• Estimated trophy difficulty: See below for the difficulty breakdowns of the main game and all 4 DLC lists. The followings are based on assuming you are using Lilith and doing the respective DLCs on Playthrough 1:-
    • Main Game: 4/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
    • The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned DLC: 3/10
    • Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot DLC: 9/10 if done legit but 2/10 if you use the Splitscreen/Low Level Character exploit
    • The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC: 5/10 if you use the Corner exploit to defeat Crawmerax but 9/10 if done legit
    • Claptrap's New Robot Revolution DLC: 3/10
  • Approximate time to Platinum/100%?: 36-50+hrs for the Platinum and 120+hrs for the 100% (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Main Game Trophy Breakdown: 51 (41, 7, 2, 1)
    • Offline (PS3): 50 (41, 6, 2, 1)
    • Offline (PS4): 51 (41, 7, 2, 1)
    • Online (PS3: 1 (1)
    • Online (PS4): 0
  • Zombie Island of Dr. Ned: 5 (2, 2, 1)
    • Offline: 5 (2, 2, 1)
    • Online: 0
  • Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot: 5 (1, 3, 1)
    • Offline: 5 (1, 3, 1)
    • Online: 0
  • The Secret Armory of General Knoxx: 10 (8, 2)
    • Offline: 10 (8, 2)
    • Online: 0
  • Claptrap's New Robot Revolution: 10 (7, 3)
    • Offline: 10 (7, 3)
    • Online: 0
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2 + 3 partial if you don't have all the DLCs but 1 + 3 partial if you do.
  • Number of missable trophies: 1, Fully Loaded
  • Glitched trophies: Yes, 2 -  Big Tournament (Underdome DLC) and Completionist (General Knoxx DLC). Also see here for some additional info on the glitches you might encounter: LINK
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Not directly but playing on playthrough 2 or 2.5 will make the game a lot harder.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes. The Difficulty and Gear trophies do, plus there are separate lists for the PS4, Global and JP PS3 releases of the game.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No
  • Additional peripherals required?: Having 2 controllers (3 in the PS4 version and 3 PSN Accounts) will make the Co-Op trophies a lot easier to get.

Note: The controls mentioned in this Guide are based on 2 different control schemes so please cross-reference them with the in-game instructions for your setup.


Borderlands is a First-Person Shooter/RPG hybrid that is set on the far-off planet of Pandora, where a mythical treasure is rumoured to be hidden in a secret Vault. A race of beings called the Eridians used to reign supreme over Pandora but something happened Millennia ago that wiped them out, leaving only the "Guardians" to watch over the Vault site and keep out intruders. Over the Centuries many have tried and failed to find the treasure but still they come. Many different companies set up shop on Pandora to equip the Vault Hunters and to mine what resources the planet still has. The good times couldn't last and soon many companies either went out of business or cut their losses and left but not before cutting loose all the convicts they'd brought to use as slave labour.

Borderlands is a relatively easy game but some trophies like the "Ding!" ones will take a while to get. Borderlands isn't a hard game to play, you just need to put some time into it. The co-op trophies are easy to get, though if you have the Stackable release you may have difficulty getting them due to how deserted the servers are. Most of the trophies aren't that missable as you can always get any you do miss on Playthroughs 2 or 2.5. The PS4 version of the game, fixes many of the issues that plagued the PS3 original but adds a couple of new ones that will be detailed under the relevant trophies. Unfortunately, something has changed in recent years and the PS3 version of game has become version locked so see here for more info (credit to CypherNova139): LINK


Note: Outside of Completionist and Big Tournament , no other trophies should be glitched but it has been reported that some can be buggy if your console is set to a language other than English so check your system language before starting. Careful, He Bites is one of the trophies that is rumoured to suffer from the problem.

Step 1: Complete Playthrough 1 with Lilith and do every mission, plus select Co-Op trophies

Most of the trophies will come naturally. You can start out with any character to your liking though overall they're the same in strength but we do advise you, if you want to gain the Platinum the fastest, to play as Lilith the Siren. She's pretty strong from the start and her Phasewalk skill will greatly help you out, not only in battle but also because of the extra movement speed and her health-regenerating ability (once unlocked).

Trophies earned during this step:

Paid in Fyrestone
Made in Fyrestone
Paid in New Haven
Made in New Haven
My Brother is an Italian Plumber
You call this archaeology?
Ding! Newbie
Ding! Novice
Ding! Expert
Ding! Hardcore
Discovered Skag Gully
Discovered Sledge's Safe House
Discovered Headstone Mine
Discovered Trash Coast
Discovered The Scrapyard
Discovered Krom's Canyon
Discovered Crimson Lance Enclave
Discovered Eridian Promontory
Get A Little Blood on the Tires
Rootinest, Tootinest, Shootinest
Pandora-dog Millionaire
Group LF Healer
There's No "I" In "Team"
Weapon Aficionado
1.21 Gigawatts
Master Exploder
There are some who call me...Tim
Fully Loaded - MISSABLE
Truly Outrageous
12 Days of Pandora
Wanted: Sledge
Wanted: Krom
Wanted: Flynt
Destroyed the Hive
Destroyed the Destroyer
United We Stand

Step 2: Earn all the DLC trophies, except for the Underdome ones

During this step, you will get all the DLC trophies except for the ones belonging to the Underdome DLC. The DLC trophies are mostly easy, if a little dull at times, though the Armory trophies can be a pain to do solo so you may want to enlist a friend to help out. When playing the Armoury DLC and going for the Completionist trophy, there's a chance it can glitch if attempted in Co-Op so see the Armoury Guide for details.

Guide Links:

- The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned
- The Secret Armory of General Knoxx
- Claptrap's New Robot Revolution

Step 3: XP clean-up

There are many different options available for Levelling up, especially if you have the Game of the Year Edition so see Ding! Champion for more details.

Trophies earned during this step:

Ding! Sleepless
Ding! Champion
Ding! Overleveled
Ding! Overleveled to 11
Step 4: Get the remaining Co-Op trophies

There are a few co-op related trophies and all bar one of them can be done offline in Splitscreen or LAN mode. If you go down the Splitscreen route then you will need two joypads as the re-assigning trick won't work for this game. The only online trophy in the PS3 version is "And They'll Tell Two Friends" but you have 3 options for getting it:

1: Online co-op either public or with a friend.
2: LAN.
3: XLink Kai.

See And They'll Tell Two Friends for more details.

For the PS4 version of the And They'll Tell Two Friends trophy, the requirements were changed so you only need to join a 3 or 4 player Co-Op match then the trophy will pop. Please note that the character selection screen is insanely laggy in the PS4 version of the game but Gearbox and Blind Squirrel Games are aware of this issue so fingers crossed it gets fixed soon.

Note: The other player(s) must be within a few levels and missions of you and be on the same Playthrough, else the missions will appear in your list as "ineligible" and won't count towards There's No "I" In "Team" .

Trophies earned during this step:

Can't We Get BEYOND Thunderdome?
And They'll Tell Two Friends 

Step 5: Kills with the remaining characters

For this step you just need to create three more characters (one of each remaining class), get to level 5 and earn the 15 kills you need for the respective trophy. It shouldn't take you more than an hour to get each one. Do note though that entering a Vending machine or pausing the game, will cancel your Action Skill if it's active when playing as Lilith or Brick.

Trophies earned during this step:

Careful, He Bites
Reckless Abandon
Down in Front!

Step 6: The Underdome DLC

To make this step as painless as possible, I recommend using the low level character as the host (see the Underdome Guide for Details) and either doing this DLC online with a friend or in local Co-Op. The Small Tournament trophy is easy enough to solo if you have a Lv69 character available but the Large Arenas are hard to the point of hair pulling frustration so do those with a friend and use the aforementioned exploit. You're looking at approx 10hrs to get all 5 trophies done but due to the tedium factor, you're going to want to split these trophies up over several sessions. Whilst rare, there is a chance that the Big Tournament trophy can glitch and not pop if you change hosts at any point so see the Underdome Guide for more details.

Guide link

- Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot

Trophies earned during this step:

Small Tournament
The Angelic Ruins
The Gully
Big Tournament - GLITCHED

Step 7: Clean-up

Use this step to get any of the misc trophies that you didn't get earlier on, of which My Brother is an Italian Plumber , Speedy McSpeederton , You're on a boat! and Sucker born every minute will be the primary ones you're missing because there is almost no way you will get them by accident. The Claptrap DLC collectibles are other possible candidates for trophies you will be missing, because you will have to be incredibly lucky to get them whilst en-route to the other trophies in that DLC.

Once you have all the main game trophies, of which Ding! Champion will almost certainly be the last one you get, you will have the Platinum: Borderland Defender .
[PST Would Like To Thank Terminator and Vuule For this Roadmap]
The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned DLC:

Road Map

  • Estimated 100% difficulty: 3/10 (this greatly depends on which Playthrough you do this DLC on).
  • Offline trophies: 5 (2 , 2 , 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 4-8 hours (strongly dependent on how long Braaaaaaaaaaaaains! takes you to get).
  • Minimum number of Playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: No but see the Glitch Notes and Additional Info section in the Introduction.
  • Do trophies stack: No
  • Does difficulty affect any trophies: No but on Playthrough 2 and 2.5, the difficulty will increase.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies: No cheats
  • Additional accessories required: No


The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned was the first DLC with trophies to be released for Borderlands (the first actual DLC was the Gearbox Mercenary Pack, which was a pre-order bonus). The basic storyline is the titular Dr. Ned has had a little "accident" in Jakobs Cove, which has caused the whole area to be overrun by Zombies. It's up to you to find out exactly what happened and put a stop to it.

After installing the DLC you will get a message whilst the disk/game is loading which informs you the DLC has been loaded, press to get rid of the message. To start this DLC, just go to any Fast Travel station and travel to "Jakobs Cove" but you need to have finished the main game mission "Fix'er Upper", before it will appear. You must be Lv10 or higher else you will find the missions too hard. We recommend you wait until you have at least finished the main game mission "Return to Zed" before starting this DLC, the reasons being you will then have 3 Weapon slots available instead of two and you'll be of a higher level. To get the absolute best out of this DLC we recommend waiting until Playthrough 2 because then you will have all 4 Weapon slots open, plus you will get a lot more XP and the Loot will be better. If you get desperate for XP on your way to the "Ding!" trophies then this DLC will give you a nice boost (credit to Plas for this info).

There are several side missions in this DLC but they are not required for any trophies, though we advise you do them anyway as they will greatly contribute to speeding up getting the Braaaaaaaaaaaaains! trophy. See here for the mission list: Side Missions

Glitch Notes (PS3 only):

If you have the latest patch installed then technically no trophies are glitched but there have been reports over the years that some of the story trophies won't pop if you're player 2. If any trophies do glitch, then you will have to either start another Playthrough/character or load a save file backup from before you got glitched.

This DLC also has some really bad Frame-Rate issues related to using incendiary attacks but if you remove any incendiary relics and/or skills and keep incendiary weapon-use to a minimum, then the Frame-Rate will be much more manageable. Lilith is the worst character for causing Frame-Rate issues, make sure you Respec and remove any Skill Points you may have in the Phoenix Skill. You can Respec back again when you're done with this DLC. It also helps to pick up as much loot as possible as having too much lying around makes the already shaky Frame-Rate worse. According to GiGGi1975, having an explosive relic equipped will also cause Frame-Rate issues so it's best to unequip any relics until you've finished this DLC to avoid problems.

The worst areas for Frame-Rate issues are: The Jakobs Cove Coastline, all of Generally Hospital, parts of Dead Haven and small sections of the Lumber Yard.

Additional Info:

Borderlands Glitches Thread (Zombie Island specific glitches can be found in post 6).

Additional info on co-op issues can be found in the General Information section of the main guide: General Information.

Side mission Guide: LINK

As a general note, all the controls in this guide assume you are using the "Resistant" control scheme. Also note that all the pictures used in this guide were taken by Terminator.


Step 1: Story trophies and start work on Braaaaaaaaaaaaains!

The Story trophies are all pretty self explanatory but the boss-related ones can be a pain to get, though there are some tricks you can use to make things easier. The story trophies will only pop once you've completed the mission with the same name as the trophy e.g. to get the Jakobs Fodder trophy, you have to finish the mission called "Jakobs Fodder". The only other issue you may have are with the Badass Tankensteins because on Playthroughs 2 and 2.5, they can be a nightmare to kill but if you kit and spec out your character right then you shouldn't have too many problems killing them. The Badass Tankensteins have two attacks:
  1. An extremely powerful Barrel throwing move (where he chucks Barrels at you from the stockpile on his back, that stun on impact).
  2. A melee charge move that will knock off a lot of health if it connects with you.
Braaaaaaaaaaaaains! should be started at the same time as the House of the Ned trophy to get it out of the way ASAP.

Trophies earned during this step:

House of the Ned
Jakob's Fodder
Night of the Living Ned
Ned's Undead, Baby, Ned's Undead

Step 2: Clean up

The only trophy you may not have after killing the final boss is Braaaaaaaaaaaaains! . This can be a real pain to get after killing the final boss, as the number of available brains seems to go down at this point. If you have any side missions left, then do those and/or hang out in a heavily infested area like Dead Haven to grind out any brains you still need. Saving, exiting to the main menu and reloading your save will reset the Zombies so you can farm them faster and more easily.

Trophy earned during this step:

[PST Would Like To Thank  Dark_Raven666 and Terminator For this Road Map]
Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot DLC:

Road Map

  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 9/10 if done legit but 2/10 if you use the Splitscreen/Low Level Character exploit (personal opinion)
  • Offline trophies: 5 (1, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 9-10hrs if you use the low level character exploit but many times longer than that if you try to complete this DLC legit.
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 6 - 1 of each arena
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: Yes, 1 - Big Tournament
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Not directly but playing on playthrough 2 or 2.5 will make the game a lot harder.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes. There are separate lists for the PS4, global and JP PS3 releases of the game.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.
  • Additional peripherals required?: No but having 2 controllers will make the trophies easier to get.


Welcome to the Underdome! After getting through 3 husbands (and heaven knows how many boyfriends/girlfriends) Mad Moxxi has decided to hold a Tournament to decide who her new significant other will be. Gameplay wise, the Underdome is essentially one big Horde mode that sees you take on wave after wave of enemies over many rounds in 6 Arenas. The Small Arenas feature 25 Waves over 5 Rounds but the Large Arenas features 100 Waves over 20 rounds. There are 3 Small Arenas and 3 Large Arenas so do the maths and that's a lot of Waves. To make this DLC a heck of a lot easier and shorter, it's strongly recommended that you use the exploit explained in the Big Tournament Walkthrough.

Trophy wise, you're looking at 9-10hrs if use the exploit but at least 20-30hrs+ if you try to do it legit. The reason for this, is the fact there is no save system and dying means being thrown back at least 5 rounds so you have to work your way back up through the rounds again. If you have the PS4 version of this DLC, then an added fly in the ointment is that Rounds 17-20 are very crash prone and unstable but playing on a PS5 will mitage most of the stability problems, though not all of them. To prevent the Big Tournament trophy from glitching, use the Splitscreen version of the exploit, do all 6 Arenas in numerical order and never change hosts.


Step 1: Small Arenas

The Small Arenas are fairly short and easy so shouldn't take more than an hour or two to finish.

Trophy earned during this step:

Small Tournament

Step 2: Large Arenas

To ensure this step goes as smoothly as possible and prevent any trophy glitches, make sure that your Alt account is the host for each and every session for as long as it takes to get this done. I also recommend backing your saves up for both accounts, whenever you successfully clear each arena so you have a fall back if anything goes wrong.

Trophies earned during this step:

The Angelic Ruins
The Gully
Big Tournament - GLITCHED

[PST Would Like To Thank Kaingorn and Tigerlust For this Road Map]
The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC:

Road Map

  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 if you play as Lilith but 9/10 if any other characters are used. (Personal opinion).
  • Offline trophies: 10 (8, 2)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 15-20hrs (Personal opinion)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: Yes, 1 - Completionist
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Not directly but playing on playthrough 2 or 2.5 will make the game a lot harder. Due to Crawmerax having a minimum requirement of Lv61, regardless of which playthrough you're on, you may want to do this DLC on Playthrough 2 so you level up faster.
  • Do trophies stack?:
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: Yes, there are separate lists for the PS4, Global and JP PS3 releases of the game.
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC, sees the Vault Hunters going after the Crimson Lance to stop them and General Knoxx from capturing a large chunk of the planet. Trophy wise, the only trophies you have to worry about are Vincible and the DLC spanning Completionist . Vincible can be made easier by playing as Lilith and using the ledge exploit mentioned in the Guide but do note that it's not as effective in the PS4 version of this DLC. Completionist involves completing every main and side mission in this DLC but some, most noticeably the ones for killing Crawmerax and completing all of the Circles of Duty, are notoriously difficult without the proper gear and tactics but are doable with practice. Another fly in the ointment, is that it's possible to glitch Completionist and stop it from popping if you play online and somehow end up with 2 or more of the Armory raid missions active in your Mission log.


Note: Due to Crawmerax having a minimum requirement of Lv61, regardless of which playthrough you're on, you may want to do this DLC on Playthrough 2 so you level up faster.

Step 1: Finish the story and complete as many Side-Missions as possible

The Story Related trophies are easy enough to get but the side missions can be a pain so feel free to leave some of them until Step 3.

Trophies earned during this step:

Making a Monster
Athena, Out
Depot Demolition

Step 2: Completionist, Vincible and the Ding! trophies

Completionist , spans the entire DLC and requires you to complete every story and side mission in the DLC (including the aforementioned one for killing Crawmerax) so will take a long time to obtain. You will also be using this step to get some of the misc trophies, including the 2 Ding! trophies and Vincible . Vincible involves killing Crawmerax The Invincible, who one of the hardest and most notorious Raid Bosses in Borderlands history but fortunately there are some exploits you can use that will make life a lot easier so see Vincible for more details.

Trophies earned during this step:

Ding! Overleveled
Ding! Overleveled to 11
Completionist - GLITCHED

Step 3: Cleanup

By this point, you should only be missing 3 trophies: Sneaky Little Buggers , Speed Kills and Sucker born every minute but none are hard to get and should have killed most of the loot midgets anyway, if you have been opening every chest and container in sight.

Trophies earned during this step:

Sneaky Little Buggers
Speed Kills
Sucker born every minute
[PST Would Like To Thank Tigerlust For this Road Map]
Claptrap's New Robot Revolution DLC: 


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Personal opinion)
  • Offline trophies: 10 (7, 3)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 2-3hrs for the story but the collectibles can potentially take many, many hours because of the low drop rates for certain items (personal opinion).
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: None but support for this DLC was added to the JP PS3 stack with the 1.05 patch but there is currently no way to play it.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Not directly but playing on playthrough 2 or 2.5 will make the game a lot harder.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, there are separate lists for the PS4 and global and JP PS3 releases of the game.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


The 4th and final DLC of the Borderlands saga revolves around a Claptrap uprising. After the events of the main story, the "Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap" was designed to destroy the Vault Hunters. However, tired of being enslaved and treated like dirt, the Claptrap turned on its masters and recruited an army of other Claptraps to destroy anything standing in their way and gain control of Pandora. Seeing how problematic the situation had become, the Hyperion Company recruits the Vault Hunters to sort out the mess and restore order to the planet.

All of these trophies can be earned offline so attempting them in Co-Op is purely optional. The main story itself is actually quite short and assuming you do not take on any of the side missions, can be completed in a few hours. In keeping with the traditional Borderlands style, there are a few side missions as well, however the only ones that you will need to complete for a trophy are the ones given to you by Tannis.


Note: Whilst the list for this DLC is a part of the JP version of the game, the DLC itself is currently unavailable and there's no word on when it will come out.

Step 1: Complete the story and begin working on Tannis' missions

This step is fairly straightforward – you should concentrate on completing all of the missions given to you by Blake, and begin collecting items for Tannis. Make sure that you talk to Tannis as soon as you start the DLC to receive your first collection mission. Every time you kill an enemy Claptrap, they will drop various parts which Tannis wants for something that she's building. If you receive this mission as soon as you start, it will greatly reduce the amount of time required in Step 2 - you'll automatically encounter enemy Claptraps during the story so you might as well begin collecting the parts from them now.

Trophies earned during this step:

Muerte la robo-lución

Step 2: Finish off all of Tannis' missions

If you received Tannis' mission as soon as you started, then you should have received the vast majority of the Claptrap parts already. Now it's just a case of finishing up and reporting back to Tannis each time you've completed a mission. Please refer to the walkthrough for The Collector for more information.

Trophy earned during this step:

The Collector - in the PS3 version

Step 3: Collect all of the misc items and find all 6 statues

Every time you kill an enemy Claptrap, there's a chance that they may also drop additional items as well as parts. You will need to get the required number of Pink Panties, Clap-Fish, Pizzas, 3D Glasses, Claptrap Bobbleheads, Oil Cans and finally the Statues.

Trophies earned during this step:

The Lubricator
It's so realistic!
What a party!
[PST Would Like to Thank Dark_Phantom_89 for this Road Map]

Borderlands Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

81 trophies ( 17  59  14  )

  • You have defeated all bosses and are a powerful force to be reckoned with

    This description is misleading because just defeating all the bosses won't pop the Platinum, for this game you need to unlock all 50 non-DLC trophies to get the Platinum. Everything below Down in Front! on your trophy list is a DLC trophy and not required for the .
  • Completed 5 missions in the Arid Badlands

    Story related, can't be missed

    This will likely be the very first trophy you get as you have to do the first 5 missions anyway to progress through the story. It shouldn't take you more than 30mins to get this trophy and it will pop after turning-in the mission called "Fix'er Upper".
  • Completed all missions in the Arid Badlands

    See this page for a list of all the missions: Borderlands Wikia - Arid Badlands Missions

    There are 23 main missions and 21 side missions in the Arid Badlands. Most main missions are given by the following characters: the Guardian Angel, Claptrap, Dr Zed, T.K Baha, Shep Sanders and Scooter. While most side missions can be found at the Bounty Board, you will meet all characters by simply playing the main story missions. You will also get introduced to the Bounty Board. If you don't get this in Playthrough 1 then you can get it in Playthrough 2.

    Tips & Notes:

    • Whenever a Scavenger mission appears (and this applies to all the Paid/Made in trophies), the Mission Marker will only show you the general area to look in, not where the specific Gun part actually is. The Gun parts can be recognised by the green shimmer they give off when you are close and will show as a Money Bag on your Compass. A Green Trophy Icon will also appear above the part when you're close enough. See here for a visual Guide to these missions (credit to KFZ Scrubs): LINK
    • The mission "Catch-A-Ride" can sometimes glitch. To fix this, Turn In the first couple of missions that T.K Baha gives you or you can do what Joe111eleven111 recently told us of and that's to save, exit, reload and the glitch will be gone.
    • Bone Head can be easily beaten by using this method courtesy of JHChiBulls:
    Like with Bone-Head, I stood a fair distance from the front gate and just sniped him and he didn't even move to attack back.
    • Sometimes the Claptrap that's next to the Fyrestone Bounty Board will erroneously announce that new Missions are available at that particular Bounty Board. This is an audio glitch and can be ignored.
    • The Mission "Leaving Fyrestone" isn't needed to earn this trophy.
    • In your HUD, the Hidden Journal: The Arid Badlands mission incorrectly states you only have to find 4 journals when it should say 5.
    • It is possible to miss a few missions, finish the game then start playthrough 2 and get this trophy without doing all the missions (Credit to greenzsaber for this info).
    • To prevent a rare but nasty crash when fighting Mad Mel, leave your vehicle outside the arena, enter it and get yourself killed by the enemies that are inside. Once you've re-spawned, stand/crouch on the ramp that leads into the arena, get your Rocket Launcher out and start picking off the Rocket Launcher Runners. After all the Runners have been destroyed, Mad Mel himself will appear in his custom Runner and he's a lot tougher than the others so be prepared for a fight. Mad Mel will also have a couple of normal Rocket Launcher Runners guarding him so make sure you also destroy them as well. Once they're all dead, you can safely enter the arena and make your way to the Dahl Headland Transition Gate.
  • Complete 5 missions in the Rust Commons

    Story related, can't be missed

    The Description for this trophy is highly misleading as you can get the trophy without ever entering The Rust Commons. Turn In the following Missions to get this trophy quickly:
    • Power To The People
    • Is T.K OK?
    • Like A Moth To Flame - See Made in New Haven for advice on this Mission.
    • Claptrap Rescue: New Haven
    • Corrosive Crystal Harvest though King Tosser or Claptrap Rescue: Tetanus Warren will do instead.
    Note: The Missions in the Dahl Headlands that you have to do before you reach New Haven don't count towards this trophy.
  • Completed all missions in the Rust Commons

    See this page for a list of all the missions: Borderlands Wikia - New Haven Missions

    This trophy will pop after Turning-In the Mission "Get Some Answers" in the Crimson Fastness. If you don't get this in Playthrough 1 then you can get it in Playthrough 2.

    Tips & Notes

    • When you go after Mothrakk, bring your best Shotgun as it's pretty much the only way to kill it without getting your butt kicked in the process. We say use a Shotgun because the other weapons are either too slow or inaccurate to actually hit it. To make things easier, lure it over to where Shep is then you can quickly heal yourself from the nearby Dr. Zed Vending machine if/when you take damage. You can also respawn at the nearby Respawn Pole should you die (providing you activate it first). Mothrakk's one and only attack is when it fires a string of powerful fireballs at you that are virtually impossible to avoid but if you follow the advice above, you shouldn't take too much damage.
    • When you go up against Rakkinishu during the Journal Recordings Mission, make sure you are in a Rocket Launcher Runner and use its turret as Rakkinishu is a strong enemy and will quickly kill you if you aren't prepared.
    • If this trophy hasn't popped then you're likely missing the missions: Green Thumb, Bandit Treasure: Three Corpses and Three Keys and Bandit Treasure: X Marks The Spot.
    • See here for a visual Guide to the Scavenger missions (credit to KFZ Scrubs): LINK
    • The Waypoint for the Mission "Middle Of Nowhere: Small Favor" is glitched and won't show you the exact location of the Spiderants you have to kill. There are so many Spiderants in the area this glitch doesn't really matter but it's annoying nonetheless.
    • The Waypoint for the Mission "Bait and Switch" is glitched and doesn't show exactly where the Spiderant Queen is. To get her to show herself you need to go down to where the Sewage Outflow pipe is.
    • The Waypoint for the Mission "Earl's Best Friend" is partly glitched in that it doesn't show where the escape route is for Earl's Best Friend. To prevent any accidents, clear out the Bandits first, then free Earl’s Best Friend and escort him/her to their escape point.
    • The Waypoint for the Mission "Smoke Signals: Shut Them Down" is glitched and won't take you to the individual Smoke Signals. The Smoke Signals are easily recognised by the thick black plumes of smoke that appear in the sky.
    • The Waypoints for the mission "Middle Of Nowhere No More: Fuses? Really?" but the Fuses are easy enough to find, just search all the small rubbish piles (identified by the green smoke that comes off them).
    • It is possible to miss a few missions, finish the game, then start playthrough 2 and get this trophy without doing all the missions (Credit to greenzsaber for this info).
    There are also several other missions with glitched Waypoints.
  • Killed an enemy plumber-style

    To get this you have to kill an enemy by jumping on it. The simplest way is to Melee a Pup Skag until it has very little health left, then keep jumping on it until it dies. You will likely get bounced off so keep jumping in different directions. At a lower level it will take quite a long time to kill a Skag by jumping on it (low damage and it keeps moving a lot) so we recommend doing this when you are at a higher level. An easier enemy would be a Spiderant since it doesn't move as much.

    Another way to get this is to start a Splitscreen game with a really low level character (e.g. level 2) as Player 1 and a high level (e.g. level 10) as Player 2, then go to the Skag den just outside of Fyrestone and jump on a Skag. By doing it this way, one or two jumps should kill a Skag and make the trophy pop. The earliest you can get this is during the mission "Skags At The Gate". You can also do this later on in the game with the small Sythids and Spiderants.

    If you still have problems then watch this video:


    Credit to Double for this video.
  • Raced around the Ludicrous Speedway in record time

    The description of this trophy says "record time" but the Achievement mentions 31 seconds instead, thus we assume it's the same for the trophy.

    This is obtained in the far bottom left corner of The Dahl Headlands, there are multiple Catch-A-Ride stations so don't worry about that. Use your boost whenever possible but don't use it in corners because this can easily cause you to crash or flip over. The timer starts and stops when you go under the triangle garlands. Stand at the start and immediately use your boost. Keep your second boost for when you turn left and go up a small hill as there will be a jump which you won't make without it. After the jump simply follow the turn and the trophy should pop shortly after passing the finish line. It should be easily done within the time limit if you don't run into any walls.

    Here's the location of the speedway and where the start and finish lines are:

    ...or use the following video:


    Return to the triangle garlands whilst still in your vehicle if you happen to mess up, then turn around and try again. If done in co-op then both players will get it providing they're both in the vehicle at the same time.
  • Applied an elemental artifact

    The earliest you can get an elemental artifact is when you get the Missions "Shock Crystal Harvest" and "The Legend Of Moe and Marley", as completing either of them will earn you one when you hand it in. The game will also notify you with a small tutorial message of what an elemental artifact is. There are two ways to equip an elemental artifact:
    • Highlight the Diamond in the top left-hand corner of the Skills screen and press then again on the artifact you wish to set.
    • Find the artifact in your inventory and press on it.
  • Earned level 5

    See Ding! Champion
  • Earned level 10

    See Ding! Champion
  • Earned level 20

    See Ding! Champion
  • Earned level 30

    See Ding! Champion
  • Earned level 40

    See Ding! Champion
  • Discovered Skag Gully

    Story related, can't be missed

    You will get this trophy, seconds after arriving at Skag Gully during the mission "Nine-Toes: Take Him Down". Skag Gully is a dangerous place to be this early in the game so make sure you're packing some decent firepower. The easiest way to kill Nine-Toes is to keep moving and aim for his head. Nine-Toes's two pet Skags (Dinky and Pinky) are tougher then he is so watch out and use your best weapon to eliminate them, though the Lady Finger Repeater Pistol will make short work of them if you still have it. Once they're all dead, pickup Nine-Toe's Unique Weapon (if you haven't already) then grab all the items and leave.
  • Discovered Sledge's Safe House

    Story related, can't be missed

    The Safe House is located in the Arid Hills and you will discover it during the mission "Sledge: To The Safe House". To get there you have to make your way past 3 enemy bases of various sizes and several Skags. Weapon-wise we recommend you bring a good Sniper Rifle, a decent Shotgun and a Transfusion or Contact Grenade Mod as well. You will also need a really good shield. Most of the enemies are easy enough to kill but you will run into a couple of badass Psychos and a few Bruisers along the way. The best way to take these guys out is with your Sniper Rifle from a distance. Once you get inside the Safe House you will only have to worry about normal enemies but they will still put up a major fight.

    At the far end of the Safe House is a large room, inside of which is a Boss called "Roid Rage Psycho". To kill this thing, stay close but not too close (else he will smack you one with his axe) and don't stray too far away either (or he will lob a string of incendiary Grenades at you) so aim for his head with your Sniper Rifle. During the fight several Stunted Midgets will join in and try to kill you so kill them with your Shotgun (or your Sniper Rifle if your aim is good enough) then finish off the Boss with some Grenades.

    After the fight is over go to where the Waypoint is pointing, press the button to reveal the Key to the Mine, take it, return to the Arid Badlands and to the Mine Entrance to Turn In the quest.
  • Discovered Headstone Mine

    Story related, can't be missed

    You will get this trophy seconds after you enter the Mine area. See "Wanted: Sledge" for more info.
  • Discovered Trash Coast

    Story related, can't be missed

    Note: Even though this trophy is listed as coming after the one for finding the Headstone Mine, it actually doesn't pop until you go to the Trash Coast after receiving the Mission "Another Piece Of The Puzzle".

    You will get this trophy seconds after you enter the Trash Coast. See Destroyed The Hive for more information.
  • Discovered The Scrapyard

    Story related, can't be missed

    You will get this trophy seconds after you enter The Scrapyard for the first time during the mission "Meet 'Crazy' Earl". Tannis will give you this mission after meeting with you at her base in The Rust Commons West. When you get there you will have to kill a few Skags and blow up some Gas Cylinders to gain entry to 'Crazy' Earl's hut.
  • Discovered Krom's Canyon

    Story related, can't be missed

    You will get this trophy seconds after you enter Krom's Canyon for the first time during the Mission "The Next Piece".

    See Wanted: Krom for more info.
  • Discovered Crimson Lance Enclave

    Story related, can't be missed

    You will get this trophy seconds after you enter the Crimson Lance Enclave for the first time during the Mission "Reactivate The ECHO Comm System".
  • Discovered Eridian Promontory

    Story related, can't be missed

    You will get this trophy seconds after you enter the Eridian Promontory for the first time during the Mission "Find Steele".

    We strongly recommend you bring a rapid fire Sniper Rifle and a Machine Gun, both with a high level shock capability, plus at least one weapon with a high level corrosive ability. The reason for this, being the Guardians are extremely vulnerable to shock weapons and you will need a corrosive weapon for the Crimson Lance troops that are also in the area.
  • Earned level 50

    If you have all the trophy DLCs installed, then it is theoretically possible to get all the "Ding!" trophies in one Playthrough. For most people, however, it will take at least 1.5 playthroughs to get to level 50 as you won't earn enough XP on Playthrough 1 if you play legit. The highest level you're likely to reach on Playthrough 1 is approx 38, depending on how much XP grinding you do and if you have a class mod equipped that increases the amount of XP you earn. If you don't Power Level or use any exploits, then this trophy will pop around the time the Mission "Jaynistown: Getting What's Coming To You" becomes available on Playthrough 2, providing you have completed all the side-quests up to this point. Getting to level 40 isn't hard, it's getting to 50 that takes the most time as the XP gap between the two is massive. Getting to level 50 requires a total amount of 3,429,728 XP.

    Here are some ways to get level 50 if you want to speed things up/cheat a little bit (though please note that we are unsure about which of these work with the PS4 version of the game and which don't):
    • Go Power Levelling in the Eridian Promontory by having someone with a Max level character invite you to their game and Fast Travelling there (unless they're already at the Promontory that is). Now sit back and let the other person do all the hard work as any XP they earn, you will to - only possible in Splitscreen or LAN mode.
    • Make sure you have the Secret Armoury of General Knoxx DLC installed then get invited to a game where someone is farming Crawmerax. Crawmerax and his minions are worth a lot of XP and you can level up extremely quickly if things go to plan
    • If you want to cheat, then see this video on how to do the Med Kit Exploit (credit to Primalliquid):


      Note: If you use this exploit then it's best to stick to using the Dr. Ned Health Vending machine in Fyrestone otherwise it might not work properly (credit to tenike1 and levo21 for this info). This exploit works with the latest patch and the global release of the GOTY Edition so no need to delete anything, confirmed working with the JP stackable release (credit to scuzzybum for confirming this).
    • An alternative XP Exploit is this one, which exploits a quirk with the "How much for the planet?" challenge (credit to Andy Lewis): - Doesn't work on the PS4, because of a bug that screws up the money counter.


      A full explanation for how it works can be found here: LINK (credit to Duke Briggs for this explanation). Here's an alternative way to do this exploit: To pull this off, you need to farm an area until your backpack is full then sell everything you're not using. Do this enough times and eventually (it will take a while) the money counter for "How much for the planet" will glitch and start counting backwards until it hits $9,999,999, when it hits this point you will earn 20,000 XP. Once the counter has reset, you will have sell enough items glitch it again. This exploit is extremely time consuming and should be considered a last resort option. Do note though that this exploit is not as fast nor efficient as the Medkit exploit but will do for the people that don't have the requisite Challenge available.
    • Using Roland's Turret can cause you to lose out on XP if an enemy dies from any continuous damage it deals e.g. corrosive.
    • Here's another exploit, you don't earn much and it's fiddly to do but it's better than nothing if you've screwed up the others (PlanetBorderlands):


      The guy doesn't mention the XP but it's there.
    You really shouldn't need to use any of these exploits since you get loads of XP by just playing the game and even more by finishing all the DLCs.
  • Killed 25 enemies by ramming them with any vehicle

    The earliest this trophy can be obtained is when you gain access to the Catch-A-Ride station in Fyrestone after Turning In the Mission "Bone Head's Theft". Once you have spawned a Runner, drive around for 5-10mins and run over every enemy you meet. Not every enemy can be killed instantly by driving over them and running over a high level enemy can destroy your vehicle and kill you.
  • Killed 5 Rakk in under 10 seconds

    The Rakk are those pesky bird like creatures in the sky that always attack in groups and look like demented Pterodactyls. The absolute best time to get this trophy is during the "Get The Flock Outta Here" Mission you obtain from a friend of Dr. Zed called Shep Sanders. Once you've got the Mission, spawn a Rocket Launcher Runner from the nearest Catch-A-Ride Station and head over to where the Waypoint is pointing to. Drive up to the Hive (the big hairy bump in the ground that looks like a red/black moonscape) which will lure the Rakk out. Drive back a few feet and get into your Turret by pressing . Shoot at one of the Rakk to get their attention, wait for them to bunch up and dive bomb you, then fire away when they're right on top of you. Do it right and you will kill 5 in one shot.

    Alternatively, once you get attacked equip yourself with a powerful weapon, preferably with a big ammo magazine; Shotguns and Machine Guns/Combat Rifles are the easiest for this. This might not work with the first few encounters but you will very soon out-level them. You can always come back later if needed.

    We recommend doing this trophy whilst playing solo else your co-op buddy(ies) will likely screw this up for you.
  • Earned $1,000,000

    This trophy is cumulative and you don't need to have the entire $1 million on you at once. Pick up and sell everything you don't need and you will have this in no time. This trophy can also be done in conjunction with Fence. You should easily obtain this in your first Playthrough.

    Credit to OnceFallen for pointing out the following:

    The absolute fastest way to get this is have a friend with a Max level character give you an item e.g. a class mode that's worth a million or more, then all you have to do is sell it and the trophy will pop shortly afterwards. Use this trick if for some reason you don't have $1 million after obtaining most of the trophies or if the trophy for some reason doesn't unlock.

    Manifest Density Pt. 2 has pointed out the following:

    Create your main character and play a couple missions, save exit. Now exit out and create another character, go into online and join a game that is way further along in the story. You'll rank up pretty quick, gain a couple extra weapon slots etc. but the key is to pick up all the weapons of value (anything over $5,000 resale value, though anything over $12,345 & $123,456 is even better to pick up).

    Now after you fill all your backpack slots, save the game, exit. Go into splitscreen and have P1 be the MAIN character and have player 2 select your name and pick the character you went online and collected the weapons. now drop everything you collected and let P1 pick them up, sell them and bank on them. Let the game save, exit and go back online with the 2nd character again to collect more weapons of value to do it again.

    The Reason for doing this with the 2nd character is so you don't end up getting the mission glitches on your main game. I hope this helps anyone who is looking or needing some cash early on.
  • Sold 50 guns to a shop

    The trophy description for this trophy is slightly misleading as there are no "shops" in the game per se, just Vending machines though they will say "shop" when you place your crosshair on them. There are 3 different Vending machines in the game and you can sell anything to all 3 of them.

    This trophy is cumulative so play normally, sell everything you don't need and you should get this trophy early on.
  • Emerged victorious from an arena match

    Note: This trophy has nothing to do with the Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot DLC.

    An arena match is not the same as a standard duel, instead you will need to enter an arena in the game and last 2-3 rounds without dying.The easiest way to get this trophy is to start a Splitscreen game but make sure that Player 2 is at level 1 then go to the arena in Fyrestone which is called the Fyrestone Coliseum (credit to OnceFallen for the Player level info). Once in the arena, go to the far end of the room and press the button there to bring up the options menu and select "Start Match". After you've both spawned, have Player 1 equip their best weapon and kill the other player three times. Once the match is over and you've won, the trophy will pop. Do note though that suiciding is disabled so you have to win fair and square.

    In case you don't know where the Fyrestone arena is, then see this video (credit to N1ghtElfM0hawk):


    You can use any of the three arenas that are in the game but the Fyrestone arena is the first you will encounter. See here for the locations of the other 2: Arena - Borderlands Wiki - Walkthroughs, Weapons, Classes, Character builds, Enemies, DLC and more! (credit to the Borderlands Wiki for the link).
  • Won a duel against another player

    For this to work you must have the Duel Requests option in the Options menu set to "Accepted", you can turn it off afterwards if want to. You can duel anywhere though pick your spot carefully as you don't want to be swarmed afterwards by enemies. To initiate a duel you both need to melee each other by pressing . You can choose to duel it out or let the other person win by "killing" him/her or by leaving the "duel bubble".

    Also see Duelinator.
  • Rescued a groupmate from death in a co-op game

    Once you or your partner has no health left, they will enter Fight For Your Life mode. Go and stand near them then press and hold to revive them. This can be tricky as it takes about 5secs to revive someone and the person who's doing the reviving can themselves end up needing reviving, if you get attacked. If you're playing co-op, you will get this at some point. You can also do this in Splitscreen by having the other player remove their shield then find some barrels and blow them and themselves up.

    However you do this, if you're the one being revived do not kill anything else or you will get a Second Wind and deprive the person reviving you of the trophy. If you are doing the reviving then don't kill anything or the revival process will stop and the other person will carry on bleeding out and eventually die and respawn.
  • Completed 15 missions in co-op

    Warning: This trophy has a hidden requirement i.e all the players in your game must be within a few levels (3-4 is ideal) and missions of you and on the same Playthrough, else the missions will be marked as "Ineligible" and won't count. This mainly applies to Splitscreen but it also affects LAN mode and Online co-op to a certain degree. See here for additional info: LINK (credit to all that posted in that thread for this info). We're not aware of this issue affecting any other trophy in the main game, though it may affect some of the DLC trophies.

    There are two very easy ways to get this:
    • Start a new game with a friend or a random player in either Splitscreen, online co-op or LAN mode and finish the first 15 missions.
    • Get to a point in the game where you have several missions on the go at once then complete but don't Turn them In. Once you've got some missions ready to Turn In, load Splitscreen mode then turn them in with another player present. Repeat this process every time you have some missions to Turn In.
    It doesn't matter how many different people you play with or over how many sessions, just Turn In 15 missions with the same character when another player is present and you will be fine (credit to Aipher for confirming this). It has been confirmed by GiGGi and MattyElms that it doesn't matter who turns in the missions, as all players will get the trophy regardless.
  • Played in a co-op game with either an employee of Gearbox or someone who had this trophy

    (PS3 Only)

    Note: Something has changed in recent years and the PS3 version of game has become version locked so see here for more info (credit to CypherNova139): LINK

    WARNING: Do not delete your saves as the trophy is tied to at least one of them and not your PSN ID (credit to Fubzy and stgermain for this info).

    There are 3 ways to get this trophy but the Japanese version is considerably less popular so finding someone with the Viral trophy will be harder:

    1: Join a Public game/Boost it in a Private game.

    This is the more hazardous method because the BL servers are notorious for being riddled with hackers and viral glitches. Even with the latest patch (1.07 for the global release and 1.05 for the Japanese version) we still recommend backing up your saves before going online, just in case. Go here for boosting help: LINK

    2: Setup a LAN: Since the Stackable release is less common it will be harder to find someone to setup a LAN with. This trick may mean that this trophy could be considered as an offline one since you don't have to be signed into PSN to use a LAN. Whichever release you have, the trophy will pop during the load screen if you're joining someone or if someone joins you then it will pop moments before they spawn.
    After you click LAN, you have 3 choices:

    Join Game
    Host Public Game (I know it says public but I'm sure the LAN match should have a certain range) (it found nothing when I clicked Join Game)
    Select Character (You will default to a level 1 character, if you don't use this) (If the host starts will level 1 char, you will also start the game at beginning)

    If you click Join Game, it will search and find nothing. After it has tried 1 time, it will stay on that screen and give you the option to Host Public Game, you can also back up to the previous menu. You can also press to Refresh List.

    Player 1 (bcks007) picked Host Public Game. It brought me to the same exact screen as online mode, where you can jump into your game, I guess before the other person is ready or just wait there.(I waited there)

    Player 2 (snowballtheninja) selected Join Game. It found bcks007 in about 1-3 seconds, very fast. The trophy popped in the waiting room. I didn't even need to go into the level to earn it.

    Credit to bcks007 and snowballtheninja for discovering this.
    3: Use xLink Kai, see here for more info on how to set it up: LINK. We don't fully recommend this method because it's fiddly to setup, plus the program itself is unreliable and requires a certain level of networking knowledge so stick to the other LAN method as it's far simpler to setup and is guaranteed to work.
    Whichever release you have or method you use, the trophy will pop either: When the other person enters the pre-game lobby, during the load screen if you're joining someone or if someone joins you in-game, then it will pop moments before they spawn. According to stgermain, it is possible to get this trophy by just sending an Invite to someone.
    Note: The description has a typo in it. i.e it says "Played in a co-op game with either an employee of Gearbox or someone who had this trophy", when it should say "has".
  • Reached proficiency level 10 with any weapon type

    You gain proficiency levels by killing enemies. Every time you kill an enemy, you will gain a small amount of experience towards the proficiency of the weapon you're using so the more you use a particular weapon, the quicker you will level up its proficiency. You will probably want to use the weapon that suits your class, this will also benefit you because of the skills you have and the extra levels will add bonus damage and much more thus helping you out later in the game. You cannot earn proficiency with Grenades or Melee attacks. Note: You can also earn this trophy is in Co-Op (credit to Lurkki91 for this info).
  • Won a duel without taking damage

    Once the duel has started, to win it you have to equip your most powerful weapon and kill the other player or by leaving the "duel bubble". If you can go up against a player who is at a lower level than you, then so much the better as they will die faster. You can get this at the same time as Duel-icious. If you use the same method as Can't We Get BEYOND Thunderdome? then you can get both trophies very quickly.
  • Killed 25 enemies with corrosive weapons

    You won't start getting corrosive weapons until you level up to approx level 14 and can be recognised by the Green Biohazard symbol on the bottom right of the item description. Corrosive weapons are great against flesh and armour but hopeless against shields. Skags and Spiderants are the best things to kill as corrosive ammo eats right through them. Environmental damage from the Green Barrels that are scattered throughout the game also count towards this trophy. A great place to get this is in the Tetanus Warren as it is crawling with Spiderants.

    For a kill to count as an elemental kill, the enemy has to die from the continuous damage which that particular element causes after hitting an enemy, not the normal non-elemental damage (credit to Tostigroover for this info). All elemental weapons have a chance of doing continuous damage to a target after shooting them. The higher the number on the elemental symbol (the maximum is x4), the higher the chance elemental damage will persist.

    Unless you go out of your way to avoid corrosive weapons/barrels, this trophy is impossible to miss.
  • Killed 25 Enemies with shock weapons

    You won't start getting shock weapons until you level up to approx level 7 and can be recognised by the Blue Lightning Bolt symbol on the bottom right of the item description. Shock Weapons are great against shields and fair against flesh but pretty hopeless against armour. Don't bother trying to kill Skags with shock weapons as it’s a futile gesture. Stick to killing Bandits and other low level enemies instead. Environmental damage from the Blue barrels that are scattered throughout the game also count towards this trophy.
  • Pyro


    Killed 25 enemies with incendiary weapons

    Incendiary weapons can be recognised by the Red Flame symbol on the bottom right of the item description.

    Incendiary weapons are great against flesh but hopeless against everything else. You will get your first incendiary weapon after killing Nine-Toes during the mission "Nine-Toes: Take Him Down". The fastest way to get this trophy is to kill most of the Skags in Skag Gully, which shouldn't take more than 15-20mins. Environmental damage from the Red barrels that are scattered throughout the game also count towards this trophy.
  • Killed 25 enemies with explosive weapons

    Elemental explosive weapons can be recognised by the Yellow "Explosion" symbol on the bottom right of the item description. The fastest way to get this trophy is to wait until you get access to the Catch-A-Ride Station then go nuts with the Rocket Launcher Runner. Environmental damage from the Yellow barrels that are scattered throughout the game also count towards this trophy, as do grenades with explosive mods.
  • Equipped a class mod for your character

    Class mods start appearing once you level up to level 18. To equip a class mod you first need to get one by either buying one from a Dr. Zed Vending machine, looting one from somewhere or be given one as a Mission reward. After you have obtained one go into your Inventory, scroll down to it and press to equip it, back out of the Inventory to get your trophy but if you're given one as a mission reward then it may get auto equipped.

    A good place to get a free class mod is by completing the mission "Sledge: Battle For The Badlands".
  • Rescued enough Claptraps to earn 42 inventory slots


    This is the only truly missable trophy in the entire game.

    Whenever you rescue a Claptrap you will get a Backpack SDU and for it to count towards this trophy you must equip it but don't sell, trade or drop it whatever you do else you'll need to either start a new character or use the second Playthrough to get any missed SDUs. Playthroughs 2 and 2.5 won't guarantee you get any SDUs you may be missing so make sure you get them all on Playthrough 1. You can get 3 more SDUs, one each from the Zombie Island, Secret Armoury and Claptrap DLCs but if you don't start them until Playthrough 2 or 2.5, then the chances of getting an extra SDU are extremely low. Don't change Playthroughs until you have this trophy, to prevent any possible problems.

    The Repair Kits look like small brown, narrow, rectangular boxes which shimmer with a green light when you are near them and will show as Money Bag on your Compass. A Green Trophy Icon will also appear above the Repair Kit when you're close enough. The trophy will pop after rescuing the Claptrap in the Crimson Fastness, providing you got all the others beforehand.

    This trophy isn't hard to get, you've just got to explore a little:


    Credit to Double for these videos.

    If you want a Picture Guide, then see here: LINK (credit to solstice for this).

    It is also possible, even without the DLCs, to get extra Backpack SDUs on Playthrough 2 (we don't know about 2.5) but it's a lot harder to do so as the reward defaults to a Grenade Mod. In theory you can trick the game into giving you an SDU instead of a Grenade Mod by filling your Backpack with as much stuff as it will hold, Saving and Exiting, reloading then Turning In the Mission and reloading after quitting to the XMB (press then scroll down to "Quit Game") if you don't get one. This method is not guaranteed so only use it as a last resort.

    • If playing in co-op then everyone present will get the SDUs (credit to Lurkki91 for this info).
    • The hidden Easter Egg Claptrap in Fyrestone, which is above and behind Marcus's shop, is not needed for this trophy and neither is the one from the Mission "Claptrap Rescue: Fyrestone'.
    • There are two Claptraps in Old Haven and you can't get the one you need for this trophy until Tannis's Claptrap has been rescued during the mission "Not Without My Claptrap", which makes it highly missable.
    • Another highly missable Claptrap is the one in 'Crazy' Earl's Scrapyard as you don't have a specific reason to enter the area where it's located.
  • Killed an enemy with the Siren's action skill

    You will gain access to your action skill when you level up to level 5 and to use it, press . The Siren's action skill is Phasewalk which allows you to run around unnoticed and super fast for a few seconds. Phasewalk has two moves i.e a powerful Melee attack and the resulting Phase Blast will do considerable damage to anyone/anything that gets too close.

    Unlike the other action skill trophies you only have to get one kill, not 15. Go to the Skag den outside of Fyrestone and weaken an enemy until it has only a sliver of health left, then hit it with a Melee attack whilst Phasewalking and the subsequent explosion from exiting Phasewalk will kill them. Do note that whilst using Phasewalk, you will not be able to jump or use any weapons other than your default Melee attack.
  • Killed 15 enemies with the Hunter's action skill

    You will gain access to your action skill when you level up to level 5 and to use it, press . The Hunter's action skill is his pet bird "Bloodwing". As with "Truly Outrageous" you will want to weaken an enemy first then activate your action skill. Early on in the game Bloodwing isn't very powerful so this trophy will take a little while to get.


    - There is a really annoying A.I/pathfinding glitch with Bloodwing where she will not lock onto an enemy, nor return to you properly and will just fly in loops or zigzag patterns until the timer runs out. Unfortunately there's no fix for this glitch, just try and only use her in wide open spaces.

    - Borderlands 2 establishes that Bloodwing is actually a Girl so the title of this trophy is wrong.
  • Killed 15 enemies with the Berserker's action skill

    You will gain access to your action skill when you level up to level 5 and to use it, press . The Berserker's action skill is called "Berserk" which allows the player to become super powerful for a few seconds and beat your enemies to a pulp with your fists. is Brick's Left Hook and is a Rapid Jab ( and in some control schemes). Whilst you're going Berserk you will not be able to use any of your other weapons but to compensate for this you become highly resistant to damage.

    Brick is the hardest of all the characters to use. He prefers close quarters combat but most enemies use long/medium range weapons and because of this you will take far more damage than the other three characters do early on in the game.
  • Killed 15 enemies with the Soldier's action skill

    You will gain access to your action skill when you level up to level 5 and to use it, press . The Soldier's action skill is his Scorpio Turret which has a fair range, can shoot at a flat 180 degree angle and up about 20-25 degrees, it also has a shield barrier up front to protect you whilst you're crouching. When you first get it the turret isn't very powerful so we recommend weakening an enemy first then letting the turret finish it off.

Secret trophies

  • Mastered the technology of Pandora

    This trophy requires you to reach a certain amount of kills with different weapons and elements. You can see the progress of this trophy by going to your Missions tab: Press then press or a few times until the "Cassette" icon is highlighted then press to open the Challenge tab. All of them can be done in any order so don't worry if you get one before the other. You also can get this in co-op (credit to Lurkki91 for this info).

    The requirements are:
    • 12 Assault Rifle kills
    • 11 Pistol kills: The in-game list fails to mention that all Pistols are called Repeater Pistols and you can use any Repeater Pistol for this part of the challenge.
    • 10 Shotgun kills
    • 9 SMG kills
    • 8 Sniper Rifle kills
    • 7 Melee kills: Melee kills with certain weapons also count towards this.
    • 6 Critical Hit kills: A Critical Hit is a hit that does a massive amount of damage to an enemy and can result in a one-hit-kill if it's powerful enough. The word "CRITICAL!" will appear in red letters when you get one.
    • 5 Explosive kills: Environmental damage from the Yellow barrels that are scattered throughout the game also count towards this trophy as does using the Runner's Rocket Launcher.
    • 4 Shock kills: Environmental damage from the Blue barrels that are scattered throughout the game also count towards this trophy.
    • 3 Incendiary kills: Environmental damage from the Red barrels that are scattered throughout the game also count towards this trophy.
    • 2 Faces melted: This just means get two corrosive kills. Environmental damage from the Green Barrels that are scattered throughout the game also count towards this trophy.
    • 1 Grenade kill: The in-game list incorrectly states you needs multiple kills but this is a typo as you only need the one kill. You also do not need a Grenade Mod installed for it to count.
  • Killed Sledge

    Story related, can't be missed

    Missions involved in this trophy:
    • Sledge: Meet Shep.
    • Sledge: The Mine Key.
    • Sledge: Battle For The Badlands.
    For this trophy we strongly recommend you bring a rapid fire Sniper Rifle, a decent shock Shotgun, a Helix Rocket Launcher and an incendiary Contact Grenade Mod. Do not attempt this mission without a shock weapon of some kind. By now you should have a decent shield but if not, keep looking until you find one.

    The Mine is full of enemies, some of which are equipped with elemental weapons, so watch out! Fortunately there are two Vending machines in the hut opposite where you start the area so you can stock up if needed and there’s also two just before you fight Sledge. The gate to the main complex is locked and you can either unlock it now and head straight for the stairs or take the stairs to your right and make your way through the buildings there. We recommend taking the stairs to to the right.

    Once you're outside again you will face more enemies and a manned Minigun Turret on the stairs diagonally opposite you. Fortunately for you there is plenty of cover so you can clear out the enemies and take out the Turret without taking too much damage. The easiest way to take out the Turret Gunner is to destroy the Turret itself, which is where the Rocket Launcher comes in handy. Once you've cleared out the area, make your way through the cave that's at the top of the stairs and to the right. This next section is where your Shotgun will come into its own as there are a lot of enemies in this area that like to get too close for comfort. There is some high ground in the form of an old mining railway that we highly recommend you use, as enemies rarely go up there. Once you get up high, crouch and start picking off the enemies with your Sniper Rifle and after you've killed them all you can jump down and make your way to where the Waypoint is pointing.

    This is where things get tricky as you now have to face Sledge and his bandits. To take them out you will need that shock weapon we told you to bring as his shields are way stronger then anything you have and normal weapons won't even dent it. As soon as Sledge's intro cutscene ends, unleash an entire magazine into his shield then get your Rocket Launcher and grenades out and let him have it. Also, take some pot-shots at the bandits. Now he will try and kill you with his own Shotgun (or his Hammer if you get too close) so quickly run to the other end of the room and continue firing at him. Whilst Sledge is taking damage his shield will not recover, so use this to your advantage but retreat from the area via one of the side doors, reload your weapons and restock on ammo and health if necessary. Once you get the strategy down you should be able to take Sledge out in a few minutes. After Sledge is dead, pick up his Unique Shotgun then go to the Chest he was guarding and retrieve the Eridian Artifact. To Turn In this quest, return to Dr. Zed in Fyrestone.

    Here's another method courtesy of JHChiBulls:
    With Sledge, I led him to the door you enter for the fight and I was standing in the doorway and kept shooting and he didn't hit me once.
  • Killed Krom

    Story related, can't be missed

    Missions involved in this trophy:
    • Meet 'Crazy' Earl.
    • Get Off My Lawn!
    • Hair Of The Dog - The Waypoint for this Mission is glitched and will not show you the locations of the bottles when they appear. This glitch isn't too serious as killing any enemy will make a bottle appear but it's annoying all the same.
    • The Next Piece.
    To kill Krom quickly and easily you need a Shotgun and a Combat Rifle (Burst Fire is preferable). Both must have a decent rate-of-fire and reload speed else you will be slaughtered. It will also help to have a high level shield with at least a capacity of 480.

    From the start of the level you want to follow the Waypoint through the canyon to your left. Between you and the end-zone where Krom is, you will face many, many enemies of various types including Spiderants and Badass Psychos. Once you reach Krom's Lair, keep going right, keep running and don't stop for anyone or anything until you reach the little hut at the top on the left-hand side at the bottom of the platform where Krom is sitting. The Siren's Phasewalk action skill is a godsend during this part as you are invisible and invincible for the duration it lasts. The reason for all this is Krom is sitting in a big Minigun/Rocket Turret and will start shooting at you the moment his intro cutscene finishes. After you reach the little hut we mentioned earlier, get inside and use your Combat Rifle to pick off any enemies that have followed you. When they're dead it's time to kill Krom!

    The key to killing Krom is to rush his position with your Shotgun out ready, kill the enemy or enemies that are up there, then turn it on Krom and let him have it! If you time it right he won't know what hit him. Once he's dead grab his unique weapon and the artifact piece then head back to Tannis to Turn In the Mission.

    If you have trouble getting the above method to work then try this alternative courtesy of Maukutin:

    This is an easy way to kill Krom: Right after the cutscene, use a shock Sniper Rifle and shoot his turret. Shoot him from that point you were at before the cutscene and use the cliffs as a cover. Easy.
  • Killed Flynt

    Story related, can't be missed

    Missions involved in this trophy:
    • Not Without My Claptrap
    • The Final Piece
    Baron Flynt is located in the Salt Flats.


    The lift you have to take up to fight Baron Flynt is incredibly laggy for some unknown reason. To avoid the worst of the lag, look straight down at the floor the moment the lift starts and don't move until you reach the top. This must also be done for the return trip. To get the lift back if you accidentally fall off you have to exit the area (going to the Arena in the Salt Flats will do) then return to it. Note: This glitch has been 99.99% fixed in the PS4 version so you only get a lag spike for a second, then it's gone.

    For this fight we strongly recommend you bring a corrosive or incendiary Helix Rocket Launcher and the best Shotgun you can find, as well as strong shield with fast shield Regeneration. Grenades are of little use here so don't bother using them unless you get cornered.

    As soon as you get off the lift, Flynt's intro cutscene will play and when it's finished he will set his bandits on you. Ignore Flynt for now and focus on the first two waves of enemies and once they're dead his bodyguards called Franz and Hanz will show up. Once all the enemies are dead you can start working your way to the top of the structure and the showdown with Flynt. He isn't that hard to kill, you just have to watch out for his Rocket firing Shotgun, bring his shield down with your Shotgun then finish him off with a few headshots. Once he's dead, grab his unique Shotgun then get the Eridian Artifact from the chest at the top of the structure, only it won't be there as someone has beaten you to it. After the ensuring ECHO messages, follow the Waypoint to your next Mission.
  • Killed the Rakk Hive

    Story related, can't be missed

    Missions involved in this trophy:
    • Jaynistown: Secret Rendezvous.
    • Jaynistown: A Brother's Love.
    • Jaynistown: Spread The Word.
    • Jaynistown: Getting What's Coming To You.
    • Jaynistown: Unintended Consequences.
    • Jaynistown: Cleaning Up Your Mess.
    • Another Piece Of The Puzzle.
    The Rakk Hive is found in the Trash Coast.

    To actually get to the Rakk Hive you have to follow the Waypoint to the left after arriving at The Trash Coast. Between you and the Hive's location is a large piece of land that's swarming with Spiderants, make sure you have at least two corrosive weapons with you to fight them off. Once you get to the archaeology site where the Hive is, don't follow the Waypoint straight on but go left and onto the ledge above the Tents.

    To kill the Rakk Hive we strongly recommend you bring a Sniper Rifle and a Combat Rifle. A Shotgun or Machine Gun/SMG is advisable as well. This is the easiest boss fight in the game if you do it right. After its intro cutscene, get your Sniper Rifle out and start taking out its eyes. At regular intervals the Rakk Hive will launch balls of goo at you that give of a corrosive gas so avoid them until they disappear. The Hive will also send some Rakk after you so watch out. The Rakk come in two types, Experienced Defender and Experienced Kamikaze, neither of which should present a problem if you kill them fast enough. The Kamikaze Rakk are packed with explosives and can do some serious damage if they hit you. If you are a Soldier or have one in your co-op group, then use your/their action skill to take out the Rakk if any appear. If you are not in co-op when you take on this boss, then use your Machine Gun/SMG to take them out.

    Once the Rakk Hive's eyes have been destroyed it will be down to about half health so finish it off with any weapon you choose. After it's dead, loot the corpse for any valuables then head to where the Waypoint is pointing and retrieve the Eridian Artifact. When you first get near/enter the cavern where the artifact is hidden, some Rakk will fly at you but don't shoot at them as they are harmless and you can't hit them anyway so don't waste your ammo. The artifact is in the Chest at the end of the cavern, take it and return to Tannis to Turn In this Mission.

    Note: It is also possible to get this trophy during the Mission "Old Spicy" in the "Claptrap's New Robot Revolution" DLC (Credit to PDXCharmand3r for this tip).
  • Killed the Vault Boss

    Story related, can't be missed

    Missions involved in this trophy:
    • Get Some Answers
    • Find The ECHO Command System
    • Reactivate The ECHO Comm System
    • Find Steele
    • Destroy The Destroyer
    The Vault Boss is the final boss in the game that you have to face (if you don't have the DLCs) and appears right at the end of the game. We recommend bringing a Helix Rocket Launcher and a decent Combat Rifle with you for this fight (not elemental ones. because it's immune to all of them). After you arrive at the Vault you will get a short cutscene and when it finishes it's time to kick its butt!

    The first thing you want to do is run to the pillar on the far left of the screen and use your Combat Rifle to take out the two tentacles above its head by destroying the purple swellings, then empty your Rocket Launcher into its eye. Once you've done enough damage, the Destroyer will show all of his tentacles but be warned, each time you take out a weak spot the boss will get angry and start shooting Plasma Rockets at you. The boss' attacks consist of: Plasma Rockets (with a 3sec time delay on each one), a high energy Plasma Beam (this is virtually a one-hit-kill), Tongue Slap (not particularly damaging but annoying nonetheless) and its final attack is its Tentacle Smash which will blast you back to the other end of the map (this is a one-hit-kill attack if your health is low). To avoid the boss' attacks, stay behind the pillar and only stick your head out to shoot but hide when either Plasma Rockets start flying or its eye starts flashing as this is the sign the Plasma beam is going to strike. Due to a physics/graphics glitch the Plasma Beam will go straight through the pillar but fortunately it won't hurt you. If any Plasma Rockets land near you run like crazy to the Pillar on the far right of the boss and wait for them to explode. After all of the tentacles' weak spots are gone you will have to take out the final weakspot which is its eye. Hit it with everything you've got! See the image below that Terminator created for a visual guide to the above:

    Here is an alternate method courtesy of JHChiBulls:

    The final boss even has a "glitch" you can exploit. I stood behind the U-Station, right on the cliff edge and kept shooting him from there, as soon as my health was low I suicided and on respawn I had full health and the bosses health was where I left it before I died.

    It's cheap it really is but it helped me often. I was a level 34 when I faced the boss who was a 33 and he was kicking my butt until I realized what was going on. The game didn't glitch either because I kept leaving the area, going other stuff and coming back a few times.


    Don't get up close and personal to finish off this boss, because the game can/will glitch. You will lose most of your equipment plus all of your Backpack SDUs once the ending cutscene ends, the credits finish rolling and you continue the game. Save at the New-U station at the Vault site and Backup your saves before starting the fight to minimise the effects of this bug, should it strike.

    PS4 Notes:

    The above strategy still holds true for the PS4 version of the game but do note that the aforementioned game breaking glitch has been fixed so there's no need to worry about it. Also note that some new Rakk-type enemies called "Eridian Parasites" have been added to this battle so keep an eye out for them and kill them before they can attack.
  • Defeated the Rakk Hive, the Vault Boss, Sledge, Krom, or Flynt in a co-op game

    The description for this trophy has the bosses in the wrong order of appearance, the correct order is as follows: Sledge, Krom, Flynt, Rakk Hive, Vault Boss. You only have to kill one of these bosses to get the trophy, not all of them and it doesn't matter if you do it online or off. See the individual "Wanted" and "Destroyed" trophies for strategies on how to defeat each boss. It may also be possible to get this trophy by revisiting one of the above bosses you've already killed as most will respawn after saving, exiting and reloading your save (the sole exception is the Vault Boss, because he stays dead once killed). Whichever boss you kill for this trophy, it will pop the moment the boss dies.

    It is possible to get this trophy without actually fighting one of the bosses. You can just join an online game where someone has already killed one of them and has the mission ready to Turn In and the trophy should pop (credit to BigDfan228 for this info). Do note though that this trophy may not pop if you kill the Destroyer whilst in Splitscreen and that Sledge can be buggy and might not always pop the trophy.
  • I bet you never thought you'd be here

    This is obtained in Treacher's Landing. In the South-Eastern most corner of the map, you will find a docked boat, jump on it and the trophy will pop seconds later. See the following image:

DLC: Zombie Island of Dr. Ned

5 trophies

  • Completed the 'House of the Ned' mission

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Missions involved in this trophy:
    • Welcoming Committee
    • Is the Doctor in?
    • House of the Ned
    To start your first mission, talk to the Jakobs Representative Claptrap that’s in front of you by pressing on it. After being given a rundown on the situation you will be asked to turn on the local town's defences. To get to the town just run down the path to the left of your starting position, past the Zombies and turn right. The first Turret is on your left so jump over and press on it, Turret 2 is on the other side of town in front of the other entrance and the third and final Turret is on the right-hand side of town on a balcony behind where the Bounty Board is. Turn In the mission once all 3 Turrets are operational.

    For the next mission you must speak to Dr. Ned. Follow the Claptrap, wait until he opens the gate then head to Dr. Ned's Surgery. Turn In the Mission by pressing on the note Ned has pinned to the door.

    It looks like Dr. Ned has decamped back to his house, so make your way to Hallow's End. Once you arrive, follow your waypoint and the signs to the "Creepy Treehouse". Along the way you will meet normal Zombies, Defilers, Suicide Zombies and a Badass Tankenstein, with the latter three being extremely dangerous. They should be engaged at a distance with incendiary/explosive weapons wherever possible. The Tankenstein won't show up until you cross the bridge that leads to the Treehouse enclosure. In some cases you may run into a Loot Goon instead and these are as dangerous, if not more so, than the Badass Tankensteins. This is due to their more powerful Electroball attack which can wipe out your shield in seconds and also stun you. Once you've cleared out all the Zombies in the Treehouse enclosure, press on the intercom to the right of the lift to speak to Dr. Ned.

    After you've finished speaking to him you will have to wait for a few minutes whilst the lift comes down, in the meantime you will have to fight off several waves of Zombies including a Badass Tankenstein. To defeat the Badass you will need either an incendiary Rocket Launcher or be a really good shot and destroy the barrel on his back. The resulting explosion will either kill him outright or cripple him enough to allow you to finish him off, depending on how much damage he has taken. With the Badass Tankenstein dead there will only be a few Zombies left but watch out as there will be some Suicide Zombies as well. Once everything is dead pick up all the loot you can carry, get on the lift and go see Dr. Ned. The trophy will pop after Dr. Ned's intro cutscene and you have Turned In the mission.
  • Completed the 'Jakob's Fodder' mission

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Missions involved in this trophy:
    • There Maybe Some Side Effects...
    • Secrets and Mysteries
    • Jakob's Fodder
    Dr. Ned needs you to retrieve a sample of the antidote he was working on that is at Generally Hospital. After speaking with Dr. Ned, take the lift back down and head to the beach in Jakobs Cove. Follow the waypoint to the far end and press on the shimmering tombstone to open the hidden entrance.

    Generally Hospital is crawling with Zombies of all types so watch your back whilst you're making your way up to the actual Hospital. Use the time between waves to heal and reload. Once at the top of the hill you must go through a broken section of fencing on the far right, near the cliff edge, to gain entry to the Hospital grounds. On entering you will fight Hank Reiss (from the "Missing: Hank Reiss" side mission). To kill Hank use your best incendiary weapon, keep moving else he will lay into you and keep firing at him until he's dead. If you don't kill him fast enough, he will regenerate health and you can have a real fight on your hands if you’re not careful. The antidote is in a Dumpster on the far left of the Hospital, pick it up before returning to Jakobs Cove and find the Claptrap so you can Turn In the mission.

    For the next mission, follow your waypoint out of town and to the boat that will take you to Dead Haven. You can also do the Side Mission "It's Alive" whilst you're there.

    Follow the waypoint to the lift and take it up to the next floor, once the lift has stopped get out, find and go up the stairs. From here on in things are going to get dicey as there are lots of zombified Crimson Lance soldiers (complete with deployable Scorpion Turrets), as well as Badass Tankensteins and Suicide Zombies swarming the area. Wade through all the Zombies until you reach the Lab entrance, which is disguised as a shipping container. You'll recognise it by the door which is shimmering green. Once inside follow the waypoint to an ECHO Recorder, press on it to Turn In the Mission.

    For this next mission you have to find the two Incriminating ECHO Logs, which Dr. Ned has left behind and upload them to the Jakobs Corporation servers. The first ECHO Log is located inside the Lab on a bookcase next to a bed with a dead Zombie on it. For the second and final ECHO Log turn around so you're facing into the room, it is directly in front of you in another bookcase. Now that you have both Logs find the Comm array so you can upload them.

    Head outside and go through the opening in the fence to your left and follow the waypoint until you reach some stairs. Go up, turn right then up the next set of stairs and enter the Comm array. Once inside press on the equipment that's shimmering green, the upload will take a while so wait it out, pick up the ECHO Log after it's been ejected to Turn In the mission. The trophy will pop shortly afterwards.
  • Completed the 'Braaaaaaaaaaaaains!' mission

    Missions involved in this trophy:
    • TK Lives!
    • Brains (Collect 10 Brains)
    • Braaains (Collect 25 Brains)
    • Braaaaains (Collect 50 Brains)
    • Braaaaaaaaaaaains (Collect 100 Brains)
    • Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains (Collect 250 Brains)

    Do not start work on this trophy then change playthroughs, else you will wipe your progress towards it and have to start again.

    Note: You don't get any brains from bosses, Corpse Eaters, Skelerakks, WereSkags, Loot Goons or Badass Tankensteins.

    To start this trophy you need to accept the mission "TK Lives", which is found here:

    "TK Lives" is an unmarked mission that doesn't appear on the Bounty Board. Press on TK's Leg to accept this mission. All you have to do is go through the door and approach TK, press on him to Turn In the mission and receive the mission "Brains".

    To get a brain, you have to blast it out of a Zombie's head. The best weapons for this are the Shotgun and SMG as you can aim in the rough vicinity of a Zombie's head and the shot(s) will send the brain flying. Sniper Rifles can have the same effect but Zombies move in an erratic way which makes aiming difficult. Any brains that appear will stay put until collected but any you collect after "Turn In" appears for your current brain collection mission will not count towards the next one. Similarly any brains you collect prior to starting the first mission will not count, thus we recommend you leave every brain that drops on your way to that mission and pick them up later. Once you've collected enough brains to satisfy the current mission, stop collecting! If you farm the area near TK's hut then you can get "Brains" and "Braaains" done quickly. After Turning In a brain collection mission, wait a few seconds before moving onto the next one as TK may puke up some loot for you.

    Providing you kill every Zombie you meet, then you can get this trophy done just after or just before killing the final boss. The trophy won't pop until you Turn In the mission "Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains".

Secret trophies

  • Killed Ned...sort of.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Missions involved in this trophy:
    • Hitching A Ride
    • A Bridge Too Ned
    • Night of the Living Ned
    Now you've uploaded the ECHO Logs you need to go to the designated area for pickup. Follow the waypoint to the pickup point and press the button the waypoint is pointing at, this will send a signal indicating you're ready for pickup. With the signal sent you must now survive until your ride lands. The main threats here come from Suicide Zombies, Defilers and the Crimson Lance Zombies, use incendiary/explosive weapons if you have to. Once your ride appears get on board and return to Jakobs Cove.

    When you land make your way to the Bounty Board and the company representative, press on the Claptrap to Turn In the Mission and receive a button panel that's essential for your next mission.

    For the next mission, you have to lower a bridge so you can gain access to the Jakobs Lumber Mill. Follow your waypoint to the Lumber Yard entrance. You will need an SMG/Machine Gun for this next section so you can kill as many Zombies as possible before they can swarm you. Between you and the bridge are numerous Suicide Zombies, Badass Tankensteins and Defilers, so be prepared for a string of major battles. The number and appearance of these Zombies depends on which Playthrough you're on.

    When you get to the bridge you have to press on the shimmering panel which will (slowly) lower the bridge. The moment the bridge starts to lower, Zombies will start spawning en masse, amongst which will be at least two Badass Tankensteins. When the Badass Tankensteins show up you will want to use your action skill, plus any grenades you have left and your best Rocket Launcher. To Turn In this mission press on the gate that’s blocking the entrance to the bridge.

    To get to Dr. Ned's Hideout you have to traverse an area that is crawling with Badass Tankensteins (Playthrough dependent), Zombies and WereSkags. Take things slowly and watch out for surprise attacks. Eventually you will reach a short Tunnel that will take you to the Jakobs Lumber Mill. Once you enter this tunnel you will be swamped from both ends by Zombies of all kinds, including a Tankenstein. Use your action skill to make a path through the Zombies to one end or the other, then stand back and blast them with everything you've got!

    Once the Zombie swarm has been wiped out, you can enter the Lumber Mill area. In here you've got Zombies and Defilers but also WereSkags so be prepared for a fight. You need to make your way to The Mill entrance where, once inside, you will have to make your way through the various offices, fighting Zombies on your way to your showdown with Dr. Ned. Dr. Ned is a really tough customer. His SMG will shred your shield and health in seconds on Playthrough 2 and 2.5 but on Playthrough 1 it isn't so bad. The easiest way to fight Dr. Ned is to hide behind the Medical Screens near where he spawns and take pot-shots at him. Crouch and hide if you take damage, your action skill will help with this battle so use it as and when needed. Due to the damage Dr. Ned can inflict, we recommend buying some medkits (at least 4) and use them if your health goes critical. There isn’t any single weapon that will take down Dr. Ned so just use your most powerful one and let him have it, though if you have a shock weapon handy that will help take down his shields. If needed, you can resupply at the vending machines near where you entered the Mill. Dr. Ned's shields will start regenerating after a while so don’t take too long resupplying.

    This trophy will pop during the fake credits sequence after killing Dr. Ned.
  • Story related, can't be missed.

    Missions involved in this trophy:
    • Ned's Undead, Baby, Ned's Undead
    After the above fight, Undead Ned will taunt you before disappearing into the ground in front of you. Follow him down the tunnel he's made, making sure you don't land awkwardly and lose your shield. Once you reach the cavern at the end you can kill Ned once and for all!

    There are two ways of killing Undead Ned:

    Easy way:

    For the easy way all you have to do is stand where the following pictures show you, then Ned won't be able to touch you:
    Note: The map will show you as still being in the Mill but this is a error on the part of the developers as it's meant to show you're actually beneath it.

    Before you can kill Undead Ned you have to lure him out by walking into the lake but once he shows himself, retreat to the safe spot. Where Ned ends up staying during this exploit depends entirely on where he is when you use it but ultimately it doesn't really matter, just use your best ranged weapon and let him have it.

    Hard way:

    The hard way involves you going toe-to-toe with Undead Ned so bring Transfusion grenades and plenty of Medkits. Undead Ned has 4 attacks you need to watch out for:

    1: Zombie summoning - Every so often Ned will summon some Zombies to kill you, including the occasional Suicide Zombie. Any summoned Zombies should be killed immediately from a distance.

    2: Spin Attack - This attack can prove lethal on Playthroughs 2+2.5 and is near impossible to avoid if you don't see it coming.

    3: Spitting - Ned's spit can put a sizable dent in your Shield/Health if you're not careful so dodge it if you see any coming.

    4: Melee Swipe - You only have to watch out for this if you get too close to Ned.

    Elemental attacks do next to no damage to Undead Ned so don't bother using them. His only weak spot is his head so fire everything you have into it. Between his attacks Ned will duck under the water and reappear somewhere else so watch out for the water disturbances.

    The trophy will pop during the actual end credits after Undead Ned is dead. There is no Turn In point for this mission so once the credits have finished, the mission will have automatically Turned itself In.

DLC: Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot

5 trophies

  • Completed the lesser challenge in all 3 coliseums

    Story related, can't be missed.

    The first three challenges are given to you when you use the Underdome Bounty Board. The coliseums have big numbered signs "1", "2" and "3" above them, in addition to the waypoints for the mission.

    Each of the Small coliseum challenges have five rounds, with five waves each (total of 25 waves per coliseum, total of 75 waves for this trophy).

    When you complete these three coliseums and hand in the mission, you will get this trophy and a bonus skill point for all characters that completed it (you can get one skill point per playthrough so a level 50 character will have 52 skill points if done on both playthroughs).

    See Big Tournament for information on wave rules and loot.
  • Completed the larger challenge in the Hell-Burbia coliseum

    See Big Tournament
  • Completed the larger challenge in The Angelic Ruins coliseum

    See Big Tournament
  • Completed the larger challenge in The Gully coliseum

    See Big Tournament
  • Completed each of the larger challenges in all 3 coliseums


    Be sure to use the same character for all three large tournaments on the same playthrough so if you are doing them on Playthrough 1, don't join anyone online who is doing this DLC doing Playthrough 2.

    In some extremely rare cases, the individual trophies will unlock but the Big Tournament does not. Someone has posted that loading that character save a few days later may unlock it. Also note that the PS4 version of this DLC is very unstable once you get to rounds 17-20 in the Large Arenas but using Fire and Corrosive Weapons can help reduce the chances of a crash, because they will vaporise the enemies and leave virtually nothing behind to cause a memory leak. Playing on a PS5 will mitigate most of the stability problems but not all of them.

    Credit to Terminator for pointing out the glitch info.


    All the enemies are the level of the "host" (weakest enemy is level 12). NOTE: In splitscreen, the "host" is controller 1. Play in splitscreen or online with the "host" player being level 12 or under and it will be a breeze for a high level player to beat the missions.

    I suggest you go to your PS3 Power Settings and set it to not power off the controllers. Make a brand new character in Splitscreen on controller 1 (the "host"), with your strongest character on controller 2. For the rest of this, you will be playing on controller 2. As soon as you can, use the New-U station to fast travel to "The Underdome". In The Underdome you will find a bank to store 12 items (you can buy upgrades depending on the host's level) and an in-game board to start the missions. PS4 Note: For this exploit to work on the PS4, you will need to create an Alt account and set both as Primaries. Once you have setup your Alt account, make sure you switch accounts before booting up the game so your Alt becomes the host.

    Note that the larger coliseums do not use the bulletin board, the #4-6 rooms simply open up after you turn in the quest of the smaller three challenges. Each of the larger coliseum challenges has twenty rounds with five waves each (total of 100 waves per larger coliseum, total of 300 additional waves for the larger coliseums, total of 375 waves total for this DLC). Along the way, you will also get the trophy for each coliseum as you complete them.
    • You won't get any XP or Weapon Proficiency skills.
    • You will get credit towards challenges and will earn EXP if you complete those here.
    • All non-boss waves will have supply drops after the round. Run to the big pills to restore Health and Crates to collect Ammo.
    • The final wave of each round is a boss wave. After killing the boss, some loot will spawn in the starting cage (underneath the penalty zone that controller 1 will constantly be in if you are doing this the easy way). Run there in time to nab the loot. The loot will be adjusted to match the level of the "host" player so will be very under-levelled if you use the exploit.
    • There are quite a number of rules/maxims, applied randomly per wave. You will at some point have one rule/maxim applied and progressively it will build in the larger challenges to four rules/maxims simultaneously. After a wave, the rules/maxims will randomly get redone. For a full list of rules, see here: LINK.

DLC: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

10 trophies

  • Built the New Car: Monster

    Story related, can't be missed.

    You will get a mission from scooter to collect parts. Just follow the waypoints and when you're done with the mission, you will get this trophy and a new vehicle!
  • Rescued Athena

    Story related, can't be missed.

    You will get a mission to rescue Athena from Lockdown Palace. Just follow the waypoints and when you're done with the mission, the trophy will pop.
  • Destroyed Lance Depot

    Story related, can't be missed.

    You will get a missions to destroy the Atlas Armory. Just follow the way-points (expect a nice fight and some nice loot) and when you're done with the mission you get this trophy.
  • Killed Crawmerax the Invincible

    Story related, can't be missed.

    This is the final main story related mission (there are some side quests too, which can be done either before or after this). Crawmerax is one of the hardest boss fights in the entire Borderlands franchise. Both Crawmerax and his minions can kill you in one to two hits. The official wiki has a detailed breakdown and walkthrough of this fight: LINK. Crawmerax has a minimum level of 61, thus you need to be at or higher than that to even make a dent in his health.

    • Craw Maggots: Weak to Shock, shoot in it's glowing eye
    • Armored Craw Worms: Weak to Acid
    • Green Craw Worms: Weak to Fire, shoot in eyes for critical
    • Crawmerax: Kill the above minions until you hit lvl 61, it will be fast. Now, a low accuracy weapon is the way to go, as you have more of a chance to hit Crawmerax's purple weak spots. Shoot each purple-head till it pops, and when all the blobs are gone, Crawmerax is dead.

    Here are some videos, showing various ways of killing Crawmerax - including variations on the Safe Spot exploit. PS4 Note: The safe spot exploit has been heavily nerfed in the PS4 version of this DLC and only works to any successful degree if you play as Lilith but barely works at all if you play as anyone else.

    Legit (credit to citric69):


    Safe Spot v1 (PS3) (Credit to wavern, The Hoop, Jay Johnston and cinaed84)


    Safe Spot v1 (PS4) (Credit to Joltzdude139):


    Hybrid strategy (PS3/4) (Credit to VinylicPumaGaming):


    Safe Spot v2 (PS4, though it should also work in the PS3 version) (Credit to EpicNNG):

  • Killed each of the loot midgets

    There are five loot midgets that will jump out of various loot chests, and you need to kill each of them:

    Meat Popsicle: Meat Popsicle will be in a fridge in Lockdown Palace (just after the vending machines in the middle of the level and can appear in others). A level 61 Meat Popsicle can be found in a hidden room under T-Bone Junction.

    Truxican Wrestler: Will usually be in one of the first lockers of Lockdown Palace.

    Mini Steve: Can appear anywhere but is most commonly encountered in a red weapons chest near the Claptrap in Lockdown Palace.

    Crimson Shorty: is hidden in a Crimson Lance Chest at the end of Road's End.

    Dumpster Diver: In the dumpster in Motorhead's garage and can only be reached once the Little People, Big Experiments mission has unlocked access to this room.

    Credit to the Official Borderlands Wiki for this info: LINK

    Credit to Ramza411sb for the video:


    They can be killed by yourself or your co-op partner!

    Credit to Sajiko for testing the co-op kills.
  • Destroyed a Lancer while in a Racer

    After one of the story missions, you will have access to a Racer from the catch-a-ride posts. One of the easiest ways to get this is with a partner, in online co-op. One of you drives the racer (which is a lot faster than the Lancer) while the other one shoots the Lancer. The racer is really weak (a few shots and your toast) but it has a longer shooting range so just keep your distance while shooting, then both you and your partner will get the trophy!
  • Reached Level 51

    See Ding! Overleveled to 11
  • Reached Level 61

    You need a total of 5,985,087 XP to hit level 61 (though Lv69 is the level cap). This is easiest on playthrough 2 (available after you beat the base game once) or 2.5 (after you beat it twice), which increases the enemy levels and experience from killing them) but it's possible to get both of these trophies in Playthrough 1 if you either cheat or power level. See Ding! Champion (main game trophy) for more info on the various methods and exploits for levelling up fast.

    Specials by class:
    • If you and/or your party are soldier(s), equip the Soldier Class Mod "Leader", which can give up to 25% Bonus TEAM Experience! If you have a party of four soldier's with the 25% bonus each, that is double EXP for everyone.
    • Siren: The INTUITION skill can give you up to 20% bonus (reset skills option at New-U stations).
    • Hunter: The SMIRK skill can give you up to 15% bonus (reset skills option at New-U stations).
    • Tank: N/A
  • Completed all missions in Secret Armory


    There are 43 missions (including side missions) in this DLC and all of them must be completed to get this trophy. See here for an in-depth mission guide: LINK. This trophy can be very glitchy if done whilst playing with friends so please see below for more details.

    Let's start with pro-active solutions:

    1) Play offline, because Playing online might permanently mess up your mission checklist.

    2) Don't take more than one of these missions at the same time: "Loot Larceny", "It's Like Christmas" and "Super-Marcus Sweep". After you complete one of those three, then and only then should take the next one. Loot Larceny is given by Athena (story progress) and the other two are from Marcus. You can always hit when being offered a mission. Once you take the mission, it's too late. There is a glitch to loot the armory that some people use but don't do that if you want this trophy.

    3) Backup your game before accepting the three missions mentioned above. In the XMB, under the "Game" section, there is an entry called "Saved Games Utility (PS3)" ("Application Save Data" on the PS4). In there scroll down the list to "Borderlands", where you will find one save per character. Find the character in question (it will be the one on top if you just saved), hit and you will see a "copy" option. As long as you have a USB drive and access to the PS Plus Save File Cloud, you will always have access to a backup.

    4) If you are in a game and it glitches on you, XMB quit the game immediately and restore and reboot the game.

    Here are some options once you are glitched:

    1) Find someone who didn't start the mission yet and have him host. This host should of course backup his own save before trying.

    2) There is a "Medkit Glitch" to re-enter the armory. Essentially, what you do is buy as many square medkits as you can and drop them all in front of the door. This overwhelms the engine somehow to the point where you can walk through the closed door and fall down into the armory. I personally haven't done this but many others have and confirmed it to work. Apparently you can even jump your way back up into the elevator to start the countdown for the missions! Credit to GuruInc74 for the video:


    3) Do it on another playthrough. Meaning, if you are glitched on playthrough 1, go to playthrough 2 (requires you to beat the core game once) and do all the missions again.

    8) Have another character on your console get to that quest and do the mission in splitscreen. If it is the last quest you need for Completionist, this will not work, because the missions will end with the explosion and Player 1 needs to be the character that earns the trophy as far as I know.

Secret trophies

  • Paid for a worthless tour of the world's largest bullet

    The World's Largest Bullet is in the Sunken Sea region. You need to deposit a lot of money and you will get this trophy. The actual amount you deposit is inconstant: sometimes as little as half your balance but usually around 8 million dollars. To get up to $9,999,999 - just keep picking up loot the enemies drop, especially what Cramermax drops, and sell it to vending machines.

    While playing mission 11 "Code Breaker: Time is Bullets", you will go nearby to pick up an ECHO recording. Complete the mission, then walk back outside the mini-town where there is a pole that saves the game (next to the catch-a-ride and school bus). Now go to the house next to the bullet. On the house there are numerous arrows pointing to a box with a money symbol on it. After depositing (and watching the trophy unlock), you can press the button then "quit game". When you load back up, you will both have your money back and be back at T-Bone Junction. Credit to Xzeno for the video:


DLC: Claptrap's New Robot Revolution

10 trophies

  • Found all 6 Claptrap statues

    The Claptrap statues are all very easy to find, so you shouldn't have any trouble with them. You'll need to walk up to them and press to interact with them. If you get a message appear on screen, then it means that you have "found" the statue. Most of the statues are at the very start of each area, the locations of which are as follows:

    Hyperion Dump: This one won't spawn until after you Turn-In the first mission and return to the arena. As soon as you enter the area, walk forward and you should see the statue right next to the loudspeaker.

    Sander's Gorge: Again, as soon as you enter the area, simply walk forward. The statue is past the vending machines.

    Dividing Faults: Walk down the stairs upon entering the area and walk forward – you can't miss it.

    Scorched Snake Canyon: When you enter the area, go down the stairs to your left, then turn left again. The statue is located against the wall.

    Tartarus Station: You'll find this one on your way to Wayward Pass. When you go past the treasure chest and down the stairs, it will be in plain sight.

    Wayward Pass: After you have defeated General Knoxx-Trap, the gate will open. Follow the path and the statue will be in front of you. Be careful, as you'll be ambushed by a few Mega Samurai Claptraps here.
  • Killed the Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap

    Story related, can't be missed.

    There are two parts to this battle, as you'll have to destroy the Mega Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap (MINAC) before you can take down the Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap (INAC). This foe is armed with a mass of Gun Turrets and will shoot lasers from its red eye, so it is VERY important to stay in cover and take shots at it from there - running out in the open will result in a very quick death.

    As soon as the battle starts, run behind the overturned bus and stay there – this will be your cover for the entire fight. This is a particularly good place to hide, as most of the Exploding Claptraps will not be able to get you here. You need to aim for the giant red eye of the MINAC in order to deal any damage to it. Peek you head out of cover and shoot the eye (scoped weapons are more accurate, at long distance so you may wish to consider using these.) You don't need to worry too much about destroying all of the turrets, but you may wish to take out a few of them to make things a little easier. If you decide to do this, then the Missile Turret located just below the MINAC's eye should be your main priority, as it can cause substantial damage to your character and in some cases, instant death (thanks to Terminator for this tip.) A scoped weapon is ideal for destroying the turrets, as it is a lot more accurate at the long range from which you will be firing from.

    You'll notice that the red eye will sometimes be shielded, at which point you cannot hit it so conserve your ammo at this point. When shooting the eye, always make sure that you look around, as there may be some sneaky exploding Claptraps that got through and are out to get you. These are extremely dangerous and will cause instant death in some cases, so you really need to take them seriously and destroy them before they get too close. Always check your radar to see if there are any in the vicinity. If you are damaged either by the Claptraps or the MINAC, then stay behind the bus and wait for your shield to regenerate (you may also wish to use some Health Vials if your character doesn't have the regenarative health property).

    After you have destroyed the MINAC, the INAC will emerge. He should now be the only enemy on the battlefield so it will be completely safe to emerge from your cover and fight him in the open. I actually recommend doing this, as if you get trapped in a corner with the INAC, he will deal some serious damage. Keep on the move when shooting him and jump to avoid his attacks. A corrosive weapon will make light work of his armour. When he's down, you will obtain the trophy.
  • Completed a crazy request for Tannis

    The "crazy request" refers to the four missions that Tannis will give you, each requiring you to collect a certain number of Claptrap parts. Every time you kill an enemy Claptrap, they will drop either some Gears, Wires or a Motherboard. You'll need to collect these in order to complete the mission, however it does not matter how many of each item you have. As long as your collection totals the required number, then you will be fine. The missions are as follows:

    Mission 1: Collect 42 Claptrap parts.
    Mission 2: Collect 75 Claptrap parts.
    Mission 3: Collect 100 Claptrap parts.
    Mission 4: Collect 150 Claptrap parts.

    Please note that once you have reached the required number of parts, any additional items you find - won't not carry over into the next mission. Therefore, it is best to turn in the mission as soon as possible once you have met the requirements.
  • Found 25 oil cans

    As well as dropping parts, there's a chance that defeated enemy Claptraps may also drop other items as well. The probability of this is quite low so it should be noted that you’ll be spending most of your time on this trophy and the ones which follow.

    The additional items that can be dropped are as follows:

    Pink Panties
    Clap-Fish (Fish In A Bag)
    3D Glasses
    Claptrap Bobblehead
    Offshore Oil Can

    There is a very good trick which has recently come to light which may help you speed things up. You'll need to go to the MINAC boss again, and take cover behind the overturned bus. Wedge yourself in between the bus and the rock and crouch - neither the boss or the exploding Claptraps will reach you. The Claptraps will simply explode and drop their items or get run over by the MINAC when it moves. You can literally stay here for hours and then finish off the boss and collect everything when you've had enough. There's a chance that some of the turrets may hit you when the boss moves near you though, so if you wish to be extra cautious you can take these turrets out and then there's no chance that anything will hit you. If you don't receive all of the items that you require, then you can return to fight the MINAC again because he will always respawn.

    Please be aware that there is no in-game counter for these collectibles, so I would highly recommend that you make a list of the number of each item you have yourself.

    Alternatively, you can try this method. This one is quicker but you will have to kill all of the Claptraps yourself. Thanks to Terminator for recommending the video and 1212mhughes1212 for making it:

  • Collected 15 Claptrap bobbleheads

    See The Lubricator
  • Collected 5 3D glasses

    See The Lubricator
  • Collected 3 panties, 5 fish in a bag and 15 pizzas

    See The Lubricator

Secret trophies

  • Killed General Knoxx-trap

    Story related, can't be missed.

    You will face General Knoxx-Trap twice in the story, and will earn this trophy upon defeating him the second time. Although Knoxx is the first boss that you’ll encounter, he is actually the hardest to defeat – his attacks mainly consist of two things: a nasty shockwave which will wreak havoc on your shield and take a fair chunk out of your health as well, and a stomp move whereby he will fly in the air and try to squash you.

    You'll have to move around a lot and make use of cover if you wish to defeat Knoxx. However, do not stay in the same place for too long, as the shockwaves can actually home in on you and still hit even if you're in cover. Aim for headshots – they inflict critical damage to Knoxx and also cause him to stumble, therefore buying you a little time. Remember that armoured enemies are particularly weak against Corrosive weapons, therefore I'd also recommend you use one of these if you have it. Corrosive weapons will slowly eat away at Knoxx's armour and will also lower his defences, thus making any additional shots that hit him more powerful.

    However, you also need to be aware of the enemy Claptraps that will be released at various points during the fight. Do not allow them to get too close to you, as they can inflict some serious damage, and the last thing you want is to be exposed in the open whilst trying to deal with them. Again, a Corrosive weapon is perfect for dealing with Claptraps – their armour is no match for the acid-burning properties of corrosion.

    This fight will take a little time, so be patient and don't do anything stupid in an attempt to hurry it up – if you die, you'll have to start all over again and Knoxx will have full health. I have noticed that when you fight Knoxx for the second time, you can stay in the doorway where you first enter the Arena. Knoxx won't be able to get in there, so you'll be able to gradually wear his health down under relative safety. However, you will not be completely invincible, as Knoxx can still hit you with his shockwaves, so bear this in mind. The majority of the enemy Claptraps also tend not to come towards the doorway so you can also pick these off from a safe distance as well. However, be advised that some will get through, so be prepared to deal with these accordingly and always check your radar for any that may be nearby. Please note that if you run out of ammo, then you will have to venture out into the open and collect some from the crates. Once collected, you can retreat back to the safety of the doorway.
  • Killed Commandant Steele-trap

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Commandant Steele-Trap will also have to be beaten twice in order to obtain this trophy. Her defence is nowhere near as high as the other two, but she has a lot of agility to make up for this, and will jump around and dodge a lot of your shots. As a result, you're going to have to stay on the move a lot as well, and not stay in one place. I found that the best strategy for taking down Steele is to use a scoped weapon as these are a lot more accurate and thus have a greater chance of hitting her. Wait for her to charge towards you and then fire at her – rinse and repeat. A corrosive weapon will decimate Steele as she is particularly weak against this element - if you have a weapon with this property, then corrosion is the way to go.

    If you are a Soldier, this battle is much easier. Deploy your turret and Steele will automatically try to attack it. As a result, she'll be in one place so you can fire at her with relative ease.
  • Killed Dr. Ned-trap

    Story related, can't be missed.

    You will also have to face Dr. Ned-Trap twice in the story, however rest assured that he is much easier than Knoxx. Dr. Ned will only attack you by hitting you and spewing acid so keep your distance and you should be fine. When you fight him for the second time, I've noticed a little trick that you can try out to make things a little easier. When you drop down into the Arena, simply stay on the ramp that you dropped from – Dr.Ned will hardly be able to hit you, and the exploding Claptraps can't get up the ramp, so they will simply destroy themselves. Aim for Dr. Ned-Trap's head, as hitting here will cause critical damage and will end the battle quicker. Be careful here, as there are no ammo crates around, so you really need to conserve it at this point. If you wish to fight Ned without using the ramp technique, then I'll advise you to constantly stay on the move, as he will sink into the ground and then reappear and try to hurt you. Remember to keep an eye on the exploding Claptraps too and if you see more than one red dot on your radar, then you'll know that they're nearby and out to get you.

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