Risky Robot Trophy in Buzz! Junior: RoboJam

  • Risky Robot


    Score a minimum of 1800 points in singleplayer mode in Piston Peril.

    How to unlock Risky Robot

    This is a game of nerve where a piston hovers over the players for a random amount of time before crushing the unlucky Robot. When it's above you, you accumulate points until you either forward it onto another player by pressing their colour or it crushes you (at which point you loose any points you scored in that round). This event last for five rounds so try to average around 300-400 points per round.

    Here's a tip by squodge: "I've worked out that you each piston offers just over 600 points, so if you count up how much is dished out before it comes to you then you should be able to squeeze a certain maximum out of it. If it starts on you, let it reach 600 points, and then quickly move it to someone else."

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