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    Kill Slezz

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Slezz is the final boss of Act 4: The Sewers. Like all bosses in this game, the fight is essentially a killing puzzle rather than a straight-on fight and like all bosses in this game, she is annoying. When you defeat her, you'll gain Blood Fury, an upgrade on your Blood Rage power (see Full Blooded Vampire trophy_bronze.png for more on her powers). When the boss dies, the trophy will pop.

    For more on the boss and tips for fighting her, see below [SPOILER WARNING]:

    You don't ever attack her directly. Throughout the fight, Slezz will pick up suicide bomber enemies and throw them at you. You'll need to wait until they get close, then grab them out of midair using your Harpoon (Hold l1.png+triangle.png) and throw them back at her. However it's not quite that simple; Slezz will cross her arms and prevent the bomber from reaching her belly so to get her to remove her arms, you need to hit the lever (they'll show it in the cinematic) which will cause her arms to flail around, thus allowing you access. After a certain amount of time, the lever will reset and you'll need to do it again. That isn't the annoying part of this fight, though but rather the fact that for every enemy you throw at her belly correctly, you'll probably miss 4, since your Harpoon Toss is extremely inconsistent in terms of the strength of the throw and direction/range. Just keep doing it over and over until her belly explodes, at which point you can jump down and enter her belly. Harpoon her heart and pull it down to finally kill her. 

    Here's a video showing how to kill Slezz: 

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