Nightmare's End Trophy in Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon

  • Nightmare's End


    Finish the game without sacrificing or recruiting any adventurers.

    How to unlock Nightmare's End

    When you unlock Ultimate mode, you can use Zangetsu’s Soul Arts without sacrificing any allies. So, when you encounter the allies, just ignore them and do not recruit anyone. Ultimate mode has higher difficulty enemies, but you have a move set that makes up for it with the Soul Arts.

    Using the Soul Arts, it's possible to reach the Gauntlet in Stage 6 and the Armor in Stage 7.

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  • It's also possible to reach the Life Up in stage 3, and the Weapon Up in stage 4 using Zangetsu's Soul Arts. To do this, stand below the power up and double jump. At the peak of your jump, attack with your sword. This will extend Zangetsu's sprite just enough to grab the power ups if positioned correctly. Be especially careful doing this in stage 3, as it's easy to miss and fall off the ledge.

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