CARNAGE!!! Trophy

  • CARNAGE!!!


    Get 50 carnage kills

    Carnage kills are killing enemies with the environment, in deathtraps, while platforming and so on. These are mainly throwing enemies off of balconies, impaling them on sharp objects like a Rhino's horn, electrifying them and blowing them up with explosives. One of the best ways to get Carnage kills are using Rayne's blades while grinding rails. For this trophy, you'll need to get 50 of such kills. A lot of them will come by way of the story and you'll likely get this naturally if you are using your Harpoon-toss often (Hold l1.png to target + triangle.png to Harpoon, then move the joystick in the direction you want to throw them). Try to get as many Carnage kills as you can. When you earn enough Carnage, Rayne levels up and her Health and Rage meters increase. Once you've gotten 50 of these kills, the trophy will pop. I got this 1 hour after starting the game.

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