Combat Specialist Trophy

  • Combat Specialist


    Acquire all special moves

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Special moves are exactly what they sound like; special combos that you discover after defeating certain bosses and minibosses, of which there are 5 in total to get. Since you get these for defeating bosses, you don't need to worry about this as you'll get it naturally throughout the course of your playthrough. You'll earn this trophy towards the end of Act 8, in Kagan's Tower: Media Center after defeating a Female Dhampir miniboss.

    Here is a list of all 5 Special Powers, when you unlock them, their controls and what they do: 

    1: Twisted Wind - Act 1, Zerenski's Mansion: Vampire Lair - Earned for killing miniboss Male Dhampir -
    Rotate L joystick in a circle and press circle.png. Spinning and kicking in a circle. Useful if there are many enemies around you with heavy weapons as it'll disarm all of them (assuming they don't die first!).
    2: Silver Circlet - Act 1, Union Station: Train Bay - Earned for defeating Kestrel miniboss -
    Rotate L joystick in a circle and press square.png. Rayne spins in a circle, slashing nearby enemies with her blades. Useful if surrounded.
    *3: Quiet Thunder - Act 5, Wetworks: Mess Hall - Earned for killing miniboss Male Dhampir -
    Rotate L joystick in a circle and press r1.png. Rayne spins in a circle, shooting enemies with her Carpathian Dragon guns.
    4: Shiva Aspect - Act 7, Twisted Park: Aquarium - Earned for killing miniboss Foreman -
    Hold l1.png to target, then cross.pngcircle.png. Targets an enemy and leaps at them, kicking them in the head.
    5: Curtain Twice Torn - Act 8, Kagan's Tower: Media Center - Earned for killing miniboss Female Dhampir - 
    Hold l1.png to target, then cross.pngsquare.png. Targets an enemy and then jumps up and slams down to the ground with one blade, slicing an enemy in half.

    Tip: Curtain Twice Torn is a very good move! 
    *Note: When you earn Quiet Thunder, the game says square.png not r1.png, but it's wrong. The Move List (Pause Menu) shows the correct controls.

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