Master of the Flame Trophy in Burn the Rope

  • Master of the Flame


    Got a gold on every level.

    How to unlock Master of the Flame

    There are a total of 172 levels in the game, divided into 8 sections, getting more difficult and with more gameplay elements as you progress (although the last section is arguably easier than the penultimate, albeit longer). To get gold in a level, you need to destroy 95% of the rope (and pretty much every insect). This can get quite tricky, so below are some tips:

    • Alternate rotation - At some points, you'll need multiple flames going at once in different directions, but as flames only go up, if one is at the top of a rope for too long, it will burn out. This means you'll need to rotate the level quickly so they don't burn out and you make progress with eradicating the rope, but not too quick which will cause very slow progress. For example, if you have two fires going in either direction, rotate the level 180 degrees every couple of seconds.
    • Experiment from different starting points - For some levels, you'll really need to think about where to start from. If you start from the wrong place, you'll find yourself in a dead end with a lot of rope still left. The right place isn't necessarily by an abundance of insects. Some levels have more than one spot you can start from, if you are sure it is possible to complete the level from a certain starting point but are struggling, still try another spot.
    • Resilience - This is a game where skipping a level and coming back to it later if you're frustrated doesn't really help. Keep trying, all the while getting closer and closer until you get the gold.

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