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  • Teachers and Traitors


    Kill Mynce

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Glitch Note: The trophy isn't glitched per se but if you die just as Mynce dies, although the game will act like you won and you won't be dead, it's possible you won't get the trophy as that happened to me and I had to re-do the level. If this happens to anyone else, please inform us.

    This trophy is for defeating Mynce, one of the main bosses in Act 3. Once you do, the trophy will pop. For a video of the fight, see here: BloodRayne ReVamped Walkthrough - Act 3 Boss Mynce.

    For more on the boss fight and tips, see below [Spoiler Warning!]:

    Mynce, as it turns out, is not only alive but a traitor. You'll fight her towards the end of Act 3 in the Teachers and Traitors level as you're storming a Nazi-held vampire castle. As you're killing Nazis, you spot her and follow her to kill her. Because she is essentially Rayne, you can expect that she has the same moves that you do and is wicked fast, too. The fight starts at the bottom of another large circular staircase but will eventually move to the top. Do not use Blood Rage in the beginning; shoot her with whatever guns you have (hopefully you've saved enough after the flying menaces) until you both move to the top of the stair case. You'll get another cutscene, then use your Blood Rage to kill her. 

    Tip: If you have a rocket launcher, which you can get from one of the jetpack Nazis, use that on her in the very beginning as it will drop her health by so much that it will force her to move to phase 2 immediately where she heads to the top of the staircase right away, as this makes the fight so much easier once it's not on the staircase anymore. Grenades are a decent alternative, though not as effective.

    Note: Prior to this boss fight, you have a rather annoying level. Before the door you need to go through opens, all enemies must be dead. The problem is that this entire level seems to be extremely buggy so what often happens is that one of the jet-pack flying Nazis tends to get stuck somewhere near the top of the super high circular staircase, which is also a major pain to climb with these controls/camera mechanism. Unfortunately, each time you fail to kill Mynce and die, you must redo that entire level all over again. Also...  A little tip for the flying enemies: You can Harpoon them down but sometimes their jetpack will stay with them and othertimes it won't. If the blue light is still there after you've Harpooned them down, jump away as it will explode if you continue on with the feeding. If there's no light, go for it. 

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