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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 using save cloud (PS5 players) or USB (only for PS4 players) , 9/10 without using Cloud/USB. (Platinum Difficulty Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 31 (19, 4, 7, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 6 Hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 but 2 is reccomended
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty

Bramble the mountain king is a nice platform game with a great dark atmosphere and creepy creatures.You will follow the adventure of Olle on a quest to find his sister, in a world full of monsters from scandinavian mythology.
The game is not as horror as it can looks, so don't expect any jump scares or scaring situations. It can be considered as an enhanced version of Limbo or Inside, with 3D graphics, a nice lore and some boss fights. 
The platinum is not an easy one but the game is quite short. You could get the platinum in one playthrough but i reccomend to play it twice so you can enjoy it without stressing too much with the hardest trophy. The hard part of the platinum, is to finish the game without dying once (or restarting a checkpoint) and since Olle will die in one hit, this is an hard task.
In order to make the platinum easier, do yourself a favour and get the PS+ before attempting this game! This way, you will be able to back-up your save, making the platinum easier.


Note: This guide is intended for 2 playthroughs. However, if you feel comfortable or already played the game on other consolles, feel free to do it in one playthrough, as getting the collectables is not adding difficulty, only a bit of time. See Survivor trophy_silver.png for a nice video guide.

Step 1: Play the game

Nothing to say: play the game from start to finish, explore to find the collectables and try to learn all jumps and boss fights for the next step. Don't worry if you will not find all the collectables, as they will remain for the next playthrough or during chapter select. See trophy_silver.pngCollector for more info.

At the end of this step, you will get:

Näcken trophy_gold.png 
Kärrhäxan trophy_gold.png 
Skogsrået trophy_gold.png 
Pesta trophy_gold.png 
Bramble trophy_gold.png 
The Mountain King trophy_gold.png 
Home Again trophy_gold.png 
Witchcraft trophy_bronze.png 
Butcher trophy_silver.png 

Step 2: start a New Game and finish the game without dying once OR restarting a checkpoint, trying to get the remaining trophies.

By starting a new game, you will "lose" all your progress except for the collectables, so you will be able to get the last collectables or any action-specific trophies during this run. Getting them will not adding difficulty or hard sections, so don't worry.
The No-Death run is very hard. Platforming is quite easy, except for the last section of the game, but the very hard thing are the bosses. There are 6 of them, each of them with three forms and more than 1 hit to defeat. The worst thing about bosses, are the randomic patterns of attacks, meaning that any time you fight them, it will always be different and if you are unlucky, you can be killed immediately. The game is not long but we are talking about 3 hours with 1-hit kill, slow walking and random bosses: think about reaching the final boss and die at the first hit because you get distracted or just push the wrong button. Exactly: starting over from the start for another 3 hours. If you feel comfortable with yourself, prepare for some frustration and a 9/10 difficult platinum.
If you want to make things easier, however, don't be afraid of using the Clous/USB storage. This will surely help to lower the difficult but you still have to deal with the bosses trying not to die. 
See Survivor trophy_silver.png for tips and hints.

At the end of this step, you should get:

Survivor trophy_silver.png
Bouncy trophy_bronze.png 
Collector trophy_silver.png 
Bookworm trophy_silver.png 
Murderer trophy_bronze.png 
Bait trophy_bronze.png 
Goal! trophy_bronze.png 
Savior trophy_bronze.png 
Evicted trophy_bronze.png 
Lillemor Figurine trophy_bronze.png 
Gnome Figurine trophy_bronze.png 
Troll Figurine trophy_bronze.png 
Lemus Figurine trophy_bronze.png 
Näcken Figurine trophy_bronze.png 
Tuva Figurine trophy_bronze.png 
Kärrhäxan Figurine trophy_bronze.png 
Lyktgubben Figurine trophy_bronze.png 
Skogsrået Figurine trophy_bronze.png 
Pesta Figurine trophy_bronze.png 
King Nils Figurine trophy_bronze.png 
Proper burial trophy_bronze.png 

Step 3: Clean-Up

If you miss something, reload the related chapter and get it.

At the end of this step, you will get:

Completionist trophy_platinum.png 

Bramble: the Mountain King Trophy Guide

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31 trophies ( 19  30  )

  • 100% Completed

    Fight the brambles in your heart and defeat the darkness.

    The light will shine with this platinum.

Secret trophies

  • Survive against Näcken

    Nacken is the second boss of the game and you will face him in the Nacken's Lake.

    The fight is different from the other bosses, as you will defeat him by surviving three different platforming sections:
    1. After the jumping section inside a cave, you will see the Nacken in the background and you will run away from him on lily pads and through mud until you climb up some rocks.
    2. Right after that, you nee to avoid his musical shockwaves on the rocks. You will have to time your runs to hide behind objects that will protect you from the shockwave. The hardest part of this section, is to time your run when you will see some rolling stones that must be used to shelter you from the shockwaves. Once you reach the end, you will reach tall grass: crouch to hide from Nacken until you fall into a cave.
    3. Once out of the cave, you will automatically jump into the water. You will be navigating a short river on the way to the waterfall. All you have to do is dodge rocks by moving left and right. This is, probably, the hardest part of the battle, as you don't have time to think.
    once you survive the river, the fight will end and the trophy will unlock.
  • Defeat the swamp maiden

    You will fight Karrhaxan near the end of the swamp area. You will be on a small boat and Karrhaxan will attack you from underwater. You can see the small waves and bubbles indicating the direction of the boss. Turn around with the camera and wait until you see them. Once the boss get outside the water, shoot her with l2.png+r2.png.
    Again, the fight has three rounds:
    1. Karrkhaxan will spawn an infant carriage and after that, will show herself. Be sure to follow the small waves
    2. Same as before but this time, she will spawn 2 infant carriage
    3. Just like the first time, she will spawn only one infant carriage
  • Make it through Skogsrå's grove

    After meeting the Lyktgubben, you will fight this boss inside a forest. Again, you have three form to face with strongers attacks. Also, in order to damage the Skogsra, you need to remove her barrier by attacking the bodies on the trees:
    1. In the first form, she has 3 attacks. Avoid them and destroy the bodies on the trees. Once you destroyed them, shot Skogsra and she will fell. Run to her and hit square.png to deal damage. If you have any troubles locating the body, shot the boss and you will see the blood coming from a body. The attacks are: 
      • she will throw a blood sphere against you. Simply hide behind a tree to avoid it
      • she will send a blood wave against you. Again, hide behind a tree.
      • she will send spikes on the trees. This time, stay away from any tree to be safe.
    2. in the second form, the bodies will be on the upper part of the trees and they will face the boss directly. She will use the same attacks of before, adding one more:
      • she will spawn small bombs/firecrackers that will kill you if you're too near to them. Stay away from them and run in circle.
    3. last form, the bodies will be floating near the boss. Destroy all of them quickly. New attacks:
      • you don't have a tree to hide from the blood wave, so time your jump to don't die
      • she will throw rays of light to you, just like the firecrackers, stay away from them
    Once you deal the last hit, you will find yourself over the body of the boss. Now, it's time to spam square.png until she stops making noise.
    Beware: if you stop too early, she will kill you! wait until 5/10 hits before stopping

    Also, hit her 100 times to unlock Murderer trophy_bronze.png.
  • Escape Pesta

    You will fight Pesta once you're outside the infected town, in a boat. This will be one of the creepiest part of the entire game, so be prepared!

    Again, this fight is divided into three parts and each time, you have to land 3 succesful hits to her while running to the exit. You will be in a dark area and an opening will open each time you hit Pesta. After the last hit, you will exit to your boat again for the next part of the fight:
    1. she has three attacks: she spawns rats from her mouth, she use a rake against you and last, she will make a dangerous breath. Each time you avoid succesfully an attack, you can land an hit to her with your light. 
      • Rats: you simply have to dodge them as they scurry next to you. Aim your light to zoom in a little to avoid the rats. You have plenty of time and space, time them well
      • Rake: she will push it at you and you have to dodge it by going in between the spikes. 
      • Breathing: there will be a bunch of clones around and you have to land an hit to the right one. You can shine your light and destroy the clones, or just wait until the breath of the original one will be visible, so you can hit her.
    2. On the second phase, the attacks will remain more or less the same, with some small changes and a new attack:
      • Eat: she will spawn down your feet and eat you. To avoid it, simply run diagonally or simply be prepared. Once you see her, jump away from the mouth
      • the rats will be more and biggers
      • the rake will be pushed on the opposite side, so this time you have to jump through the spikes to avoid it
      • there will be more clones during the breathing attack
    3. For the last phase, it will be the same of phase 2, with only 2 small changes:
      • the rake is like the 1st phase but this time, she will pull it from your back. Be sure to be on an empty space
      • rats will be more dark and slightier harder to avoid.
    After the last hit of the 3rd phase, Pesta will be defeated.
  • Free yourself from Bramble

    Story-related, can't be missed

    After Pesta fight, you will be again in the tower and you need to deplete the brambles from it. As soon as the cutsecene starts, you will get the trophy.
  • Dethrone the Mountain King

    The mountain king is the last and probably, the hardest boss of the game. Again, he has three phases, with 2 and 3 similar to each other. You will fight him on a platform that you can fall off, adding another deadly obstacle to you.
    1. For the 1st phase, the king will try to hit you with a knife and a fork. Once you avoid his attack, hit one of the brambles with your light. Rinse and repeat until you deplete all brambles.
      • Knife: He will try to stab you with the knife, so move around and wait until he stops with the arm, so you will have the time to avoid the attack.
      • Fork: he will try to hit you from above, so keep an eye to the shadow of the fork and stop if you're far from the shadow or run away if you're on it.
    2. For the 2nd phase, the boss will use a sword and a staff. Again, avoid the attacks and hit the brambles with the light.
      • Sword: he will swirl the sword from your right to your left. Time your jump and you will easily avoid it. This is the best time to land an hit to him
      • Staff: he will try to crush you with the same logic of the fork. Avoid the attack and beware, as after the hit, some stones will fall down. Look at the shadows and avoid them. For this phase, the rocks will be only 4, so once you see all 4 shadows, you can safely hit the boss. Beware: once he will receive enough damage, the last phase will start without letting you know and it will start after an attack with the staff! be prepared to hide behind a stone when he starts to use his new attack!
    3. For the 3rd phase, there will be no substancial changes, so the strategy is more or less the same. Simply, watch out for the new patterns:
      • Sword: this time, he will swirl the sword twice: right to left and left to right. Time your jump and hit the boss after the second jump
      • Staff: there will be more rocks falling, so watch out for them. Try to not move in front of them, as you will not be able to see the shadows. And last, try to stay near the rocks when they finish to fall.
      • Special attack: in this phase, he will fire a special shockwave that will destroy the rocks and kill you. To avoid it, hide behind a rock. This is another good moment to hit him, as he will need time to recover from this attack.
    Once you remove all the brambles from the king, he will be defeated.
  • Complete the game

    Story-related, can't be missed

    Defeat the last boss, watch the long cutscene and when you get control of Lillimore, check the items in the room and the window, like you did with Olle.
  • Jump on a mushroom 5 times

    Near the beginning of the game, you will follow your sister inside the forest. At a certain point, you will find some big mushrooms, where you have to jump.

    To unlock the trophy, jump from one to another until the trophy unlock.
  • Find all wooden figurines

    To get this trophy, simply find all the wooden figurines scattered around the game. There are 11 of them and they will represents the special characters you will meet in the game, enemies or friends. They're not very hidden, you will find them with some exploration, but i will list here where and how to find them. Each time you find one, you will unlock the related trophy.
    Note: you don't need to find all of them in the same playthrough!
    • Lillemore: near the beginning of the game, after a bench with some apples, you will climb a tree house to continue. You have to interact with the table to get the key to unlock the door and the Lillemor figurine will be to the left. Interact with circle.png to get it.
    • Gnome: in the gnome village, the statue will be on the bench where the gnome is sleeping.
    • Troll: after the section where you have to hide from the troll's light, you will find yourself moving on some pool of guts, escaping from something in the deep. Once you safely survive this area, you will find the troll figurine in the area above the cage, on a shelf at the far right.
    • Lemus: During the morning, you will find a lone gnome, that will jump on your head. Reach the top left area after the water and you will find the statue on a ledge.
    • Nacken: you will find yourself riding an animal through some water, with music in the background. Once you reach a small island, jump off the animal and go behind a three, near some stones. The figurine will be there.
    • Tuva: after meeting with Tuva, follow the path and go left BEFORE interact with the bramble flower. The figurine will be at the end of the small path.
    • Karrhaxan: in the swamp area, after clearing a boat from the brambles, you will reach a platform with two roads: take the lower road until you find a place that you can interact with. The figurine will be there.
    • Lyktgubben: when you reach the library with the Lyktgubben, the figurine will be on a desk. If you don't find it, wait until you go back to the library after the fight with Pesta.
    • Skogsra: once you reach the plagued town, you will enter inside an house, where you will find a dead girl on a chair. Go on the left part of the house and you will find the statue inside a shelf.
    • Pesta: after escaping the village, you will climb a tower. Before the final long ladder, go to the far right to find the figurine.
    • King Nils: once you're in king Nils's son room, you will find the figurine on the bookshelf. Interact with it and look on the top right shelf to find it.
  • Find all story books

    There are 7 story books on the game, with the majority of them in plain sight or needed to be read in order to progress. Simply explore the game and you will easily find all of them.
    Note: i'm not sure this trophy works like Collector trophy_silver.png, so try to find all of them in a single playthrough.
    • Olle's room (story-related)
    • After escaping from Nacken the first time, in the cave. It's in your way, next to a skeleton.
    • In the witch's house in swamp area. (story-related)
    • In the library of the Lyktgubben. (story-related)
    • In the plagued village, inside an house with a candle painted on it
    • In the plagued village, inside a second house with a candle painted on it.
    • In the library, the second time. (story-related)
  • Stab Skogsrå 100 times

    Once you ended the 3rd phase of Skogsra's fight, you will find yourself over the monster. Stab her with square.png 100 times.
  • Bait


    Sacrifice the gnome

    After the troll's escaping section in the forest (where you will hide from his light), you will find yourself on a pool of guts, with a monster inside. 
    You will see a small cage with a gnome on a platform: reach the platform and push the gnome inside the pool to unlock this trophy.
  • Kick an apple into the goal

    Near the start of the game, after the first slide, you will find yourself in an open area with a bench and a couple of apples scattered on the ground. 
    There will be a very small goalpost (very hard to see) in the lower right area, where you need to throw an apple inside. Simply move over an apple to "kick" it and try to push it inside the goalpost.
  • Complete the path of traps without any gnome casualties

    Right after surviving the butcher, you have to open a cage to save 8 gnomes in order to open a door. After you opened the door, this trophy will start.

    You have to navigate the traps without any casualties. The harder part of this trophy, is not to make gnomes survives, but be sure that they're following you and they will not stuck somewhere. Always be sure that all 8 are behind you when navigate the area:
    • first of all, be sure that all 8 escaped safely from the cage and are all on the ground level
    • once you open the door, move slow and keep an eye to all 8
    • once in the traps area, follow the left path, always having a look to the gnomes: be sure they will not go inside a trap or remaining stuck on a rock. Move slow and don't rush
    • once the 8 gnomes reach the house, the trophy will unlock.
  • Brew a potion. Bring out the scales!

    Story-related, can't be missed

    Inside the witch's house, you need to brew a potion to proceed. You have to use the ingredients on the shelfs marked with the symbols craved in the door. 

    In this room, you will also must take a wooden duck needed for Proper burial trophy_bronze.png. Don't continue until you find it!
  • Kick the pinecone folk out of the cave

    This trophy can be unlocked right after escaping the troll chasing you with the light: you will fall inside a cave, with pinecones inside. One pinecone will be crushed by your bottom, while another will remain on the ground. Kick this second pinecone outside the cave.

    This is the hardest trophy of all! 

    Jocking, this is not hard at all, but it can be a bit frustrating because kicking the pinecone can be quite difficult because of the terrain, ending in one of the two situations: the pinecone can be blocked forever or you will be pass through the limit of the cave and find yourself outside without getting the trophy.
    Also, there is no checkpoint here, so if you miss the trophy, you have to replay the chapter from the start!

    Once you reach this area, simply back-up your save file and reload it until you get the trophy.
  • Find the Lillemor wooden figurine

  • Find the gnome wooden figurine

  • Find the troll wooden figurine

  • Find the Lemus figurine

  • Find the Näcken wooden figurine

  • Find the Tuva wooden figurine

  • Find the Kärrhäxan wooden figurine

  • Find the Lyktgubben wooden figurine

  • Find the Skogsrå wooden figurine

  • Find the Pesta wooden figurine

  • Find the King Nils wooden figurine

  • Complete a playthrough without dying

    The hardest trophy of the game. To get this one, you must complete a full 3 hours playthrough withoud dying AND/OR RELOAD a checkpoint. 

    The hardest part of this trophy, are the boss fights: they're hard, long and must be completed flawless, because remember? 1 hit, you're dead. Platform sections are quite doable after a full run but for the bosses, it's different. There are 2 ways to earn this hard trophy:
    • Hard way: practice, practice, practice, practice... fight each boss until you feel confident that you can kill them without being hit. This is the hardest and longest way to get the trophy and personally, i don't reccomend it. The more you proceed in the game, the higher will be the stress, so you will reach the final boss with too much tension and this is what can kill you in that moment, despite all the hours you spended on how to learn every possible situation. 
    • Easy way: luckily, the developers gived us the option to exit the game. This means that we can back-up our savefile! Do yourself a favour and if you don't have it, buy yourself a month of the cheaper PS+ option. If you're playing on Ps4, you can use the USB stick instead, but i reccomend to use the cloud also for Ps4, as it's faster. Once you will be able to back-up the file, do it everytime you reach a dangerous area. The procedure will be:
      • Exit the game
      • Go to the save files menu on Ps4 or Ps5
      • Move the save on the cloud
      • Continue with the game
      • In case of a death, exit the game
      • Open the cloud
      • Move the save from the cloud to the hard disk of the consolle.
    This way, you will be able to complete the game without dying once with not stress. The only price to pay, is that you have to repeat the procedure many time in some parts but it's better than play 3 hours and die before the last hit to the last boss.

    As i wrote on the roadmap, you can do one platinum playthrough mixing this trophy with all the others. I don't reccomend it, unless you have already completed the game once in other consolles. If you want to do a single playthrough, i will put here a video by TheWelshHunter with timestamps for each trophy:

  • Defeat the butcher

    The butcher is the first boss of the game. Like all the other bosses, the fight is divided in three parts:
    1. The butcher will try to hit you with his cleaver. Wait until he rise the arm and then start moving around, avoiding the hit. After two hits, he will do a stronger attack, that will make two guts fall from above, Take one with l2.png and throw it to the butcher face.
    2. This time, the butcher will add a new attack. After the cleaver, he will punch the table. To avoid this attack, jump before he hits the table. He will then hits again with the cleaver two times, making guts coming again. Hits him a second time
    3. Last part, he will do the punch attack TWICE, so be prepared. Wait until the guts fall again and end the battle with the last blow.
  • Find the toy duck and place it on the grave

    To get this trophy, you need to find the duck on the witch's house, in the room where you will breed the potions for Witchcraft trophy_bronze.png.

    Once you find the duck, continue on the chapter, until you reach the end. The trophy will unlock at the end of it.

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Bramble: the Mountain King Trophy GUIDE FAQ

  • What is the estimated trophy difficulty for Bramble: the Mountain King?
    The estimated trophy difficulty for Bramble: the Mountain King is 5/10 using save cloud (PS5 players) or USB (only for PS4 players), 9/10 without using Cloud/USB..
  • How many offline trophies are there in Bramble: the Mountain King?
    There are 31 offline trophies in Bramble: the Mountain King.
  • How many online trophies are there in Bramble: the Mountain King?
    There are 0 online trophies in Bramble: the Mountain King.
  • How long does it take to get the platinum in Bramble: the Mountain King?
    The estimated time to get a platinum in Bramble: the Mountain King is 6 hours.
  • How many playthroughs is needed to get a platinum in Bramble: the Mountain King?
  • How many missable trophies are there in Bramble: the Mountain King?
    There are 0 missable trophies in Bramble: the Mountain King.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies in Bramble: the Mountain King?
    Difficulty does not affect trophies in Bramble: the Mountain King.
  • Are there any unobtainable/glitched trophies in Bramble: the Mountain King?
    There are no unobtainable/glitched trophies in Bramble: the Mountain King.

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