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    How to unlock Friends

    The "multiplayer" term may be a little misleading for what you are required to do here. What may have worked better would have been to refer to the game as a party or couch co-op game. In order to play with multiple people, you simply select a number greater than 1 on the screen when beginning the game. You will then play the same game as single player (See Complete trophy_bronze.png above for a full explanation of the gameplay). When the first player has finished Round One, the same controller will be passed to the second player and so on. This gives a fun opportunity to play this game with a large party of players and the game is great for that. 

    If you are playing this game alone and are only playing multiplayer for this trophy, select 2 people and either challenge yourself in trivia or laugh as your lesser self loses horribly. Just as single player provides a fourth round that is double or nothing, I suggest you do not chance it and end after Round Three. Please consider that you will need to win the game as well (See Winner trophy_bronze.png

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