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    Kill Ephemera

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    This trophy is for killing one of the main bosses Ephemera at the end of Act 7: Twisted Park. When you finally get to kill Ephemera, she is just as annoying as you probably expected. Before you can do any damage to her, you need to remove the shadows, as she is invulnerable otherwise; she'll simply regenerate her health. When you take them all out, you can finally kill her and end this once and for all. Once you defeat her, the trophy will pop and you will unlock the third and last of Rayne's Aura Powers, Enthrall (see Full Blooded Vampire trophy_bronze.png for more on her powers).

    For more on the boss and tips for fighting her, see below [SPOILER WARNING]:

    In the beginning cutscene before the fight begins, you'll see shadow copies of Ephemera spring up all over the battle area, 6 in total. You'll have to destroy whatever is creating the shadows before you can kill her. 4 of them are just large standing rocks that you can break with your blades. Another one is under a Gazebo whose support beams can be broken to bring it down. The last one is surrounded by a few rocks and above it is a thin river-like stream of water that is being blocked by a downed pagoda statue. Harpoon the blockage away and the water will destroy the shadow for you.

    Once all 6 shadows are down, hack and slash until she is dead. Even though you've taken down the shadows, that just made her vulnerable, not weaker so be warned, she is quite strong. She has a couple attacks that can almost kill you in one hit: One is a tornado/spinning kick and the other is a large cross-blade slash. 

    Watch the video below to see how to kill her:

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