Vampiress Trophy

  • Vampiress


    Complete the game on hard difficulty

    This trophy is for completing the game on Hard difficulty and it's definitely not a cakewalk. Even Normal difficulty can be difficult in certain levels so this trophy is definitely a challenge. But like anything else, be patient and just take it slow, don't forget to use Blood Rage (you gain it back quick enough to not need to save it), use Dilated Perception and you'll get there.

    BloodRayne can sometimes feel like one giant maze, even for someone who has played the game before so if you get lost every now and then, you're not alone. Unfortunately there aren't any maps in-game so the only thing you can really do is follow the blue sphere (from your Aura Sense) and just keep trying to find the right way. Generally if you see enemies, you're likely somewhere around the right path. Alternatively, you can watch my Walkthrough videos. Playlist: LINK.

    The following tips apply to both Normal and Hard difficulty modes:


    - As mentioned above.. Do not forget to use Blood Rage (triangle.png). Many times I've found myself saving it for so long that I could've re-gained it three times and then some by that point. There's no need to refrain from using it unless you know for certain that a main boss is in the next room. 
    - Use your Dilated Perception! (dpad_down.png) Yes, it makes everything really slow and sometimes hard to handle with these clunky controls but on Hard mode where you'll be taking a ton of damage, it really helps. Plus, use your Dilated Perception to get behind elite or bosses to be able to Feed (see the next tip). 
    - When it comes to elites, mini bosses and even some bosses, Feeding is generally the fastest way to kill anything, because it's always a OHKO (one-hit knockout). Hop behind them using your Dilated Mode and use Feed.
    - While you're feeding, always turn Rayne/the camera so that the person you're feeding on acts as a body shield so if anyone shoots you, they'll hit him instead of you. This actually works and helps protect you from a lot of bullets.
    - If you are/get good at it, you can actually fire weapons (r1.png) and kill other enemies with guns while Feeding but I wouldn't recommend that for most encounters, just if you have an enemy directly in front of you as you're feeding that is shooting you.
    - If you're at very low health, just Feeding once will often times bring you to full health.

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