Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2.5 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 19 (2, 8, 8, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 8-12 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 6
  • Number of missable trophies: 3
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Nope, so play on Casual Difficulty for an easier time
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A


Welcome to Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2! A super fun and replayable sidescroller, very similar to the old Castlevania games on NES, and well worth the price!

The gameplay is the exact same as the first game of the same name, but with new characters added as well as others returning from the first game. Basically you just move across each level, fighting enemies and eventually a boss, then repeat for all the other levels. Also similar to the first game, each level has many branching paths, and all of them will lead to the boss eventually. So no matter which path you choose, you can still complete the game without much effort. Although some paths may contain upgrades like more Health or more Damage, but these are not needed for any runs or trophies (unless you want to find them)!

The trophies for the game are quite easy to obtain, and don’t be scared by the number of runs through the game. Each run takes around 1.5 hours, some runs even quicker! The game has 3 Episodes and a secret EX Episode, all of which are just a New Game variant of the same game with slightly different story/characters available. You’ll need to play through the 2nd and 3rd Episodes twice, and the other modes once. They are accessed whenever you start a new save file, and you can choose which mode you want to play.

The game also features new DLC constantly being added to the game (like a Boss Rush for instance), but none of those modes have any trophies for the main list, so you don’t need to play any of them unless you want to experience as much content as you can!

As for game difficulty, it’s highly recommended that you play on Casual difficulty. You get unlimited lives and even if all your characters die, you’ll just start at the previous checkpoint again with no penalty! If a character that you like using dies somehow, sometimes it might be wise to just purposely kill all the remaining characters so you can get your favourite back!

I would highly recommend keeping Hachi (robot) alive at all times, as his special attack makes him invincible while you have magic available. Insanely useful for all boss fights!


Step 1: Complete Episode 1
Nice and easy step to get you acquainted with the game. Simply finish the first episode and experiment with each new character as you unlock them to find which ones you like.

Trophies Unlocked:
The Dragon's Silhouette
Enchanting Deception
Raging Chariot
The Queen's Dirge
Chains of Fire
The Titan's Sarcophagus
Muted Cries
The Demon's Crown
Unity & Determination

Steps 2A & 2B can be done in any order, depending on if you find a certain collectible…

Step 2A: Complete Episode 2 without finding the Zanmatou.
The Zanmatou is a special sword hidden in Stage 4, but can only be accessed if you collected 3 collectibles in the first 3 stages and then enter a specific room near the start of Stage 4. Simply skip that sword and complete Episode 2.

Trophies Unlocked:
The Words She Spoke *Missable*

Step 2B: Complete Episode 2 finding the Zanmatou and not using Stage Select.

For this step, you’ll need to find the hidden sword collectible in each of the first 3 stages, then enter the room in Stage 4 to collect the Zanmatou. Then you simply need to complete the game. If you miss any collectible, you’ll have to start a new game for the one missable trophy (the others can still be unlocked via Stage Select though).

Trophies Unlocked:
Unleash The Power of the Zanmatou!
Unbreakable Bonds
That Woman, Dominique *Missable*

Steps 3A and 3B can be done in any order.

Step 3A: Complete Episode 3 with all characters.
Episode 3 plays a bit differently than the other 2 episodes. You get to choose which stages to play in whatever order you wish, and each stage will unlock a new character to use (except for 1 random stage which has no character). For this step you will need to complete every stage to unlock all the characters, then proceed to beat the game.

Trophies Unlocked:
Is That Really Necessary?
The Moon's Lament
384,400km Beyond

Step 3B: Complete Episode 3 with just Zangetzu.
For this step, you’ll need to complete just 1 stage (the one with no character on the map screen), then complete the final level.

Trophies Unlocked:
Luna Secare *Missable*

Step 4: Complete Episode EX.
This can be done at any point after completing Step 2A. Simply complete this Episode.

Trophies Unlocked:
Oath of Reunion

And if this was your last step:

Cleave the Moon

Hope you enjoy this game as much as I did!

[PST Would Like to Thank Jerry Appleby for this Roadmap]

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 Trophy Guide

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19 trophies ( 16  )

  • Obtain all of the game's trophies

    As with all other games out there, earn all the other trophies to earn this lovely platinum!

  • Finish Stage 1 for the first time

    Story Related, cannot be missed.

    This will unlock upon completion of Stage 1. You will also unlock the character Dominique for use after this stage.

    Stage 1’s boss fight is against a big dragon that spits fire and electricity around the place. You can only attack it just before it breathes fire, by damaging the head that lives inside the dragon’s mouth. There’s also a brief moment when it fires lasers where you can attack it too. The fight will take a while due to the lack of moments to hit the boss but the patterns always repeat the same way each time, so just outwait each cycle and hit it when you can to bring it down!

  • Finish Episode 1

    Story Related, cannot be missed. This trophy will unlock after finishing off the Final Boss, and should pop shortly after The Demon’s Crown.


Secret trophies

  • Finish Stage 2 for the first time

    Story Related, cannot be missed.

    This will unlock upon completion of Stage 2. You will also unlock the character Robert for use after this stage.

    Stage 2’s boss is a floating demon that drops insects on you constantly. You can either use Dominique to jump up and hit her constantly, or just jump with Zangetzu as her pattern flies lower. Occasionally she will also drop some platforms followed by a giant heart that does damage to the floor. Make sure you stay on the floating platforms to avoid damage! Near the middle of the fight, she will drop to the ground and spray poisonous bubbles around, you can get in quite a few hits during this attack so do as much as you can!

  • Finish Stage 3 for the first time

    Story Related, cannot be missed.

    This will unlock upon completion of Stage 3. You will also unlock the character Hachi for use after this stage.

    Stage 3’s boss is a giant train gladiator enemy and is a really fun boss fight! The attack patterns are always the same and repeat in the same order every time. It starts by firing a huge laser from the bottom, which is easily avoided by standing on the upper platform. After the attack, jump down to it and attack the weak point until it closes.

    Next it will fire electric attacks randomly followed by fireballs dropping from above, but you can dodge all the attacks by crouching under the top platform. The fireballs will leave residual fires on the ground, so attack the ones on the 2 platforms to remove them and get back up top. Repeat the cycle until the boss is dead.

    Occasionally the boss will charge at you, but all you need to do is stand at the right side of the screen and you won’t take a hit at all!

  • Finish Stage 4 for the first time

    Story Related, cannot be missed.

    This will unlock upon completion of Stage 4.

    Stage 4’s boss is really easy to beat, now that you’ve unlocked Hachi! You can use his invincibility to make the fight a breeze! This fight has 2 phases.

    First the boss starts by dropping icicles from above, just stand under any platform to avoid any damage. Then it will bring a big wave of water, which must be jumped over from the upper platforms. Then it will spawn some smaller enemies that can be killed with a single strike. Finally it will fire a water attack that follows you around and is very hard to dodge, so I recommend just using invincibility to dodge it.

    You just need to attack the head until it gets destroyed to start phase 2.

    In phase 2 the lower half of the boss’ body will open up and a big face will become visible. Spikes will also appear on the ground, so use Hachi to destroy them. The boss will spit poison bubbles that fall from above as well as throw a wave of water at you. Simply wail on the face with any character until it falls and use invincibility when needed.

  • Finish Stage 5 for the first time

    Story Related, cannot be missed.

    This will unlock upon completion of Stage 5.

    Stage 5’s boss is a big lava worm and is one of the hardest bosses in the game if you’re not prepared. It spends most of the fight burrowing in and out of the lava, giving you only a very small moment to attack it as it first pops out or as it’s about to burrow back into the lava.

    It will occasionally come out of the lava with the tail first, this is the best time to attack it. Once you see the tail, the head will appear on the other side of the area, and this is the best moment to do as much damage as possible. The tail will fire electric balls at you so you’ll have to dodge them or use invincibility while you attack the boss.

    The final attack it may use is to fire a big stream of lava at you. If it comes out headfirst and doesn’t go across the screen, it will use that attack, so hit its head a few times and hide underneath it to avoid all damage.

  • Finish Stage 6 for the first time

    Story Related, cannot be missed.

    This will unlock upon completion of Stage 6.

    Stage 6’s boss is a giant sarcophagus that spawns platforms from the ground. There are also statues on the walls that will send various attacks at you, but they can be destroyed with any attack. This fight is super easy, all you need to do is stand on the platforms that it summons, and attack the head. Occasionally it may fire a laser that goes along the ground, but since you’ll be on platforms most of the fight, it shouldn’t be an issue.

  • Finish Stage 7 for the first time

    Story Related, cannot be missed.

    This will unlock upon completion of Stage 7.

    Stage 7’s boss is Gremory, a villain from the other games, and it is quite a difficult fight. She will hold colored orbs in her hands, which will then spawn a swarm of deadly mist moving across the screen in various patterns and can be really annoying to dodge. After each mist swarm, she will summon a bunch of coloured orbs. The pink ones will appear from her and cycle outwards, they can be destroyed instantly; the orange ones will come from the outside and circle her before charging to your current location. You just need to attack her as often as you can while dodging the other attacks. It’s recommended to spam invincibility the entire fight and just attack her nonstop to end it as quickly as possible.

  • Finish Stage 8 for the first time

    Story Related, cannot be missed.

    This will unlock upon completion of Stage 8.

    Stage 8’s boss is different for each episode, but for the Episode 1 you will have a 2-Part fight.

    The first part is a giant insect that fires swarms of insects at you. It’s pretty easy to dodge at first, he will alternate firing across the bottom (green), center (purple), and above (red). Then after that he will launch himself towards the opposite side of the screen via a bunch of swarms, either directly left/right, or in an arcing pattern. Attack him when he spawns back in or any other possible chance. After you do enough damage, this part ends and you’ll get a checkpoint for the final fight.

    For the final fight, you’ll be pitted against a 6-armed monster with many attacks. The first attack you’ll probably get will be the arms dragging against the walls and spamming stones, just move to the other side. Next, it will fire a swarm of insects around the entire field, but it can be dodged by standing on the top platforms on each edge of the screen.

    Then it may open up its upper body, showing off a bunch of eyes. It will fire some lasers down below, followed by all the eyes firing downward lasers. It can be very tough to avoid.

    Finally, it can drop an arrow from the sky with a platform attached. Use this to attack the boss as often as possible!

    Once you do enough damage, the fight will be over and you’ve completed Episode 1!

  • Acquire the Zanmatou in Episode 2

    The Zanmatou is a special sword that you can find in Stage 4, but in order to obtain it, you must pick up 3 sword collectibles in Stages 1-3 (1 per stage) first:

    Stage 1: The first crossroad of the level is a lower area that can only be accessed using Hachi’s Ground Pound Move ( + in the air). You’ll know where it is because there’s a skeleton pointing down there. From there, keep following the path, taking the lower path when possible and you can’t miss the collectible near the end.
    Stage 2: As you follow the basic level progression, you’ll go upwards and see a door on the left that can only be smashed by Hachi (with a skeleton pointing left). Go through that door and follow the path to get this part.
    Stage 3: After the first set of screens going right, you’ll head down some stairs. Immediately at the bottom is an area to Ground Pound with Hachi, follow this path to the final piece.

    Once you find all 3 pieces, you simply need to enter a room on Stage 4 to get the Zanmatou and the trophy. Here is the location:

    Stage 4: When you enter the area that looks like a city (a couple houses scattered about), head down the stairs and enter the door on the left. This room holds the sword, and if you have all 3 pieces prior to entering, they will come together to form the sword.

    Note that even if you miss some pieces from the first 3 stages, you CAN use Stage Select to get the pieces, but it will negate the That Woman, Dominique trophy. So it’s better to just start a new game instead since it’s so early in the story.

    If you’d like to see a visual guide, click HERE: (Credit to ShadioChao)

  • Finish Episode 2 without obtaining the Zanmatou


    In the first 3 stages of the game, you may come across some glowing sword pieces (green, red, and blue). If you pick these up, they will unlock the Zanmatou in Stage 4. However, you can skip the room the sword is in even if you collect all 3 pieces, so don’t worry if you accidentally find the pieces.

    The room where the sword is located is at the bottom left of the city area near the start of the stage. So just don’t enter this room and you won’t have to worry about this trophy! If you do get all 3 pieces, then enter the room where the sword is and accidentally pick it up, you will have to restart the game. So simply skip any of the sword collectibles in Stages 1-3 and you won’t have to worry about missing this trophy!

    The gameplay in Episode 2 is the same as the first one, except that Zangetzu has a more powerful attack by jumping and hitting to do an air attack with way better range and damage! You also get Robert and Hachi available to use from the very beginning, allowing you access to secret paths earlier on and easier boss fights with Hachi’s invincibility! Almost all the bosses also have a final move when they die where they try to take you with them via some sort of attack. Here are all the last-ditch moves the bosses use:

    Stage 1: The dragon will fire electricity all over the platforms before dashing to the left into you. It’s very hard to dodge the attack, so I just recommend either using Hachi’s invincibility or taking the hit with any character with more HP.
    Stage 2: The demon will suck in giant pink poison clouds from the edges of the screen. Just attack the ones low to the ground and hug the outer wall to avoid all damage!
    Stage 3: The train will back away, then drive forward at a really high speed to try and ram you. You can either stand on the top platform and hit it as it approaches, or for an even easier time, crouch under the top platform and let it pass to end the fight!
    Stage 4: This boss does not have a death move luckily.
    Stage 5: The boss will block the left and right platforms, so stand in the middle. It will then vibrate the center platform before pushing it straight up into the ceiling. The timing can be tricky, but as you see the platform start to rise, jump off the right side to avoid all damage.
    Stage 6: The boss will fall apart and drop insects galore. Just stand away from the boss to dodge it easily.
    Stage 7: Gremory will summon a red moon and fly into the air with it before smashing it down to cause a huge explosion. Stand on the left edge of the center platform as she rises, then move to the right when she comes down to get the best chance of avoiding damage.

    In addition to the above, there is also a different final boss fight in Episode 2:

    Stage 8: This fight is actually pretty difficult. It starts out with the boss spawning 6 eyeballs (3 on each side), and they alternate firing orbs at you nonstop. Simply destroy all the eyes to end this phase.
    Next, the boss will cover the floor with poison, so you’ll have to traverse the platforms only. You have to attack a blue gem in his upper chest to damage him.

    It has a few attacks. The first one it uses is firing orange and blue lasers from above, which can be dodged by standing on the lower middle platforms. It will also drop 3 giant yellow explosion pillars in a row, so dodge those by moving left-to-right.

    Once you finish him off, you’re done!

  • Obtain the Zanmatou and finish Episode 2

    Self-explanatory, you just need to acquire the sword in Episode 4 by collecting all the pieces in Stages 1-3, then finish the game.
    The only difference about this run is that the Zanmatou sword is actually worse than the original sword you get for this episode. It acts just like the sword from Episode 1, i.e. no special moves. So this run is more like a Hard Mode run than anything else.

    See Unleash The Power of the Zanmatou! for obtaining the sword, and The Words She Spoke for some boss strategies (in addition to the individual Stage trophies for general boss strategies).

    Note that if you miss the Zanmatou in your first run, you CAN use Stage Select to earn it and then beat the game, but it will negate That Woman, Dominique. So it’s better to just start a new file to get all the trophies in 1 run.

  • Obtain the Zanmatou and finish Episode 2 without using Stage Select


    See Unleash The Power of the Zanmatou!. If you miss any of the pieces, you’ll have to start a new game. After obtaining the sword, simply play through the rest of the game in order and you’ll have this trophy done!

  • Finish Episode EX

    Episode EX is unlocked after beating Episode 2 without the Zanmatou sword (bad ending). It’s basically the same as Episode 2’s run except that you get the original characters from the first game instead of the new party.

    Everything else is the same, just slightly newer paths to get through each Stage due to the newer character’s abilities.

    Once you finish Stage 8 this trophy will pop.

  • Finish the 7 normal stages of the Final Episode

    Episode 3 plays differently than the other 2 Episodes. In this one, you can use Stage Select to play any Stage in any order, unlocking extra characters to use as you go along. So it doesn’t matter which order of Stages you play, as long as you eventually play all 7 Stages. Once you finish all 7, you’ll have all characters unlocked to play as, and more importantly, this trophy.

    I recommend unlocking Hachi (robot) and Gebel (vampire) first. The placement of characters is randomized, so just choose whichever Stages they are in to get them unlocked. With them, you can access nearly every secret in the game or go for the quickest path to the end to speed up your run.

    Also note that each Stage has 2 collectibles that can be earned only by specific characters (due to routes not being accessible with just Zangetzu). You can replay any stage as many times as you wish if you want to go for true 100%, but it’s not needed unless you want to.

  • Finish the Final Episode with at least one comrade

    See 384,400km Beyond as this trophy stacks with it.

  • View the ending earned by finishing all the stages in the Final Episode

    This trophy is for earning the best ending in Episode 3. It’s very easy to do: You just need to beat all 7 regular stages to unlock all characters, then you talk to Alfred in the Base Camp to access the final levels.

    The first level you’ll do is a shmup where you control your rocketship as it heads towards the moon, fighting off enemies nonstop as you move along. It’s quite enjoyable, but has a few difficult parts. Just pick up as many powerups as you can and find the weapons that suit you best, and shoot your way to victory.

    The final level is the same basic strategy as all the other regular levels. The only difference is that there’s less gravity, so your jumps are higher and slower. It can make your jumps a bit tricky, but it’s not too bad.

    At the end of the level is the final boss. It’s a giant demon with a big hole in its head (weak point), with 2 skeleton snakes on either side at the bottom. What you need to do is attack the skeletons until they “die,” where they’ll become inactive and you can jump on them as platforms. Then you just need to jump up to the demon head and attack it until the skeletons become active again. Then repeat as needed until the boss is dead.

    The attack patterns are not too bad, but can be annoying. The demon will spawn a bunch of little crescent moons that home in on your position, easy to avoid/destroy. The demon may also spawn 2 red moons that switch sides and cause a large explosion. These can be hard to avoid so I just use invincibility with Hachi briefly. Finally the demon can also spawn a bunch of blue orbs that fire electricity across the screen, tough to avoid unless you jump in the middle at the exact moment they fire.

    As for the skeletons, they can spit fire, ground spikes, and charge at your position. But if you hit them fast enough to kill them temporarily, they won’t get much time to attack you.

    Once the boss is dead, you’ll be done with the Final Episode!

  • Finish the Final Episode using only Zangetsu


    In order to get this trophy, you must complete Episode 3 with just Zangetzu. However, in order to access the final level, you need to complete at least 1 of the original 7 stages. So what you need to do is complete the only stage on the map screen that does not have a character assigned to it. I recommend resetting the game until Stage 3 has the empty space, as it’s the easiest boss to beat with just Zangetzu.

    Once you complete a single stage, you can talk to the spirit of Alfred at the Base Camp to launch into space.

    Similarly to The Moon's Lament, you’ll have to complete a shmup section and the final stage in order to access the final boss.

    The shmup is a lot more difficult with just Zangetzu because your ship will have no upgrades (unlocked from beating other stages) and you’ll have fewer lives, so it might take a few tries to get through it. The final level is more or less the same as with all characters, but you won’t be able to take any shortcuts since you’ll only have the one character to use.

    The final boss fight is slightly different though. It’s probably the hardest fight in the game. Instead of fighting the demon and skeletons at the same time, you’ll start out just by fighting skeleton snakes. They have the same attacks as in the other final boss fight, but with a few more moves. The strategy is the same; just attack the active skeleton until it dies.

    Once a skeleton dies, it will back off, and you need to move to the opposite side because it’s going to charge at you. As it charges, one of your companions will jump in and block the skeleton, allowing you to jump on top of it.
    You will then need to repeat this for another 4 iterations to access the final phase.

    For this phase, the demon will attack you with the same moves from the good ending fight (The Moon's Lament), but instead at some point one Dominique will jump in and you will get a prompt to jump on top of her. She will then launch you upwards where you can attack the boss. Repeat this until the boss is dead.

    Once final scene will happen where you slice the boss in two to finish the fight, ending the run and earning this trophy!

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