• Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 34 (20, 7, 6, 1)
  • Online trophies: N/A
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 6 - 10 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum Thread)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 story + cleanup, 1 gallery level
  • Number of missable trophies: 6 (No Scratch, Not a Single Leaf Moved, Fast Approach, Feline Grace, Back-up Firearm, Show Off) Other trophies become extremely difficult to earn if you complete all story missions without earning them.
  • Glitched trophies: N/A
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: PS3/PS4 have separate trophy lists
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A


Welcome to Cabela’s African Adventures, an out of the ordinary Cabela’s game that has you completing missions across 4 freeroam style maps in a 3rd person view, along with the obligatory gallery mode included in all Cabela’s games. Other than one mildly difficult trophy in the gallery mode this game is very easy and the story mode is very short. The only thing you will have to worry about are some missable trophies and a few trophies that become difficult to earn if you complete all story missions without earning them. Read through the descriptions for each before starting though and you should have no issues with them.


Step 1: Complete the story mode, 100%ing all regions and earning all missable/slightly missable trophies

Story mode is basically one big step, as in the process of finishing it you should aim to collect everything as you go and earn all slightly missable trophies to reduce cleanup after and eliminate any headaches that could occur from missing something. Take note of the trophies that mention completing them in specific mission so that you don’t proceed past the specified mission and cause more work for yourself.

In this step you will earn:
No Scratch Missable
King's Statue
In Mid Air Somewhat missable
Not a Single Leaf Moved Missable
Leg Grabber
The Wrong Order
Something to See
Africa's Big Boys
No More Darkness
Dancing in the Ring Somewhat missable
Dodge This! Somewhat missable
Fast Approach Missable
Feline Grace Missable
My Style
Full Options
Back-up Firearm Missable
Lucky Guess
Time is Standing Still
One is Enough
The Perfect Match
African Hunter
Show Off Missable

Step 2: Story Mode cleanup

At this point you should only have a few of the freeroam related trophies left for story mode, if any, so you can either them them up now or after the gallery trophies.

In this step you should earn:
Dangerous 7
Justice Keeper
Random Encounters
Fast Hands
No One Leaves the Room

Step 3: Gallery trophies

This Cabela’s game only has three gallery related trophies, and thankfully they can all be earned in the first gallery level and you only need to complete it once.

In this step you should earn:
Controlled Fire
Efficiency to the Max
Real Mix
Safari Guide

[PST Would Like to Thank Gage for this Roadmap]

Cabela's African Adventures Trophy Guide

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34 trophies ( 20  )

  • Unlock all trophies

    Awarded after earning all other trophies in the game.

  • Have 100% completion in all regions

    100% completion in each region is earned by completing both bonus hunts, finding all Vistas and Fossils, and completing all story missions. I recommend finding all Vistas and Fossils at the first available opportunity in each region, so that you have the full map shown and can see where all the areas for the Opportunity hunts are so you can get them as you work through the story missions.

    The below maps show all map locations for all Fossils and Vistas in all four regions. They are for the Xbox360 version of the game, but all locations are the same on the Playstation versions of the game.

    Credit to SiLv4.com for the images.

  • Unlock all upgrades for all firearms

    Firearm upgrades are unlocked by finding the fossils scattered around the maps. Upgrades do various useful and not so useful things with how your firearms work, and they unlock in a set order based on the total number of fossils you have found.

    To unlock all upgrades you must find all available fossils in all four maps. Assuming you have found all fossils in each map before continuing to the next one you will unlock this trophy once you have found your last fossil in the fourth map.

  • Hunt the Dangerous 7 (Leopard, Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo, Crocodile, Hippo) in Story Mode

    This trophy has basically the same requirement as Africa’s Big Boys but with two extra animals included. The Leopard, Lion, Rhino, Elephant, and Buffalo are all targets in Story missions through the game, so you don’t need to go out of your way to get them. The only two you will need to find yourself are the Hippo and Crocodile, as they are not included in any of the story missions.

    Hippos are found in the 3rd Region (Jungle). There is no real specific spot to find them, they just spawn randomly around the map in the river, they won’t spawn in an area not near the river. Unlike the other hostile animals they won’t appear on your minimap with a red arrow right away until provoked, so you will have to make sure you are watching for them.

    Crocodiles are found in the 4th Region (Dry Savannah). The easiest place to find them is in small bit of river on the North-East corner of the map just south of the Fossil there, just before the river goes outside the available map area. There will almost always be three Crocodiles spawned on both sides of the river, and they will be shown on your map with the red enemy triangles once you get close.

  • Complete one region without dying


    This trophy is earned for completing all story missions in a region without being knocked unconscious (“dying”). You should do this on the first region of the game, as it is the easiest one. You are free to use Health Packs whenever you need and while free roaming you can return to your vehicle and instantly replenish them if you run out. The trophy will be awarded once you complete the last mission of the region.

  • Gather all the pieces of the statue

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    This trophy is awarded for finishing all the story missions in all four regions, and is awarded once you finish the story.

  • Finish a Shooting Gallery Map without downing animals with the wrong firearm

    This trophy is earned for finishing any Shooting Gallery course only shooting animals with the proper firearm. Birds are meant to be shot with the shotgun and all ground animals are meant to be shot with the rifle. Other than that the only thing you need to do is make sure you shoot enough of the bird and game animals to be allowed to move through the next gate and not die from being hit by the hostile animals. You will know you have shot an animal with the incorrect weapon as the points shown will be red and the announcer will yell at you.

    It takes about 5 minutes to finish the first gallery level, and the trophy will be awarded once you are shown the success screen as long as you didn’t shoot any animals with the wrong firearm.

  • Take down 5 Hyenas that are chasing herbivores in Story Mode

    This trophy is earned for killing a total of 5 Hyenas that are chasing herbivores in story mode. This can be a total a 5 in less than that number of groups, it doesn’t have to be 5 different instances of herbivores getting chased.

    This can be done on any map, and happens randomly in areas where it shows Hyena and game animal hunting opportunity near each other. I found the easiest place to earn this though was on the 3rd Region (Jungle). In the North-West corner of the map there is an area with Gemsbok and Hyena points directly beside each other, though the area is divided in the middle with a road on the south end between them. If you go into the enclosed area with the Gemsbok symbol then go back out from there towards the road it is very likely a group of Gemsbok will spawn past the road on the edge of the map, with a group of Hyenas following shortly after. Once you are certain the Hyenas are after the group of spawned Gemsbok, shoot as many of the Hyenas as you are able to. If you didn't get 5, return to the middle of the Gemsbok area, wait a bit, then go back toward the road and a new group should spawn with more Hyenas following.

  • Take down 15 predators as they jump on you in Story Mode

    Somewhat missable.

    This trophy is awarded for killing a total of 15 predators while they are jumping toward you to attack you. To do this you must purchase the “Knock-Back” active skill, which is the third down on the middle column. It has unlimited uses (aside from your available ammo) and is only able to be activated when you actually have an animal jumping at you.

    This can be done at any time, but it is highly recommended to grind this trophy out during the story mission “The King’s Heir”, which is one of the last few missions in the 4th Region. If you finish this mission without earning the trophy it becomes extremely difficult to earn as the animals that jump to attack spawn very rarely and have no guaranteed spawn points.

    During “The King’s Heir” you will be fighting groups of Lions that spawn. There will be two lions that appear on ridges around the area that call in other lions infinitely to attack you. Kill the first calling Lion as it only spawns female lions (which don’t jump to attack you). A second calling lion will then show up, and a vast majority of the time it spawns male red lions, which are the ones that jump to attack you. To easily earn this trophy in this spot, do not kill this calling lion, but let it call the red male lions to attack you. When one shows up, shoot it a few times so that it is below half health, then wait for it to run toward you then use your “Knock-back” ability when it jumps and is available. When using the recommended weapon this will then kill the lion with one shot if it is at half health. Continue doing this until you are awarded the trophy. If for some reason the lions stop spawning (the calling lion can fall off the ridge and get stuck) you can choose to restart the checkpoint from the pause menu and it will still count all kills you have made.

  • Take down all the animals between 2 gates in a Shooting Gallery Map

    This trophy is earned for shooting every possible animal between two gates in any Shooting Gallery map. This is the most annoying and hardest trophy in the game, due to the speed the animals in the gallery levels move and how many of them there are. This is most easily achieved in the first area of the first shooting gallery map, where there are only 4 group of animals in about a 15 - 30 second period. If you were able to shoot all the animals the trophy will be awarded as soon as you pass the gate and it shows the new animal totals required for the next area.

    Credit to Foxxy kyle/the guide on Xboxachievements.com for the original strategy for earning this.

    There are four groups of animals in this first section of the level, starting Birds, Zebra, then with a group of Zebra and Birds spawning at the same time.

    1st group: The first group of birds will spawn from the top left of the screen moving towards the right. Shoot your shotgun into the group until you hit all 8 and are shown to receive the “Clear Skies” bonus.

    2nd group: The first group of zebras spawns from the right side of the screen running to the left after you have stopped moving. There will normally be one zebra by itself first, followed by two more in quick succession. Make sure to take all three out before you start moving again.

    3rd group: The second group of zebras spawns at the same time as the second group of birds, but worry about the zebras first. There are a total of 5 that run from the left side of the screen away from you toward the middle. You must carefully take them out one by one before they reach the bushes by the gate. While shooting don’t spam your shoots as you will miss, shoot once then pause for your reticle to return to normal size, then shoot again and repeat until you hit all 5.

    4th group: The second group of birds spawns from the right of the screen moving across towards the left. Once you have shot the 5 zebra they should be about midway across your screen, so at this point quickly switch to your shotgun and spray at the front of the group. Continue shooting toward the the front and following the birds towards the left of the screen until you are past the gate. You will know you have hit them all when you receive the “Clear Skies” bonus. If you shot all the animals the trophy will then be awarded as soon as you pass the gate.

  • Complete at least 6 hunts without being detected


    This trophy is earned for finishing a total of 6 story missions without being detected. There are more than 6 stealth only missions during the story, but it is recommended to get this trophy out of the way as soon as possible to avoid missing it. Stealth only missions are the ones shown with only stars in the Stealth difficulty portion of the mission info on the map. Ones showing both Stealth and Combat difficulty won’t count.

    All stealth missions function the same. There will be animals around the mission area that you have to avoid having spot you while you move toward the end to shoot a marked animal. Most of the stealth is based on line of sight with the animals. If you are crouched in tall grass they won’t see you, and it takes about 10 seconds while you are crouch walking directly in their line of site before they actually notice you and cause you to fail the mission. Most missions you should stay crouched the entire time, and always aim to stay in tall grass. You should purchase the “Stealth Sprint” and “Disappear” abilities (first two on right column) as soon as possible for the stealth missions, as they make them very easy. You can Stealth Sprint between most areas of tall grass before animals can notice you even if they are looking directly at you, and in longer areas you can use disappear when the suspicion meter is about to turn red to knock it back down to nothing for a few seconds before the animals start noticing you again. If at any time an animal notices you during a stealth mission choose to exit mission from the restart screen and then start it again from the circle in freeroam as this will not count you not finishing the mission in stealth.

    If you finish every stealth mission as they are available you should earn this trophy midway through the 3rd Region (Jungle) after the mission “Follow the Leader”.

  • Take down 20 Hyena groups during the game in Story Mode

    Hyena groups will randomly spawn around the map near the marked Hyena areas. Whilst working on the Opportunity hunts you should come across more than the required number of Hyena groups without much searching, so should be able to earn this before you finish the story. The trophy will be awarded once you wipe out your 20th group.

  • Take down 5 animals after they've grabbed your leg

    This trophy is awarded for killing a total of 5 Hyenas after you have knocked them off your leg. The only Hyenas that will grab your leg are the smallest ones that are a reddish color. If you come across any you should allow them to grab your leg, then press to shake them off then shoot them before they get too far away.

    This can be done at any time, but an easy story mission you can do it during is the “Mayhem” story mission in the 4th region. In this mission you head into a cave where you have to fight off a large number of Hyenas. During this mission it spawns a large number of the small red ones, so you can easily let them attach to your leg then shake off and shoot them.

  • Take down 10 animals called by the same animal in Story Mode

    Certain animals during the game will stand on a high point and call in more animals to attack you until you kill the calling animal. This occasionally happens during free roam with Hyenas and in various story missions. You must kill a total of 10 animals called by the same animal before killing the calling animal to earn the trophy.

    An easy way to earn this trophy is during the same mission as the trophy In Mid Air. For that trophy you will have to take out many lions called in by another, so if you earned In Mid Air before The Wrong Order you can wait and continue killing spawning lions until you have killed a total of 10 called by that lion.

  • Take down 4 animals from different species in a row in a Shooting Gallery Map

    This trophy is earned for shooting four different types of animals with four consecutive shots during a shooting gallery level. This can easily be done right before and after the first gate of the first shooting gallery level.

    To start off shoot all the birds and 2 Zebra from the first two animal groups that spawn to open the gate. Then when you move toward the gate, first shoot a bird and then with the next bullet shoot a single zebra before the gate and then wait. After moving through the gate, shoot one of the Wildebeest that run from the left side of the screen, then shoot one of the Hyenas that run toward you. The trophy will be awarded after you shoot the fourth animal.

  • Visit all the Vista Points in one region

    Vista points are marked on your map with a green eye symbol, and are marked when you get near them. Move close to their location and hit to view them, and you can hit again during the cutscene to skip that and have them still counted.

    There are 6 vista points in each region, for a total of 24 in the game. See Achiever for maps of each region with the locations of all Vista points.

  • Hunt the Big 5 (Leopard, Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo) in Story Mode

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    This trophy is awarded for killing all of the aforementioned animals during story mode. You are required to kill each of these animals in at least one story mission, so you will get this while finishing all the story missions.

  • Explore one region to remove all the fog covering the map

    This trophy is earned for getting rid of the “fog of war” that all maps start with when you start a region. To remove it move near the edge of the fog covering the part of the map and it will go away. You do not need to do this for 100% completion of a region, so you only need to do this on one region.

  • Unlock all rifles and shotguns

    You are given more rifles and shotguns as you progress through story missions. You will unlock all of them during the 3rd Region (Jungle).

  • While shooting from the hip, take down 20 animals

    This trophy is earned by killing a total of 20 animals while shooting without aiming with . You can do this at any time with any animal, though it is most easily done with Hyenas as they are normally one or two shot kills depending on your current gun. The trophy will be awarded once you kill your 20th animal while shooting from the hip.

  • Dodge at least one Lion, Leopard, and Cheetah during Story Mode

    Somewhat Missable

    This trophy and Dodge This! are earned for successfully dodging the specified animals once each in the story mode. They are somewhat missable because some of the animals spawn extremely rarely outside of story mode missions, so you should make sure to dodge each animal during a mission it is included in. You will know you have done a successful dodge if you hear a noise after performing the dodge, or if using the Adrenaline Dodge ability given the option to press to activate adrenaline.

    Lions and Leopards are both included in Story mode missions, so make sure to do a successful dodge of each of them at your first opportunity when you come across them. Cheetahs aren't included in any story mission though, and also happen to be the hardest animal to do a successful dodge on. They are found only in the 4th Region, and can spawn randomly anywhere in the northern section of the map (above the area marked Rhino Plains). They are hard to find, so if you find one make sure you have done a successful dodge before killing one. The timing on their attack is very slim, and the window for the successful dodge is slightly after when the indicator actually flashes to tell you to dodge.

  • Dodge an Elephant, Hippo, Rhino, and Buffalo at least once during Story Mode

    Somewhat Missable

    Like Dancing in the Ring, this trophy is slightly missable because the specified animals can be extremely hard to find outside of story missions. All of the animals except the Hippo are found in story missions, so be sure to do a successful dodge with them as soon as you come across them. The Hippo is only found randomly spawned around the river in the 3rd Region (Jungle). When you find one shoot it to get it to attack you, then dodge its attack. It has similar timing to the other large animals, so dodging it successfully shouldn't be difficult.

  • Roll 5 times without being detected in a stealth hunt


    This trophy is earned by doing a total of 5 rolls in a stealth mission without being detected. Rolling is a great way to quickly move through stealth missions, so you can earn this playing them naturally. If you want to get this out of the way early, as soon as you start your first stealth mission roll back and forth 5 times at the start point of the mission without moving forward.

  • Complete at least 3 hunts without being detected


    See Not a Single Leaf Moved.

  • Create your first deck of 3 abilities

    This trophy is awarded for equipping three abilities at the same time in the abilities menu. The trophy will be awarded once you exit the abilities menu after equipping three abilities.

  • Unlock all the abilities

    You unlock abilities by purchasing them with ability points, which are earned by leveling up by earning xp. You have to reach the maximum level to have enough Ability points to purchase all abilities, which is at a total of 175,000. If you are completing each region to 100% before moving to the next one you should have earned all ability points early in the 4th region. The trophy will unlock once you purchase the last ability and exit the ability menu. You do not need to equip each ability to earn the trophy, just purchase them.

  • Complete a hunt against a dangerous animal species using only a shotgun


    This trophy is earned for completing an entire combat mission using only a shotgun. You are first given a shotgun a few missions into the 1st region, at which time you should attempt this trophy during the next available combat mission, “Butting Heads”. You must only kill enemies using the shotgun for the entire mission. The shotguns have unlimited ammo, so you don’t need to worry about running out or missing. You will be awarded the trophy once you finish the mission and are shown the success message.

  • Gather at least 20 Fossils

    Fossils are floating piles of bones hidden around the maps the show a flashing white sparkle when you see them from a distance. There are 8 fossils in each region, so assuming you are finding all fossils in each region before finishing them you will earn this trophy after finding 4 in the 3rd Region. See Achiever for a maps of each region with all fossil locations.

  • Take down 5 animals while in Adrenaline Mode in Story Mode

    Adrenaline mode is a slo-mo type mode activated with certain abilities or by shooting an animal’s vital organs. To earn this trophy you must kill a total of 5 animals while in Adrenaline mode. You will very likely earn this very early in the game in the 1st Region.

  • Take down 5 Hyenas in combat using a single shot for each one in Story Mode

    This trophy is earned for killing a total of 5 Hyenas with a single bullet at any time during story mode. Hyenas appear all over and during many missions, so you will more than likely earn this while working through the story missions. The two smallest Hyenas are one shot kills with all but the largest guns, and you can also kill them in one if you hit their vitals with the smallest rifle.

  • Create 4 unique ability combinations and use them in hunts and/or combat

    This trophy is earned for using a total of 4 different combinations of abilities during story missions or free roam combat. You do not need to make completely new combinations for them to count, you only need to swap out one ability. If you want to get this right away after you unlock 3 abilities to fill all your slots swap in each new ability you unlock after that for a story mission as soon as you unlock it. This trophy will unlock after completing a story mission or dealing with a group of hostile animals after choosing your 4th unique combination.

  • Take down one animal in Story Mode

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    This trophy is earned for killing any animal in story mode. You will earn this right when you start the game as you are prompted to kill an animal right after you gain control of your character.

  • Make all the animals in a stealth hunt cautious


    This trophy is awarded for making every single animal in a stealth hunt cautious (getting the alert indicator to yellow) before finishing it. Most levels this is far too difficult to attempt on due to the number of animals, but can easily be done on the mission “Follow the Leader” which takes place in the 3rd Region (Jungle).

    In this mission you start out and are prompted to follow three animals. Instead of following them, run at an angle to the left of them across the open area so that you are farther down the path they are taking (the lighter area of the map represents the mission area and the path they will follow). Don’t stray too far away from them or too far out of the mission area or it will automatically fail you. Once you are ahead of them on the path wait for them to come near then start inching out from behind the trees to get into their lines of sight. The trophy will be awarded as soon as all three of them have seen you, so you will know as soon as it happens. If one of them gets alerted to you before you earn the trophy choose to quit the mission and start it from free roam again, as this is the 6th mission that will award you Not a Single Leaf Moved if you finished all previous missions without alerting any animals.

  • Take down 10 scared Hyenas in Story Mode

    During free roam groups of Hyenas will spawn and occasionally ones will get scared and start running away from you, either after you shoot a few other or sometimes for no reason at all. If this happens and they start fleeing shoot any of them before they get away. This trophy will be awarded after you kill a total of 10 of these fleeing Hyenas.

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