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    Kill Kagan

    Story-related and cannot be missed.


    Surprise, surprise, Kagan is alive and is the final boss and penultimate evil. At least now you get to kill him! Funnily enough, Kagan is by far the easiest boss in the game. While he is powerful, there is a very large pool of blood in the center of the room. While that means it heals him, it also Heals you and gives you unlimited Rage and ammunition. Your best bet is trying to position yourself where you are right inside the edge of the pool while fighting him, thereby blocking him from being able to get in the pool himself. Because you're so close to the edge of the pool, he never stops the fight and tries to run in the pool the way he does while fighting out in the room normally. If you get that position right, with the unlimited Rage you'll get, using your Blood Fury will take him down in a quick minute. 

    Watch the video below to see how to kill him: 

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