d6 Admires You Trophy in Burn Zombie Burn!

  • d6 Admires You


    All Gold medals.

    How to unlock d6 Admires You

    Achieve a Gold medal on all Arcade and Challenge levels. Refer to the list on "Friend of d6" for the target scores.

    Please note that Survival mode was patched into the game later on, and neither it nor the DLC are supposed to be required for the medal-related trophies. However, it has been confirmed by doublesix that if you downloaded the Survival mode patch, you will need to get medals in the following Survival maps in order to get medal-related trophies:

    - Woods
    - Graveyard
    - Suburbia
    - Drive-In

    If you don't want to do this, you will need to play the game offline without the Survival patch. If you already have the patch and wish to avoid playing Survival mode for trophies, you'll need to delete the game, reinstall and play offline. Please see the roadmap for more information.

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