Of Wulfs and Demons Trophy

  • Of Wulfs and Demons


    Kill Beliar and Wulf

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    This trophy is for killing both of the final bosses: Beliar and Wulf. The fight takes place at the end of Act 3, immediately after Sigmund & Simon (see Right Hand Man trophy_bronze.png and Left of Centre trophy_bronze.png). After that fight, you'll break down the gate and head down the hallway. There will be a small group of 5-6 Nazis there. Kill them using only your blades (to get Blood Rage) and Feeding. Once they're dead, continue into the next room and you'll be at the final boss fight with both Wulf and Beliar. When you kill one of them, you'll be able to save so that if you die, you won't have to kill that one again, which is awesome. Once you kill both of them, both this trophy and HalfBlood trophy_silver.png will pop. (If you're on Hard mode, Vampiress trophy_gold.png will also pop here).

    For some tips on the fight, see below the video [Spoiler Warning!]:

    The fight is actually relatively simple. Wulf will spend half his time shooting you and the other half shooting Beliar. Beliar can only use his arms, which shoot out like spikes. Every so often, Beliar will return to the center of the room and light on fire. Each time that happens, he grows in size. It is important to note that there is a maximum size he can reach; if you let him get to a certain size, it's instant game over. That said, it takes a very long time for him to get to that size so you should be fine. 

    Although normally, most walkthroughs will tell you to focus on killing Beliar first but I disagree. Firstly, it won't take long to kill Wulf if you follow the method laid here. Secondly, Wulf is actually the more annoying of the two as he shoots you with guns, whereas Beliar can only attack you if you're nearby and it's very easy to kite Beliar around without ever getting hit. While Wulf does also shoot Beliar, his help isn't worth the health you lose keeping him alive and doing Beliar first.

    When the fight starts, you should have full Blood Rage (or near full) from the group of Nazis just before the boss. Immediately pop it and get him as low as possible, then continue hacking at him until your Rage meter refills and do it again, after which he should die. Do not use guns at all on the first group of Nazis or Wulf or anyone other than Beliar, because guns are the only way you can kill Beliar

    Killing Wulf should not take long assuming you use both Blood Rages so by that time, Beliar will be at a decent enough size that targetting the correct place (his heart) should be a lot easier than when he is smaller. With Wulf out of the way, just kite Beliar around the room as you shoot at his heart/chest. If you don't see his heatlh going down/flickering in the first few bullets, stop and readjust because you're not targetting the right area. Once you see his health move/his image flicker, keep going. 

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