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    Kill Unraveller

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    This trophy is for defeating Unraveller, one of the main bosses, found in Act 8: Kagan's Tower. As always, this isn't technically much of a fight as you never need to touch him but it is unique in that its the only puzzle that the game not only never tells you about but the objectives aren't even highlighted in Aura Vision. Once the fight is over, you'll get this trophy as well as Full Blooded Vampire trophy_bronze.png as you will unlock the last of Rayne's Rage powers, Blood Storm, as a reward for defeating him (see the trophy for more on her powers).

    This might be the most annoying part of the entire game and that says something considering the Club Strages stereo puzzle exists, too. Not because of difficulty or anything; actually it's probably the easiest part of the game technically but because you're going to be knocked down a hundred times while you attempt to see where to go and how to get there. It's extremely frustrating. 

    Note: Vampire Lair #15 is in this level and you'll have to get it before you kill him. See Nowhere you can hide trophy_gold.png for more or the video below.

    For more on the boss and tips for fighting him, see below [SPOILER WARNING]:

    Attached to the roof of the area are 4 pods that you will need to Harpoon down to defeat the boss. To reach them, use the various rails around the room. All 4 of them can be quite hard to reach. One of them is right above the staircase that's bathed in red light in the corner, at the very top. The others are hard to explain as it is a lot of running around but you can see their locations in the video below.

    Here is a video showing how to defeat Unraveller and find Lair #15: 

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