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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Trophy Difficulty Poll)
  • Offline trophies: 6 (3, 0, 3)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 30 minutes to 3 hours (Skill or party-size dependent) (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 Single player round, 1 "Multiplayer" round
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: 0


Bullseye is a quick and enjoyable party game that blends Darts and Trivia into a fun time on your own or with friends for a bit of competition. The game consists of three rounds of dart throwing events with an optional double or nothing final round presented with a mix of what sounds like a local friendly bar room Trivia Night voiceover with a TV Gameshow look. 


Step 1:
 Complete a Single-Player game

You only need to play through the three rounds once with "1" player selected and then a second time with any number larger than 1 for the "Multiplayer" game. The three rounds are quick and will test your ability to aim a dart, as well as trivia covering many topics. For more information on the trivia aspect of the game, check out Correct Answer trophy_gold.png. For information on the full gameplay, check out Complete trophy_bronze.png. If you would like to get a glimpse at the gameplay, check out Bullseye trophy_gold.png.

Whether you win points or end Round Three with 0, making it to the end of the three rounds will complete the Single-Player game for you.

By the end of this step, you should receive the folowing trophies:

Correct Answer trophy_gold.png 
Wrong Answer trophy_bronze.png 
Complete trophy_bronze.png 

Step 2: Complete a Multi-Player game and get a Bulleye

The second time through the game, you can play with a party of friends or just select "2" players on the Start screen to play by yourself.  If playing with a party, you can pass the controller around for each person to be able to have their turn on each of the three rounds. If playing by yourself, you can play both sides or pick which "Player" to win and which to lose.

By the end of the gameplay of three rounds, as long as one or more players end Round Three (or the optional double or nothing Round that follows it) with points still banked, you will fulfill the requirements of Winner trophy_bronze.png.

Having played multiple rounds of the game by this point, you should have been able to land a Bullseye at some point. If not, Start up another game and keep aiming at the middle of the dartboard to complete that task.

By the end of this step, you should have received the following trophies:

Bullseye trophy_gold.png 
Friends trophy_gold.png 
Winner trophy_bronze.png 

Bullseye Trophy Guide

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6 trophies ( 3  )

  • Answer a question correctly

    The trivia questions in Bullseye! cover a wide variety of categories, especially in Round One where the categories are chosen by where your dart lands). Each question will give you a 20 second timer as you select one of the four multiple choice answers. An incorrect answer will stamp your choice red with an X, a correct answer will be stamped green with a picture of the Bullseye! Bull mascot.

    In general, the questions tend to be focused on European and United Kingdom -centric pop culture. There will likely be questions about Soccer, Rugby or Cricket in the Sports or General questions, Questions about English, Italian or French authors, politicians, or Formula One drivers, perhaps a music question about Eurovision as well, but there are enough trivia questions about American movies, books, celebrities and some American sports to make it so that wherever your trivia knowledge stems from, you should be able to answer a question correctly somewhere along the three rounds of the game.
  • Answer a question incorrectly

    This will likely happen without the need to forcibly answer a question incorrectly, but if you make it through the whole game getting every question correct than start up another game and make sure to just press the same button every time and you will eventually get a trivia question wrong.
  • Hit the bullseye

    Hitting the Bullseye may seem a little awkward with the way the dart throwing mechanic is set up, but I found centering the dart at the bottom of the screen and using nearly maximum power should land you a bullseye at some point in the game.  Keep in mind Round Two is the best round to go for multiple Bullseyes, but a Bullseye in Round One will get you 200 points and an extra dart, and a Bullseye in Round Three will also get you 200 points. Both of those rounds can only honor a bullseye once with those points though.

    Below is an example of a Round Two start, getting two questions incorrect and a Bullseye with a correct answer:

  • Finish a single player game

    Round One begins with six darts and a board with categories on the outside ring. If you get a bullseye during this round you are awarded with an extra dart. Categories are Food, General, Sport, Showbiz, Science, History, News, Music, Books and Films. The gimmick is that if you hit the same category twice, you lose a turn and thus a chance for a trivia question and points

    Round Two puts 120 seconds on the clock (2 minutes for those who hate math) to throw darts and answer questions for points. The point values are standard dartboard scoring (See Bullseye trophy_gold.png for a minute long video showing the dartboard for this round) The bullseyes are worth 25 for the outer ring and 50 for the inner circle. As with the first round, if you get the answer wrong, you do not get any points.

    Round Three has a board of red and black divisions around the board. You most hit a different red section each time to get 50 points, bullseye for 200 and each correct answer will also get you 50 points. If you land on black you get nothing. If you land on the same red section you had hit previously, you get nothing. If your dart lands anywhere outside the center ring of interchanging red and black, you get nothing. Even if you hit the Bullseye a second time, you get nothing (No trivia question, no points)

    Finally, you will be given a chance to double your points. This is always optional and if you are looking to finish the game it is advised you take the points you have and run. If you do choose Yes, you will play the Round Two board again and you must score at least 101 points by hitting the various scores on the dartboard AND answering the trivia questions correctly. More than 101 points will double your point count and end the game with no real fanfare. If you get less than 101 points you will lose all your points. Either way, this will end the game and you should receive this trophy.
  • Play a multiplayer game

    The "multiplayer" term may be a little misleading for what you are required to do here. What may have worked better would have been to refer to the game as a party or couch co-op game. In order to play with multiple people, you simply select a number greater than 1 on the screen when beginning the game. You will then play the same game as single player (See Complete trophy_bronze.png above for a full explanation of the gameplay). When the first player has finished Round One, the same controller will be passed to the second player and so on. This gives a fun opportunity to play this game with a large party of players and the game is great for that. 

    If you are playing this game alone and are only playing multiplayer for this trophy, select 2 people and either challenge yourself in trivia or laugh as your lesser self loses horribly. Just as single player provides a fourth round that is double or nothing, I suggest you do not chance it and end after Round Three. Please consider that you will need to win the game as well (See Winner trophy_bronze.png
  • Win a multiplayer game

    As stated above, The multiplayer game is the same game as single player, just with each round repeating for as many people are playing.  The only thing you must do to have a winner of a multiplayer game is to make sure at least one of the players ends the game with points. It is best to not go for the double or nothing optional round at the end unless you are feeling really lucky. Once you reach the end of Round Three and select "No" for the final round, as long as one of the players has at least some points, you will be determined the winner.

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Bullseye Trophy GUIDE FAQ

  • What is the estimated trophy difficulty for Bullseye?
    The estimated trophy difficulty for Bullseye is 2/10.
  • How many offline trophies are there in Bullseye?
    There are 6 offline trophies in Bullseye.
  • How many online trophies are there in Bullseye?
    There are 0 online trophies in Bullseye.
  • How long does it take to get the platinum in Bullseye?
    The estimated time to get a platinum in Bullseye is 30 minutes to 3 hours.
  • How many playthroughs is needed to get a platinum in Bullseye?
    1 Single player round, 1 Multiplayer round.
  • How many missable trophies are there in Bullseye?
    There are 0 missable trophies in Bullseye.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies in Bullseye?
    Difficulty does not affect trophies in Bullseye.
  • Are there any unobtainable/glitched trophies in Bullseye?
    There are no unobtainable/glitched trophies in Bullseye.

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