Right Hand Man Trophy

  • Right Hand Man


    Kill Sigmund first


    Towards the very end of Act 3, just before the game's final big bad boss, in the Doppelganger level you'll have to face 2 bosses together at the same time: Sigmund and Simon. For this trophy, you'll need to kill Sigmund first before you kill Simon, whereas in the Left of Centre trophy_bronze.png, you'll need to do the opposite so make sure you make a separate save before you do either. Once you do your first, restart from the save and do the second one before continuing on with your game or if you prefer, you could always come back to the save later on after you've completed the game. If you do that, however, make sure you do not save OVER the previous save, otherwise you'll need to restart and make a brand new playthrough. That's why we recommend doing both right away, rather than saving it for later.

    When Sigmund dies, the trophy will pop. For more on the boss and tips for fighting both of them, see below [Spoiler Warning!]:

    Rather than fight both, pick whichever one you want to do first and focus 100% on that one, ignoring the other. The fight is basically whack-a-mole in a sense. Both bosses will continually hide behind pillars for cover and you'll need to break those pillars using multiple rebound/spin kicks (double jump) to force them to come out so you can attack. When they do, pop your Blood Rage and kill him. 

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