Biggest Badass In The Borderlands Trophy

  • Biggest Badass In The Borderlands


    Reach level 50.

    Note: As of the 1.24 patch, the Level Cap is 72 but you still only have to reach Lv50 for this trophy.

    Reaching level 50 is far quicker and easier in BL3 when compared to previous games in the series and you should reach it by the end of the main story, if you do all the side missions, find all the locations and complete every Crew Challenge beforehand but will still take awhile to earn. Here are some methods you can use to level up:

    - Complete all the side missions in the main game (the last 2 of which, don't become available until after completing the main story).
    - Complete all the Map Specific Challenges (go: => to highlight the Challenge list for the map you're on => to see what the challenges are).
    - Complete the DLCs if you have them.
    - Complete the Takedowns
    - Complete the Eridian Proving Grounds a few times (recommended for Lv30+ characters).
    - Farm the various bosses.
    - If you got the VIP Early Adopter's pack via the official website, then you will receive a shield that grants extra XP per-kill until you hit Lv11. If you didn't receive this pack, it's still possible to get the shield by trading for it with a friend who did. This DLC was discontinued in late 2019 so is no longer available to download but you can still get it by asking a friend who has it, to trade you for it.
    - Take part in the Seasonal Events by turning them on via the Main Menu.
    - Play in Mayhem Mode (only possible after completing the main story).
    - Have a friend power level you.

    For additional farming tips, please see this video by VinylicPumaGaming (this video is based on the 1.04 patch so isn't current but the basic strategies still apply):

    The Circles of Slaughter, Eridian Proving Grounds and the Takedowns are by far the best methods for levelling up quickly but the Proving Grounds are the fastest and least stressful to complete.

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