Full Blooded Vampire Trophy

  • Full Blooded Vampire


    Acquire all powers

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    In this case, the "Powers" referenced are Rayne's perception powers; her Aura Powers, Rage Powers and Speed Powers. Each of those sections have 3 powers, for a total of 9 overall. You'll begin the game with the first one in each unlocked already, as they're the main Powers. The other ones are more like upgrades than standalone powers and those you earn for defeating certain bosses throughout the game, meaning that this trophy will come naturally once you finish the story. It will pop once you defeat the boss Unraveller (Tight Rope trophy_bronze.png) in Act 8, Kagan's Tower. 

    Here is a list of all 9 powers, what they are, and when you unlock them: 

    Notedpad_down.png Turns off any active power.

    Aura Powers

    Aura Vision (dpad_left.png) - You start with this unlocked.
    As with the first game, Aura Vision is an extremely useful tool you will need to use for a large portion of the game. It highlights all mission objectives, shows you where you need to go next, illuminates Vampire Lair doors, shows enemies (location, health and aggro status) and highlights any platformable objects (eg. rails, bars etc.). It is free to use.

    Ghost Feed (dpad_left.pngdpad_left.png) - You earn this after the mock fight with Ephemera at the end of Act 3, Union Station.
    This power is super helpful. If you're in need of health but you don't want to stop and feed or if you're in a large group of enemies and feeding would be too dangerous, activate this power to send out a ghost version of Rayne that will feed on any nearby enemy (even if they're wielding a heavy weapon) and you can continue to run, fight, whatever, while the ghost feeds for you and it will give you the same amount of health as normal Feeding does. It costs rage each time you activate it. IMPORTANT NOTE: While you have Ghost Feed active, you cannot feed on another enemy so keep that in mind.

    Enthrall (dpad_left.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_left.png) - You earn this by defeating main boss Ephemera at the end of Act 7, Twisted Park. (See Zen Garden trophy_bronze.png)  
    Rather than feed, the same ghost gets sent out but this time will possess the nearest enemy (only normal enemies; does not work on elite enemies or bosses), turning them into a slave for Rayne. They'll fight any enemies nearby and acts as a distraction. Using this costs Rage over time and once the Rage runs out, the possessed enemy will die. You can extend this mode by attacking other enemies, increasing your Rage. NOTE: This power cannot be prematurely deactivated; it won't turn off until the enemy-slave is killed or your Rage bar is completely depleted. Because of this, it's not a very useful skill.

    Rage Powers

    Blood Rage (dpad_up.png) - You start with this unlocked.
    Blood Rage is a mode you'll use a lot in the game. While in it, Rayne deals double damage; cannot be knocked over, stunned or interrupted; has a much higher chance of dismembering enemies; and is invulnerable as any damage she takes is taken from her Rage bar rather than Health. Costs Rage over time as she is in Blood Rage mode.

    Blood Fury (dpad_up.pngdpad_up.png) - You earn this by killing main boss Slezz at the end of Act 4, The Sewers. (See Go for the Heart trophy_bronze.png)
    Blood Fury is an upgrade to Blood Rage where her attacks deal even more damage and her blades grow to double their original length. She breaks through enemies defense much easier and quicker and once again is invulnerable and cannot be knocked over, stunned or interrupted. This mode costs even more Rage over time than Blood Rage does.

    Blood Storm (dpad_up.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_up.png) - You earn this by defeating main boss Unraveller in Act 8, Kagan's Tower. (See Tight Rope trophy_bronze.png)
    Activating this causes a blood tornado to swirl around her which encompasses the area she is in, with her at the center. This storm can kill and disintegrate weaker enemies instantly and while it won't one-hit-kill elite enemies or bosses, it will severely damage them. Rayne must be at full Rage to use this and it will empty the entire Rage bar when it ends.

    Speed Powers

    Dilated Perception (dpad_right.png) - You start with this unlocked.
    As with the first game, Dilated Perception makes everything seem like its moving extremely slow, allowing you to easily dodge bullets and other attacks. In this mode, Rayne's reflexes are improved and much faster. This mode costs Rage over time but can be used even if Rayne's Rage bar is empty.

    Super Speed (dpad_right.pngdpad_right.png) - You earn this by defeating main boss Zerenski at the end of Act 1, Zerenski's Mansion. (See Going Batty trophy_bronze.png)
    Super Speed is an upgraded version of Dilated Perception where you retain all the benefits of it but now Rayne can move at an even higher-than-normal speed while everything else remains slow.

    Freeze Time (dpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.png) - You earn this by defeating main boss Ferrill at the end of Act 6, Shroud Tower. (See Amateur Electrician trophy_bronze.png)
    This doesn't actually freeze time completely but everything moves extremely slowly as Rayne's perception and speed are dramatically increased. She moves extremely quickly in this mode. It costs a lot of Rage over time and the bar will drain very quickly as she remains in this state.

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