and how to reach the power room.

    This trophy is actually pretty easy. Once you have turned on the power, simply buy any perk. Quick Revive is the cheapest; It is in the spawn for 500 points in solo, 1500 in co-op. You could also use Juggernog if you plan on staying alive longer, it is located in the next room 1 floor above Quick Revive.

    Once you have a perk, every few rounds will be a special round where zombie monkeys swarm you instead of regular zombies.

    During a monkey wave, find a Fire Trap and activate it for 1000 points. If a zombie monkey walks through it, they will die and your trophy will pop!

    Note that if you are playing in co-op, everyone will get the trophy regardless of who activates the trap!

  • In Shangri-La, acquire the Focusing Stone.

    This trophy is for completing the entire Easter Egg for Shangri-La. Back when Black Ops I came out it was by far the hardest EE that anyone had ever played. However the newer maps for Black Ops III are much harder than this, so it isn’t too bad anymore. You will need 4 players to complete the EE, but luckily the trophy will pop for every player once completed!

    First of all, because the map is pretty big and you need to explore a lot of areas, here is a map courtesy of codzombified.blogspot.ca

    You will need a few things to complete the EE:

    The toughest one to obtain is the 31-79 JGb215, also known as the Shrink Ray. It is needed for Step 4 as well as getting it Pack-a-Punched for Step 9 onwards. It can only be obtained by 1 player at any given time, and can only be obtained through the Mystery Box. So make sure you equip lots of Immolation Liquidation Gobblegums to get the best chance to get one!

    You will also need a Napalm zombie for Step 5. They randomly spawn every few rounds, so if you see one do not kill it! You must also keep it in sight, as it can despawn.

    The last things you will need are Tripmines for Step 6. They are located in the power room for 1000 points. You will need 4 total, so have at least 2 players buy them!

    Here are the EE steps!

    Step 0: Open the entire map and turn on the power.

    I recommend having Shopping Free equipped so that you can open everything on round 1. The power room is the room underground in the centre of the map. There are 2 switches to activate and they are right next to each other on the northern side of the room.

    Step 1: Activate Eclipse Mode.

    You will have to do this for nearly every single step of the EE from now on, so you will have to repeat this very often.

    In the spawn room right near Quick Revive, there are 4 buttons on the wall with skull icons on them. Each player must stand next to one and co-ordinate with each other to press on them at nearly the exact same time.

    If it was done correctly, the screen will have a dizzy effect and it will turn into night time. If not, just try again. You are only in Eclipse Mode for a limited time, so if it reverts back to normal, you’ll have to redo the Eclipse. Also note that completion of almost every step will end Eclipse Mode, so use that to tell if you did a step properly!

    Step 2: Complete the Matching Pairs Panel puzzle.

    Make sure you’re in Eclipse Mode before starting this step. Once the Eclipse is activated, have 1 player go to the Mud Hallway area, and the other go to the Mining Cart area. In the Mining Cart area, there is a switch on the pillar opposite the tunnel entrance, it looks like the ones used for activating Eclipse Mode.

    Once you activate it, a series of 12 panels will rise from the floor all around the area. 12 more will also spawn in the Mud Hallway area near the rope bridge.

    The goal is to match pairs of panels together by standing on one, finding what symbol it is, then stepping off and calling it out to your partner. The other player will go and step on all his panels until he finds the corresponding one, then when he does, both players stand on the respective panel. If done correctly, both panels will disappear. Repeat this same strategy for all 12 panels on each side.

    Here are all the different icons that show up, courtesy of the Call of Duty Wikia.

    From left to right, I call them as follows:
    Female symbol, Tally mark, Diamond, Asterisk
    Moon, Circle with a line through it, Bullseye target, 3 Dots
    Triangle, Letter D, Letter T, Parentheses intersecting

    You can call them what you like, as long as your partner knows what symbol to look for!

    If you make a mistake and step on a different one than the one your partner is on, it will reset the puzzle and randomize the icons. So just repeat until it’s done properly.

    Once done correctly, a floating glass orb will rise above the pillar in the Mining Cart area.

    Step 3: Activate the Water Slide Switch.

    If Eclipse Mode ends between finishing the previous step and starting this one, make sure you reactivate it first!

    This step is really easy. First of all, have 3 players go down the water slide and wait at the bottom without moving. The bottom of the slide is a pressure switch. Once the 3 players are down below, have the 4th player go down the slide while hugging the right side wall. Just before halfway down, you’ll hit a switch (no need to press anything). You’ll hear a sound if done properly. Right after they land at the bottom, Eclipse Mode will end, completing this step.

    Step 4: Shrink the massive orb.

    This step requires the Shrink Ray.
    Activate Eclipse Mode and then head back to the top of the Waterslide. Above it, you’ll see a massive orb. You need to shoot it with a Ray Gun or an explosive weapon (grenades work too) to make it fall. Once it hits the ground, shoot it with the Shrink Ray and it will shrink.

    Once it shrinks, knife it and it will fall down the slide. Follow it and it will go to a waterspout that leads to the Mining Cart area. Go up the spout with the orb and it will land on top of a tower. The Eclipse will end to show you did it correctly.

    Step 5: Light the Gas with a Napalm Zombie.

    You will need a Napalm zombie for this step! The Napalm Zombie doesn’t count as a regular zombie though, so rounds can advance while doing this step if you don’t keep another zombie alive. It’s still possible to do this step during a round, but it’s much easier when you don’t have to worry about other zombies trying to kill you.

    First activate Eclipse Mode again, and then head to the Mining Cart area towards the tunnel. About halfway down the tunnel, you’ll see a lever on the wall and a valve you can turn. Turn the valve 4 times and you’ll see gas come out of the pipes above you, as well as hear characters talking. You will now need to escort the Napalm zombie down through the tunnel to set 4 gas leaks ablaze.

    The gas leaks are located along the map all the way from the Mining tunnel entrance to the Power Room. Start at the tunnel entrance (which is where the first gas leak is), and make your way downward. The end of the tunnel has another gas leak. There is another one in the next room near the waterspout, followed by the final one just before the power room.

    Once all 4 leaks are ablaze, head back to the tunnel where the valve was. You should see the lever in the up position, so hold on it and it will activate, ending Eclipse Mode and completing this step!

    If Eclipse Mode ends before completing this step, you will have to reactivate Eclipse Mode, start the gas leaks via the valve again, and repeat this entire step again.

    Step 6: Plug the Waterfall.

    You will need 4 Tripmines for this step. Either have 2 players buy them, or have one player use 2 then buy two more. They are located in the power room, on the right side (when facing the power switches).

    Activate Eclipse Mode again, and then head to the tunnel in the waterfall on the left side of the map. The tunnel curves to the left when heading down, and along the interior curve of the tunnel are 4 spots that you have to put Tripmines near. The first 3 spots have a blue glow to help show you where to put the Tripmines, but the final spot at the bottom does not have a glow.

    What you need to do is get a zombie to set off the mine, at which point it will plug the hole in the wall. Once all 4 spots are plugged, head to the pool of water at the bottom of the tunnel (Note that if you kept the Napalm zombie alive, just use him to avoid doing a new round entirely as he can survive 4 tripmines).

    On 1 side of the rock pillar is a brick wall that says “Do not press ” when you approach it. So press on it. Water will come down the waterfall and into the pool. If done correctly, the Eclipse will end and the step will be complete.

    If the Eclipse doesn’t end, it means you must have missed a hole in the wall. So double-check that all of them are filled, you will see the mine stuck in the wall if you did it right. Then just reactivate the waterfall.

    Step 7: Find the 12 symbols again.

    As usual, activate Eclipse Mode again.

    This step is similar to the match game puzzle you did in step 2, but much easier. You will need to find 12 stone slabs on walls around the map, and knife them all. They look exactly like the ones you stepped on in step 2. Once they are knifed, a symbol will show up on it. It does not matter which order you hit them, nor does the symbol that appears make a difference either.

    Here are the locations of all 12 slabs:

    1. In the spawn, to the left of the stairs leading to PaP.
    2. In the spawn, on the wall inside the doorway to the Mud Hallway.
    3. In the spawn, directly behind you when facing the Mud Hallway.
    4. In the spawn, on the right side wall inside the doorway to the Mining Cart area.
    5. In the spawn, directly behind you when facing the Mining Cart area. Literally right in front of you if entering spawn from that area.
    6. In the Mining cart area, as soon as you enter the area from spawn, it’s in front of you.
    7. In the Mining Cart area, next to the gong near the Cart escape route.
    8. In the Power room, immediately next to the leftmost power switch.
    9. In the room connecting the Power room to the Waterfall area (the one with the waterspout leading to spawn), there is one along the wall by the entrance to the power room.
    10. In the same room as above, on the wall to the left of the thing that looks like an elevator shaft.
    11. In the Waterfall area, cross the rope bridge and it’s in the most northwest corner of the map, near a gong and a zombie window.
    12. In the Mud hallway, it’s next to the wheel in the southwest corner (when looking at the map, it’s the bottom left one).

    The game will sometimes give you an audio cue if done properly. I've played through the EE a few times and never heard anything, but some others I've played with have heard the audio cue. Next, you’ll need to head to the Mining Cart area, right next to the Cart itself.

    Standing on the ledge and looking outside the map towards the northeast, you will see a pile of sticks leaning on each other kind of like a tent. You need to throw a grenade or any other explosive weapon at it and it will fall apart. Once that is done, the Eclipse will end and this step is complete!

    If the Eclipse ends before that point or you destroy the sticks without activating all slabs, you just need to redo the 12 slabs in Eclipse Mode again then throw another grenade at it.

    Step 8: Activate the Mud Wheels.

    Activate the Eclipse again, now head to the Mud Hallway. You need to rotate the 4 wheels with so that a certain icon is at the top of the wheel.
    Using the map I posted at the start of this trophy, you’ll see there are 4 wheels in the northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast spots. I will be using their cardinal directions in reference to the map to avoid confusion.

    • Northwest: ([|-) Looks like a square bracket, followed by a vertical line, then a single dot.
    • Northeast: (-) Just a single dot.
    • Southeast: (- - - -) 4 dots in a line.
    • Southwest: (- - -) 3 dots in a row.

    If done correctly, your character will mention the numbers look correct, and the Eclipse will end. If the Eclipse ends beforehand, just redo the step. It’s very quick and easy.

    Step 9: Pack-a-Punch the Shrink Ray.

    This step is done in the present. The PaP machine is located up the steps from the spawn, but can only be accessed if all 4 players stand on specific switches to open the area.

    Here are the switch locations:

    1. Spawn: Right next to Quick Revive.
    2. Waterfall area: Between the rope bridge and the tunnel entrance, near a zombie window.
    3. Power room: Between the power switches.
    4. Mining Cart area: About halfway down the tunnel in a small alcove.

    Once all 4 players are on their switches, the statue near each switch will stop moving, this tells you that the PaP area is opening up.

    Simply head back to spawn and up the stairs, then PaP the Shrink Ray to finish this step.

    Step 10: Find the 4 gongs and get the dynamite.

    The following 3 steps may need to be repeated if you fail at any point or let the Eclipse end too fast.

    Activate Eclipse Mode.

    You may have noticed gongs around the map, and you can knife all of them to make a sound. Of the eight gongs, 4 make a normal gong sound, and 4 make a weird sound that overlaps with the normal sound.

    Your goal is to knife all the normal sounding ones without hitting any of the wrong ones. If you hit a wrong one, the orbs above will light up red, so use that to tell if you can’t hear the fairly obvious sound for the wrong ones.
    Once you find the 4 correct gongs and knife them all in a row, the orbs above will light up yellow with a big Treyarch symbol floating on them.

    The person with the PaP Shrink Ray needs to now go to the Mining Cart area. Look up at the orb closest to spawn, and you’ll see dynamite hanging from it. Shoot that orb with the Shrink Ray and a beam of light will bounce around and hit the same orb again, which will drop the dynamite. Make sure you hold to pick it up! If you miss it, you’ll need to wait until the Eclipse ends and retry it. You can tell that you have it if your character says so, as well as pressing the touchpad to view it in your inventory.

    Step 11: Hit the gongs again and shrink the meteor.

    Make sure you’re in Eclipse Mode, then activate the 4 gongs again with your knife to make the orbs light up (Note that if you're still in Eclipse Mode from the previous step, you do not need to hit the gongs again).
    This time, shoot the orb directly above the Mud Hallway with the Shrink Ray. It should launch a yellow beam of light around the orbs until it hits the meteor on top of the temple, shrinking it.

    Just 1 last step to finish the EE!

    Step 12: Blow up the PaP area during the Eclipse and get the Focusing Stone!

    While still in Eclipse Mode, activate the stairs to PaP (See Step 9 for details).

    Then head up the stairs, and you’ll hear a fairly long conversation between the people trapped up top. They will ask for the Dynamite, so whoever has the dynamite needs to press on the wall to give it to them. If done correctly, the dynamite should disappear from your inventory, the Eclipse will end, and you get pushed down the stairs after time runs out.

    Now the wall will be blown open, so you just need to activate the Eclipse 1 more time, then activate the PaP switches again.
    Now simply head up the stairs and grab the stone to finish the Easter Egg!

    The trophy will pop for all 4 players, and whoever picked up the stone will have every perk permanently until the game ends!

  • In Shangri-La, use the 31-79 JGb215 on each type of zombie.

    The 31-79 JGb215 is also known as the Shrink Ray, and can only be obtained by 1 player at any given time. It is only accessible from the Mystery box, so you will need either really good luck, or lots of Fire Sales courtesy of the Immolation Liquidation gobblegum.
    Also note that this trophy will only pop for the player using the gun, so others in the same game will not get the trophy!

    Once you have obtained the weapon, you simply need to shoot 4 specific types of zombies for the trophy:

    1. Regular zombie. Plenty of these around, so no trouble with this one.
    2. Napalm Zombie. These special zombies spawn every few rounds after round 5, and will appear out of the ground in a plume of fire. They move really slowly and you can tell when they are nearby as your game screen will have fire surrounding it on all sides.
    3. Shrieker Zombie. These special zombies can spawn in randomly at any time after round 5. They are skinny and have a light grayish colour. They make a screaming sound as they spawn in, and will pop out of the ground as they spawn.
    4. Monkeys. Technically they aren’t zombies, but they are needed for the trophy. Monkeys will spawn in whenever a powerup drops. They will chase after powerups and pick them up to run away with them. Spawn any powerup if you have a gobblegum, or just wait until an enemy drops one.

    Once the 4th enemy type has been shrunk, the trophy will pop! Note that you do not need to actually kill any of the enemies, you just need to hit them with a shot from the Shrink Ray.

  • In Moon, complete Richtofen's Grand Scheme.

    This trophy is for completing a part of the Easter Egg on Moon. Moon actually has 1 very long and difficult Easter Egg, but this trophy is only for completing the first half of the entire EE luckily. As such it’s actually a pretty easy trophy, and can be done solo before round 6 if you’re lucky!

    The only luck-based things you need are the Zap Gun from the Mystery box (looks like a dual-wielded Ray Gun), and getting the Excavator to go to Tunnel 6 (luck based). There is more info regarding these in their respective steps (Step 3 for Excavator, and 4 for Zap Gun).

    Here are the steps for this EE:

    Step 0: Open up the map and turn on the power.

    You start off the map in Area 51, so rack up some points here if you can. I usually try to buy Juggernog first if the perk machine appears, otherwise I restart the map.

    Then head off to the Moon. I recommend opening up Tunnel 6 first and following the linear path to get the underground pyramid, where the power switch is located.

    If you have any extra points, open up the lab as well. It’s located up the stairs from the pyramid and will be needed for step 2.

    Step 1: Complete the Simon Says game outside the receiving area.

    Easy step, go back to the receiving area (where you first landed on the moon), and head outside towards Tunnel 6. You’ll see 4 computers flashing with Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow.

    They will at first light up going left to right then back left, just to show you which colours correspond to which screen. Then it will flash a random colour on all 4 screens, simply hit on that screen.

    You will have to repeat 5 more times, for a total of six colours in a row. Once you did them all correctly, the 4 screens will flash green a few times and then turn off.

    If you make a mistake, the screens will flash red and you’ll have to start from scratch again.

    Step 2: Obtain the Hacker and hack the 4 buttons.

    Now you will need to enter the lab area. The lab consists of 3 floors, and it located in the room right after the underground pyramid.

    There is an object called the Hacker that looks like a rectangular brown book that you’ll need to find. It spawns randomly across all floors of the lab. It is usually along the outer edges of a room; sometimes on gas canisters, sometimes on a computer terminal desk. The game will prompt you to pick it up with , so find it and pick it up.

    Next, you will need to find 4 big red buttons along a wall on the second floor of the lab. Equip the Hacker with , and it will prompt you to hack any of the buttons for 500 points.

    As soon as you hack one of the 4 buttons, a hidden timer will start (it’s about 1 minute) and a randomized computer terminal will become hackable. There are 8 terminals across all the floors of the lab (3 on the top and bottom, and 2 on the second floor), and only 1 will be lit up with a green light. Find it and hack it, then another one will light up. Once you have hacked four of them, go back to the 4 buttons and press on each.

    If done correctly, the panels will light up with red and green flashing lights. Make sure all 4 are on and flashing to be done with this step. There is also a voice in the background that tells you how much time you have left in case you are worried that you might run out of time.

    Make sure you keep the Hacker for the next step as well.

    Step 3: Wait for the excavator to destroy Tunnel 6.

    This step requires a bit of luck. Usually the first excavator starts working around round 5 or 6. It can be difficult to tell which excavator is activated, so the best thing to do is run to the receiving area and look outside or look at the excavator panels.

    There are two panels facing Tunnel 6, and one facing Tunnel 11. Of the two facing Tunnel 6, the leftmost one is the one that has to be lit up. If that panel isn’t lit up, feel free to hack the other panels so that the excavator doesn’t destroy the area (If it destroys an area, you need the space suit to not die, so you wouldn’t be able to use the Hacker in that area).

    My advice is to use this step to decide whether to do the EE or do the Ground Control trophy, meaning if Tunnel 6 isn’t excavated early on (like before round 15 for instance), you might as well go for the other trophy instead at this point.

    Once Tunnel 6 is breached (You’ll hear a loud sound and some beeping), use your Hacker to hack the panel to remove the excavator, and then you can continue the EE.

    Step 4: Find the Vril Sphere and move it around.

    Before starting this step, I suggest increasing the brightness of your game, as the hallways are pretty dark and it is tough to spot the item you need. You will also need the Zap Gun for this step.

    The Vril Sphere is an egg-like item that appears where the excavator blade was in Tunnel 6. It starts next to the doorway leading to the underground pyramid. You must either knife it or shoot it with any gun and it will start moving/bouncing around.

    The first time you knife the Vril, it moves down the hallway and lands in a corner on the ground across from the Gobblegum dispenser. Then it moves down another hallway & lands on top of a sign that says "6" on a pillar near the L-CAR wall buy. Finally it ends up outside the receiving area on top of a satellite dish.

    This is where you need the Zap Gun. Equip it, and press to change to it’s secondary form, the Wave Gun, then fire a shot into the sphere on the tip of the satellite dish. It will fall down and move towards Tunnel 11.

    Now continue knifing/shooting the sphere and following it through Tunnel 11.
    First it will be on the right wall sitting along a vertical pipe, then it will go up into the rightmost corner of the ceiling opposite Stamin-Up. Then it will land on a metal cylinder to the right of the underground entrance. Finally, it will go underground and land in a gap at the bottom of the pyramid to complete this step.

    Step 5: Fill the tube with zombie souls.

    A tube on the right side of the pyramid will rise, and you simply need to get about 25 kills near it. Once that’s done you’ll see the tube filled with blue souls, and zombie kills will no longer fill it anymore.

    Then pull the switch on the wall near it (looks just like the power switch), and you’ve finished this Easter Egg! The trophy will pop for all members in the game.

  • In Moon, prevent each excavator from beaching the base in one game.

    For this trophy, you need to hack all 3 excavators in a single game, and cannot let them breach the first time they activate.

    There are 3 excavators in the map (one for Tunnel 6, one for Tunnel 11, and one for the Biodome), and none of them will activate until you turn on the power, so make that a priority first of all.

    Once the power is on, your next task is to obtain the Hacker item. It is located in the labs and randomly spawns on 1 of the three floors, usually along the outer edges of each floor. It looks like a little brown rectangular book and it quite small.

    Once you have the Hacker, you just need to survive until the excavators activate. When they activate, the background voice will usually announce it, but sometimes the volume is so quiet that it’s tough to hear it. Usually the first one activates around round 5 or 6, the next one around round 13, then again around 18. They tend to activate roughly every 5 rounds after that.

    Once you hear an announcement for one, make your way to the receiving area as fast as possible! The times are usually really generous so you shouldn’t need to rush too fast. Usually, what I do is use the teleporter to earth, and then take the teleporter back to the receiving area as soon as it’s ready. Doing this allows you more time to hack the terminals before zombies spawn in. You can also use the Gobblegum In Plain Sight to give you 10 seconds to hack without a worry of dying.

    There are 3 terminals for the excavators, and all of which are in the receiving area; two are located near the exit to Tunnel 6 and the other is located near the exit to Tunnel 11. Look for a green light on the terminal to know which one to hack.

    After hacking a single terminal, you don’t need to worry about that one anymore for the rest of the game. You can even let it destroy the areas later so that that particular one won’t activate again later. I advise doing so because there is no pattern for which excavator activates, so it’s entirely possible that you get incredibly unlucky and have the same excavator activate 4 times in a row (It has happened to me before).

    Once you have managed to hack each excavator once before it breaches, you’ll get the trophy!

  • In Origins, release Samantha.

    This trophy is for completing the Origins Easter Egg. It is one of the longest EEs to complete, as there are a lot of steps. It also takes about 1 hour just to prepare for the first main step alone! It is very tough to do solo, but I find having 2 or 3 players is the most optimal.

    Glitch Warning: Some people are experiencing a glitch where you cannot pick up a staff and use it for the Easter Egg. There is no known cause for the glitch and no way to fix it, but some people have reported that only using a single staff and not letting others use it can help prevent the glitch from happening.

    For this EE, I will list the steps as they are called in-game, so all the steps that take place before the “official” Step 1 will be listed under Step 0.

    Step 0: Build all 4 staffs + Get the Fist power + Build the Maxis Drone + Get the Gramophone + Get the Airstrike Grenades + Activate all generators. Also build the Zombie Shield (optional but highly recommended).

    This is the main setup for the actual EE and is one of the longest steps to complete.

    Most of the setup can be done simultaneously; For instance, you can work on obtaining the Fist and work on getting the staffs obtained at the same time (As well as upgrading them, as Step 1 is to have them all upgraded).

    See Overachiever for the locations of the generators and chests to fill for the Fist power. Also note that completing the first generator in co-op rewards you with a Zombie Blood powerup, make sure you save this! It will be needed for Step 5!

    Zombie Shield

    The Zombie Shield is a necessity in my opinion, as it gives you lots of protection from attacks from behind.

    Here are the locations of the parts:

      • Generator 3 Area, behind a crate under the generator.
      • Path leading to Generator 3 from Spawn, on a shelf on the right as you enter the area.
      • Path leading to Generator 3 from Spawn, in a dead end right before the Generator 3 area.
      • Path leading to Generator 2 from Spawn, on a shelf on the right.
      • Generator 2 Area, on top of the Tank Station where the robot steps.
      • Generator 2 Area, in the back right corner of the trench.
      • No Man’s Land, in the footprint near Juggernog.
      • No Man’s Land, in the footprint near the Excavation site where you drop down from the top.
      • No Man’s Land, in the footprint on the other side of the Excavation site.

    I advise building the Shield in the tunnel near Juggernog, also known as the Wind Tunnel.

    Maxis Drone

    You will not actually need the Maxis Drone until Step 4, but it’s easy to build anyways.

    Here are the part locations:

      • In the spawn room on the desk in front of you.
      • On top of the Excavation Site, in one of the corners near the PaP machine.
      • Inside the Excavation Site, on one of the wooden platforms near the very bottom (Requires the Gramophone to be placed first).
      • From the Church, follow the tank path towards Juggernog, the part will be on the left near a sign about halfway there.
      • From the Church, follow the tank path towards Stamin-Up, it will be on the right about halfway there.
      • Inside the Ice Tunnel.

    I advise building the Drone inside the Church on the lower floor.

    Airstrike Grenades

    The Airstrike Grenades are not needed until Step 3, and I do not recommend going for them until you have the Fist power and the staffs upgraded, but here is how to get them:

    1. Go to the Tank Station (Generator 2), and enter the bunker. On the back of the room, there is a table with 4 tablets, featuring a picture of a fist on each. Pick any up with .
    2. Next, head to the Church. On the upper floor there is a white fountain where you can place your tablet with .
    3. Now get around 20 melee kills on zombies while they are near the fountain. You can use the Zombie Shield, but it’s better to wait until you have the Fist power. When it’s done, the tablet will be clean and you can pick it up with .
    4. Take the tablet to the Tank Station where you picked it up. You cannot get it dirty (by standing on mud), or else Samantha will yell “Start Over” and you’ll have to place the tablet in the fountain again. To get back, just follow the wooden planks back to the footprint, and then go clockwise around the Excavation Site (or above through it, doesn’t matter). Then forward through the bunker and back outside into the Tank Station. Place it where you picked it up with .
    5. Now kill another 20 or so zombies with melee in the Tank Station, and you’ll see the grenades appear on the table where you placed the tablet. Pick them up with .

    Finally, the most important part, getting the Gramophone and the staffs!


    The Gramophone has 2 parts; a CD and the gramophone itself.
    The CD is located in 3 possible spots:

    • On top of the Excavation Site, in a wheelbarrow.
    • On the side of the path leading up to the Excavation Site from the Bunker, hidden next to a radiator or something like that.
    • On the opposite side of the Excavation Site, on a box near the blockage leading to the Church.

    As for the Gramophone, it’s very easy to find:

    • On top of the Excavation Site near the PaP machine.
    • Inside the Excavation Site, on the side of a workbench where you will place the Gramophone.

    Once you have both parts, place the Gramophone on the bench, and it will open a hidden area down below. This new area is needed for building the staffs as well as upgrading them too.

    Make sure you pick up the Gramophone when you’re done using it! You’ll need it for the staffs as well.

    As for the staffs, there are 4 of them. You have to find three pieces of each staff, plus the corresponding CD for it.

    Wind Staff:

    • CD:
      • Inside the Lightning Tunnel.
      • Next to Stamin-Up on the ledge.
      • On the ledge opposite Stamin-Up.
    • Parts:
      1. Inside the rightmost robot (Patrols Generators 2 and 3, shoot the glowing foot open and get stomped to get inside).
      2. Inside the middle robot (Patrols No Man’s Land).
      3. Inside the leftmost robot (Patrols the Church area).

    Once you have the CD and all 3 parts, head into the Wind Tunnel (near Juggernog) and use the Gramophone to get into the Crazy Place. Grab the Wind element from the pedestal, then exit and build the staff inside the Excavation Site at the bottom.

    Lightning Staff:

    • CD:
      • On a table near Juggernog.
      • On a wagon between Juggernog and the Excavation Site.
      • Inside the Wind Tunnel.
    • Parts:
      1. Ride the tank from the Church towards the Tank Station. About halfway there, you’ll notice a raised ledge on the right, jump from the tank to this spot and follow the path to the first part. Note that the robot CAN crush you if it’s there so look up just in case.
      2. Take the tank from the Tank Station back to the Church. Right before the Excavation Site, you’ll see a raised ledge on the left. Jump onto this path and you’ll get the next part.
      3. Take the tank from the Tank Station to the Church. Right before the tank finishes its journey, you’ll see a small path on the right that leads around the church. Jump over there and follow the path for the final part.

    Once you have the CD and all 3 parts, head into the Lightning Tunnel (near Stamin-Up) and use the Gramophone to get into the Crazy Place. Grab the Lightning element from the pedestal, then exit and build the staff inside the Excavation Site at the bottom.

    Ice Staff: (You will need a Shovel for this staff, but don’t dig up any dig spots yet!)

    • CD:
      • Inside the Tank Station. It will spawn on one of 3 possible shelves inside the station.
    • Parts (All parts can only be obtained if it’s SNOWING):
      1. Dig all the dig spots between Generators 2 and 3. It will spawn randomly in one of those.
      2. Dig all the dig spots in No Man’s Land. It will spawn randomly in one of those.
      3. Dig all the dig spots in the Church area. It will spawn randomly in one of those.

    Once you have the CD and all 3 parts, head into the Ice Tunnel (between the Church and Generator 6) and use the Gramophone to get into the Crazy Place. Grab the Ice element from the pedestal, then exit and build the staff inside the Excavation Site at the bottom.

    Fire Staff:

    • CD:
      • Inside the Church, hidden on a box near the Tank.
      • Inside the Church upper floor, on a pew.
      • Near Generator 6 on a box.
    • Parts:
      1. Activate all generators and it will spawn in the chest by Generator 6.
      2. After round 3, a plane will fly above with a red aura around it, shoot it with any bullet weapon and the part will land near the Excavation Site.
      3. Kill the first Panzer that spawns around rounds 6-8 and he will drop it.

    Once you have the CD and all 3 parts, head into the Fire Tunnel (between Spawn and Generator 3) and use the Gramophone to get into the Crazy Place. Grab the Fire element from the pedestal, then exit and build the staff inside the Excavation Site at the bottom.

    Congrats, the setup is finally complete! Finally we can begin the Easter Egg!

    Step 1: Secure the Keys.

    For this step, you need to upgrade all the staffs to their ultimate forms. You can work on this step the moment you build any staff, and I highly recommend doing so because the staffs are extremely powerful. It also saves time to power them up while doing everything else beforehand so that you don’t have to be on a very high round before continuing.

    There are 4 steps for each staff:
    The first one always involves some type of puzzle/objective in the Crazy Place; The second involves a puzzle in the main map; The third step involves organizing coloured rings in the Excavation Site; The final step is to kill zombies around the staff to power it up in the Crazy Place.

    A small note is that the Fire staff’s first step involves killing zombies in the Crazy Place, so to save time I recommend doing that step AFTER placing the other three staffs down there for their final steps. This way all the kills you get for the Fire puzzle will also power up the other three staffs, killing 2 birds with 1 stone!

    Here are the steps to upgrade each staff:

    Wind Staff

    1. Go to the Crazy Place and look up at the ceiling above the Wind exit.

      You’ll see some symbols on the roof, you must shoot them with the Wind Staff to rotate them to look like this image (From CallofDuty Wikia)

      To tell the angle, this image is taken with the exit portal directly below the bottom set of numbers. In other words, if your back is to the centre of the area and you look up, it should look like this.

      If done correctly, the rings will spin and a sound will be made.
    2. Exit the Wind Tunnel, and go clockwise behind the tunnel towards Juggernog. You’ll see a circular object spewing black smoke. Shoot it with the Wind Staff to make the smoke go towards the Excavation Site.
      Now head to the Church, and follow the tank path leading to Stamin-Up. You’ll see another smokestack on the right, shoot this as well to make the smoke travel to the Site.
      Finally, head to Stamin-Up and look towards the Excavation Site, you’ll see 1 more smokestack. Shoot this one and you should see a blue beam come down from the sky into the Excavation Site, this finishes the step.
    3. Head inside the Excavation Site and down to the bottom. Along the outer edges of the area and below you are 4 switches that you can press on. They rotate the rings in the middle to change the colours on them. Your goal is to change all 4 to Yellow, then shoot the glowing orb below it to finish this step.
    4. Head to the Crazy Place and place the staff inside the pedestal. Then kill around 20 zombies near it to power it up to become ultimate!

    Lightning Staff

    1. Go to the Crazy Place and look at the wall behind the Lightning exit. You’ll see a bunch of triangles on the wall. They are organized just like the keys on a piano, see the image below: (From CallofDuty Wikia):

      Look to the left, you’ll see 3 sets of musical notes. What you need to do is shoot the corresponding “notes” on the wall behind the exit using the Lightning Staff.
      The notes to shoot are in this order:
      • A C E
      • E G B
      • F A D
      Once done, you’ll hear a sound effect and you can exit the Crazy Place.
    2. Exit via the Lightning Tunnel, and head to where Stamin-Up is. You’ll see an electrical box that has yellow sparks coming out of the knob near the bottom. What you need to do is press on the knob until the sparks stop. This step is a lot harder to tell compared to the PS3 version, as the visual enhancements to the map have made it harder to detect if you did it right.
      Once you turn off the first box, there are 6 more that you have to turn off, and they must be done in this order:
      1. The one near Stamin-Up (You just did this one).
      2. In the Church lower floor behind the Tank and stairway.
      3. In the Church upper floor, near the mystery box location.
      4. Between Juggernog and the Wind Tunnel.
      5. In Spawn, between the room you start in and the Generator.
      6. Tank Station, near the back exit.
      7. There are 2 possible electric boxes for the final one, and it is random which one you get:
        • On the top floor of the Bunker, right by the entrance to No Man’s Land.
        • By the far end of the Excavation Site, near the path that leads to the Church area.

      Once the final one is turned off, you should see a blue beam come down from the sky into the Excavation Site, this finishes the step.
    3. Head inside the Excavation Site and down to the bottom. Along the outer edges of the area and below you are 4 switches that you can press on. They rotate the rings in the middle to change the colours on them. Your goal is to change all 4 to Purple, then shoot the glowing orb below it to finish this step.
    4. Head to the Crazy Place and place the staff inside the pedestal. Then kill around 20 zombies near it to power it up to become ultimate!

    Ice Staff

    1. Go to the Crazy Place and look at the ceiling above the Ice exit. You’ll see a set of tablets with different icons on them. If you look to the right, you’ll see a randomized Ternary symbol (looks like circles), your goal is to use the Ice Staff to shoot the corresponding Cuneiform symbol on the roof.
      Use this image below to see which Ternary symbols correspond to which Cuneiform symbol (Taken from DudeinDistress’s Origins guide, but originally from talloby from the Activision forums):

      This image will also be needed for the Fire Staff later.

      Once done, you’ll hear a sound effect and you can exit the Crazy Place.
    2. Exit via any tunnel (I prefer the Fire one for this step though), and head to the Tank Station. What you need to do is find 3 gravestones around the map, shoot them with the Ice Staff to freeze them, then use a bullet gun to destroy them.
      Here are the locations:
      • On the tank path behind the Tank Station, the gravestone is located near the dead robot on the left.
      • In the giant footprint behind Juggernog, it’s right near the edge in plain sight.
      • In the giant footprint between Juggernog and the Excavation Site, leaning against the hill that the Site stands on.

      Once the final one is shot, you should see a blue beam come down from the sky into the Excavation Site, this finishes the step.
    3. Head inside the Excavation Site and down to the bottom. Along the outer edges of the area and below you are 4 switches that you can press on. They rotate the rings in the middle to change the colours on them. Your goal is to change all 4 to Blue, then shoot the glowing orb below it to finish this step.
    4. Head to the Crazy Place and place the staff inside the pedestal. Then kill around 20 zombies near it to power it up to become ultimate!

    Fire Staff

    Before doing this staff, it is highly recommended that you have the other 3 staffs done up to the final step where you place them for the final kills.

    1. Go to the Crazy Place and stand near the Fire area. You’ll see 4 stone buckets near you, and a fiery furnace below you. What you need to do is kill lots of zombies with the Fire Staff while they are standing on the furnace grating. Every 10 or so kills, you’ll see the stone baskets start to have fire inside them (the kills will also be powering up the other staffs at the same time too!).

      Once all 4 baskets are filled, you’ll hear a sound effect and you can exit the Crazy Place.
    2. Exit via any tunnel (I prefer the Ice one for this step though), and head to the Church. What you need to do is go to the upper floor and look at the wall behind the pews. Up high you will see 4 different symbols lit up by the fire that you created in the Crazy Place the previous step.

      Use the image in the Ice Staff section to find out what numbers they correspond to (in the order from left to right), then head downstairs to where the tank is.
      You’ll see some torches that have numbers listed underneath them (except for the number “4” which has a bloodstain under the torch instead). You need to shoot the correct torches, with the staff, in order using the numbers from the floor above.

      Once the final one is shot, you should see a blue beam come down from the sky into the Excavation Site, this finishes the step.
    3. Head inside the Excavation Site and down to the bottom. Along the outer edges of the area and below you are 4 switches that you can press on. They rotate the rings in the middle to change the colours on them. Your goal is to change all 4 to Red, then shoot the glowing orb below it to finish this step.
    4. Head to the Crazy Place and place the staff inside the pedestal. Then kill around 20 zombies near it to power it up to become ultimate!

    Once you have created all 4 Ultimate Staffs, you are ready for the next step! Also note that all generators must be active to begin the next step.

    Step 2: Ascend From Darkness.

    From now on the steps are relatively fast and easy, all the long stuff is done!

    Now that you have all the Ultimate Staffs and have the generators all on, a new pedestal will appear at the bottom of the Excavation Site as well as pedestals appearing inside each of the giant robots. You need to place the correct staff in each pedestal to finish this step. Note that you will not be able to pick up your staff again until this step is done. If you're familar with the glitch often used in the PS3 version, it no longer works.

    Here are the locations to place each staff:

    • Fire – Goes in the pedestal at the bottom of the Excavation Site.
    • Ice – Goes into the robot Freya, which patrols the Church.
    • Wind – Goes into the robot Odin, which patrols No Man’s Land.
    • Lightning – Goes into the robot Thor, which patrols the Spawn area (Generators 2 and 3).

    Once all 4 staffs are placed, the pedestals will disappear and you can reclaim your staff from the bottom of the Excavation Site. Samantha will say a few words to tell you that you did it right as well.

    Step 3: Rain Fire.

    This step is very difficult solo, but is still possible. In co-op it’s pretty easy though. All 3 robots will patrol simultaneously until this step is done.

    The person that obtained the Airstrike Grenades will need to stay near Stamin-Up, and look outside the map towards the right hand side. They should see what looks like a large white concrete square about the length of a grenade throw away from you. They will need to throw the Airstrike Grenade there shortly, but not just yet!

    The other players will need to get inside one of the robots, but the tricky thing is that even though all 3 robots are patrolling, only one foot will be glowing.

    Once someone manages to get inside a robot, there will be a red button on the desk that they can press. They must coordinate with the one using the Airstrike Grenades by pressing the button, then having the other player throw their grenade onto the white concrete at about the same time. It’s about a 10 second window I believe.

    If done correctly, a bunch of lasers will fall from the sky and break open the concrete floor, ending this step. If you missed the concrete, you’ll hear demonic laughter and will have to try again.

    If you used up all the Airstrike Grenades before this point, you’ll either need to repeat the tablet steps to get another set (not worth it), or have someone that did all the generators spawn their Max Ammo for you. Or wait until a zombie drops one for you.

    Step 4: Unleash the Horde.

    This step can be hard, but is made really easy using the Fire Staff. Whoever has the Maxis Drone needs to launch it towards the hole you blew open from the previous step.

    It will fly into the hole, which then spawns a LOT of Panzer enemies. You just need to kill all of them. 1 charged shot with the Fire Staff is usually enough to take out most of them, but just keeping killing them until they stop spawning. The game supposedly spawns more Panzers depending on how many players there are. But I only did this EE with just two players, so it spawned 6 of them after us.

    Once all the Panzers are dead, this step is done.

    Step 5: Skewer the Winged Beast.

    Note that this step was glitched in the PS3 version where you could kill a zombie without Zombie Blood and ruin the EE run. It has come to my attention that the glitch can still happen as well as the plane not spawning in general. The game will have to be restarted if this happens.

    This step can be a pain. What you need to do is obtain a Zombie Blood powerup then look up at the sky. You will see a plane flying around with an orange/red aura around it, and you need to shoot it down with a PaP weapon while using Zombie Blood.

    After that is done, the pilot will land and run clockwise around the Excavation Site, and you need to kill that one using Zombie Blood as well. It’s easiest to run counterclockwise around the site, so that you meet up with the zombie during his route.
    If done correctly, he will drop the Maxis Drone when killed and that ends this step.

    There should be a Zombie Blood in the chest at the Spawn if you left it there from before when you first did the generator at the start. You can use this to shoot down the plane, but probably won’t have enough time to also get the pilot with it.

    You can also spawn in a Zombie Blood using the Ice Staff on any round when it’s not raining. You need to run around No Man’s Land and shoot 3 wagons that are on fire (One by Juggernog, another between Stamin-Up and the Site, and one by the MP40 wall buy). Once all 3 are shot, a Zombie Blood spawns by the PaP machine. Use this to do the step if need be.

    A last resort is to dig up every dig spot around the map, there’s a small chance you can dig up a Zombie Blood to use as well.

    Once you pick up the Maxis Drone the step is complete (make sure you also grab it from where you built it as well).

    Step 6: Wield the Fist of Iron.

    This step is pretty easy. Each player will need to go down into the Excavation Site to the very bottom. While down below, some Templar zombies will spawn with their arms glowing white. Each player will need to get around 20 melee kills on them with the Fist power.

    Once a player reaches the amount, a tablet will appear in midair. Once collected the screen will flash white and the Fist will be powered up.

    Repeat until all players have powered up.

    It may be easier to do the melee kills separate, like have 1 player run a train of zombies around the map so that the ones doing the melee doesn’t get surrounded and killed.

    Step 7: Raise Hell.

    The final step! But there’s also the optional cutscene/step at the end, but it’s not needed for the trophy…

    Every staff has to be placed back in their pedestals in the Crazy Place. Then you just need to get around 100 kills in the Crazy Place using any guns/melee/grenades to finish the EE!

    Before you go about killing everything, make sure you place the staffs, then use the mystery box to get any weapons you’d like to use for the final fight! Get as many perks as you can, spend all your money if you’re going for the challenges as well, and make sure everyone has at least 1 PaP gun. Better to be over-prepared than underprepared!

    It’s a pretty easy step I find, but can be annoying if you’re running around and have the walls fall down and block you from escaping. It’s easiest to just stay in one of the entry points instead of running the interior.

    Once you have everything ready, go ahead and start killing! Make sure that you see the souls flying into the centre of the area to know that the kills are counting (Just in case someone may not have gotten their fist power without knowing).

    Once you have got the 100 kills, the screen will flash white and the trophy will pop for all players!!

    Note there is 1 more step if you want to see a neat cutscene:

    Step 8: Freedom!

    Simply let the Maxis Drone out while in the Crazy Place. He will fly into the portal in the middle.
    Now stand in the middle and hold to watch the final cutscene and end the game! Note that the game will end after the cutscene, so if you don't want to lose any Gobblegums make sure you quit to XMB before it ends!

  • In Origins, complete all 4 Challenges in one game.

    You might get this trophy naturally while going for the Easter Egg of this map, as the EE requires 2 of the challenges to be completed.

    There are 4 challenges to complete in Origins, and unlike the newer Black Ops III zombie maps, these challenges are the same every time you play the game. One small note though is that each player has their own set of challenges, and only 1 of them is shared between all players, so every player will need to do the other 3 themselves. You can tell if a challenge is done by pressing the touchpad and looking for an icon in the space provided. You can claim rewards from the box at the spawn or outside the Church in the back corner.

    Here are the 4 challenges in no particular order:

    1. Activate all 6 generators.
      To do this, you will need to spend some points (200 points times the number of total players) on each generator around the map to activate them. You will then have to survive for a few seconds while templar zombies swarm you. If you are standing on the pad when it finishes, it will count for you. But if you step off or get downed when the process finishes, it will not count for you.

      If all generators are active and you missed one, fear not; Every few rounds later on will spawn some templar zombies that run to each generator to break them down. Let them break the one you need, then reactivate it to complete the challenge.

      The generators are all in plain sight, but here are the locations of each generator (in order of number listing):
      1. Spawn room.
      2. Tank Station. Right outside the station. Accessed from the right side door in Spawn.
      3. Left exit from Spawn. Located right before the Bunker, near a mystery box location and Speed Cola.
      4. No Man’s Land. Near Juggernog on the left side of the area.
      5. No Man’s Land. Near Stamin-Up on the right side of the area.
      6. Church. Go through the upper floor of the Church and it’s hidden in the back corner of the map.

      Finishing this challenge grants you a Max Ammo from the box.
    2. Get 115 headshots.
      Self-explanatory. Make sure you use a bullet weapon and not the Ray Gun (I recommend the MP40). Once you get 115 headshots, you’ll get an icon on the HUD to show you did it.
      Also note that zombies killed during the generator activations and zombies killed during Insta-Kill do not count for the challenge, despite the game increasing the total headshot number when doing so (Thanks Molasar for the info).

      Finishing this challenge gets you a free PaP weapon from the box.
    3. Spend 30,000 points.
      Self-explanatory. You might get this naturally by simply buying doors, perks, weapons, and generators.

      If not, either waste your money on Gobblegums each round, or keep buying ammo for a PaP wall weapon (like the MP40 for instance), as ammo costs 4500 points. You’ll see an icon on your HUD once it’s done.

      Completing this challenge gives you a free randomized perk from the box.
    4. Fill the 4 chests with zombie souls.
      This is required for the EE, so you’ll get this one done naturally. It is also a co-op challenge, so everyone will complete it at the same time regardless of who does the work.

      There are 4 chests in No Man’s Land, all of which are located in a footprint of the giant robots. You just need to kill about 20-30 zombies in each footprint and see their souls fly into the box. Once the chest is done, it will shut and souls will no longer fill the chest.

      Repeat at all 4 and you’re done!

      Note that if a giant robot steps on the chest while you’re working on it, it will reset the progress you made on it. So sometimes it’s best to wait until the robot passes before starting each chest.

      Here are their locations:
      • In the back corner footprint behind Juggernog.
      • Located in a footprint on the left as soon as you enter No Man’s Land, near the Excavation Site.
      • Located in the footprint next to Stamin-Up.
      • Located in the footprint just before entering the Church area.

      The reward for completing this challenge is a Fist power, which is a 1-hit melee weapon until round 19.

    Once you complete all 4 challenges, the trophy will pop.

  • In Nacht Der Untoten, do not let any zombies enter the building during the first 3 rounds.

    Very easy trophy. Do not open any doors when you start, as the more doors you open, the more work you have to do.

    You just have to survive the first 3 rounds without a zombie entering the building. There are only 5 windows that they can come through, and the zombies move extremely slow the first few rounds, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting this.

    Use your starting points to buy any weapon on the wall (Shieva or RK5) so that you can kill the zombies instantly, then just play the 3 rounds.

    If you manage to complete round 3 without any zombie entering up to that point, you’ll get the trophy!

    If you are struggling, the trophy is insanely easy with 2 or more people, since you can split the windows among everyone to not have to check as many.

  • In Verruckt, headshot 20 zombies in the courtyard from the second floor of the Asylum.

    This trophy can be a bit tricky to earn, and is easier with a partner. Before playing the map, I would advise you to go to your “Weapon Kits” from the main zombies menu, and add a Thermal Scope or ACOG scope to your assault rifles if you can (Preferably the ICR since it’s easy to access).

    When you play the map, buy that weapon off the wall and head to the second floor. Find a good vantage point that overlooks a good portion of the courtyard in the middle, and headshot every zombie you can.

    There’s no perfect way to do this, as everyone is different, but it will probably take you until around rounds 8-10 to finish this trophy. I usually buy the ICR, then camp on the balcony near the power switch, as it overlooks almost the entire courtyard.

    You might want to have a partner watching your back so you can focus solely on the courtyard zombies and not have to worry about the ones coming from behind.

    Another option is to have 1 person on the balcony near the Power switch overlooking the courtyard, and the other player near the spawn, like in this image:

    (I am the lower player, and my partner PrinceofPeace is across from me up top; He is the one going for the trophy). This will help zombies spawn towards the lower person's position, so the upper person can get some easier headshots.

    You may also want to use the Undead Man Walking Gobblegum as it slows the zombies down for you, making headshots easier (Thanks nikolam for the tip!). Another option is the Gobblegum Head Drama, since it makes all damage automatically equivalent to headshot damage, and according to paulcoe it can help you with the trophy!

    Once you’ve gotten your 20th courtyard headshot while being on the upper floor, you’ll get the trophy.

  • In Kino Der Toten, visit every location the teleporter can take you to.

    This trophy is a bit luck based, but is extremely easy and just a bit time consuming.

    You first need to access the power switch, which is located behind the theatre stage. You can do so by taking either route to the left or right and opening a few doors along the way (I usually take the route from the top floor to the right).

    Once you are behind the stage, the power switch is on a wall next to the curtain. Turn it on and the curtain rises, which also reveals the teleporter next to you.

    To activate the teleporter, you need to stand inside it and press , and it will ask you to link it. Head back to the spawn through the newly opened door in front of you, and press on the pad on the floor. A blue power cord will light up leading back to the teleporter.

    Now you can teleport to the PaP room. Once there you will have to wait for around a minute or so. Then when the teleporter takes you back out, you have a chance at landing in a secret location for a second before going back to the spawn. Then you’ll have to wait for a few minutes while the teleporter cools down before repeating the activation again. No need to advance the round, just do all of them during the same round.

    To get the trophy, you must have seen every secret location at least once. Sometimes, the game will just take you back to the spawn without showing you any room, and sometimes you’ll see the same room multiple times. It’s all luck based and means you could get the trophy in a matter of minutes, or even up to an hour!

    Here are the different locations you can visit:

    • Verruckt Medical Chair. Looks like a creepy medical chair in the middle of the room.
    • Interrogation Room. Has a lot of clocks on the wall with a desk as well.
    • Sam’s Bedroom. Looks like a normal bedroom (It’s the same room from the Origins EE cutscene and the Revelations EE).
    • Bloody Teddy Bear Bedroom. The same bedroom as Sam’s, but is covered with blood and has a huge pile of bloody teddy bears in the centre.

    Once you’ve seen all 4 areas, the trophy will pop shortly after.

    Note that in co-op, each player might end up in a different room than you, and sometimes they end up in the same one as you, so playing in co-op does not make your chances any better than playing solo.

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