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    Bathe in the blood of 15 vampire lairs in a single playthrough

    GLITCHED: This trophy is glitched for a majority of people, thus making the 100% unobtainable. According to current thought, it seems that the Vampire Lair #16 in Act 8 Kagan's Tower: Media Center is glitched for some reason. After you finish getting all 18, if the trophy didn't pop for you, once you finish the game you'll need to delete the game and your save file, reinstall and start again and you'll have to get the Lairs again. Using Level Select or doing it on New Game+ does not work as it continues off of the previous glitched save. Unfortunately this method is not guaranteed to work; there have been reports of it working but there have also been several people who did this and still did not get it.

    Vampire Lairs are hidden rooms that can only be found using your Aura Vision (dpad_left.png), of which there are 18 you'll need to find. Inside, you'll find a massive blood pool and a podium in the center. When you stand in said podium, a cutscene will trigger and Rayne will refill her Health, Rage, and all gun ammunition. You can only use these Lairs once each; once you leave one, the door disappears.

    When your Aura is active, the door to a Lair shows up with a giant icon on it (see this picture for an example: LINK) and you can only enter the door with Aura on (even if you already spotted it and then turned Aura off, you still won't be able to get in). You'll discover most of the Lairs through the story or just in obvious places if you use your Aura Vision throughout the game (which you should be; it comes in handy quite a bit in this game) but it is possible to miss some if you're not paying attention or exploring everything.

    Below is a list of all 18 Vampire Lairs and their locations. Text guide + Timestamps are listed below the following video:

    All Vampire Lairs:

    1: Act 1, Zerenski's Mansion: Bedroom - In the bathroom. [0:00]
    Story-related and cannot be missed.
    You'll get this as part of the beginning tutorial as you learn about your Aura Vision. Note: This is the only Lair in which you will fight. When you walk in, you'll face a Male Dhampir miniboss.

    2: Act 3, Union Station: Shopping Plaza. [5:10]
    In the Union Station section, just after you tossed some guys into electrical breakers, you'll head up two large flights of stairs. If you're using the stairs far in the back, keep Aura Vision on and it'll be easy to see, it's on the wall on the beginning area (AKA on the opposite end of the area that you're supposed to go to). If you go through any door after the stairs, you've gone too far. 

    3: Act 4, The Sewers: Access Tunnels - Behind a waterfall. [7:10]
    During the early/mid section of the Sewers, at some point the platforms you're on will explode and you'll rail-grind down with another person with a machine gun turret shooting at you. Kill the person behind the turret and then look at that waterfall that was behind them. You can walk behind the waterfall and the door to this lair will be on the right wall once you walk behind it. 

    4: Act 4, The Sewers: Smuggling Route - Right in front of you after a 3-rail section. [7:50]
    At the end of the Sewers section, you blow up the main gas line with a machine gun turret before jumping into a hole. You'll land into another 3-rail grinding section (where you need to jump between rails to avoid the water). Once you land on the ground after that, the wall is right in front of you. It's impossible to miss if you have your Aura Vision on which you  should definitely have had it on during this entire section! Note: This is your last lair before boss Slezz (Go for the Heart trophy_bronze.png).

    5: Act 5, Wetworks: Electrification Silos. [9:46]
    After you fight your first "Turned" (a hulk-like monster) in a blood pool, you'll make your way up through the building and you'll have to grind on a couple rails. In front of those rails are a couple pipes you can jump to before the rail ends. You're supposed to go down for the story, but don't. Instead, jump to those pipes before you land and climb up to the ledge there and the Lair entrance is on the left wall just ahead of where you landed on the ledge. (Once you finish with the lair, you can jump down to where the rails end for the story.)

    6: Act 5, Wetworks: Mess Hall - in the Elevator Shaft. [11:00]
    Right after you kill your first "Foreman" (looks like a classic Ogre from Lord of the Rings), you'll have to climb up some scaffolding in an elevator shaft. On the very first floor up, the entrance to this Lair is immediately in front of you. (The story will take you 2 floors up, so be sure you're only going 1 floor up, not to the floor with the objection icon on it.)

    7: Act 5, Wetworks: Chemical Processing. [13:00]
    Right after you kill the second Foreman, turn the corner and you'll be in a large room where you need to reach the top. As you run forward, the first left will have a room with the Lair and the second left will have the stairs. Before you go upstairs, in the first left you can take, the Lair is in there on the left wall. If you reached the room with the stairs/climbed up any stairs, you went one room too far.

    8: Act 5, Wetworks: Turbine. [14:20]
    You'll have to kill two Foremans, one at the top and one when you get down to the turbine. After they're dead, don't go towards the objective. Instead, go into the room behind the large turbine. The entrance to the Lair is on the inside wall, which you won't see until you go all the way in and then turn back to face the door. If you went into an elevator after the turbine, you went too far. This is right before a painful boss fight so make sure you visit it to regen health and rage.

    9: Act 5, Wetworks: Furnace - Under the stairs. [15:00]
    After you finish tossing enemies onto the 5 giant flames and into the large furnaces, you'll come to a large stairwell which you should grind down and use your blades (Hold square.png). As soon as you land/get down the stairs, the entrance to the Lair is right in front of you. If you're in Aura Vision while coming down the stairs, it'll be impossible to miss. If you went into an elevator, you went too far. 

    10: Act 5, Wetworks: Loading Bay. [16:00]
    Once you've exposed the conveyor belt, hop on it to head towards the place they've taken the caged people. Immediately after the first drop on the belt, there's a room to the right behind a glass window. Break the glass, kill the two goons there and the door to the Lair is on the right-hand wall. If you have your Aura on while on the conveyor belt, it's easy to see.

    11: Act 6, Shroud Tower: The Lower Tower Ascent. [17:30]
    As you're moving up through the tower chasing after Ferrill, taking elevators up, once you reach the very top, don't get into the circular elevator. Turn on Aura Vision and look off the edge, directly opposite the elevator you will take later, then you'll see this Lair across the room on the wall. This is one of the more missable, hidden ones and is also by far the hardest one to reach & is very tricky. You need to jump across using your double jump to land on the large black pipe across the room. The best way is to carefully stand on the railing right in front of you and then jump off, using your double jump once you're a decent way out. Just keep trying until you get there. Here's a picture of the Lair's location to make this easier to understand:
    (Click on the image to Enlarge)

    12: Act 7, Twisted Park: Aquarium. [18:35]
    long break between Lairs means you're probably thirsting for one. Once you're in the Aquarium section of the Twisted Park, you'll see a large merry-go-round and you'll have to fight 3 Shadow Legion minibosses. Once they're dead, hop down into the bear pit/pool area where a bunch of Ephemera's sword-wielding guys are fighting the insect monster with your Aura Vision on. The Lair is in top-right section of that pit area.

    13: Act 8, Kagan's Tower: Xerx's Laboratories. [21:42]
    After you defeat the Turned (Minotaur-like monster), you'll climb up a staircase, vault over a flooded floor section with a bunch of gun-shooting dudes, then climb up another staircase. The door you're supposed to go through for the story has a flashlight pointing at it but don't go in it. Instead, climb another flight of stairs to reach the very top of the staircase. At the top of that second staircase, the Lair entrance is right on the wall in front of you, in the middle between the two opposite doors. Then go back down and continue with the story.

    14: Act 8, Kagan's Tower: Llewlyn Corporate Offices. [23:10]
    After you defeat your first Pink Suit, you'll have to do a little platforming outside the building. As you hop over a few poles, there will be a room to your left with glass walls with 2 guys shooting at you. Continue going up the scaffolding to the next floor up, then jump off the ledge to land inside the room with the shooters. Go in the room to the right and the Lair will be at the end. If you encountered your first Ancient Vampire miniboss, you went too far but you can still backtrack back here before you move on.

    15: Act 8, Kagan's Tower: Unraveller. [26:00]
    When you're in the Unraveller's pit, during the fight, if you climb all the way to the top (use the various rails around the room), the Lair is at the top at the end of one of said rails. NOTE: You'll have to get it before you kill him, otherwise you'll miss it.

    16: Act 8, Kagen's Tower: Media Center. [27:25] - GLITCHED (See the note above)
    Right after you have to jam a Newspaper printing press, you'll fight a Female Dhampir miniboss. Immediately after defeating her, walk out the door and turn right. Don't go through any other doors! The entrance to the Lair is immediately on your right once you turn. This is easy to miss because the next Checkpoint is right after this and if you miss it and go through the next door and trigger the Checkpoint, you'll need to restart the entire level to come back to this Lair.

    17: Act 8, Kagan's Tower: Skybridge. [31:30]
    Right after you push the 4 metal balls into the center pool to break through the floor, you'll face another Ancient Vampire miniboss. Immediately after the fight, pop your Aura Vision on and just look out the door into the hallway. Right out the door is the Lair on the wall on your left. If you go to another room after the Ancient Vampire miniboss, you went too far.

    18: Act 8, Kagan's Tower: Rooftop - During Xerx boss fight. [37:35]
    The final Lair is on the rooftop where you fight Xerx (see Pound of Flesh trophy_bronze.png). Once you beat him, the game moves on so you'll have to get this lair before you kill Xerx. If you're standing by the staircase, the Lair is in the corner room to the right of you. (To the left of the stairs if you are facing the stairs).

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