Ark of the Covenant Trophy

  • Ark of the Covenant


    Find the Ark of the Covenant


    This trophy is for finding another one of the Easter Eggs. This one is found during Act 2: Argentina, in the Communication Breakdown level. After you kill the boss J.A. Cotter, head through the other door and you'll find a crate and a shovel. Break the crate (r1.png) to reveal a model of the Ark of the Covenant and the trophy will pop. 

    Fun note: Whilst the world of BloodRayne and Indiana Jones are worlds apart, the G.G.G. (Gegengeist Gruppe) has the exact same aim as the Nazis in Indiana Jones who search for the Ark i.e. to search for a supernatural means to win the war.

    Here's a video showing its location: 

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