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    Kill Ferrill

    Story-related and cannot be missed but GLITCHED ON PS5:
    It seems this trophy is glitched on PS5, but not PS4. If you played on PS5 and did not get it, if you don't have a PS4, you can try deleting your save and starting again but that did not work for me. The only way I got it was by starting a new game on PS4 instead and playing until I reached Ferrill and killed her again. Hopefully that works (If anyone else has trouble with this trophy and/or was able to fix it by other means, please let us know in the guide discussion thread: LINK). 

    This trophy is for defeating Ferrill, the main and final boss of Act 6: The Shroud. Like all bosses in this game, this is a puzzle rather than a fight. In fact, you never actually touch the boss in question. Instead you need to run around destroying the multiple electrical panels that are powering the main Shroud pumps. Once you defeat her, you'll not only get this trophy but also the third and last of the Speed Powers, Freeze Time (see Full Blooded Vampire trophy_bronze.png for more on her powers).

    For more on the boss and tips for fighting her, see below [SPOILER WARNING]:

    As mentioned above, you need to destroy the pumps. There are two levels per main pump, with 1 panel on the lower level and 3 on the higher level for each, with 4 large pumps in total. That means you'll have 16 electrical panels to break in total, and all the while Ferrill will be chasing and smacking you, and she's faster than you. The best strategy here is to load up on health and rage, run for the pumps, turn on Blood Rage once you get in the Shroud and beat on the machines. Once you've disabled one full level (i.e. the 3 electrical panels on that platform), jump off the edge down to the lowest level and grab a couple guys to refill your Health and more importantly Rage before Ferrill makes it down to you. Rinse and repeat until all pumps have been disabled and you'll win the fight. 

    Important things to note: 

    1: If you fall off the edge, you'll return to the beginning section unharmed and can continue the fight so that's awesome. 
    2: You take damage while in the Shroud, albeit slowly. 
    3: This whole area is kind of a platforming maze and the best time to pop your Aura and look around is while on a grind rail as it seems Ferrill will not follow you there so you'll have all the time in the world to stop and look around and see where the panels are and how to get there.
    4: Use the grind rails to walk UP! This is super important. Firstly, the highest levels are almost only accessible via those rails and secondly, Ferrill cannot follow you there; she has to walk up the stairs and go the long way around instead, giving you a very important head start on her. 

    Watch the video below to see how to defeat her: 

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