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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 5-7/10 (personal estimate; highly skill dependent) [Trophy Difficulty Rating]
  • Offline trophies: 14 (11, 2, 1, 0)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 10-15hrs+ (personal estimate; highly skill dependent) [Estimated Time to 100%]
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 normally but 2 because Nowhere you can hide trophy_gold.png is glitched.
  • Number of missable trophies: 0 - Chapter Select becomes available once you beat the game.
  • Glitched trophies: 3-  Feeding Frenzy trophy_bronze.png (We're not sure if it's glitched or if the description is merely incorrect. See trophy for more information), Nowhere you can hide trophy_gold.png, which requires a second playthrough after deleting your save (see trophy for more) and Amateur Electrician trophy_bronze.png is not popping for some people on PS5 after defeating Ferrill but seems to work fine on PS4.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty levels.
  • Do cheats disable trophies?: YES! See intro for more.

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BloodRayne 2, like the first, is back again, this time ReVamped! Ported over by Ziggurat, now a whole new generation of players can experience Rayne's second tale, taking place 60 years after the first. The second carries over everything that was loved from the first but with slicker graphics and (somewhat) better controls. It is very much a sequel that stayed true to its source and the game is just as linear and story-focused as the previous one was. This time, you continue Rayne's story as she goes on a vendetta, hunting for all of her deceased father's other children, i.e. her half-siblings, in an effort to destroy the entire family tree the way her father, Kagan, did to her mother and her mother's family. Before long, though, you realize that it's no longer just about revenge but now the world is in your hands and you have to save it from your own kin. 

Among the aesthetic improvements, 2 expanded on the series by adding platforming and killing puzzles to complement the hacking-and-slashing. It's a very fun game but can be quite hard and challenging at times, especially for certain big fights. As with the first, even if you've never played either BloodRayne before, if you're a fan of cult classics, B-movie camp or vampires in general, you'll still have a great time.

GLITCH NOTE [UPDATED 02/15/22]: The game used to have substantial glitches, including crashes, trophies not popping on time, etc. One glitch prevented 100% completion, due to the Nowhere you can hide trophy_gold.png (All 18 Vampire Lairs) trophy glitching and not popping, as it appeared one of the Lairs was not registering. As long as your game is up to date, you shouldn't have a problem with the trophies. However, Patch 1.0.2 (Feb 15, 2022) supposedly fixed all of those glitches. However, that patch has since caused a new glitch; playing the PS4 version on PS5 will cause the game to crash sporadically. It's best to stick to your console's specific version now that they've also released a PS5-native version.

Unlike the first game in the series, BloodRayne 2 has a lot of puzzles that are necessary to progress with the story and the levels. Most of the time, these puzzles are either spelled out for you or are easy enough to figure out when using Aura Vision but once in a while it can be hard to know what to do next without a Walkthrough. To that end, I have a full playlist of BloodRayne 2 Walkthrough videos (Playlist: LINK), a Video Walkthrough of All Puzzles, as well as a full Text Walkthrough Supplement. Most of these puzzles generally involve using your Harpoon Toss to throw enemies into or at things, such as into a furnace or at a wall to break it down. Your Aura Vision is really the key in this game and will help you tremendously so keeping it active is generally preferred.

Even though BloodRayne 2 doesn't have difficulty levels or trophies, that doesn't mean that this game is going to be that much easier. Honestly, the reason it doesn't have those is probably because it's hard enough on its own. A lot of the game is definitely easy enough and the list as far as trophies go is decently easy but it is the many fights and minibosses in between these trophies that are the real difficulty here. Perhaps 70% of the game is around a 4/10 easy level and 30% is somewhere more like 7/10 and the latter 30% is where a large chunk of your playtime is going to be found. Even though your save file might say your play time has been for example 8-10 hours, your true playtime is likely to be at least another few hours longer as it doesn't count deaths and lost time since it resets to the previous Checkpoint. Here the boss fights aren't real fights but rather puzzles. It is the miniboss encounters that will give you more of a typical boss fight-like experience and are likely harder than several main boss "fights", particularly from Act 5 until the end of Act 8/end of the game.

SAVING: This game does not allow you to save whenever you want. Instead, the game offers a Save only when moving between Acts or locations so this means you can go nearly an hour in between saves, depending on where you are. There are Checkpoints that will trigger throughout that you will return to if you die but if you quit the game, you will return to the last Save you made, not the last Checkpoint.

CHEATS UPDATE: Although they were disabled upon release, the Patch 1.0.2 (released on Feb 15, 2022) has restored all of the original cheats! However, using cheats will disable the trophies. You can play with them as you wish, but you cannot earn trophies while ANY cheat* is active. (See the Walkthrough for a full list of cheats available.)

* Note: Because they did not specify whether cosmetic cheats also affect the trophies or not, it's best to assume they do.


1: In almost all instances, feeding is the quickest way to kill enemies and even some mini bosses. This is probably Tip #1 you need to know and remember. 
2: There is a move list accessible from the Pause Menu and it can be very helpful to learn certain combos and evasive maneuvers.
3: Using back-Feed triangle.png + triangle.png + square.png will give you the most amount of rage of any fatality or attack; doing it on an enemy with full health will almost entirely fill your Rage bar from empty.
4: Using Rayne's dodge and evasive maneuvers are critical to a successful playthrough and one with far fewer deaths. With heavy weapon-wielding enemies, target them and jump over (l1.png + cross.png and holding the lsn.png joystick direction together). The best dodge however for any fight is her quick spin around where she cartwheels from their front to their back in super-speed. (l1.png + cross.png while holding the R joystick to either right or left).
5: Always turn both joysticks (Rayne + camera) while feeding so that the person you are feeding on acts as a body shield against any enemies, whether they're shooting or hitting you. 
6: Although the game says to use Kicks (circle.png) to disarm heavy weapons, that takes way too long and needs more than one full combo most of the time. Instead, target enemies with your Harpoon (l1.png+triangle.png) to disarm them. You don’t even need to toss them anywhere; just one touch of the harpoon instantly disarms them and drops them to the floor. 
7: When you toss someone to the floor, target them with l1.png and press square.png for a one-hit kill while they're on the ground. 

STEP ONE – Play the game!

Very simply, play the game. This is pretty much the only step you need! This time around there aren't any difficulty levels or difficulty trophies and all but a couple trophies are story-related and unmissable and the rest can be cleaned up later if needed. If you don't want to clean up later, the only real thing that you need to keep track of are the Vampire Lairs (see Nowhere you can hide trophy_gold.png). There are 18 in total throughout the game and most are fairly obvious if you use your Aura Vision often but there are a few hidden in nooks and crannies that could be easy to miss.

Other than that, just make sure you use your Feeding Fatalities often, cycling through the different ones so you've done each at least once if not more and wherever possible, use the environment to kill enemies. Throw them off balconies, into fireplaces, onto sharp statues or fences etc. If there are any enemies near you while grinding on a rail, use your blades (Hold square.png) to kill them for Carnage kills. As long as you're doing these things throughout your playthrough, you should not need any clean-up step or second playthrough.

If you ever get lost or you want a Walkthrough to follow along, as the trophies are really only for the bosses, see our BloodRayne 2: ReVamped ~ Complete Game Walkthrough Supplement.

By the end of this step, you will have earned: 

Going Batty trophy_bronze.png 
Go for the Heart trophy_bronze.png 
Amateur Electrician trophy_bronze.png 
Zen Garden trophy_bronze.png 
Tight Rope trophy_bronze.png 
Pound of Flesh trophy_bronze.png
Armed and Dangerous trophy_bronze.png 
Full Blooded Vampire trophy_bronze.png 
Combat Specialist trophy_bronze.png 
CARNAGE!!! trophy_bronze.png 
Feeding Frenzy trophy_bronze.png 
Patricide trophy_silver.png 
Deathtraps trophy_silver.png 
Nowhere you can hide trophy_gold.png 

STEP TWO – Clean up (Optional)

If you missed any Vampire Lairs, now is the time to backtrack using Chapter Select and discover them. If you were following this guide or our Walkthrough, this step is unnecessary.

STEP THREE – Delete both your game & save file. Start a new playthrough and play again until you reach Lair #16 (Optional, if Nowhere you can hide trophy_gold.png Glitched & Didn't Pop)

The Vampire Lair #16 in Act 8 Kagan's Tower: Media Center is glitched for some reason. After you finish getting all 18, if the trophy didn't pop for you, once you finish the game you'll need to delete the game and your save, reinstall and start again and you'll have to play until you reach that Lair again which is sadly at the end of the game. Doing it on New Game+ does not work as it continues off of the previous glitched save. Unfortunately this method is not guaranteed to work; there have been reports of it working but there have also been many people who did this and still did not get it.

BloodRayne 2: ReVamped Trophy Guide

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14 trophies ( 11  )

  • Kill Zerenski

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Zerenski is the first boss of the game, who you'll kill in Act 1 as part of the tutorial. The boss fight is simple albeit somewhat annoying. As a reward for defeating the boss, you'll gain Super Speed mode (press dpad_right.png twice), which is an upgrade of your Dilated Perception. Essentially it acts the same as Dilated, except that you are no longer slowed by it and are in normal speed whereas the rest of the world is in Dilated's slow speed. (See Full Blooded Vampire trophy_bronze.png for more on her sense powers.)

    For more on the boss and tips for fighting him, see below [SPOILER WARNING]:

    You'll have to chase him around what looks like a construction area, hopping from roof to roof via scaffolding and other platforms. Using Aura Vision will make this much easier as all of the platforming-available pipes and etc will glow yellow and the marker will tell you where you need to go. When you reach Zerenski, hit him once with your blades and he turns into 3 bats and flies away. Use l1.png to target the bat and shoot them with your gun with r1.png. Rinse and repeat! Do this 3 times and he will die and the trophy will pop. 

    For a video showing how to kill Zerenski, see 29:20 Minutes in my BR2: Revamped Walkthrough.
  • Kill Slezz

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Slezz is the final boss of Act 4: The Sewers. Like all bosses in this game, the fight is essentially a killing puzzle rather than a straight-on fight and like all bosses in this game, she is annoying. When you defeat her, you'll gain Blood Fury, an upgrade on your Blood Rage power (see Full Blooded Vampire trophy_bronze.png for more on her powers). When the boss dies, the trophy will pop.

    For more on the boss and tips for fighting her, see below [SPOILER WARNING]:

    You don't ever attack her directly. Throughout the fight, Slezz will pick up suicide bomber enemies and throw them at you. You'll need to wait until they get close, then grab them out of midair using your Harpoon (Hold l1.png+triangle.png) and throw them back at her. However it's not quite that simple; Slezz will cross her arms and prevent the bomber from reaching her belly so to get her to remove her arms, you need to hit the lever (they'll show it in the cinematic) which will cause her arms to flail around, thus allowing you access. After a certain amount of time, the lever will reset and you'll need to do it again. That isn't the annoying part of this fight, though but rather the fact that for every enemy you throw at her belly correctly, you'll probably miss 4, since your Harpoon Toss is extremely inconsistent in terms of the strength of the throw and direction/range. Just keep doing it over and over until her belly explodes, at which point you can jump down and enter her belly. Harpoon her heart and pull it down to finally kill her. 

    Here's a video showing how to kill Slezz: 
  • Destroy the Shroud Tower

    Story-related and cannot be missed but GLITCHED ON PS5:
    It seems this trophy is glitched on PS5, but not PS4. If you played on PS5 and did not get it, if you don't have a PS4, you can try deleting your save and starting again but that did not work for me. The only way I got it was by starting a new game on PS4 instead and playing until I reached Ferrill and killed her again. Hopefully that works (If anyone else has trouble with this trophy and/or was able to fix it by other means, please let us know in the guide discussion thread: LINK). 

    This trophy is for defeating Ferrill, the main and final boss of Act 6: The Shroud. Like all bosses in this game, this is a puzzle rather than a fight. In fact, you never actually touch the boss in question. Instead you need to run around destroying the multiple electrical panels that are powering the main Shroud pumps. Once you defeat her, you'll not only get this trophy but also the third and last of the Speed Powers, Freeze Time (see Full Blooded Vampire trophy_bronze.png for more on her powers).

    For more on the boss and tips for fighting her, see below [SPOILER WARNING]:

    As mentioned above, you need to destroy the pumps. There are two levels per main pump, with 1 panel on the lower level and 3 on the higher level for each, with 4 large pumps in total. That means you'll have 16 electrical panels to break in total, and all the while Ferrill will be chasing and smacking you, and she's faster than you. The best strategy here is to load up on health and rage, run for the pumps, turn on Blood Rage once you get in the Shroud and beat on the machines. Once you've disabled one full level (i.e. the 3 electrical panels on that platform), jump off the edge down to the lowest level and grab a couple guys to refill your Health and more importantly Rage before Ferrill makes it down to you. Rinse and repeat until all pumps have been disabled and you'll win the fight. 

    Important things to note: 

    1: If you fall off the edge, you'll return to the beginning section unharmed and can continue the fight so that's awesome. 
    2: You take damage while in the Shroud, albeit slowly. 
    3: This whole area is kind of a platforming maze and the best time to pop your Aura and look around is while on a grind rail as it seems Ferrill will not follow you there so you'll have all the time in the world to stop and look around and see where the panels are and how to get there.
    4: Use the grind rails to walk UP! This is super important. Firstly, the highest levels are almost only accessible via those rails and secondly, Ferrill cannot follow you there; she has to walk up the stairs and go the long way around instead, giving you a very important head start on her. 

    Watch the video below to see how to defeat her: 
  • Kill Ephemera

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    This trophy is for killing one of the main bosses Ephemera at the end of Act 7: Twisted Park. When you finally get to kill Ephemera, she is just as annoying as you probably expected. Before you can do any damage to her, you need to remove the shadows, as she is invulnerable otherwise; she'll simply regenerate her health. When you take them all out, you can finally kill her and end this once and for all. Once you defeat her, the trophy will pop and you will unlock the third and last of Rayne's Aura Powers, Enthrall (see Full Blooded Vampire trophy_bronze.png for more on her powers).

    For more on the boss and tips for fighting her, see below [SPOILER WARNING]:

    In the beginning cutscene before the fight begins, you'll see shadow copies of Ephemera spring up all over the battle area, 6 in total. You'll have to destroy whatever is creating the shadows before you can kill her. 4 of them are just large standing rocks that you can break with your blades. Another one is under a Gazebo whose support beams can be broken to bring it down. The last one is surrounded by a few rocks and above it is a thin river-like stream of water that is being blocked by a downed pagoda statue. Harpoon the blockage away and the water will destroy the shadow for you.

    Once all 6 shadows are down, hack and slash until she is dead. Even though you've taken down the shadows, that just made her vulnerable, not weaker so be warned, she is quite strong. She has a couple attacks that can almost kill you in one hit: One is a tornado/spinning kick and the other is a large cross-blade slash. 

    Watch the video below to see how to kill her:
  • Kill Unraveller

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    This trophy is for defeating Unraveller, one of the main bosses, found in Act 8: Kagan's Tower. As always, this isn't technically much of a fight as you never need to touch him but it is unique in that its the only puzzle that the game not only never tells you about but the objectives aren't even highlighted in Aura Vision. Once the fight is over, you'll get this trophy as well as Full Blooded Vampire trophy_bronze.png as you will unlock the last of Rayne's Rage powers, Blood Storm, as a reward for defeating him (see the trophy for more on her powers).

    This might be the most annoying part of the entire game and that says something considering the Club Strages stereo puzzle exists, too. Not because of difficulty or anything; actually it's probably the easiest part of the game technically but because you're going to be knocked down a hundred times while you attempt to see where to go and how to get there. It's extremely frustrating. 

    Note: Vampire Lair #15 is in this level and you'll have to get it before you kill him. See Nowhere you can hide trophy_gold.png for more or the video below.

    For more on the boss and tips for fighting him, see below [SPOILER WARNING]:

    Attached to the roof of the area are 4 pods that you will need to Harpoon down to defeat the boss. To reach them, use the various rails around the room. All 4 of them can be quite hard to reach. One of them is right above the staircase that's bathed in red light in the corner, at the very top. The others are hard to explain as it is a lot of running around but you can see their locations in the video below.

    Here is a video showing how to defeat Unraveller and find Lair #15: 
  • Kill Xerx

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Xerx is the Frankenstein-looking boss and you'll have to fight him twice. The first time you fight him, you'll take out 6 Sun Cannons, for which you'll be rewarded with Blood Hammer Gun Mode, but that's all. This trophy is for when you finally get to kill him a few levels later, at the very end of Act 8: Kagan's Tower. He's the last boss before the last, last boss; the final boss. As always, this fight is a puzzle rather than a true fight. There are 4 glowing weaknesses in his Super Pink Suit that you'll need to destroy and Harpoon to kill him. This can be quite annoying as you'll likely be knocked off the roof several times but you don't die or even lose health to that so it's not a big deal. If you know where to stand, it makes the fight a lot simpler and a lot easier. Once he's dead, the trophy will pop. 

    Note: Vampire Lair #18 is in this level and you'll have to get it before you kill him. See Nowhere you can hide trophy_gold.png for more or the video below.

    For more on the boss and tips for fighting him, see below [SPOILER WARNING]:

    Using your Carpathian Dragons' awesome rocket launcher-mode Blood Hammer, shoot rockets at the pink weak spots (this is by default, really; the game does most of the aiming for you as they don't give you separate targets for each spot but direction does matter so try to aim as best as you can) until they turn a greyish-green color. Once one changes color, grab it with your Harpoon and pull it down. Rinse and repeat until all 4 are down, which will end the fight. Throughout the fight, normal mobs will spawn one at a time so you'll always have a source of Health and ammunition. Just try to stand behind the pillars as his attacks will kill the normal mobs too. There's a specific section of the room where you should stand to make this fight a million times easier, which is the section with the broken staircase/that has a hole in it. Stand under the stairs, behind the pillars and just keep switching pillars to protect yourself. Watch the video below to see exactly where.

    Watch the video below to see how to kill him and get the Lair #18: 

  • Acquire all Guns

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Unlike the first game, Rayne never uses conventional firearms. The only weapons you have are your blades and a very special set of guns that you acquire in Act 1 called the Carpathian Dragon Pistols. You'll get them very early in the game while in Zerenski's Mansion in the Ballroom.

    These weapons do not use normal bullets but instead use blood bullets. You can reload by using Feed on any enemy and then using one of the two Gun Feed Fatalities (so either triangle.png to Feed then r1.png, or triangle.png to Feed then triangle.png+r1.png; see Feeding Frenzy trophy_bronze.png for more). If you run out of ammunition, the gun will use Rayne's own blood instead, draining her health until a certain point. Once she reaches critically low health, the gun will cease to work until either they are refilled manually via Feeding Fatalities or her health is.

    Despite the trophy's wording, there aren't more guns to find. Instead Rayne learns new gun Firing Modes throughout the game, after defeating certain minibosses. You'll need to collect all of them for this trophy, which will come naturally as you play. There are a total of 6, the first of which you will start with. In addition to that, each Firing Mode has 3 levels. Leveling them up increases their max ammunition capacity, rate of fire and/or adds a special trait, depending on the mode. Note: Leveling them up isn't required for this trophy.

    Here is a list of all 6 Firing Modes, what they do, and when you unlock them: 

    Blood Shot - Semi-Automatic Pistol - Default mode; you start with this mode unlocked when you get the guns.
    Level 1: 40 bullets max.
    Level 2: 55 bullets max, increased rate of fire.
    Level 3: 66 bullets max.

    Blood Stream - Fully Automatic Pistol - You earn this by defeating the miniboss Kestrel in Act 2, Meatpacking District.
    Level 1: 40 bullets max.
    Level 2: 45 bullets max.
    Level 3: 50 bullets max.

    Blood Spray - Semi-Automatic Shotgun - You earn this by defeating the miniboss Kestrel in Act 4, The Sewers: Access Tunnels.
    Level 1: 10 bullets max.
    Level 2: 20 bullets max, guns can now shoot simultaneously and with an increased number of buckshot per shot.
    Level 3: Increased damage.

    Blood Bomb - Time-delayed Sticky Bomb Launcher - You earn this by defeating the miniboss Female Dhampir in Act 5, Wetworks: Turbine. 
    Level 1: 5 bullets max.
    Level 2: 12 bullets max, guns can now shoot simultaneously.
    Level 3: 14 bullets max

    Blood Flame - Fireball Launcher - You earn this by defeating the miniboss Female Dhampir in Act 7, Twisted Park: Zoo Entrance. 
    Level 1: 5 bullets max.
    Level 2: 12 bullets max, guns can now shoot simultaneously.
    Level 3: 14 bullets max.

    Blood Hammer - Rocket Launcher - You earn this by defeating the boss Xerx for the first time, in Act 8, Kagan's Tower: Xerx's Laboratories.
    Level 1: 3 bullets max.
    Level 2: 7 bullets max, 
    Level 3: 8 bullets max.
  • Acquire all powers

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    In this case, the "Powers" referenced are Rayne's perception powers; her Aura Powers, Rage Powers and Speed Powers. Each of those sections have 3 powers, for a total of 9 overall. You'll begin the game with the first one in each unlocked already, as they're the main Powers. The other ones are more like upgrades than standalone powers and those you earn for defeating certain bosses throughout the game, meaning that this trophy will come naturally once you finish the story. It will pop once you defeat the boss Unraveller (Tight Rope trophy_bronze.png) in Act 8, Kagan's Tower. 

    Here is a list of all 9 powers, what they are, and when you unlock them: 

    Notedpad_down.png Turns off any active power.

    Aura Powers

    Aura Vision (dpad_left.png) - You start with this unlocked.
    As with the first game, Aura Vision is an extremely useful tool you will need to use for a large portion of the game. It highlights all mission objectives, shows you where you need to go next, illuminates Vampire Lair doors, shows enemies (location, health and aggro status) and highlights any platformable objects (eg. rails, bars etc.). It is free to use.

    Ghost Feed (dpad_left.pngdpad_left.png) - You earn this after the mock fight with Ephemera at the end of Act 3, Union Station.
    This power is super helpful. If you're in need of health but you don't want to stop and feed or if you're in a large group of enemies and feeding would be too dangerous, activate this power to send out a ghost version of Rayne that will feed on any nearby enemy (even if they're wielding a heavy weapon) and you can continue to run, fight, whatever, while the ghost feeds for you and it will give you the same amount of health as normal Feeding does. It costs rage each time you activate it. IMPORTANT NOTE: While you have Ghost Feed active, you cannot feed on another enemy so keep that in mind.

    Enthrall (dpad_left.pngdpad_left.pngdpad_left.png) - You earn this by defeating main boss Ephemera at the end of Act 7, Twisted Park. (See Zen Garden trophy_bronze.png)  
    Rather than feed, the same ghost gets sent out but this time will possess the nearest enemy (only normal enemies; does not work on elite enemies or bosses), turning them into a slave for Rayne. They'll fight any enemies nearby and acts as a distraction. Using this costs Rage over time and once the Rage runs out, the possessed enemy will die. You can extend this mode by attacking other enemies, increasing your Rage. NOTE: This power cannot be prematurely deactivated; it won't turn off until the enemy-slave is killed or your Rage bar is completely depleted. Because of this, it's not a very useful skill.

    Rage Powers

    Blood Rage (dpad_up.png) - You start with this unlocked.
    Blood Rage is a mode you'll use a lot in the game. While in it, Rayne deals double damage; cannot be knocked over, stunned or interrupted; has a much higher chance of dismembering enemies; and is invulnerable as any damage she takes is taken from her Rage bar rather than Health. Costs Rage over time as she is in Blood Rage mode.

    Blood Fury (dpad_up.pngdpad_up.png) - You earn this by killing main boss Slezz at the end of Act 4, The Sewers. (See Go for the Heart trophy_bronze.png)
    Blood Fury is an upgrade to Blood Rage where her attacks deal even more damage and her blades grow to double their original length. She breaks through enemies defense much easier and quicker and once again is invulnerable and cannot be knocked over, stunned or interrupted. This mode costs even more Rage over time than Blood Rage does.

    Blood Storm (dpad_up.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_up.png) - You earn this by defeating main boss Unraveller in Act 8, Kagan's Tower. (See Tight Rope trophy_bronze.png)
    Activating this causes a blood tornado to swirl around her which encompasses the area she is in, with her at the center. This storm can kill and disintegrate weaker enemies instantly and while it won't one-hit-kill elite enemies or bosses, it will severely damage them. Rayne must be at full Rage to use this and it will empty the entire Rage bar when it ends.

    Speed Powers

    Dilated Perception (dpad_right.png) - You start with this unlocked.
    As with the first game, Dilated Perception makes everything seem like its moving extremely slow, allowing you to easily dodge bullets and other attacks. In this mode, Rayne's reflexes are improved and much faster. This mode costs Rage over time but can be used even if Rayne's Rage bar is empty.

    Super Speed (dpad_right.pngdpad_right.png) - You earn this by defeating main boss Zerenski at the end of Act 1, Zerenski's Mansion. (See Going Batty trophy_bronze.png)
    Super Speed is an upgraded version of Dilated Perception where you retain all the benefits of it but now Rayne can move at an even higher-than-normal speed while everything else remains slow.

    Freeze Time (dpad_right.pngdpad_right.pngdpad_right.png) - You earn this by defeating main boss Ferrill at the end of Act 6, Shroud Tower. (See Amateur Electrician trophy_bronze.png)
    This doesn't actually freeze time completely but everything moves extremely slowly as Rayne's perception and speed are dramatically increased. She moves extremely quickly in this mode. It costs a lot of Rage over time and the bar will drain very quickly as she remains in this state.
  • Acquire all special moves

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Special moves are exactly what they sound like; special combos that you discover after defeating certain bosses and minibosses, of which there are 5 in total to get. Since you get these for defeating bosses, you don't need to worry about this as you'll get it naturally throughout the course of your playthrough. You'll earn this trophy towards the end of Act 8, in Kagan's Tower: Media Center after defeating a Female Dhampir miniboss.

    Here is a list of all 5 Special Powers, when you unlock them, their controls and what they do: 

    1: Twisted Wind - Act 1, Zerenski's Mansion: Vampire Lair - Earned for killing miniboss Male Dhampir -
    Rotate L joystick in a circle and press circle.png. Spinning and kicking in a circle. Useful if there are many enemies around you with heavy weapons as it'll disarm all of them (assuming they don't die first!).
    2: Silver Circlet - Act 1, Union Station: Train Bay - Earned for defeating Kestrel miniboss -
    Rotate L joystick in a circle and press square.png. Rayne spins in a circle, slashing nearby enemies with her blades. Useful if surrounded.
    *3: Quiet Thunder - Act 5, Wetworks: Mess Hall - Earned for killing miniboss Male Dhampir -
    Rotate L joystick in a circle and press r1.png. Rayne spins in a circle, shooting enemies with her Carpathian Dragon guns.
    4: Shiva Aspect - Act 7, Twisted Park: Aquarium - Earned for killing miniboss Foreman -
    Hold l1.png to target, then cross.pngcircle.png. Targets an enemy and leaps at them, kicking them in the head.
    5: Curtain Twice Torn - Act 8, Kagan's Tower: Media Center - Earned for killing miniboss Female Dhampir - 
    Hold l1.png to target, then cross.pngsquare.png. Targets an enemy and then jumps up and slams down to the ground with one blade, slicing an enemy in half.

    Tip: Curtain Twice Torn is a very good move! 
    *Note: When you earn Quiet Thunder, the game says square.png not r1.png, but it's wrong. The Move List (Pause Menu) shows the correct controls.
  • Get 50 carnage kills in a single playthrough

    Carnage kills are killing enemies with the environment, in deathtraps, while platforming and so on. These are mainly throwing enemies off of balconies, impaling them on sharp objects like a Rhino's horn, electrifying them and blowing them up with explosives. One of the best ways to get Carnage kills are using Rayne's blades while grinding rails. For this trophy, you'll need to get 50 of such kills. A lot of them will come by way of the story and you'll likely get this naturally if you are using your Harpoon-toss often (Hold l1.png to target + triangle.png to Harpoon, then move the joystick in the direction you want to throw them). Try to get as many Carnage kills as you can. When you earn enough Carnage, Rayne levels up and her Health and Rage meters increase. Once you've gotten 50 of these kills, the trophy will pop. I got this 1 hour after starting the game.
  • Use all feeding fatalities in a single playthrough

    POSSIBLY GLITCHED: Although it sounds like this should pop once you've used all 14 once, it seems that this is either not the case and is instead for reaching a certain number of fatalities used or the trophy is glitched. I did eventually get it but only after dozens of times using each fatality so after you're certain you've used each once, if the trophy still hasn't popped for you, just keep killing using fatalities and keep cycling through them until you get the trophy. 

    There are a total of 14 Feeding Fatalities in the game and you'll have to use all of them at least once. 10 are available to you right away as you begin the game and the remaining 4 unlock very soon during the tutorial in the beginning, once you get your guns (marked with an *). To Feed, you have to approach an enemy within melee-distance and press triangle.png. While feeding, you can then press another button and it will initiate the fatality. Basically as it sounds, a fatality will stop the feeding at that moment and kill the enemy in one hit. 

    Fatalities using square.png and circle.png will give you Blood Rage, while fatalities using r1.png will give you ammunition for your guns. The ammount you get for either is directly related to the amount of health the enemy has left at the moment you activate the fatality. Note: The triangle.png+triangle.png+square.png Fatality activated from the enemy's back gives the most Blood Rage of any fatality.

    TIP: There are a few great spots early on with infinite (or nearly) enemies to do them en masse if you want an easy way of making sure you've done each of them. One of them is Act 3: Union Station - Club Strages where you are stuck in a bloodfield and have to harpoon enemies into the stereo speakers. Until you complete the puzzle, enemies will continue to spawn infinitely so this is a great place to work through each fatality. 

    The 14 fatalities are split up in two categories: From the front and from behind, i.e. some fatalities can only be done when approaching an enemy from behind and jumping on their back. Here is a list of all 14 Feeding Fatalities:

    triangle.png cross.png: Devil's Handshake
    triangle.png square.png: Sterling Blow
    triangle.png triangle.png square.png: Laughing Jackal
    triangle.png circle.png: Archer's Bliss 
    triangle.png triangle.png circle.png: Cracked Sparrow
    triangle.png r1.png: Silver Eeel *
    triangle.png triangle.png r1.png: Athena Shiver *

    triangle.png cross.png: Strangled Flame
    triangle.png square.png: Lament Reversal
    triangle.png triangle.png square.png: Crane's Reply - Note: Gives the most Blood Rage of any fatality.
    triangle.png circle.png: Rabbit's Lash
    triangle.png triangle.png circle.png: Comet's Twinge
    triangle.png r1.png: Weeping Cobra *
    triangle.png triangle.png r1.png: Lover's Grip *

    Note: Fatalities marked with an asterisk (*) will be unlocked once Rayne acquires the Carpathian Dragon Pistols in Act 1, Zerenski's Mansion. 
  • Kill Kagan

    Story-related and cannot be missed.


    Surprise, surprise, Kagan is alive and is the final boss and penultimate evil. At least now you get to kill him! Funnily enough, Kagan is by far the easiest boss in the game. While he is powerful, there is a very large pool of blood in the center of the room. While that means it heals him, it also Heals you and gives you unlimited Rage and ammunition. Your best bet is trying to position yourself where you are right inside the edge of the pool while fighting him, thereby blocking him from being able to get in the pool himself. Because you're so close to the edge of the pool, he never stops the fight and tries to run in the pool the way he does while fighting out in the room normally. If you get that position right, with the unlimited Rage you'll get, using your Blood Fury will take him down in a quick minute. 

    Watch the video below to see how to kill him: 
  • Use all deathtrap types in a single playthrough

    Deathtraps are what they sound like; Things in the environment or backdrop that Rayne can use to kill enemies. All of them are incorporated in the story somehow, usually via killing puzzles, but there are a couple that it is technically possible to not do, although would be highly unlikely, such as using blades while rail grinding. As long as you follow the prompts that appear, you should not miss any method/trap. In addition, you only need to use each type at least once, rather than every time, so if you tossed enemies onto spikes at some point, you won't need to use every single spike you see throughout the game. 

    This trophy popped for me during Act 5, The Sewers, when I used my blades to kill an enemy for the first time while grinding a rail (Hold square.png) after the enemy died. The only tip I can really give you is to keep using the environment when possible and whenever the game shows you a new method to attack (such as blades or guns on rails), use it. 

    Here is a list of deathtraps and their first found location or puzzle (If you notice any missing, please let us know): 

    - Impale on a Rhino Horn (Act 1, Zerenski's Mansion. The tutorial will take you through this.)
    - Using guns while platforming (Act 1, Zerenski's Mansion. The tutorial will take you through this.)
    - Using blades while rail-grinding (Act 1, Zerenski's Mansion. The tutorial will take you through this.)
    - Fireplace - Story-related and unmissable. (Act 1, Zerenski's Mansion. Part of a killing puzzle.)
    - Large fan - Story-related and unmissable. (Act 2, Meatpacking District. Part of a killing puzzle.)
    - Meatgrinder - Story-related and unmissable. (Act 2, Meatpacking District. Part of a killing puzzle; tossing enemies into a crusher truck.)
    - Electricity - Story-related and unmissable. (Act 3, Union Station. Part of a killing puzzle; tossing enemies into electrical breakers.)
    - Explosions, found all throughout the game, via propane tanks and many others.
    - Impale on Spikes/broken poles, found all throughout the game.
    - Throwing enemies off of tall buildings/platforms, found throughout the game

    If you have any other information about this trophy, please let us know in the guide's discussion thread: LINK.
  • Bathe in the blood of 15 vampire lairs in a single playthrough

    GLITCHED: This trophy is glitched for a majority of people, thus making the 100% unobtainable. According to current thought, it seems that the Vampire Lair #16 in Act 8 Kagan's Tower: Media Center is glitched for some reason. After you finish getting all 18, if the trophy didn't pop for you, once you finish the game you'll need to delete the game and your save file, reinstall and start again and you'll have to get the Lairs again. Using Level Select or doing it on New Game+ does not work as it continues off of the previous glitched save. Unfortunately this method is not guaranteed to work; there have been reports of it working but there have also been several people who did this and still did not get it.

    Vampire Lairs are hidden rooms that can only be found using your Aura Vision (dpad_left.png), of which there are 18 you'll need to find. Inside, you'll find a massive blood pool and a podium in the center. When you stand in said podium, a cutscene will trigger and Rayne will refill her Health, Rage, and all gun ammunition. You can only use these Lairs once each; once you leave one, the door disappears.

    When your Aura is active, the door to a Lair shows up with a giant icon on it (see this picture for an example: LINK) and you can only enter the door with Aura on (even if you already spotted it and then turned Aura off, you still won't be able to get in). You'll discover most of the Lairs through the story or just in obvious places if you use your Aura Vision throughout the game (which you should be; it comes in handy quite a bit in this game) but it is possible to miss some if you're not paying attention or exploring everything.

    Below is a list of all 18 Vampire Lairs and their locations. Text guide + Timestamps are listed below the following video:

    All Vampire Lairs:

    1: Act 1, Zerenski's Mansion: Bedroom - In the bathroom. [0:00]
    Story-related and cannot be missed.
    You'll get this as part of the beginning tutorial as you learn about your Aura Vision. Note: This is the only Lair in which you will fight. When you walk in, you'll face a Male Dhampir miniboss.

    2: Act 3, Union Station: Shopping Plaza. [5:10]
    In the Union Station section, just after you tossed some guys into electrical breakers, you'll head up two large flights of stairs. If you're using the stairs far in the back, keep Aura Vision on and it'll be easy to see, it's on the wall on the beginning area (AKA on the opposite end of the area that you're supposed to go to). If you go through any door after the stairs, you've gone too far. 

    3: Act 4, The Sewers: Access Tunnels - Behind a waterfall. [7:10]
    During the early/mid section of the Sewers, at some point the platforms you're on will explode and you'll rail-grind down with another person with a machine gun turret shooting at you. Kill the person behind the turret and then look at that waterfall that was behind them. You can walk behind the waterfall and the door to this lair will be on the right wall once you walk behind it. 

    4: Act 4, The Sewers: Smuggling Route - Right in front of you after a 3-rail section. [7:50]
    At the end of the Sewers section, you blow up the main gas line with a machine gun turret before jumping into a hole. You'll land into another 3-rail grinding section (where you need to jump between rails to avoid the water). Once you land on the ground after that, the wall is right in front of you. It's impossible to miss if you have your Aura Vision on which you  should definitely have had it on during this entire section! Note: This is your last lair before boss Slezz (Go for the Heart trophy_bronze.png).

    5: Act 5, Wetworks: Electrification Silos. [9:46]
    After you fight your first "Turned" (a hulk-like monster) in a blood pool, you'll make your way up through the building and you'll have to grind on a couple rails. In front of those rails are a couple pipes you can jump to before the rail ends. You're supposed to go down for the story, but don't. Instead, jump to those pipes before you land and climb up to the ledge there and the Lair entrance is on the left wall just ahead of where you landed on the ledge. (Once you finish with the lair, you can jump down to where the rails end for the story.)

    6: Act 5, Wetworks: Mess Hall - in the Elevator Shaft. [11:00]
    Right after you kill your first "Foreman" (looks like a classic Ogre from Lord of the Rings), you'll have to climb up some scaffolding in an elevator shaft. On the very first floor up, the entrance to this Lair is immediately in front of you. (The story will take you 2 floors up, so be sure you're only going 1 floor up, not to the floor with the objection icon on it.)

    7: Act 5, Wetworks: Chemical Processing. [13:00]
    Right after you kill the second Foreman, turn the corner and you'll be in a large room where you need to reach the top. As you run forward, the first left will have a room with the Lair and the second left will have the stairs. Before you go upstairs, in the first left you can take, the Lair is in there on the left wall. If you reached the room with the stairs/climbed up any stairs, you went one room too far.

    8: Act 5, Wetworks: Turbine. [14:20]
    You'll have to kill two Foremans, one at the top and one when you get down to the turbine. After they're dead, don't go towards the objective. Instead, go into the room behind the large turbine. The entrance to the Lair is on the inside wall, which you won't see until you go all the way in and then turn back to face the door. If you went into an elevator after the turbine, you went too far. This is right before a painful boss fight so make sure you visit it to regen health and rage.

    9: Act 5, Wetworks: Furnace - Under the stairs. [15:00]
    After you finish tossing enemies onto the 5 giant flames and into the large furnaces, you'll come to a large stairwell which you should grind down and use your blades (Hold square.png). As soon as you land/get down the stairs, the entrance to the Lair is right in front of you. If you're in Aura Vision while coming down the stairs, it'll be impossible to miss. If you went into an elevator, you went too far. 

    10: Act 5, Wetworks: Loading Bay. [16:00]
    Once you've exposed the conveyor belt, hop on it to head towards the place they've taken the caged people. Immediately after the first drop on the belt, there's a room to the right behind a glass window. Break the glass, kill the two goons there and the door to the Lair is on the right-hand wall. If you have your Aura on while on the conveyor belt, it's easy to see.

    11: Act 6, Shroud Tower: The Lower Tower Ascent. [17:30]
    As you're moving up through the tower chasing after Ferrill, taking elevators up, once you reach the very top, don't get into the circular elevator. Turn on Aura Vision and look off the edge, directly opposite the elevator you will take later, then you'll see this Lair across the room on the wall. This is one of the more missable, hidden ones and is also by far the hardest one to reach & is very tricky. You need to jump across using your double jump to land on the large black pipe across the room. The best way is to carefully stand on the railing right in front of you and then jump off, using your double jump once you're a decent way out. Just keep trying until you get there. Here's a picture of the Lair's location to make this easier to understand:
    (Click on the image to Enlarge)

    12: Act 7, Twisted Park: Aquarium. [18:35]
    long break between Lairs means you're probably thirsting for one. Once you're in the Aquarium section of the Twisted Park, you'll see a large merry-go-round and you'll have to fight 3 Shadow Legion minibosses. Once they're dead, hop down into the bear pit/pool area where a bunch of Ephemera's sword-wielding guys are fighting the insect monster with your Aura Vision on. The Lair is in top-right section of that pit area.

    13: Act 8, Kagan's Tower: Xerx's Laboratories. [21:42]
    After you defeat the Turned (Minotaur-like monster), you'll climb up a staircase, vault over a flooded floor section with a bunch of gun-shooting dudes, then climb up another staircase. The door you're supposed to go through for the story has a flashlight pointing at it but don't go in it. Instead, climb another flight of stairs to reach the very top of the staircase. At the top of that second staircase, the Lair entrance is right on the wall in front of you, in the middle between the two opposite doors. Then go back down and continue with the story.

    14: Act 8, Kagan's Tower: Llewlyn Corporate Offices. [23:10]
    After you defeat your first Pink Suit, you'll have to do a little platforming outside the building. As you hop over a few poles, there will be a room to your left with glass walls with 2 guys shooting at you. Continue going up the scaffolding to the next floor up, then jump off the ledge to land inside the room with the shooters. Go in the room to the right and the Lair will be at the end. If you encountered your first Ancient Vampire miniboss, you went too far but you can still backtrack back here before you move on.

    15: Act 8, Kagan's Tower: Unraveller. [26:00]
    When you're in the Unraveller's pit, during the fight, if you climb all the way to the top (use the various rails around the room), the Lair is at the top at the end of one of said rails. NOTE: You'll have to get it before you kill him, otherwise you'll miss it.

    16: Act 8, Kagen's Tower: Media Center. [27:25] - GLITCHED (See the note above)
    Right after you have to jam a Newspaper printing press, you'll fight a Female Dhampir miniboss. Immediately after defeating her, walk out the door and turn right. Don't go through any other doors! The entrance to the Lair is immediately on your right once you turn. This is easy to miss because the next Checkpoint is right after this and if you miss it and go through the next door and trigger the Checkpoint, you'll need to restart the entire level to come back to this Lair.

    17: Act 8, Kagan's Tower: Skybridge. [31:30]
    Right after you push the 4 metal balls into the center pool to break through the floor, you'll face another Ancient Vampire miniboss. Immediately after the fight, pop your Aura Vision on and just look out the door into the hallway. Right out the door is the Lair on the wall on your left. If you go to another room after the Ancient Vampire miniboss, you went too far.

    18: Act 8, Kagan's Tower: Rooftop - During Xerx boss fight. [37:35]
    The final Lair is on the rooftop where you fight Xerx (see Pound of Flesh trophy_bronze.png). Once you beat him, the game moves on so you'll have to get this lair before you kill Xerx. If you're standing by the staircase, the Lair is in the corner room to the right of you. (To the left of the stairs if you are facing the stairs).

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  • How many offline trophies are there in BloodRayne 2: ReVamped?
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  • How long does it take to get the platinum in BloodRayne 2: ReVamped?
    The estimated time to get a platinum in BloodRayne 2: ReVamped is 10-15 hours.
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  • Does difficulty affect trophies in BloodRayne 2: ReVamped?
    Difficulty does not affect trophies in BloodRayne 2: ReVamped.
  • Are there any unobtainable/glitched trophies in BloodRayne 2: ReVamped?
    3: Feeding Frenzy (We're not sure if it's glitched or if the description is merely incorrect. See trophy for more information),Nowhere you can hide , which requires a second playthrough after deleting your save (see trophy for more) andAmateur Electrician is not popping for some people on PS5 after defeating Ferrill but seems to work fine on PS4

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