Mallet Master Trophy in Buzz! Junior: RoboJam

  • Mallet Master


    Score a minimum of 6600 points in a singleplayer game of Mad Mallets.

    How to unlock Mallet Master

    Simply hit the Purple Squidgy thing as quickly as possible by pressing the colour it lands on to score a maximun of 200 points per hit. The vast majority will not land on your own colour so just concentrate on the other three buttons.

    Some players have experienced problems getting 6600 with poor AI, even on Hard. My only advice is keep trying, the AI should get their act together at least one in three games. If you miss on your main playthrough go back to this event in practice mode.

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  • DO NOT DO THIS IN PRACTICE MODE EASY. impossible to hit the target figure as the creatures appea at a slower rate.. do it on hard setting and even if you miss one or two you will easily get the target

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