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    Round One begins with six darts and a board with categories on the outside ring. If you get a bullseye during this round you are awarded with an extra dart. Categories are Food, General, Sport, Showbiz, Science, History, News, Music, Books and Films. The gimmick is that if you hit the same category twice, you lose a turn and thus a chance for a trivia question and points

    Round Two puts 120 seconds on the clock (2 minutes for those who hate math) to throw darts and answer questions for points. The point values are standard dartboard scoring (See Bullseye trophy_gold.png for a minute long video showing the dartboard for this round) The bullseyes are worth 25 for the outer ring and 50 for the inner circle. As with the first round, if you get the answer wrong, you do not get any points.

    Round Three has a board of red and black divisions around the board. You most hit a different red section each time to get 50 points, bullseye for 200 and each correct answer will also get you 50 points. If you land on black you get nothing. If you land on the same red section you had hit previously, you get nothing. If your dart lands anywhere outside the center ring of interchanging red and black, you get nothing. Even if you hit the Bullseye a second time, you get nothing (No trivia question, no points)

    Finally, you will be given a chance to double your points. This is always optional and if you are looking to finish the game it is advised you take the points you have and run. If you do choose Yes, you will play the Round Two board again and you must score at least 101 points by hitting the various scores on the dartboard AND answering the trivia questions correctly. More than 101 points will double your point count and end the game with no real fanfare. If you get less than 101 points you will lose all your points. Either way, this will end the game and you should receive this trophy.

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