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    The trivia questions in Bullseye! cover a wide variety of categories, especially in Round One where the categories are chosen by where your dart lands). Each question will give you a 20 second timer as you select one of the four multiple choice answers. An incorrect answer will stamp your choice red with an X, a correct answer will be stamped green with a picture of the Bullseye! Bull mascot.

    In general, the questions tend to be focused on European and United Kingdom -centric pop culture. There will likely be questions about Soccer, Rugby or Cricket in the Sports or General questions, Questions about English, Italian or French authors, politicians, or Formula One drivers, perhaps a music question about Eurovision as well, but there are enough trivia questions about American movies, books, celebrities and some American sports to make it so that wherever your trivia knowledge stems from, you should be able to answer a question correctly somewhere along the three rounds of the game.

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