Mr. OwlBot cup Trophy in BreakQuest: Extra Evolution

  • Mr. OwlBot cup


    Defeated Mr.OwlBot

    How to unlock Mr. OwlBot cup

    "Story related and cannot be missed"
    In the level, you will see a lot of red arrows in white hexagons. You need to destroy the arrows, but you need to destroy the hexagons first, and that's not possible as long as they're white. You need to hit 'Mr. OwlBot', so he loses one eye, and the hexagons will become pink for a short period of time. Now you need to hit as many as you can before OwlBot recovers. If you do not hit Mr. OwlBot, then he will start shooting a beam of light every now and then. If you get hit by the beam, you will lose your shuttle shield, making you smaller, and making it more difficult to keep the ball in the playing field.

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