• Estimated trophy difficulty: 7 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 34 (20, 7, 6, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 30-50 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 4 (Yharnam Sunrise, Honoring Wishes, Childhood's Beginning , Hunter's Essence)
  • Glitched trophies: 1* (Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos (*fixed in patch 1.03) see trophy for details)
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A


Bloodborne is an action roleplaying game with large amounts of horror mixed in for good measure. You will be tasked with the role of a Hunter, a title shrouded in mystery and fear. You must destroy the supposed evil forces all throughout Yharnam; a city overran by disease, insanity, and grotesque monsters of every imaginable kind. Developed by From Software, it follows in the punishing footsteps of the Souls franchise to offer up a new and challenging spin on their proven formula. However, unlike its predecessors there is a much greater emphasis on fast paced and aggressive combat styles. It is also streamlined to be more inviting to players new to the genre as well.Walkthrough:

There are 18 total bosses in the game that you must kill for trophies, half of which are related to the main story and half being optional. Every optional boss also has either a side quest or item that contributes to other trophies. Because of this most of your success will hinge on your personal skill and reflexes when it comes to handling bosses. Furthermore, the main hidden boss (Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen) requires you to clear 20 additional optional bosses just to reach her. It is a herculean undertaking that will be the single most time consuming and difficult trophy in the game.

Luckily you can force the game to save anywhere as well as backup your save to a USB Drive or the Cloud, and you should do so regularly, especially outside of a boss room or when you have a lot of echoes. This will save you a lot of time and energy trying to trek back through swarms of newly respawned enemies.

  • How to Save
    To save manually first go to a safe area free of enemies and press , which will not pause the game, only bring up an in game menu. Move the to the cog icon which will bring up a second menu. Select "Exit Game" and then press the and navigate to the "Settings" icon which looks like a toolbox, located directly between the Trophy and Power icons on the right. Once you are in Setting proceed to -> Application Saved Data Management -> Saved Data in System Storage -> and either Upload to Online Storage or Copy to USB Storage Device to actually save the game. When you want to load up a save you just go back to the "Application Saved Data Management" and select whichever location you chose to save on, and then copy/download it to System Storage.

Your number one priority when starting out should be to interact with important NPC’s as early as possible. They include Eileen (Crow Badge), Arianna (Umbilical Cord), and Alfred (Wheel Badge). All of whom can be met before or as soon as you reach the Cathedral Ward and can be missed if not handled properly. Be sure to read up on each missable trophy to learn all about when and where to interact with them to avoid catastrophe.

Besides monitoring the special NPC’s and saving at the point of no return, you can approach the rest of the game any way you like. Nothing else is time sensitive and you can backtrack or go in any order you'd like, should you choose not to follow the roadmap. The order in which you kill side bosses is, for the most part, irrelevant and you can bounce around quite freely if you've progressed enough. I will lay out what I feel is the ideal route for achieving the in the fastest and easiest way possible in the steps below. But if you find certain bosses to be easier or harder for you don’t hesitate to test the waters. So long as you keep an eye on the NPC’s, of course.

  • Character Creation
    In terms of character creation I suggest you take either Lone Survivor or Military Veteran. The bonus vitality and endurance from Lone Survivor is crucial, because you won't be able to level up either until you engage your first boss. The second best choice is Military Veteran since it offers slightly higher damage but less survivability. Both have high main stats that you should be aiming for (Vit -> Strength -> Skill -> Endurance). However, the bulk of your damage will come from Blood Gems and Blood Stone Fortification, not your actual strength/skill statistics. With Lone Survivor you start with 659 HP and 102 DMG using my suggested weapon, while you have 579HP and 108DMG as Military Survivor. In essence you get 15% more health at the cost of 6% damage using Lone Survivor.

Regardless of what Origin you take you should focus on getting Vitality up as quickly as possible. A safe method for early stat distribution is to go with a 3 Vitality:1 Strength until Vitality hits 35 or so, while putting 1 point in Endurance for every 5 cumulative points spent in the other two stats up until you reach 15 Endurance (100 Stamina). The benefit of extra vitality is far more impactful and scales much quicker than any other stat. 16 Vitality will take you from 659 Health at the start of the game all the way up to 1100. Compare this to the 102 damage -> 119 increase with the same amount of points spent in Strength. After you are sitting on 35 vitality you can raise either STR or VIT based on what you feel more comfortable with for your playstyle, but when in doubt go VIT.

Your end game stats should look something like this and should not go above the top end values, because the diminishing returns will not be worth the increased monster difficulty scaling:

  • VIT - 40 (50 at most)
  • END - 25 (35 at most)
  • STR - 50
  • SKL - 15

As for the starting weapons you can't go wrong with the Hunter's Axe. Use the 2H form by pressing to gain enormous reach, attack radius, and damage. All of which make clearing the beginning human enemies very, very easy thanks to its unrivaled and charged . If you prefer a more finesse based weapon with some speed you can go with the Saw Cleaver but I strongly urge you to get the Hunter's Axe. It is the hardest hitting strength based weapon in the entire game. The Hunter's Pistol on the other hand is superior in my opinion to the Blunderbuss. It has a faster attack animation, single target damage, bullet velocity, and recovery from the attack itself; all characteristics you want when trying to reactively parry.

With your character created you are now free to begin your journey through Yharnam. Please see all of the steps below and good luck.

Step 1
Speak to Eileen in the sewer and Little Girl for the Music Box, then defeat Cleric Beast and Father Gascoigne

Your first order of business is to reach Eileen through the sewer and speak with her before doing anything else. By talking to Eileen you are now on track for the rest of the game. So long as you come back and interact with her at the appropriate checkpoints in the gameas outlined in the Hunter’s Essence walkthrough, you will have no problem finishing your quest chain with her. Afterwards you can now decide if you want to kill her at Oedeon to get it out of the way or string it along. I prefer to tie up the loose end early just to get it out of the way so you don't forget.

While in the sewer be sure to pick up the Hunter's Armor Set that is on the lefthand side where you fight the Lycan in the water. It will be just before you the very steep drop that places you in the middle of a ton of legless enemies. It is not only free but it also has the most balanced

After completing this step you should have unlocked at least the following trophies:

Cleric Beast
Father Gascoigne

Step 2
Talk with Alfred; Purchase Hunter's Chief Emblem then save the game; open all three Cathedral Gates and head to Oedeon Chapel

Alfred is just outside the left door and down the left path from the Cathedral Ward Lamp. Follow it and circle around the church to locate him and begin his quest chain, as well as receive a gesture. Whatever you do make sure you don't hit him or kill him while he is here, because you will be unable to receive his badge that is required for Hunter's Essence. This will result in you having to play through roughly a third of NG+ just to receive the badge.

From here on out things can go awry pretty quickly with the Eileen quest chain. You will need to make a decision about how to proceed with her quest immediately after you open the gates. To see a full walkthrough of how to handle Eileen please see the "Crow Hunter Badge" in the Hunter's Essence walkthrough.

For the sake of this roadmap I will assume that going forward you went with the easiest solution and simply killed Eileen. Therefore I will no longer be referencing her or the badge in the following steps. If you decided to assist her, please refer to this thread for an entire walkthrough of her quest chain.

Step 3
Kill the Witch of Hemwick, Blood-Starved Beast, Vicar Amelia and then speak to Arianna after they are all dead

Killing the Witch will give you the Rune Workshop Tool that enables you to equip Caryll Runes, as well as opens up the Cainhurst Castle route for Cainhurst. The Blood-starved Beast will open up the Healing Church path to the right of the Cathedral Ward Lamp. Both areas have an enormous amount of great loot and trophies associated with them. They should be opened and explored as early as possible to help increase your characters overall strength by leaps and bounds. Far more so than just purely leveling up could possibly benefit you. However, be sure to not visit Iosefka's Clinic until you have killed Rom the Spider, in order to avoid missing the Umbilical Cord.

The moment that you've cleared Vicar Amelia interact with the skull on the altar, then you'll want to head straight for Arianna in the Cathedral Ward. Be sure that you talked with the red robed person next to the Cathedral Lamp first, otherwise the dialogue won't work correctly. For instructions reaching her location please see Childhood's Beginning. Her side quest gives an item called "One Third of Umbilical Cord" that is needed for one of the endings. Although there are four total in the game two of them are missable, so you should play it safe rather than risk making a mistake somewhere along the line.

After completing this step you should have unlocked at least the following trophies:

Vicar Amelia
The Witch of Hemwick
Blood-starved Beast
Chalice of Pthumeru

Step 4
Visit the Healing Church Workshop and Abandoned Workshop for the items, then kill Shadow of Yharnam and Rom, the Vacuous Spider

Once the Blood-starved Beast is dead the path to the Healing Church Workshop will be open. There are runes, blood stones, a badge and numerous other treasures to be had there. See Rune Master and the Radiant Hunter Badge in the Hunter's Essence walkthrough for more information.

Once you have finished with the Healing Church Workshop make your way downstairs to the Abandoned Workshop (see The Source of the Dream for instructions). Don't go to the workshop with echoes and don't get the lamp there, that way you can use the Hunter's Mark to leave back to the Cathedral Lamp. There is no need to return after getting the two items here, so the lamp is useless.

If you interacted with the skull at Vicar Amelia's you can head straight to the Forbidden Woods now, by going down the side path inside the Cathedral Plaza where you opened the main gate. Downstairs is the Byrgenwerth door that required the password to proceed. Once past it kill the Shadow of Yharnam and then Rom in the next area. Neither boss are very difficult in comparison to the others so this should be a swift step.

After completing this step you should have unlocked at least the following trophies:

The Source of the Dream
Rune Master
Rune Contact
Shadow of Yharnam
Rom, the Vacuous Spider
Blood Gem Contact

Step 5
Go to Iosefka's Clinic for the Cainhurst Summons and Umbilical Cord

Once you reach the next lamp after killing Rom you should immediately leave, spend your newfound echoes obtained from Rom, and head back through the Forbidden Woods to Iosefka's Clinic. You need to pick up a side quest item there that will give you access to Cainhurst Castle as well as one of the four umbilical cords. Once you've collected both items you can return to progressing through the main story.

Please refer to Cainhurst for directions to the clinic if you are having trouble locating it.

Step 6
Return to Yahar'gul and defeat The One Reborn, then go to Nightmare Frontier and kill Amygdala

Depending on how you fair with the enemies of Yahar'gul this could be a very quick step or a very long one. You must traverse the entirety of Yahar'gul and reach The One Reborn boss at the end. There are numerous bell summoner women who continuously spawn red humanoid enemies. You must kill the nearest bell summoner in order to stop the endless summons. This can be somewhat overwhelming at first due to monster density, their strength, and numerous long ranged attacked methods.

Once you reach the end, dispatch the boss and interact with a mummy that is up some stairs. It will send you to the Byrgenwerth Lecture Building and unlock Nightmare Lecture Building in the process. Once you are at the building use the lamp and go downstairs to pick up the Red Jelly (see Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen if you can't find it). With the jelly in hand exit the nearby door to go to the Nightmare Frontier.

While in the Nightmare Frontier you should pick up the Messenger's Gift (see Hunter's Craft for details) and explore for a lot of amazing items. This is the third area you've visted thus far that will have Bloodstone Chunks which will get your weapon to +9 if you find them all to help with Weapon Master. The goal here is to collect useful items and kill Amygdala at the very end of the swamp area. If you are having difficulty locating her please refer to Defeat Great One: Amygdala.

After completing this step you should have unlocked at least the following trophies:

Nightmare Lecture Building
The One Reborn
Defeat Great One: Amygdala
Chalice of Ailing Loran

Step 7
Return to the 2F Lecture Building to enter Nightmare Mensis, then defeat Micolash, retrieve Choir Bell, Blood Rock, Living String, and Arianna’s Umbilical Cord

Head back to the 2F lecture building and go out the purple mist door on the same floor to reach the final stretch of the game. Clear all the way through this area until you come to the first boss Micolash. He is a puzzle based boss that is far removed from the standard boss design of the rest of the game but very easy nonetheless.

Once he is dead you can go pick up the only Blood Rock in the game as well as a unique Chalice Ritual Material needed for Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen. While doing this you will also pick up the Choir Bell in the same area. Please refer to Weapon Master for a walkthrough of the Choir Bell and Blood Rock and Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen for the Living String. The moment you have all three it is safe to leave to Hunter’s Dream to level and buy supplies.

If you did Arianna’s quest chain correctly you can now head right to Cathedral Ward Lamp to get her cord. Head down the two ladders you took to get to Oedeon Chapel and you’ll see Arianna in a chair with her baby on the ground. Kill the baby and take the cord to now possess all three you need as well as her unique armor item. You can skip this step if you already collected Iosefka’s and the Abandoned Workshop’s cords, but only if you are positive you picked up Iosefka’s. I’d personally do it simply because it takes 60 seconds, is thorough, and rewards a unique item.

You should have unlocked the following trophy in this step:

Weapon Master
Micolash, Host of the Nightmare

Step 8
Return to Mergo’s Loft: Middle and defeat Mergo’s Wet Nurse, save the game, then complete the two normal endings

You are now ready to complete the game by finishing the two “normal” endings. After defeating Mergo’s Wet Nurse you will have reached the point of no return and you should head to Hunter’s Dream and create your backup save to return to once you finish them. If you have forgotten how to save it is very easy: -> Exit Game -> -> Settings -> Application Saved Data Management -> Saved Data in System Storage -> and either Upload to Online Storage or Copy to USB Storage; whichever one you will not save over by accident at an inopportune moment.

With the game safely saved you can now enter the gate newly opened gate at the edge of the workshop grounds, which was previously closed the entire game. Run through the flower garden until you encounter Gerhman in his wheelchair. Select “Submit Your Life” and the game will conclude along with unlocking Yharnam Sunrise. Watch the cutscene and immediately download your backup save to get the second ending. Run back to Gerhman again and choose “Refuse” this time. You will battle him and unlock Honoring Wishes for the second ending. Yet again redownload will need to download your backup save and proceed to the next step.

You should have unlocked the following trophies during this step of the roadmap:

Yharnam Sunrise
Honoring Wishes
Mergo’s Wet Nurse

Step 9
Use three umbilical cords, speak with and “Refuse” Gerham a second time; immediately die to the Moon Presence and save

Now you are prepared to setup the third ending and your trophy cleanup. You will now want to use all three of the cords you diligently collected throughout your playthrough and interact with Gerham for the third time in a row. Be sure to defeat him in order to reveal the same monster from the previous ending but this time you will be able to battle it. You do not want to kill it after it is summoned, so die as fast as possible. All you needed from the encounter was to get the Old Hunter Badge from Gerham that will allow you to buy the Burial Blade needed for Hunter’s Essence wtihout going on to NG+. This is important because it will leave you with an unlimited amount time to clear through the main areas of the game that you have fully unlocked already, without worrying about increased monster difficulty.

Once you’ve successfully defeated Gerham and died to the Moon Presence you can save over your previous backup and this will be the new one.

Step 10
Cleanup all non-chalice optional bosses, weapons, special hunter tools, and miscellaneous trophies

Prior to starting this step I suggest confirming that you have downloaded Patch 1.03 or later of the game. To check the version of the game press , select the Bloodborne icon and then press . Scroll down to "Information" and find the "Version" line. Version 1.01 is the base game, 1.02 is the first update, and 1.03 is the newest version (as of 4/24/15) that fixes several bugs and loading time issues.

Now you should begin clearing out every remaining optional boss except for Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen, that you will save for very last. If you followed the roadmap exactly you will have Martyr Logarius, Darkbeast Paarl, Celestial Emissary, and Ebrietas remaining to kill. All of the special hunter tools that you should have left will also be in these areas so you will be able to get them as well. You should also refer to Hunter’s Essence now to confirm which weapons you are missing so you can pick them up as you travel to and throughout the side quest areas, and check off the ones you no longer need. Efficiency is the key here so I suggest taking the following route:

  1. Marty Logarius (Cainhurst Castle)
    • see Cainhurst for directions
  2. Darkbeast Paarl (Hypogean Gaol / Yahar’gul Chapel)
    • see Darkbeast Paarl for directions
  3. Celestial Emissary (Upper Cathedral Ward)
    • see The Choir for directions
  4. Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos (Upper Cathedral Ward)
    • see The Choir for directions

There are weapons and hunter tools in all of the aforementioned areas so follow Hunter’s Essence and Hunter’s Craft closely to prevent needing to return to there after you’ve finished the bosses. As always please refer to the trophy walkthrough for each of these bosses, all of whom have trophies that share the name of the bosses themselves.

As an aside, after you get the Logarius' Wheel from Alfred in this step you should either head back to the Vileblood Throne and kill him, or go to Hunter's Dream and then back to the church where he was first praying and his corpse body will be there. If you kill him or loot his corpse at the church you will receive a Radiance Oath Caryll Rune (increases blood vial healing effectiveness), which will help in the Chalice Dungeons and with the remaining optional bosses.

Upon completing this step you should have unlocked all of the following trophies:

Hunter’s Craft
The Choir
Martyr Logarius
Darkbeast Paarl
Celestial Emissary
Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos
Chalice of Isz

Step 11
Begin the Chalice Dungeons, collect the Beast Claw, and kill Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen

This step is devoted almost entirely to completing the hardest and most time consuming trophy in the game: Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen. It involves clearing through all 5 Pthumerian Chalice Dungeons, including sections of Ailing Loran and Great Isz . In total you will have defeated at least 20 bosses when all is said and done. Several of whom you’ve faced before, but many of which are unique to the chalice dungeons and you’ll see for the first time. Because this is such an involved, lengthy, and complex trophy please see Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen for step-by-step walkthrough that spans the entire side quest, from start to finish. If you were following along with the roadmap exactly you will have already made some progress, but if not you will be able to quickly catch up in no time.

While you are doing the marathon of chalice dungeons the only other trophy related things that you should need to accomplish, in addition to the queen, are Blood Gem Master and Hunter’s Essence. Fortunately it’s impossible to miss Blood Gem Master because the bosses that several bosses you need to kill always drop the precious blood gems (rating 15+). Hunter’s Essence on the other hand you will need to go slightly out of your way, but it is only a minor detour from your destination and very easy to do.

You should have unlocked the following trophies during this step of the roadmap:

Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen
Hunter’s Essence
Blood Gem Master

Step 12
Slay the Moon Presence to complete the third and final ending

Before killing the Moon Presence check and see if you have every single trophy unlocked except for Childhood’s Beginning. If you do you are free to make one last save if you care to have a backup and then defeat the Moon Presence for the final two trophies. If you are missing something you should get them out of the way so you don’t have to perform cleanup during NG+ by mistake.

With this step complete you should now have unlocked the trophy you’ve been waiting for:

Childhood's Beginning

[PST would like to thank F8L Fool for this Roadmap]


The Old Hunters DLC:


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10 (Personal opinion)
  • Offline trophies: 6 (4, 1, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 15-20 hours (Personal opinion)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 1, Old Hunter's Essence
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty options available
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.


From Software’s action role playing game Bloodborne is back! Its first expansion is called The Old Hunters, featuring three new main areas, five new boss fights and sixteen new weapons, as well as new NPCs, enemies and quests. The storyline hints at the deeds of the first hunters and the subsequent events. It is a well-crafted add-on for the game and a must-buy for every Bloodborne fan, both in terms of gameplay and of its lore.

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters brings six new trophies, which require killing all bosses and collecting all new weapons. Keep in mind all trophies can be collected both online or offline, as the game has a coop system which lets you summon other players for help. If you struggle at any boss, you should definitely call for help.

To be able to access The Old Hunters you must follow these steps once you have the latest patch installed:

1. Defeat Vicar Amelia and activate her skull at the Grand Cathedral.
2. Go back to Hunter’s Dream to receive an item called Eye of a Blood-Drunk Hunter from a messenger.
3. Travel to Cathedral Ward, exit through the first left door to enter the square then go right. There will be a Lesser Amygdala hanging on the wall, which will grab you and teleport to the expansion’s first area, called The Hunter's Nightmare.
4. At the Hunter’s Nightmare you will find the lamp, which will bring you back to Hunter’s Dream.
5. To access The Hunter’s Nightmare from the Hunter’s Dream, you must visit the lone grave just outside Gehrman’s mansion, next to the last chalice dungeon grave.

The recommended level for diving into the expansion is 70 for the NG playthrough and 120 for the NG+. Also, keep in mind that if you kill Mergo's Wet Nurse before accessing the expansion, you will miss some conversation with the Doll after killing certain bosses. To avoid that, play through the expansion prior to getting to the last segment of the main game.


Step 1: Progress through the DLC

In this step you should just focus on killing all the main DLC bosses because some weapons require some backtracking, as does the optional boss. The only weapon you must acquire as soon as possible is the Holy Moonlight Sword, as it is missable. Refer to Old Hunter's Essence for more information on that specific sword. Other than that, relax and enjoy the experience.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Orphan of Kos
Ludwig, the Holy Blade
Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower
Living Failures

Step 2: Kill the optional boss, collect all weapons

In this second and last step you will gather all remaining weapons you might have missed during Step 1, as well as kill the only optional boss, Laurence, the First Vicar.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Old Hunter's Essence
Laurence, the First Vicar

[PST would like to thank Pike27 for this Roadmap]


Further resources:

Bloodborne Platinum Trophy Guide Speedrun in 10hrs (For any level)

Bloodborne Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

40 trophies ( 24  30  )

  • All trophies acquired. Hats off!

    Congratulations! You have conquered Yharnam and unlocked every trophy in the game. Great job, Hunter.

  • Acquire all hunter weapons.


    There are a total of 26 different Hunter Weapons to find throughout the game and you must collect all of them on a single character for the trophy. They are divided up between "Trick" (Right Hand) and "Firearms" (Left Hand) weapons. There are two Left Hand weapons called the Wooden Shield and simply "Torch", both of which count towards the trophy despite not being considered typical Hunter Weapons that are available at the Bath Messenger. All of these weapons fall into one of three distinct categories:

    • Badge Only (15 Weapons)
    • Found Only (5 Weapons)
    • Badge or Found (6 Weapons)

    When you obtain a badge the bath messenger will permanently have certain weapons in stock. Occasionally armor, keys, and even consumables will become available depending on the badge. When you pick up a Hunter Weapon it will also become stocked at the bath messenger as well.

    Because more than half of the weapons you need come from badges the majority of your time spent completing this trophy will come collecting them. Out of the 6 weapons that are unlocked via the badge but can also be found, only four of them are expensive enough to warrant going out of your way to actually get them. They are the Flamesprayer, Tonitrus, Evelyn, and Reiterpallasch. Fortunately they are also extremely easy to find and you will literally walk within fee two of them (Evelyn and Reiterpallasch) just while running to a boss. For every other weapon you should just buy them at the end of the game and not be too concerned, because you will earn enormous amount of Blood Echoes later on, very quickly.

    Unfortunately this trophy is one of the few that are missable in the game. Three badges—Crow Hunter, Old Hunter and Wheel Hunter—can be missed if you do not complete their respective side quests correctly. It is possible to obtain them in chalice dungeons but as of now no one can confirm whether or not those count towards the trophy.

    Please see below for timestamps to each weapon

    #1 [0:00] Torch
    #2 [0:57] Saw Cleaver (Saw Hunter Badge)
    #3 [0:57] Hunter Axe (Saw Hunter Badge)
    #4 [0:57] Threaded Cane (Saw Hunter Badge)
    #5 [0:57] Hunter's Pistol (Saw Hunter Badge)
    #6 [0:57] Hunter's Thunderbuss (Saw Hunter Badge)
    #7 [0:57] Saw Spear (Saw Hunter Badge)
    #8 [4:18] Blade of Mercy (Crow Hunter Badge)
    #9 [6:26] Kirkhammer (Sword Hunter Badge)
    #10 [6:26] Repeating Pistol(Sword Hunter Badge)
    #11 [6:49] Wooden Shield
    #12 [7:12] Ludwig's Holy Blade (Sword Hunter Badge)
    #13 [7:12] Ludwig's Rifle (Sword Hunter Badge)
    #14 [7:12] Flamesprayer (Sword Hunter Badge)
    #15 [8:13] Hunter's Torch
    #16 [8:42] Rifle Spear (Powder Keg Hunter Badge)
    #17 [8:42] Stake Driver(Powder Keg Hunter Badge)
    #18 [10:26] Cannon
    #19 [12:21] Reiterpallasch (Cainhurst Badge)
    #20 [12:57] Evelyn (Cainhurst Badge)
    #21 [14:27] Chikage (Cainhurst Badge)
    #22 [17:36] Logarius' Wheel (Wheel Hunter Badge)
    #23 [20:01] Tonitrus (Spark Hunter Badge)
    #24 [20:58] Rosmiranus (Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge)
    #25 [21:41] Beast Claw
    #26 [22:53] Burial Blade (Old Hunter Badge)[/spoiler]

    To see a complete list of every single weapon in the order that they can first be found in the game, as well as their vendor cost, please see the detailed list below:

    L = Left Hand Weapon
    R = Right Hand Weapon
    b = Blood Echo Cost

    Saw Hunter Badge / Central Yharnam Unique
    Saw Badge - Central Yharnam Sewer; after you drop down and run into a ton of crawling enemies you can take a left and continue down the tunnel to reach a giant pig. However, it is quite powerful and there is no huge rush to get this particular badge. Instead wait until you are at the bridge where the giant fireball is rolled at you. At the very end of the bridge you can take a left and go down a ladder to flank the pig. Walk slowly behind it and do a critical attack with and then a visceral finisher. It should be at most one hit from death. Pick up the badge from a body in the corner.

    1.) Torch
    - Only found in Central Yharnam. This will be the first weapon you find in the game. It is located just beyond the Central Yharnam Lamp and the group of human townspeople are gathered around the bonfire in town. After passing the bonfire area where a large door is being pounded on, you will circle around the back of the door to discover a large Troll banging on it. Dispatch the troll and inspect the body to the left of the door to find the Torch. Later you will find a weapon called the "Hunter's Torch" which functions the same but is a completely different weapon. Both are required for this trophy.

    2.) Saw Cleaver (R 1,000b) - starting weapon/unique badge weapon

    3.) Hunter Axe (R 1,100b) - starting weapon/unique badge weapon

    4.) Threaded Cane (R 1,200b) - starting weapon/unique badge weapon

    5.) Hunter Pistol (L 1,600b) - starting weapon/unique badge weapon

    6.) Hunter Thunderbuss (L 1,700b) - starting weapon/unique badge weapon

    7.) Saw Spear (R 1,000b) - badge weapon; can also be found in the rafters in Central Yharnam sewers by cutting down a suspended corpse and picking it up below (just outside of Eileen's hidden location)

    Crow Hunter Badge (Missable)
    Location: Eileen; she can be found at several places in the game but is very powerful and hard to kill early on. You can either attempt to kill her early or complete the quest chain later on in the game.

    The first place you find her will be through the sewer above the rafters in a hidden area. Right past where the three lycans and a gunner are in Central Yharnam. The path will be barricaded by wooden barrels and boxes that you need to roll or slash your way through. This is the one location you must speak to her at to get the ball rolling and your first opportunity to kill her.

    Next she will appear just outside of the Cathedral Ward Lamp area after you open the Cathedral Gate (purchase Hunter's Chief Emblem after killing the Cleric Beast), the second second gate in the Cathedral Plaza by circling around and dropping down from a tower, and the third gate just to the right of the second (if you are looking up towards the long flight of steps). Run down the path the third gate opens to reach the entrance to the Cathedral Ward and you will see Eileen to the right of the door. Speak with her to get her emotes and then head to Oedeon Chapel on foot to find Henryk, an enemy hunter, waiting there.

    Begin fighting Henryk and she should appear in a few moments. This is your second and best chance of killing her during your first playthrough, because you will have help from Henryk. I suggest simply dispatching her right then and there to get the badge if you want to save yourself some time and effort. If you end up helping her the next step is pretty simple. Just kill Rom and travel to the Cathedral Ward, then run all the way up to the Grand Cathedral. She will be laying there in front of the door. Speak with her and then go inside to battle the final Hunter.

    If you have further questions regarding this quest chain or would like to see a more detailed walkthrough, please refer to this post (credit to swotam for putting it together).

    If for whatever reason you miss this badge head right to her in NG+ at the sewer, save, then try and murder her for the badge. You shouldn't have much trouble with her now that you are well geared and experienced.

    8.) Blade of Mercy
    (R 40,000b) - unique badge weapon

    Sword Hunter Badge
    Cleric Beast Boss at the end of the Central Yharnam Great Bridge

    9.) Kirkhammer (R 3,000b) - unique badge weapon

    10.) Repeating Pistol (L 3,000b) - unique badge weapon

    Radiant Sword Hunter Badge / Cathedral Ward Unique
    Radiant Sword Hunter Badge - Chest at the top of the Healing Church Workshop tower, which can be accessed after defeating the Blood-starved Beast. Take your first right from the Cathedral Ward Lamp to reach the workshop and then proceed up the tower until you reach the chest.

    11.) Wooden Shield
    - Only found in the Cathedral Ward. From the Cathedral Ward Lamp walk straight forward and exit the building. Follow the path up the stairs until you reach a large gate. Just in front of the gate on the right hand side will be a body with the Wooden Shield on it.

    12.) Ludwig’s Holy Blade (R 20,000b) - unique badge weapon

    13.) Ludwig’s Rifle (L 10,000b) - unique badge weapon

    14.) Flamesprayer (R 8,000b) - Badge weapon; can also be obtained after killing Father Gascoigne from an NPC. Travel to the Central Yharnam lamp once Father is dead and on the left hand side of the house in front of you is a window, with an ex-hunter named Gilbert inside it. Exhaust the dialogue with the Gilbert and he will give you the weapon.

    Powder Keg Hunter Badge / Old Yharnam Unique
    In Old Yharnam, at the top of the tower from the hunter on the machine gun. Work your way down the path while avoiding fire until you are to the right of the tower. A ladder will be on the left side of the path that leads you up. If you struggle with him try and circle around him to force him to dodge off the ladder opening that you just came up.

    15.) Hunter’s Torch (L 2,000b) - Only found in Old Yharnam. From the lamp walk straight outside and turn right towards the fire and off the broken ledge. Now walk left and drop straight down to the brick patio. It will be directly underneath where you are standing on a body. Drop down and kill the enemies and then pick it up.

    16.) Rifle Spear (R 4,000b) - Badge weapon; can also be picked up in old Yharnam. Directly underneath/across from the machine gun tower is another hunter on the ground. Kill him and walk towards the corner that he came from which is almost directly facing where the lamp is. There is a broken railing to the left that you need to jump down. Walk to your right and drop down twice more to reach a hidden area. The spear is on the second floor.

    17.) Stake Driver (R 8,000b) - unique badge weapon

    Forbidden Woods Unique Pickup
    18.) Cannon (L 18,000b) - Can only be found in Forbidden Woods. From the Forbidden Woods lamp folow the path until it diverges at a flowery hill and a narrow path. Drop down the narrow path and walk around the pit covered with wooden planks, to a path just on the opposite side with some water. Follow this watery path until you reach a windmill with a cannon out front. Go in and follow the ramp to the left exit and walk outside. Drop down, kill the wolf, and climb up the ladder. Walk forward and look to the bottom right where the cannon will be on another gear just underneath the large one in the center of the room. Drop down to pick it up.

    Cainhurst Badge
    Join Cainhurst Vilebloods at Cainhurst Castle; must first discover the castle (see Cainhurst for help) and then defeat the Martyr Logarius to reach Annalisa, Queen of the Vilebloods. Once Logarius is dead walk over by the lamp and pick up the Illusion Crown from the ground. Put it on and walk to the his wooden seat on the roof to open the hidden door to the throne room.

    Once inside the hidden area speak with Annalis and agree to join her to receive the badge. Be sure to do this prior to informing Alfred of her whereabouts because she will die. If you accidentally get her killed loot her body on the throne to get the “Queenly Flesh” item. Take the flesh to the Altar of Despair to revive her and receive the badge. Please see The Choir for instructions on how to reach the.

    19.) Reiterpallasch
    (R 18,000b) - Badge weapon; can also be found in Cainhurst, to the right of the main staircase in the castle just after you open the large doors at the entrance. It will be on a chest against the wall.

    20.) Evelyn (L 16,000b) - Badge weapon; can also be found at Cainhurst in the first library room, just after the initial gargoyle section (where the elevator from outside is). After entering the library walk to the right and jump or roll off of the step ladder facing the back of the room. You will land next to a chest that is trapped behind several large tables.

    21.) Chikage (R 50,000b) - unique badge weapon

    Wheel Hunter Badge (Missable)
    Location: Reward from Alfred; you can either kill Alfred and take his badge or get it as a reward. However, do not kill him until after he has moved away from the church statue in the alley where he is praying at the start of the game, to above the Byrgenwerth door on the patio. He will automatically make his way there whether you have talked to him or not after the Blood-starved Beast has been slain.

    If you kill him where he is first found at the statue he will drop nothing. Furthermore, if you summon him to the Blood-starved Beast with the Beckoning Ball and he dies, you will still receive nothing. To be safe you should simply avoid having him die in any way until after he has killed Annalisa in Cainhurst Castle. That way you will get both badges as well as the Radiance Oath Caryll Rune.

    To receive the wheel as a reward, enter the hidden Cainhurst throne room by wearing the Crown of Illusions (obtained by killing Logarius), in front of his wooden seat on the roof. At the back of the room you will see a letter on the table just to the right of the queen. First speak to the Queen and agree to join the Vilebloods, then pick up the letter before heading to the Grand Cathedral lamp. With the Unopened Summons in hand run straight down until you see the two giants in the square and then take your first right. Follow the path to the left until you find him on the patio and give him the invitation. He will then reward you with the Wheel Hunter Badge which unlocks Logarius' Wheel at the Bath Messenger.

    22.) Logarius’ Wheel
    (R 13,000b) - unique badge weapon

    Spark Hunter Badge
    Location: Defeat Darkbeast Paarl in Yahar’gul; area will unlock after defeating Rom. Boss can be found in a hidden room down the spiral stairs inside the chapel. Go to the very bottom and defeat some wolves in the prison until you find the passage in the wall leading to him.

    23.) Tonitrus
    (R 28,000b) - Badge weapon; can also be found just outside Yahar'gul chapel. Take a left as you exit it where you see the first glowing body in the ground and large enemies with skulls all over thelm. Continue until you reach a dead end with the Tonitrus on a body.

    Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge
    Upper Cathedral Ward (Choir); must defeat the Blood-starved Beast and loot the key from Yahra’gul. Once there it is inside the building on the righthand side (if looking down from the spiral stairs) of the large room with the three werewolves, that the chandelier collapses in. Just walk down the stairs and enter the narrow corridor from either end of this room to find the body. To see a full walkthrough of how to reach it please see The Choir.

    24.) Rosmarinus
    (L 60,000b) - unique badge weapon

    Ailing Loran Chalice Dungeon
    Chalice of Ailing Loran - Depth 4, Layer 2. The weapon will always be located in a coffin just after the boss on Layer 1. Take the first right after the boss and clear until you get to a well lit hole with a ladder on the side. Take the ladder up and follow the bridge until you reach the end with a door. It will be in this room with multiple chests and a lycan guarding the middle coffin. Kill the lycan and open the coffin behind him to loot the Beast Claw.

    To get the chalice needed for this dungeon you must kill Amygdala in the Nightmare Frontier. Please see Defeat Great One: Amygdala for assistance.

    25.) Beast Claw (R)
    - unique chalice dungeon weapon

    Old Hunter Badge (Missable)
    Location: Defeat Gehrman - select “refuse” during his dialogue at the end of the game to get this badge. If you choose the other dialogue option you will not receive the badge at the end of the game and will have to replay the game to get it. The ideal method for obtaining the badge during your first playthrough is by refusing and then defeating Gerhman after eating the three umbilical cords, needed for Childhood's Beginning. Now defeat him and then die to the next boss and you'll receive the badge and be able to buy the Burial Blade without going to NG+ from the Bath Messenger. This will allow you to do cleanup and then return later to finish off the secret boss for the true ending.

    If you are doing just the standard "Refuse ending for Honoring Wishes, as soon as you reach the Bath Messenger in NG+ you will be able to purchase the Burial Blade.

    26.) Burial Blade
    (R 60,000b) - unique badge weapon

    If you would like to see a complete list of weapons as they appear in your inventory, to use as a printable checklist, please head to this link.

  • Acquire all special hunter tools.

    There are a total of 9 different special hunter tools in the game. They are items designed solely for use by hunter’s specializing in the arcane arts and have very unique effects. They are classified as consumables but have unlimited uses, similar to other hunter equipment like the Monocular and Lantern, except neither of those apply to this trophy. You can easily distinguish a "special hunter tool" from all of the rest by the fact they have an “Attribute Requirement” (Arcane), and are the only such consumables to have that. Luckily you simply have to pick up the tools for this trophy and not actually equip them. Most are easily accessible and very close to a lamp or en route to a boss in a side quest area, but some are tricky like the Choir Bell and Old Hunter Bone.

    Each tool is listed in the order that they can first be found. This is based on main story progression and killing/exploring things as soon as they are readily available, or appropriate for your estimated level by that point in the game. Please see the video and detailed list below to find all 9 tools with the least amount of backtracking and effort required:

    Timestamps are listed spoiler below. Tools are shown in the same order as the walkthrough.

    [0:00] #1 Old Hunter Bone
    [1:44] #2 Beast Roar
    [2:53] #3 Empty Phantasm Shell
    [4:06] #4 Tiny Tonitrus
    [5:51] #5 Auger of Ebrietas
    [6:57] #6 Messenger's Gift
    [8:13] #7 A Call Beyond
    [9:31] #8 Executioner's Gloves
    [11:42] #9 Choir Bell

    1. Old Hunter Bone (Abandoned Workshop)
      • This should without a doubt be the first tool that you find. It requires you to kill the Blood-starved Beast in order to open the path to the Healing Church Workshop, which has a hidden path to the Abandoned Workshop underneath it. There are several runes, the Radiant Hunter Badge, and a myriad of other things in this section of the game so you should do kill the beast and come here immediately after reaching the Cathedral Ward.

        Please see The Source of the Dream for a video and detailed steps on reaching this area
    2. Beast’s Roar (Forbidden Woods)
      • After killing Vicar Amelia you will open up the Forbidden Woods in the main story. From the first lamp of the Forbidden Woods, head across stone bridge and follow the path by hugging the left wall. You'll eventually come to a building with a red lamp on the left and some dog kennels. Speak to the man in the lamp house for a Tonsil Stone that is needed for the Augur of Ebrietas tool, if you wish to get it early on in the game.

        From there continue past the kennels and circle around the right path past the crows and doges. You will come to a house with a bonfire in the front. The tool is inside on a body.
    3. Empty Phantasm Shell (Byrgenwerth)
      • From the lamp walk down the path until you see the building and the gate. If the gate is already open go through it and take a left into the building while following the left wall. You will run into a chest a few steps in that contains the tool. If the gate isn't open you'll have to go around the long way on the left and circle around.
    4. Tiny Tonitrus (Yahar'gul) -
      • The Tiny Tonitrus is located in the same room that the Upper Cathedral Key is in. Once you pick up both the key and the tool you are ready to go to the Upper Cathedral Ward for the next tool in the list. Please refer to The Choir for instructions reaching it or watch the video at the beginning of this list. The tool is at
    5. Augur of Ebrietas (Lecture Building)
      • You will gain access to the Lecture Building after killing The One Reborn boss in the main story. However, it is possible to go there immediately after getting the Tonsil Stone in the Forbidden Woods, which you should've picked up while getting the Beast's Roar tool. Choose one for the two methods below based on your progress in the game so far.
        • After Killing the One Reborn - Exit the room you are in and head down the hall to your left until you see a giant. Behind him is a ladder that leads to the first floor. Go down the ladder and hit the spider on the door to knock him off. Exit the room, take a left and then enter the first door you see on your left. Clear through until you see a dead professor with a key on him in front of a classrom. Pick up the key and exit from the way you entered to the main hall, take a left, and then look for doors on your right. Once you are inside the room the chest will be in the back right corner behind some shelves.
        • By Using the Tonsil Stone - Now that you are inside the building open the door, turn right and find the nearest door on the left wall. Clear through until you see a dead professor with a key on him in front of a classrom. Pick up the key and exit from the way you entered to the main hall, take a left, and then look for doors on your right. Once you are inside the room the chest will be in the back right corner behind some shelves.

        Once you have picked up the Augur's I suggest you immediately leave to the Nightmare Frontier, located through the door on the first floor with purple smoke billowing from it. The steps for finding the tool in this area is next in this list.
    6. Messenger’s Gift (Nightmare Frontier)
      • From the Nightmare Frontier lamp walk out of the cave and follow the path left until you reach a greenish-blue lantern on the ground. Turn to your left and walk off the edge to land in water. When you land turn to your right and hug the wall and continue following it until you reach a dead end. The tool will be laying on the ground here.

        If you are unsure how to reach the Nightmare Frontier please refer to the Nightmare Lecture Building for instructions. Lastly, be sure to come prepared with a full stack of antidotes before searching for this tool, as well as a good suit of armor with a lot of Slow Poison Res on it. The water gradually poisons and so do the enemies.
    7. A Call Beyond (Upper Cathedral Ward/Lumenflower Garden)
      • If you've already killed the Celestial Emissary take the lamp directly to the Lumenflower Garden. Turn around and break out the window to find the tool laying a body on the right railing. If you haven't unlocked the garden or the Upper Cathedral yet, please refer to The Choir trophy for instructions.
    8. Executioner's Gloves (Cainhurst Castle)
      • This particular tool can be gotten as soon as you reach the Forbidden Woods and traveling to Iosefka's Clinic. However, the enemies here are very, very challenging and the boss can be one of the hardest in the game for most players. It is is best to save it until you are almost at the end of the game.

        After reaching Cainhurst enter the front door of the castle and take a left up the stairs. Continue running until you pass the gargoyles outside and enter a huge library. Run along the right wall until you reach the stairs and then continue following the wall until you see some tables. Behind them will be an open window. Walk outside and maneuver the ledges until you reach the ground. Take a left and you will see another open window. Enter it and turn right to find a chest with the gloves in it.

        For help finding the location of Cainhurst, please see Cainhurst
    9. Choir Bell (Mergo’s Loft: Middle)
      • This tool is located in the very last story section of the entire game on the topmost floor. For the majority of players it will be either the last or second to last tool acquired, unless you have postponed visiting most of the side quest areas up until now. Please see Weapon's Master for a detailed tutorial and video on how to reach this tool.
  • Acquire a weapon of the highest level.

    The “level” that the trophy description is referring to is a “fortification level”. In order to increase this value you must first acquire the Blood Gem Workshop Tool, which is found in a chest immediately after the Father Gascoigne boss battle in Oedon Chapel. Now you can begin to fortify weapons at the blood gem workstation in Hunter’s Dream, but you will also need an additional material called a Blood Stone to do so.

    There are four different types/tiers of Blood Stones, listed here in ascending order of rarity: Shard, Twin Shards, Chunk, and Rock. As you fortify your weapon(s) they will require more of that tiers stone type (3, 5, 8 per tier level), as well different and increasingly rare types of Blood Stones that can only be found in higher level areas. Please see the list below for locations of each stone as well as their level requirements.

    Levels: 1-3
    Locations: Every area of the game; Bath Messenger; chalice Dungeons (Depth 1/2); Insight Messenger Vendor after some story progression for 1 insight each. Like all Blood Stones they can typically found on larger sized enemies such as Ogres, Giants, Werewolves, etc. Once you pass the the Cathedral Ward you will begin to move up to the next tier.

    Twin Shards
    Levels: 4-6
    Locations: Bath Messenger (10,000 echoes) and Insight Messengers (2 insight) after you find your first one; Chalice Dungeons (Depth 3+). They will begin to appear commonly in the Forbidden Woods, Nightmare Frontier and beyond, but a few enemies such as Snatchers, Giants, and Werewolves may drop them deep inside Old Yharnam and the Cathedral. Most of the larger enemies will drop them almost 100% of the time.

    Levels: 6-9
    Locations: Chalice Dungeon (Depth 4/5), Cainhurst Castle, Upper Cathedral Ward (Choir), Yahar’gul, Lecture Building (Second Floor), Nightmare Frontier, Nightmare of Mensis.

    In each of the above locales you’ll be able to kill crawler enemies that skitter along and vanish if they aren’t killed quickly enough. They will drop 2 chunks each up until Nightmare of Mensis where they will drop 3. There are also a few chests and dead bodies with them scattered around. In the Choir you can farm werewolves that occasionally drop them. You can also farm the second floor Lecture Building by killing the giant reaper with the flaming hands, which will drop twin shards often and chunks rarely. The best place to find chunks from enemies will always be the Depth 4 and 5 chalice dungeons.

    Level: 10
    Locations: Mergo’s Loft: Middle, Chalice Dungeon (Depth 4/5)

    The first and only Blood Rock you will come across is immediately after killing Micolash and is the only one in the main game. It takes some trickery but with enough effort the stone will be yours. You will need to come prepared because it is very easy to die en route to the rock. Before you begin the trip be sure to equip high frenzy resist armor, resist runes, spend all of your insight and bring 10 sedatives. They will all be be needed to avoid a random death. You should also spend your remaining blood echoes so you don't have to worry about retrieving them should you die.

    From the lamp that appears at the Micolash bridge (Mergo’s Loft: Middle), take the exit and head up the stairs until you see a suspended cage elevator on your right. You will need to ride the elevator and jump through an opening halfway down. It is tricky and will probably require multiple attempts. Just walk or run out of the cage when you are just slightly above the opening. Do not try to roll because you’ll fall to your death.

    After you make it into the hallway open the chest to loot some Chunks and proceed to run through the next obstacles. Simply ignore and dodge by all of the enemies you encounter and use a sedative whenever your Frenzy meter is roughly 70% full. Keep running until you reach a room with a lever and a hole on the left.

    Pull the lever to trigger a cutscene and then jump down the hole. If you haven’t already picked up the Choir Bell Tool you can do so while you’re here, since it is needed for the Hunter's Craft. It is just across the beam in a chest where you fall down. Pick up the bell if you need it and then head back across the beam and to the exit.

    Once you reach the open area walk forward and drop down into the section on your right, which is next to the hole the brain fell down. The Rock will be on a body next to the hole.

    If you are farming for any of these blood stones at the end of the game I suggest picking up the “Eye” Rune (increases item drops) from the Nightmare of Mensis. It can be found just past the spider section and the hunter on the bridge, where you take the green elevator down to the Mergo’s Loft: Base lamp. Just head straight down this path past the boulder ogres and you will find it.

    I’d suggest farming them in Chalice Dungeons rather than in the open game, since you will need to make progress through them anyhow for Hunter’s Essence and Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen.

    Lastly, if you want to find a Blood Rock without clearing the entire game, you will need to find them in Root Chalices. Luckily all you need is the right glyph code, the chalice, and the materials to do the chalice ritual. Below is a confirmed location of a Blood Rock in a Chalice Dungeon. I suggest you do not get it until you've already completed Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen because it requires some of the same materials:

    Sinister Isz Root Chalice

    • Depth: 5
    • Layers: 3
    • Glyph Code: wbgypzky
    • Blood Rock Location: Layer 1, side room
    • Required Materials:
      • Ritual Blood (Tier 5) - 13
      • Tomb Mold (Tier 5) - 5
      • Pearl Slug - 3
      • Red Jelly - 1
      • Arcane Haze - 32
      • Blood Echoes -11500

    You can get the Great Isz chalice from defeating Ebrietas, which will also unlock Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos and Chalice of Isz. The Root chalice can be bought inside of the the second Isz dungeon, during the third layer at a vendor.

  • Acquire an extremely precious blood gem.

    The “Rating” of a gem determines how valuable it is. This is denoted by the number underneath its name, next to the three vertical rectangles. You will need to acquire a gem that is rating 15 or above for it to qualify. Oddly enough finding a gem that is 14 for the first time will actually result in your character involuntarily emoting in frustration, by throwing his or her hands in the air.

    You can find rating 15 gems in the Yahar’gul Village and Nightmare of Mensis but they are exceedingly rare. The very first place you are almost guaranteed to find this gem is at Ailing Loran Depth 4, Layer 1 Boss. The boss here has an extremely high chance to drop a level 15 gem on your first visit. However, you will need to clear at least four dungeons of depth 4 and 5 in order to complete the Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen, so you can expect to find even more along the way. Besides the gems in Ailing Loran there are also high chances of getting a 19 stone off the first boss in Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice, and a half dozen or so 15+ from Great Isz.

    Lastly, while you are in the Ailing Loran Depth 4 be sure to go to the first room on your right after the Layer 1 boss. The Beast Claw weapon can be found in a coffin in a room up the first ladder you see and is needed for Hunter's Essence.

  • Acquire an extremely precious Caryll Rune.

    There are several places to get the rare (red etched) Caryll Runes but the easiest and earliest one is in the Cathedral Ward. However, you must first kill the Blood-Starved Beast boss to gain access to the path.

    After killing the beast head to the Cathedral Ward lamp and walk down some stairs. Take a quick right and go through the door to come to a lever and a circular elevator. The hidden area is located part way up the elevator through an opening. To reach it simple step on the center plate of the elevator to trigger the lift and then immediately turn around, to face the direction you entered from.

    Once the elevator starts to go up begin sprinting forward and you will pass through an opening on the wall. Turn left and follow the path until you reach a chest with the Formless Oedon rune in it, that increases your QS quiver total by 4. You will unlock the trophy as soon as you take it out of the chest.

    To actually use the rune you must first defeat the Witch of Hemwick side boss in Chernel Lane to receive the Rune Workshop Tool. Once you have you can return to Hunter's Dream and use the Memory Alter to equip them. However, the trophy will unlock immediately after finding the rune, not equipping it. Despite this you should still kill the Witch as early on as you possible can because the unique modifiers you receive from the runes make the game much easier and enjoyable.

    Please see The Witch of Hemwick for help finding and defeating the Witch.

  • Acquire a blood gem that imbues hunter weapons with special strength.

    Blood Gems are special items that increase the raw damage of a weapon, or imbue it with special characteristics such as poison, fire, bolt, etc. You can socket/imbue the gems at the Blood Gem Workshop, after you receive the tool from a chest in Oedon Chapel where you fight Father Gascoigne. Coincidentally this is also the first location you can find a blood gem at as well, if you choose not to conclude the quest with the little girl.

    After defeating the Father head up the stairs and walk until you see an opening in the railing. Jump off and you’ll find a Red Jeweled Brooch. If you decide to use the brooch rather than return it you’ll receive a Red Blood Gem which boosts the attack power of your weapon.

    However, if you decide to return it instead you will be happy to know that there are an abundance of other gems in the game. Enemies will frequently drop them and a lot of vastly superior ones can be found.

  • Acquire a Caryll Rune that endows hunters with special strength.

    Caryll Runes are items that help to modify your character in various powerful ways. Such as giving you additional to resist statistics, bonus quicksilver and blood vial carrying capacity, increased item and echo drop rate, and a few other unique effects. You will find them scattered around in many places throughout the game. To actually use the rune you must first defeat the Witch of Hemwick side boss in Chernel Lane to receive the Rune Workshop Tool. Once you have you can return to Hunter's Dream and use the Memory Alter to equip them.

    However, the trophy will unlock immediately after finding a rune, not equipping it. Despite this you should still kill the Witch as early on as you possible can because the unique modifiers you receive from the runes make the game much easier and enjoyable.

    Please see Rune Master for the first location you can find a rune as well as The Witch of Hemwick for finding and defeating the Witch.

  • Acquire the Chalice of Pthumeru that seals the catacombs that form a web deep below Yharnam.

    See Blood-starved Beast.


Secret trophies

  • You lived through the hunt, and saw another day.

    Story related but semi-missable.

    One of three possible endings.

    ***Point of no return! If you haven’t already, please create a backup before talking to Gerhman in the wheelchair/initiating the boss.***

    To unlock this trophy you must defeat the Wet Nurse and head back to Hunter’s Dream. Walk south towards the iron gate that was previously closed and you will find it open. After you start to talk to Gerhman you must answer with “Submit your life”.

    Because this ending doesn’t reward you with the Old Hunter Badge that the other two do, so you won’t be able to get a weapon you need for Hunter’s Essence. If you go in my suggested order of Submit -> Refuse -> True Ending Refuse you will have no problem completing the trophies in one playthrough.

  • Captivated by the Moon Presence, you pledge to watch over the Hunter's Dream.

    Story related but semi-missable.

    Suggested Level Range: 70-100+
    Damage Types: Thrust, Blunt, Blood
    Drops: Old Hunter Badge - unlocks the Burial Blade at the bath messenger

    ***Point of no return! If you haven’t already, please create a backup before talking to Gerhman in the wheelchair.***

    To receive this ending you will have to select the “Refuse” option when you speak with Gerhman in Hunter’s Dream. After killing Mergo’s Wet Nurse he will be behind the previously closed iron gate that is located in the southeast corner, farthest away from the doll and workshop. Like all the hunters in Bloodborne he is a formidable foe that possesses massive damage, lightning speed, and a firearm. The main difference between Gerhman and the other hunters is that he possesses a unique scythe, teleportation abilities and a few other tricks.

    The best method for beating him is to use Bolt of Fire papers to continuously stagger him, as well as forcing visceral attacks as often as possible with your gun and rushing him down after every lunge. If you try to get in too close he will grab you with his scythe and unload, so hover just outside of his melee range. Whenever he puts the scythe behind his head immediately fire at him and start to roll/sprint in for a visceral. Following this up with a sprint into an attack as he gets up can do anywhere from 15-25% of his health. If for whatever reason he starts attacking you at close range you should ALWAYS dodge at least three times in a row. Every close range combo but one is at least two hits but mostly 3 or 4. The first two hits always track so if you make it away on the third you’ll be free to do follow up damage.

    At the start of the fight he will be in two handed mode with his scythe. Once he hits 70% he will begin to use a pistol and a one hander wielding and becomes much easier to approach, thanks to the lackluster damage of the new blade. Whenever he attacks dodge in and go very aggressive. Don’t be afraid to trade damage because you can self replenish through most of it. If he disengages just wait for him to roll forward and shoot him mid roll so you can do a visceral. The alternative is to sprint at him and roll through his lunge for a combo. Remember you don’t have much to fear during the one handed phase.

    As soon as he hits 30% the fight will become challenging. He will gain a teleport ability which really hinders your combo potential, more speed, a jump attack that launches a tracking tornado on the ground, and more damage. He will do it before this health threshold if the fight has dragged on a long time. If he stands still and starts to glow and yell for more than a second or two it means he's going to unleash a wide radius area attack. Run away as far as possible because this will one shot you.

    You will always want to sprint/dodge left or right in if he jumps straight up in the air to dodge the tornado bomb, due to it being his hardest hitting skill. Don't just start moving though when he goes up, wait a second because he'll track you. He will only perform this attack when he has the scythe out in 2-Hander form.

    By now you need to consider two things: how many vials you have left and how many bullets. If you are sitting on 10+ and he is under 30% go ultra aggressive to try and finish him off. If you are under 5 but have a lot of bullets play cautious and go for viscerals until you run out of bullets, then go aggressive. The goal is to get him to his strongest phase with at least half of your vials left so that you can do a rushdown strategy.

    If all goes as planned the boss will be dead. If not, well, you are luckily very close to the lamp and can make a quick trip back for more attempts.

  • You became an infant Great One, lifting humanity into its next childhood.

    Story related but highly missable!

    Suggested Level Range: 70-100+
    Damage Types: Thrust, Blunt, Blood
    Drops: Old Hunter Badge - unlocks the Burial Blade at the bath messenger

    One of three possible endings.

    ***Point of no return! If you haven’t already, please create a backup before talking to Gerhman in the wheelchair.***

    This is the secret/true ending to the game and one of three possible outcomes. It is also quite easy to miss if you do not follow the right steps in the correct order, kill the wrong enemies, and/or mishandle some items. I suggest saving this for last since it is the hardest ending of the three to complete as well as the “true” one.

    To get this ending you will need to collect at least three of a special item called “One Third of Umbilical Cord”. Despite the name there are actually four separate ones that can be found throughout the game, which is actually good incase you make a huge mistake somewhere along the lines regarding one of the four. Fortunately two of them are impossible to miss, so as long as you get the final one you are good to go.

    Here are the four locations of the cords, in the order that you can find them throughout the story progression. The video shows all 4 Umbilical Cords in the order you can get them as well as the entirety of the "true ending":

    Below is the list of timestamps for specific Umbilical Cords and Bosses:

    [0:00] Umbilical Cord #1 (Abandoned Workshop)
    [1:45] Umbilical Cord #2 (Cathedral Ward - Basement)
    [6:50] Umbilical Cord #3 (FForbidden Woods at Iosefka's Clinic)
    [10:16] Umbilical Cord #4 (Wet Nurse)
    [10:50] Eating Cords and First Boss (Hunter's Dream)
    [15:40] Final "True" Boss (Hunter's Dream)

    1.) On the Memory Alter in the Abandoned Workshop

    The first umbilical cord that you can obtain is located in the Abandoned Hunter Workshop. The area is also a pretty big secret and somewhat difficult to get to because of a rather strange platforming section. Please see The Source of the Dream for a video and detailed steps on getting there. Once you are there it is inside the building on top of the Memorty Altar. This umbilical cord is one of two that are impossible to miss.

    2.) Killing Iosefka in Her Clinic (Missable)

    The second umbilical cord is at Iosefka’s Clinic and it is one of two that are missable. In order to successfully get this you’ll have to discover the back entrance to the clinic by going through the Forbidden Wood cave, and be sure not to kill or agro Iosefka (fight/make her mad) prior to killing Rom. If you kill her before killing Rom you will not receive the cord and it will be lost forever. If you enter the room when she asks you not to the cord will still be forfeit as well. The easiest solution is not go into the left wing of Iosefka's Clinic whenever you enter the door. To the right is the Cainhurst Summons which is a perfectly fine area to be at any point in the game, but do not go left until Rom has been slain.

    As soon as you reach the clinic and find Iosefka she should be on all fours on the operating table, rambling about various things when spoken to and not aggressive. Kill her while on the table for the cord and be on your way. If for whatever reason she is not on the table, you have come before killing Rom and should immediately leave without interacting with her in any way.

    3.) Arianna's Baby in the Cathedral Ward (Highly missable!!!) -

    This is the third umbilical cord that you will be able to find. If you have already collected the previous two you are home free, but if you were unlucky with Iosefka then be sure to follow these steps. There are three ways it can be missed so be careful not to make any mistakes.

    First you must speak to the small man with the red cloak sitting to the right of the Cathedral Ward Lamp. If you don't you'll be unable to send NPC's back to this location, so be sure to do it as soon as you reach the area and encounter him.

    Arianna, the NPC with the cord, is in the Cathedral Ward housing district. To reach her from the Cathedral Ward Lamp, take a left to exit the lamp area and then your first right until you reach the Cathedral Gate. Turn left from the gate and follow the path until you reach a crossroads, then go left until you hit the dead end where two lit doors with lamps are across from one another. The one on the left will have a woman of the night called Arianna behind it and she’ll instruct you to return later when you first discover her, right after coming to Cathedral Ward.

    Come back after Vicar Amelia has been slain and she will ask you if there are any safe places to hide at. Send her to the Cathedral Ward and then proceed with the main story. With her safe in the Cathedral, all you'll have to do next is defeat the boss Micolash and then return to the Cathedral Ward right after. Turn around from the lamp and take the ladders down into the basement where she has given birth to a little demon. Kill it and take the cord.

    It is a very simple series of steps, but things can go wrong that will cause you to miss this cord. They are as follows:

    • Sending Her to Iosefka's Clinic - If you send her to Iosefka's Clinic she will be killed. Do not do this under any circumstance because there is no way to fix it.
    • Death by Abhorrent Beast - There is a man in the Forbidden Woods atop the windmill building where the hidden Cannon weapon is inside (and a cannon out front). He is bloody and barely clothed when you find him, as well as in front of some dead people. If you haven’t put two and two together yet, this guy is bad news.

      If you send him to the Cathedral and leave him to his own devices (ignore him for a long time) he will murder every single person you send there, including the red cloaked man that requested you send people. You can do one of four things: ignore him, kill him outright, send him the Iosefka's clinic, or send him to the cathedral and then immediately go there and dispatch him post haste. If you leave him alone at the Cathedral with Arianna he will kill her the moment you kill Rom. If you decide to kill him he will drop a Beast rune which is quite frankly useless in my opinion. The easiest solution to all of this is to simply leave him alone and not interact with him. There is truly no reason to send him to the Cathedral at all unless you are trying to get one of the emotes he will give as thanks.
    • Killing Rom Before Sending Arianna to the Cathedral - The moment you kill Rom all of the windowed NPC's will either die, transform into some creature, or be unresponsive. Killing Rom before you send her to the Cathedral will make it impossible to receive the Cord.

    4.) Killing the Wet Nurse

    The fourth and final cord is the easiest to get and also the only one that is obtained through main story progression, so it can't be missed. All you have to do is kill the Wet Nurse boss and it is yours. If you already have collected at least two cords prior to engaging this boss, congratulations, you are ready to face the final (secret) boss and get the true ending. For help with killing the Wet Nurse please see the walkthrough for Mergo's Wet Nurse.

    Once you have three cords you are ready to move on to the last step: the final battle. But first you will have to use all three of the cords you have collected. Be sure not to do so until you have a backup save unless you already unlocked both Honoring Wishes and Yharnam Sunrise.

    If you have already unlocked the Honoring Wishes trophy you can move on to the next step. If not, proceed to that trophy description for info about the first half of this encounter.

    Now, with all three cords consumed, speak to Gerhman and select the “Refuse” option. After killing Mergo’s Wet Nurse he will be behind the previously closed iron gate that is located in the southeast corner, farthest away from the doll and workshop.

    Gerhman is the exact same as he is during the Honoring Wishes. If you faced him you should be well practiced and ready to take him out again. The difference is that this time you need to somewhat conserve your vials to account for the secret boss that follows right after: Moon Presence. It is in my opinion substantially easier to kill thanks to it remaining stationary for long periods at a time, as well as a bigger body to hit and easy to dodge telegraphs.

    Since Gerhman is dead now you also don't need to worry about having to face him again if you die, just to get face the Moon Presence yet again. So don't worry about dying at all since you will be placed right back outside in Hunter's Dream. In fact, if you aren't finished with every other trophy you should intentionally die and do a cleanup of all of them before proceeded. That way you can buy the Burial Blade immediately and not have to do anything extra in NG+. See Step 9 of the Road Map for more information.

    Moon Presence Boss Guide
    Moon Presence is essentially the skeleton of the Cleric Beast, that sprouted tentacles from its head and tail. It has all the same attack patterns as a standard werewolf but with a few caveats.

    If you are behind it you can expect it to do a wide radius helicopter spin attack with its tail, so avoid that at all costs unless it is stunned. It will often do a scream followed a blinding flash of red light. At first it might seem like this does nothing, but in reality it has drained 100% of your health and made it impossible for you to use a Blood Vial. To counteract this effect damage her until you have regained all of your recoverable health. Like the Cleric Beast it will let out random howls but it will remain stationary for FAR longer. Do as much damage as you can during both of these moments.

    At around 40% it will begin to do new attacks if you aren’t relentlessly attacking and staggering it. There will be occasional falling blood around its body that does pretty miniscule damage, so you can mostly ignore it and get in free hits as it screams. However, the blood will put a debuff (blue icon with a down arrow) on you that makes it so you can't use any Blood Vials. You should play more cautiously during this because you won't be able to instantly heal in an emergency. This ability combined with the red light means that will have to heal only through reactively damaging the boss. If you are consecutively afflicted by both the light and the falling blood and fail to damage him before you recovery health evaporates, you'll be stuck at 1 HP until the debuff drops and you can use a vial again. Do not let this happen; always attack heavily after each light.

    If some pink fog starts to appear during a howl it means a huge deluge of blood will follow, so get out of radius for that or you will be stunlocked.

    Luckily this boss doesn’t have much health or burst damage otherwise it would be very hard to kill right after Gerhman, especially in one sitting. So long as you can reach the boss with around 5 vials you should be fine. I was able to kill it my very first time I saw it and only used two vials in the process, so don’t be too afraid and always be prepared to combo off of the long pauses it does.

  • Defeat Yharnam, Blood Queen of the Old Labyrinth.

    Optional boss

    Suggested Level Range: 70-100+
    Damage Types: Thrust, Fast Poison, Blood
    Drops: Yharnam Stone - unlock Ritual Blood Level 2, 3, and 4 at the Bath Messenger

    Yharnam, Blood Queen is a secret optional boss that can only be found by taking the arduous journey through a total of seven different Chalice Dungeons. Each dungeon is an enormous labyrinth with multiple floors (layers) and difficulties (depths). The farther you go down in both layers and depths the stronger the enemies will become, but the quality of the rewards will increase as well. You will encounter Yharnam at the end of the fifth and final Pthumerian Chalice Dungeon, Ihyll, on the third Layer.

    She can initially be a handful due to some strange mechanics, but she is no where near as difficult as the Defiled Chalice bosses or some of the story and optional bosses. Once you understand how she behaves you should have no problem beating her in one or two attempts at most. Because of the very high level of difficulty and time investment associated with this trophy, I suggest putting it off until it is the last thing you do in the game. That way you will be an adept Hunter that is very prepared for the formidable challenges ahead. It will also be refreshing to see all new areas and bosses by this point.

    Regardless of when you decide to tackle the Blood Queen you will find the lengthy preparations, as well the best order to do them in, in the following walkthrough.

    Timestamps of all the ritual materials needed to complete the trophy are listen below:

    [0:00] Red Jelly #1 & 2 (Lecture Building)
    [0:36] Living String (Mergo's Loft: Middle)
    [4:23] Arcane Haze Extractor (Lower Pthumeru Chalice Dungeon - Layer 3)
    [5:19] Bastard of Loran #1 & 2(Ailing Loran Chalice Dungeon - Layer 3)
    [6:15] Red Jelly #3 & 4 (Great Isz Chalice Dungeon)

    Step 1
    Defeat the Blood-starved Beast

    The very first thing you should do is beat the Blood-starved Beast as early as possible. I suggest being somewhere between 30 and 40 to comfortably beat it, but there is no harm in being even higher. Once you do you will unlock the trophy Chalice of Pthumeru and receive said Chalice as an in game item. It will allow you to open the first of five different Pthumeru area dungeons that you must fully clear to reach the Queen. You will also unlock Blood-Starved Beast and the door leading to the Healing Church Workshop in Cathedral Ward, which is needed for many other trophies.

    To read a complete walkthrough of this boss encounter and/or watch a video, please refer to the walkthrough for Blood-Starved Beast.

    Step 2
    Find the Red Jelly in the (Nightmare) Lecture Building

    Two out of the four materials required to activate the Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice, which the queen is the third and final boss of, are (1) Living String and (4) Red Jelly. Half of the jelly can be found in a main story area of game and the other half must be found in specific chalice dungeons that aren't Pthumeru. The Living String is at the very last area of the game, so for now you will collect the Red Jelly.

    The first two Red Jelly can be found on the first floor of the Nightmare Lecture Building, just to the right of the door you take to reach the Nightmare Frontier. If you are coming from the second floor take a left out of the spider room with the ladder and head all the way to the end of the hall. It will be the door on you right.

    This step is a lot easier than the previous one as it takes you to the Byrgenwerth Lecture Building and will also unlock Nightmare Lecture Building by doing so. However, if you go there prior to the natural story progression (killing The One Reborn near the end of the game), you will need to take a minor detour to reach it. I suggest doing so because the rewards in both the lecture building and the following area are amazing assets for clearing the rest of the game; such as a Caryll Rune that grants +100 to all resists, among others. There are also six total trophies related to both areas, which is quite nice.

    To reach the lecture building please see the walkthrough in Nightmare Lecture Building.

    Step 3
    Defeat Amygdala for the Chalice of Ailing Loran

    The next step can be continued directly from the previous steps location. On the first floor of the Nightmare Lecture Building is an exit in the main hallway, just next to where you picked up the Red Jelly. It leads to another area where you will need to defeat the boss Amygdala, who is located at the very end of the Nightmare Frontier. You can reach it by dropping down into the swamp filled with poisonous water and heading right for quite a long time. Make sure you bring ten Antidotes because you will need them.

    Head to the right until you reach the end of the swamp and locate an enormous coliseum where Amygdala will be. Please see Defeat Great One: Amygdala for assistance with the boss.

    Step 4
    Retrieve the Living String from Mother Brain

    Before beginning this step be sure to equip high frenzy resist armor, resist runes, and bring 10 sedatives. They will both be needed to avoid a random death. You should also spend your remaining blood echoes so you don't have to worry about retrieving them, only running to your destination.

    The only chalice ritual material that is unique in the entire game is none other than the "Living String". It can only be found in the main game and not in a chalice dungeon. This means that you cannot farm for it, if by some chance you happen to not pick it up and start a new game by accident. You absolutely must get it or all of your effort will be for naught.

    First you need to progress to the point in the main story that you have killed Micolash. Once you do this you will cross a long bridge that leads you to a lamp (Mergo's Loft: Middle), and some elevators just beyond it. Take the left elevator down, but halfway down your descent you must jump into an open window. This can be very tricky but the best method I've found is to align the camera directly behind yourself and run forward once you see the archway decoration just above your head. If you try to roll you will hit the side of the building and fall to your death.

    From here on should have sedatives equipped and ready to be used. Start running through the left side of some giant rock/bone formations and whenever your frenzy bar gets more than half way full, use a sedative. Don't even bother fighting the enemies because if they grab you or it takes too long you will be swarmed, causing your frenzy to go up even faster. Just use constant dodges to run past them all.

    Continue until you reach a lever and then pull it. You'll see a cutscene of the Mother Brain being dropped down a pitch black pit. After it ends turn around and go down the hole that is behind you and cross the beam to find the Choir Bell, which is needed for the Hunter's Craft. Go back across the beam and exit on the left. Walk down the path until you see an opening on your right that leads to the hole the brain plummeted down a few moments ago. Jump off and pick up the Blood Rock on the body next to the hole that you must get for Weapon Master and +10 your weapon of choice. Once you pick it up turn to your left and find the hole in the wall to jump down from.

    You will land on the bridge where you previously fought a Hunter; the bridge to leads the entrance of Mergo's Loft. Turn right and enter the door, proceed down the stairs, and then turn left at the concrete railing towards a bunch of small enemies. Go down the stairs behind them and you will encounter some larger hatchet wielders. Run past them until you see a cage with a green light in the bottom. Walk directly into the cage and it will take you down to the dark abyss that the Mother Brain is now resting in. Don't move your camera or anything just face the inside of it. Once it reaches the bottom of the abyss pull your to face directly towards your camera.

    You will now be facing the exact location that Mother Brain is. You can spin your camera around behind you now and run straight at her. Kill her to receive the string, but if you've already visited the Upper Cathedral use the "Make Contact" gesture in front of her and sit there for ~30 seconds before you kill her. You'll receive a nice rune as a reward.

    Step 5
    Defeat Ebrietas for the Great Isz Chalice

    This will be the final activity you have to do that is outside of a chalice dungeon. Head to the Upper Cathedral (see The Choir) and locate Ebrietas who is hidden behind a destructible window at the Lumenflower Garden Lamp. Descend the elevator and kill Ebrietas who is standing in front of the Altar of Despair. She will drop the Great Isz Chalice which will help you get the last two Red Jelly faster than any other method. You will also unlock Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos and Chalice of Isz for defeating her.

    Step 6
    Clear the first three Chalice of Pthumeru Dungeons and get the Arcane Haze Extractor

    In this step you will finally begin to start do the chalice dungeons themselves. There are a total of five Chalice of Pthumeru dungeons. The first three you will be able to enter simply by beating them in order, while exploring each dungeon enough to find materials for the subsequent chalice ritual. Once you defeat the last boss on the final layer of a dungeon you will always receive a chalice that will take you to the next Pthumeru depth.

    The materials required for the first three dungeons in the series are also very easy to get and common throughout all dungeons. Most likely you will have amassed a number of them just from exploring and discovery in the main game. However, the final two chalices require very rare materials that forces you to clear most of the Ailing Loran (Depth 4) and Great Isz (Depth 5) chalice dungeons. You will have acquired both of them from defeating Blood-starved Beast and Amygdala in the previous steps.

    Before you begin a dungeon you should be aware of a very rare glitch that can occur in the chalice dungeons. If you die at the exact same moment you land the killing blow on a layer boss, there is a chance the door leading to the next layer will not unlock. This will halt your progression through the dungeon from that point on. The easiest way to prevent this is to simply save before a layer boss so you can load the backup save without losing any time or effort. If this happens without having saved you will need to recreate the dungeon. Do so by searching for the proper glyph code listed here, for whichever chalice bugged Select it and you will be able to restart the dungeon without using additional chalice materials.

    Below are the dungeons you will need to clear for this step and the materials needed for each activation ritual:

    Pthumeru Chalice

    • Depth: 1
    • Layers: 3
    • Glyph Code: empkw7xs
    • Required Materials:
      • Ritual Blood (Tier 1) - 2
      • Blood Echoes - 1000

    Central Pthumeru Chalice

    • Depth: 2
    • Layers: 3
    • Glyph Code: 6zvr4gq6
    • Required Materials:
      • Ritual Blood (Tier 2) - 6
      • Blood Echoes - 1800

    Lower Pthumeru Chalice

    • Depth: 3
    • Layers: 4
    • Glyph Code: rxuxzpep
    • Special Item(s): Arcane Haze Extractor on layer 2, first right after opening lever door / on the way to the boss
    • Required Materials:
      • Ritual Blood (Tier 3) - 9
      • Blood Echoes - 3200

    You will want to go well out of your way to procure the Arcane Haze Extractor found in the third dungeon. It is very easy to get to and will enable you to break down any and all ritual materials at the abandoned workshop, in exchange for a different ritual material called Arcane Haze. The more valuable the ritual material that you extract haze from, the more haze you will receive. The reason this is important is that the final two Pthumerian Chalices require a total of 47 arcane haze (22 for Defiled, 25 for Greater). Being able to break down unwanted materials is the safest and fastest way of acquiring it. If for some reason you skipped picking it up or don't want to, you can farm Lower Pthumerian Chalice (Layer 3) for them. The caterpillar looking enemies drop 1 haze each and there are 10-15 in the first courtyard.

    The first two dungeons are quite easy and you shouldn't see much resistance while you clear through them. It isn't until the third one that the difficulty starts to ramp up due to higher enemy density, increased damage and health, as well as stronger layer bosses. Fortunately the respawn points are always very close to the boss rooms so you can get in a lot of attempts quite quickly if you struggle. Unlike the typical boss area that you must clear a long way back to.

    Once you've cleared the Lower Pthumerian Chalice and received the Defiled Chalice you are ready to move on to the next step.

    Step 7
    Clear through the 3rd layer of Ailing Loran for Bastard of Loran materials as well as the Beast Claw

    Minor Glitch Warning: There is a very small chance that killing Amygdala in the Nightmare Frontier will reward you with the "Lower Loran Chalice", instead of "Ailing Loran Chalice". This is just a display error; the chalice is in fact Ailing Loran and requires all of the correct materials. You do not need to replay any portion of the game or kill Amygdala again. Simply create the dungeon and ignore the name.

    Now that you have 4 out of the 5 Pthumerian Chalices you will need to start locating the rare materials needed to activate the final two. The first material you should pick up is called Bastard of Loran. You will need a total of 2 for the Defiled Chalice but fortunately they drop in sets of 2 and at preset locations. This makes finding it somewhat easier but the bosses in the dungeon can be challenging for some. Furthermore, a great thing about having to visit this dungeon is that a weapon you need to complete Hunter's Essence is found here, so it is two birds with one stone.

    This is the dungeon you must to battle through for this step and the materials needed for its activation ritual:

    Ailing Loran

    • Depth: 4
    • Layers: 3
    • Glyph Code: ruv746qr
    • Special Item(s): Beast Claw - first door on the right after you reach Layer 2. See Hunter's Essence for more information.
    • Required Materials:
      • Ritual Blood (Tier 4) - 9
      • Coldblood Flowerbud - 4 (can purchased at insight vendor for 2 insight each after finding one)
      • Blood Echoes - 5500

    This dungeon can be very challenging because of the enemy types and the bosses aren't pushovers either. The Blood-starved Beast is the second boss in the dungeon and if you aren't careful, the layer 1 boss can kill you in a single combo. Be sure to wear poison resist caryll runes, armor, and bring a hefty amount of Pungent Blood Cocktails as well. If you make good use of them during the first two boss fights you can beat them without so much as taking a hit.

    The Bastard of Loran is located on the third layer just after opening the lever door to get to the third boss. After you open the lever door go through it until you see a door on your left. Open it, climb the ladder, then proceed down the corridor until you find yourself in an enormous open area with many wooden bridges. Right as you reach the bridge turn left and hug the wall, drop to the bridge beneath you, and turn around to see a cave entrance. Go into the cave and kill the enemy standing in front of a coffin that is holding the two Bastard of Loran. You can now use your Hunter's Mark to quickly get back to the lamp, or clear your way out and open another chest along the way.

    The goal of this trip is to get the Bastard of Loran but you should absolutely pick up the Beast Claw on Layer 2 while you are passing through. If you don't you will just have to come back later and get it for Hunter's Essence anyhow. After picking up the Bastard of Loran you should check and see how much Ritual Blood (Tier 5) you are currently carrying. You will need 9 to enter the final Pthumerian dungeon and 9 more to enter Great Isz and snag the Red Jelly. However, you will have to clear through another Depth 4 and 5 chalice dungeon, so you will pick up more in the process.

    Step 8
    Clear all 3 layers of the Defiled Chalice

    For most people this will be the most difficult part of the entire trophy and possibly the whole game. The Defiled Chalice has an effect that reduces your maximum HP total by 50%. Although this may seem like an enormous hurdle to overcome, the enemies do have somewhat lower damage as a result but only slightly (20-30% at best). This makes clearing to the bosses difficult but not insurmountable. However, against the bosses themselves it still can and will result in a one hit kill if you are hit by the strongest skills.

    The difficult dungeon you must overcome to complete this step and the materials needed for its activation ritual are as follows:

    Defiled Chalice

    • Depth: 4
    • Layers: 3
    • Glyph Code: gwf8x4t2
    • Special Modifer: -50% HP penalty that persists throughout the entire dungeon
    • Required Materials:
      • Ritual Blood (Tier 4) - 9
      • Bastard of Loran - 2 (found on Layer 3 of Ailing Loran)
      • Arcane Haze - 22
      • Blood Echoes - 5500

    The key to successfully clearing this dungeon is one thing: caution. You will want to play extremely safe and cautious at every single turn. Do not get impatient and overly aggressive against any enemy or you will be punished and die within seconds. Against the bosses the key is to essentially fight at max range, hit and run, and never give them the opportunity to land a clean combo. The two weapons that I personally had the most success with in this dungeon were the Hunter's Axe in 2H form and Ludwig's Holy Blade in 2H form. Both give superb reach that is practically required in order to not lose large amounts of health, while offering the best damage output in the game.

    Please see the video below to see get an idea of how the boss encounters work and my methods for dispatching them.

    Step 9
    Clear to the 3rd layer of Great Isz or Lower Loran for two more Red Jelly materials

    Because you were only able to get 2 Red Jelly during the main story you will have to collect an additional 2 before you can enter the final chalice dungeon. Thankfully this will be the last side chalice dungeon that you have to clear for materials. Everything else that you will need will be attainable in the core Pthumerian chalices that you want to be playing in. This time you will be headed to Great Isz to obtain two more Red Jelly.

    You can also find some Red Jelly in Lower Loran Chalice. However, Great Isz is by far the easier of the two to find it in because it is the shortest, has easier bosses and enemies, and it has a ton of rating 15 and 19 Tempering Radial and Triangle Blood Gems. These can really help a great deal with the final dungeon and future playthrough and have an immediate impact if you don't already have good gems. For example: I received a Phys. ATK UP 13.9%, Phys. ATK UP 18.5% and a pure ATK UP 15% in my clear of this dungeon. That is on top of a dozen other really good elemental gems.

    Here is the last Chalice Dungeon you will need to explore prior to the Queen's dungeon:

    Great Isz Chalice

    • Depth: 5
    • Layers: 3
    • Glyph Code: cijafury
    • Required Materials:
      • Ritual Blood (Tier 5) - 9
      • Pearl Slug - 3
      • Blood Echoes - 11500

    As soon as you reach layer 3 run straight, pass the group of aliens, then take a hard right to dodge the two werewolves. Take your first left down into a hallway where a boulder will repeatedly roll down. Wait until it passes and then follow it down the hall and take your first left. There will be two red jelly inside this room. One in two different chests as well as 3 Yellow Backbone.

    You should now check to confirm that you have enough Ritual Blood (Tier 5) on you to actually enter the final dungeon, Great Pthumeru Ihyll. You need 9 total and if you haven't been exploring thoroughly you'll have to get some more from a Depth 4 dungeon, but hopefully that isn't the case.

    Step 10
    Clear the first two floors of the Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice to reach Yharnam

    At last all of the hard work and preparation will come to fruition. The fifth and final Pthumerian chalice is called the Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice and has some pretty difficult bosses, two of which are unique to this dungeon. Since you were able to get to this point you are basically doing a victory lap, because the previous dungeon is much more difficult than this one in general. The final boss in particular is an absolute breeze the moment you understand her abilities, which should be quick if you read through the rest of this walkthrough.

    The fifth and final Pthumerian Chalice Dungeon will require these hard earned materials to conduct the ritual:

    Great Pthumeru Ihyll

    • Depth: 5
    • Layers: 3
    • Glyph Code: 8wu8n99n
    • Required Materials:
      • Ritual Blood (Tier 5) - 9
      • Red Jelly - 4
      • Living String - 1
      • Blood Echoes - 11500

    The first boss you will encounter is the Pthumerian Descendant. You have fought him in a previous chalice but he will be exponentially more powerful this time around. His reach is absolutely scary thanks to his long hook and tall height and every single attack he does is fast. Very fast. After taking some damage he will split his weapon into two and boomerang them at you. These go through walls and do huge damage, so be ready to dodge.

    The trick to beating him is just attack him through a pillar with a long 2H weapon (Hunter's Axe or Ludwig's Holy Blade). The of Ludwig's literally reaches through an entire pillar to hit him on the other side, as does the Hunter's but you need to angle it slightly around a corner for it to land. Just continuously run around the pillar until he dies.

    The second boss is a modified/unique version of the Bloodletting Beast you fought in Ailing Loran. Only this one is being ridden, has its head removed, and will sprout a giant caterpillar from his neck when he is low health. Just keep rolling through its legs and attacking from the side as much as possible. Don't stand directly underneath it because it will grab you and crush you. Once the worm creature sprouts you can bait it to attack and it will be vulnerable for a while.

    Now on to the main event: Yharnam herself.

    Final Step
    Kill Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen

    This fight is rather unique in the sense that Yharnam possesses not just a lot of different skills in her arsenal, but ones that have no real similarity to other boss or enemy skills in the game. Everything she will do, aside from slash you with her kris blade, will be the first time you've seen such a mechanic. Thankfully they are all rather weak after you know how to recognize and avoid them.

    You will want to bring with you some antidotes, fire or bolt paper, bone marrow ash if you really want to make the fight go fast, equip poison resist runes, and wear armor with Fast Poison and Thrust res. I personally suggest wearing the Cainhurst Helmet/Boots with the Executioner Chest/Gloves.

    The fight has three distinct phases. The first one you will go through either when Yharnam reaches 60-70% health or roughly 90-120 seconds have passed. Whichever comes first. The first phase compared to the 2nd and 3rd play completely opposite of one another in terms of speed and purpose. In the first phase you will want to be patient and avoid the big burst. In the second and third you will want to be extremely aggressive.

    The #1 thing you need to know about this fight is the baby crying mechanic/lockdown. The way it works is that whenever you get in melee range of the queen the baby will start to cry. If you aren't in range for a while it will start crying on its own. After roughly 2.5-3.5s of crying the queen (baby?) will lock you in place with some spiritual binding, but only if you are within melee range. The queen will then hit you for anywhere between 60-80% of your health while you are binded there and helpless. This is easily avoidable just by listening for the audio cue and not blindly rushing in. The key is to hit and run if the baby starts crying, but punish her endlessly until it does.

    If the baby starts crying the moment you get in you have time to do roughly 2 attacks, even with the slow Hunter's Axe in 1H form. If it doesn't start crying immediately you can continuously chain together attacks until you either take a huge amount of damage, she vanishes, or she channels a large attack. It also has an internal cooldown of 2-3 seconds so it can't endlessly chain together crying attacks. Make use of this when you are considering whether to rush or flee.

    Phase 1
    Yharnam will start out the fight with her hands cuffed together, glowing red and spewing blood everywhere. She will either do a sprinkler type of attack, a huge explosion, or shoot individual blood arrows at you. You can interrupt the sprinkler with and force the bomb, then rush in and attack. Or you can just wait until she does it on her own and then go in. Never commit too hard until the bomb goes off because it is her single hardest hitting ability in the entire fight. Play safe and pepper her down until she breaks her cuffs and gos into phase 2.

    Phase 2
    When her cuffs break she will gain new abilities, but the crying will persist throughout the entire fight so be aware of that. The first one she gets is a clone technique where two clones appear. They will always appear in a triangle around the altar in the middle. Each clone will die when hit once by any damage source, so just lock on with and shoot them if they aren't nearby. No need to run over and hit them and risk getting sniped by the other two. The second ability she will get is a ground spear technique. She will stab her hand and huge blood spears will burst out from under you, so just dodge around until they stop.

    Once she reaches 40-50%, or has been in this phase for 60 seconds, phase 3 will begin. However, it is somewhat postponable if you are really proactive about it. The phase starts when she stabs really deep into her hand and pulls out a blood sword. You can shoot her early in this telegraph to interrupt it and keep her in this easier phase. Try to do so and prolong phase 2 as much as you can.

    Phase 3
    You will know phase 3 has begun when you see her wielding a very long blood sword. All of her previous abilities will remain and she will get yet another set. This phase is the dangerous one because she is faster, hits much harder, finally has a combo that hurts, as well as a strange poison rain effect. A good side effect of this is it becomes easy to distinguish her from her clones, since she is the only one wielding the new blade. All of her new skills need to really be dodged or countered so I will go over each one individually.

    • Poltergeist Circle
      • The queen will start glowing white and then an enormous white circle will appear around her. If you stay within the circle you will be lifted off the ground and then slammed. This is 100% impossible to avoid if you are in melee range when it actually goes off. The only way to dodge it is instantly start running if you see her glow at all AND not already be on top of her.
    • Lunge
      • This is easily avoidable and actually a very good thing. She will rub her hand along the red sword and then lean forward to lunge. The moment you see her touch the side of it put your finger on so you can successfully parry the attack. If you don't shoot her and don't dodge it you will certainly die unless near full health.
    • Blood Geyser
      • When you see her sword glow bright and she raises it up, back out, because pain is on the way. She will slam the sword into the ground and a ton of blood geysers will shoot up around her. Immediately thereafter the blood will come raining down and if you are inside it your poison meter will begin to go up quite fast. If it exceeds 75% or so use an antidote immediately, because one direct hit from her will push it to full and then you'll be in trouble. It's fine to run in the moment the skill ends and stay between 20-50% poisoned at all times, just don't do it several times in a row without using an antidote.

    Avoid these skills, shoot clones immediately, get away from her when she's crying, and shoot her when she swings to get easy parry's off and visceral attacks. It shouldn't take you long to down her so long as you don't needlessly take damage from the crying baby binds or the blood splatter in phase 1.

  • Gain entry to Cainhurst, the lost and ruined castle.

    Side quest location

    Prerequisite for: Hunter's Essence , Hunter's Craft , Martyr Logarius . You will not be able to unlock any of the aforementioned trophies prior to visiting this location.

    In order to enter the secret Cainhurst Castle you will need to have killed the Witch of Hemwick in Chernel Lane, in addition to progressing to the Forbidden Woods. The latter area is unlocked by killing Vicar Amelia and uncovering the password to the Byrgenwerth Guards, which is on the altar in Vicar's room. The Forbidden Woods door is directly down the stairs from Vicar Amelia, just to the right inside the Cathedral Plaza and the two Church Giants.

    Once you have done both, head to the Forbidden Woods Lamp and follow the path across the bridge. Hug the left wall and continue to do so until you reach a house with a red lamp. Right behind it will be some dog kennels and to the left of the dogs will be a tiny path leading to an underground cave. Once you reach the watery portion in the cave hug the right wall until you enter another tiny path that will lead you up to some ladders.

    At the top of the ladders take a left and go through the gate. You will get to yet another ladder that will let you traverse the rooftops into the clinic. Hang another right as soon as you walk into the door and open the double doors at the end of the hall. Inside will be an alien creature and the Cainhurst Summons. Do not go left from the entrance until you have already killed Rom, the Vacuous Spider in Byrgenwerth, because you will run into Iosefka and miss an important quest item.

    Now leave and return to Charnel Lane Lamp and sprint down the left path while avoiding enemies. You’ll eventually come to a stone marker and a cutscene will trigger with a carriage. Enter it and be whisked away to Cainhurst Castle.

    While here you will need to find the Executioner's Gloves for Hunter's Craft and kill Martyr Logarius for Martyr Logarius and to receive his crown. The crown is then used to open a hidden throne room behind where he was seated on the roof. This area is needed for multiple weapons related to Hunter's Essence. For additional information on any of the above please see their respective trophy walkthroughs.

  • Gain entry to the realm of the Choir, the high stratum of the Healing Church.

    Side quest location

    Prerequisite for: Hunter's Essence, Hunter's Craft, Celestial Emissary. You will not be able to unlock any of the aforementioned trophies prior to visiting this location.

    The area that this trophy description is describing is the Upper Cathedral Ward, which is at the very top of the Healing Church Workshop in the Cathedral Ward. In order to access it you must have killed the Blood-starved Beast and uncovered Yahra’gul, Unseen Village.

    While it’s possible to travel to Yahra’gul via the bottom of the Healing Church Workshop, it is much easier to simply kill Rom, the 7th boss, and go from the entrance.

    After you’ve satisfied all of the prerequisites make your way through Yahra’gul by following the leftmost path. You’ll eventually come to an open section where an Amygdala is launching lasers at enemies in the garden. On the very right hand side of the garden there will be an open railing. Jump down and you’ll find a secret passage that leads to a room above a locked cell, with a dead body in it. Drop into the cell and loot the body to get the Upper Cathedral Ward key.

    With the key in hand, travel to the Cathedral Ward lamp and walk down a small set of stairs. To your right will be a door that is opened when the Blood-starved Beast has been killed. Go into the door and continue on the path until you ascend to the top of the workshop, where a locked door will be waiting.

    Unlock the door and walk forward into the open area to earn the trophy.

    There are also two hidden side bosses in this area that you can kill to unlock the Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos and Celestial Emissary. They are both located at the very end of the map in the Lumenflower Garden and the Altar of Despair (behind the window at the aforementioned area).

    You will also want to pick up the Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge in order to buy the Rosmarinus weapon for Hunter's Essence. Lastly, pick up the hunter tool "A Call Beyond" behind the window in Lumenflower Garden, which is needed for Hunter's Craft. Please see their respective trophy walkthroughs for help locating either one.

  • Discover the abandoned old workshop, the source of the Hunter's Dream.

    Side quest location

    Prerequisite for: Hunter's Craft, Childhood's Beginning. You will not be able to unlock either of the aforementioned trophies prior to visiting this location.

    In order to discover the abandoned workshop you will have to kill the Blood-starved Beast boss, which will open up the path leading to the Healing Church Workshop in Cathedral Ward. After killing the beast head to the Cathedral Ward lamp and walk down some stairs. Take a quick right and go through the door and up the elevator. Kill the wheelchair gunner in the first room and cross the bridge, but do not enter the door.

    Take a right from the door and drop off the ledge to the floor below and continue until you enter the building. You’ll find yourself suspended on a skinny wooden bridge above darkness. Walk forward until you are standing on the section with five boards together and a crack in the ground, which should be the third set of boards. Stop and turn around just behind the crack and look for three pieces of rope in front of you. Align yourself with the rope and look down to make sure there is a small wooden ledge jutting out directly in your path. With the rope and the ledge directly in front of you press + to safely roll forward and drop down on the ledge below.

    Now turn and walk right to the edge, heal any damage you sustained, and look down again for your next destination. You’ll see a much larger platform with a door in the wall. Drop down to it and open the door to enter the workshop. Because this can take multiple attempts you shouldn’t try to reach this area unless you have a good stockpile of Blood Vials and have spent your spare echoes.

    While in the workshop you will need to pick up two different items: Old Hunter Bone and Umbilical Cord. The Old Hunter Bone is one of nine special hunter tools needed to unlock Hunter's Craft and the first one you will come across, if you went straight here after killing the Blood-starved Beast. The Umbilical Cord on the other hand is one of three that you will need to find to achieve the true ending of the game, and subsequently unlock Childhood's Beginning.

  • Gain entry into the Byrgenwerth lecture building, that drifts within the realm of nightmare.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    At the very end of the game you will be teleported to the lecture building after defeating The One Reborn at the end of Yahra’gul, then interacting with a Mummy seated near the boss. It will automatically place you on the second floor of the Lecture Building which will lead you to the Nightmare of Mensis and progress the main story. However, it is possible to visit the building much earlier on in the game and unlock the trophy, as well as visit the Nightmare of Frontier for a side boss, a chalice, and some nice Caryll Runes and Blood Stone Chunks—both of which can help greatly against enemies.

    In order to access the lecture building early on in the game you will have to first progress to the Forbidden Wood in the story, by killing the Cathedral Ward boss Vicar Amelie. Once she is out of the way get the password by interacting with the altar in her room. Now head straight out the cathedral entrance, down the long flight of stairs to the round cathedral plaza with the two giants. You will see a path on your right side just behind one of the giants. Go down the path and take your first left to reach the Byrgenwerth Door underground. Be sure to speak with Alfred on the patio as you go by as well. You will be in the Forbidden Wood as soon as you enter the door.

    Once you reach the lamp head across the bridge (avoid the trap) while following the left wall. You will continue to follow the leftmost wall until you enter a tiny village area and run directly into a rundown house with a red lamp on, and busted wooden planks for a door. It is sitting directly next to a bunch of dog cages so it is extremely hard to miss. Speak to the man inside to receive a Tonsil Stone and head directly back to the Grand Cathedral (Vicar Amelie's) lamp.

    Exit the cathedral and take a very sharp left just as you reach the last step. Follow this path but be very careful; there is a Hunter, Snatcher (large man with a bag), two riflemen, and two axe wielding guards along the route. Once they are dealt with walk into the building and stand directly in front of the door and stand still. A blue vortex will form and a large ghostly figure will reach down and grab you up and crush you to death. After a short cutscene you will awaken in the Lecture Building and unlock Nightmare Lecture Building .

    Clear through the entire lecture hall and be sure to open every room to pick up some important quest items, such as the two Red Jelly needed for Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen. You will exit the lecture building and be placed in the Nightmare Frontier where a lamp is.

    You can now choose whether to leave and continue the main story, or clear through the area to reach the boss: Amygdala. Killing Amygdala will net you the trophies Defeat Great One: Amygdala and and Chalice of Ailing Loran. The chalice is yet another item required for Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen

  • Defeat the beast that once was Father Gascoigne.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    Suggested Level Range: 10-20
    Damage Types: Blunt (Hunter form), Thrust (Wolf form), Blood (gunfire; trivial damage)
    Drops: Oedon Tomb Key

    Father Gascoigne is either the first or second boss in the game, depending on the order you fought the Cleric Beast for its respective trophy, and the first main story boss. He is a hunter that has been cursed with lycan powers similar to the normal werewolves you encounter, but is substantially faster and bipedal. Fortunately he is susceptible to a weakness from an item called the Music Box. You get it during a side quest while helping a Little Girl in town.

    To use the Music Box simply equip it and play it while outside of Gascoigne’s attack range. It will begin to play a song that will cause him to stop and struggle for a few moments, giving you the chance to get in some free attacks. If he hits you during the cast the song will be interrupted which is why you want to be at a decent distance away, but not so far that you won’t reach him to do damage before the effect wears off.

    Like yourself the Father uses Hunter weapons in combat. Specifically he wields the Hunter's Axe and Blunderbuss, both of which function precisely the same as the one you can wield, so it's easier to recognize his attack pattern. Whenever you fire a off at him he will answer in kind with one of his own, so be ready to dodge if you miss a parry. Once he reaches ~30% he will transform into a Lycan that is exponentially more powerful, fast, and dangerous than his human form. However, if you use the music box three times before he transforms it will forcibly transform him regardless of his health, so avoid this at all costs.

    The best strategy is to use the music box twice to help you whittle him down as much as possible. Once he transforms get in some shots during the transformation itself, then sprint to the large altar in the middle of the room. Stand a good distance away and use the Music Box for a third and final time, attack, and retreat. From here on you can kite around the large altar and try to hit him as he turns the corner. Don't leave the altar and whatever you do keep yourself from getting very far from him. If you put too much distance between the two of you he will leap high into the air on top of you and do massive damage.

    Here is a video showing you how to obtain the music box:


  • Defeat the beast that once was Vicar Amelia.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    Suggested Level Range: 20-40
    Damage Types: Thrust and Blunt
    Drops: Gold Pendant - use to receive a Gold Blood Gem that increases damage done to beasts by 12%. Will unlock Blood Gem Contact if you have not found one prior.

    Vicar Amelia is either the third or fourth main boss in the game, depending on which route you take. Out of the beginning bosses she is, in my opinion, the easiest one by far. To reach her you must either purchase the Cathedral key and open the gate, or beat the Blood-starved Beast and go through the Healing Church Workshop. She is at the very peak of the Cathedral Ward inside the Cathedral Chapel.

    Vicar is a very straight forward boss with no real challenging mechanics. She will pounce on you or slam the ground and create a shockwave if you get too far away. She will also occasionally grasp the golden medallion and heal which gives you plenty of time to hit her, and that’s about it.

    She cannot be put into a visceral state with a ranged attack or a critical attack from behind, but she can be staggered when hit during a telegraph and will go into a visceral state on her own at least twice. The key to victory is watching her arms and listening for the visceral cue. Whenever they start to move you dodge, and all of her telegraphs are very obvious and/or long.

    The best way to kill her with minimal effort is to use Molotov Cocktails and Fire Paper for bonus damage. You will use the molotovs in between combos while you regenerate stamina. The molotovs not only do great damage regardless of your stat build, but they stagger her while you get stamina back, which lets you open up another combo immediately. You can see an example below, but if you can’t afford to continuously use molotovs the previous video should suffice.


    At the beginning of the fight use a Fire Paper and intentionally stay at range to initiate a leap. When she’s in mid air roll forward and beginning a three hit combo from behind. The second it ends be ready to dodge if she’s in a telegraph, or use a molotov if she is stationary/stunned. From here you’ll just cycle through dodging behind her constantly and doing the three hit -> molotov combo until she dies. Ideally you will stun her indefinitely like in the video.

    The only attack that is a real threat is the swipe she does in front of her that hits everything in 180 degrees, which is why you want to be directly behind her or on a rear leg if possible. However, if you get a ton of really good staggers it doesn’t matter where you attack from because she will get absolutely thrashed.

  • Defeat the Shadow of Yharnam.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    Suggested Level Range: 40-50
    Damage Types: Thrust, Fire
    Drops: Blood Rapture (Rune) - Vicious Attacks restore 200 HP

    The Shadow of Yharnam is the sixth boss in the game. You will encounter them at the very end of the Forbidden Woods. To get there you must first defeat Vicar Amelia and interact with the broken skull sitting on the altar at the back of the Chapel, which will finally give you the Byrgenwerth Guards password. After that return to the door in the Cathedral Ward to enter their area.

    The Shadow of Yharnam is actually three separate enemies draped in black robes, which closely resemble Nazgul from Lord of the Rings. Each one has different abilities that you must watch out for. There is a melee (sword only), ranged (tonitrus + lamp), and hybrid (flamethrower + sword) enemy and they are ordered as such from right to left. The ranged and melee enemies aren’t very big threats, but the hybrid can take you from 100% to dead quickly with its flamethrower.

    As soon as any of the Shadows reach roughly 30% health they will all transform into more powerful versions, complete with new abilities and more damage. The keys to victory are dispatching them in the right order and separating them, so that you can avoid being overwhelmed and negate the ranged Shadow.

    At the start of the fight sprint in and get off a nice area attack on all three targets. They slowly walk out and don’t attack, giving you the opportunity to take them all down a good amount of health. After that, focus on the melee enemy because it has the most health, fastest attack speed, and is a complete nightmare when he transforms.

    Sprint to the right of them to the large tombstone which will block out the ranged fire attacks by the arcane shadow. The melee shadow will quickly pursue you allowing you to stagger it with your gun of choice and perform a vicious attack. If the hybrid shadow isn’t nearby you can follow that up with a few more strikes. While you are doing a vicious strike you are immune to all incoming damage, so don’t worry about the flamethrower or the ranged fire.

    Rinse and repeat until the enemies transform at 30%. The moment they begin to sprout snakes you should burst down the melee target until he is dead. If he survives it just try to get off a few more hits to finish the job. When it dies your new target is the ranged.

    Play very aggressively versus the ranged because his attacks are all extremely slow. If he winds up a big melee attack you can stun it with your gun, otherwise just do quick combos and be wary of the flamethrower. As soon as it dies move on to the final target.

    The hybrid shadow is extremely versatile and quick. It can summon snakes, lash out with its arm from far away, use the flamethrower, and strike with its sword. There’s no need to be fancy versus it, just use the longest range attacks you have as soon as you get in range. If you try and do quick/short range combos it will always dodge away, so the longer range, the better. If it summons snakes just run far away and pan the camera looking for them so you can dodge as they strike.

  • Defeat Great One: Rom, the Vacuous Spider.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    Suggested Level Range: 50-60
    Damage Types: Thrust, Blunt, Arcane
    Drops: Two Kin Coldblood - use to receive 20k Blood Echo gems.

    Rom is the fourth main story boss in the game that you’ll encounter. It is located in Byrgenwerth just beyond the Forbidden Woods. You must first defeat the Shadow of Yharnam to gain access to the area. Once you are in the town you will have to make your way up an observation tower and leap into the moonlight ocean after speaking to the seated NPC.

    You will also encounter Rom for a second time in a chalice dungeon as a layer boss, in Lower Pthumeru Chalice at Layer 3, while working toward the Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen. He is arguably more challenging the second time due to the smaller room but not by much.

    The boss itself is an enormous spider with tiny legs and a huge egg sack. It only has three attacks but it spawns a ton of tiny spiders that do very large damage. All of the spiders, Rom included, are all well protected on their heads and must be hit from behind or the side to do any substantial damage. The smaller spiders should die in a single hit from any type of weapon.

    When you first engage the boss it will be sitting idly by itself a long ways away. Run towards it and then slowly walk up directly behind it. Unleash your best combo and continue hitting it until it teleports away. It has no offensive moves until later in the fight, so don’t worry about it retaliating.

    The moment it teleports start scanning behind you for it to appear. If you previously fought it there will be spiders up. Either safely pick them off or rush down the boss.

    As soon as Rom appears you will need to watch for the first of two telegraphs. It will stick its rear up into the sky and call down some blue looking meteors that track. Stand still and look up to see where they are and then zig zag around and dodge to avoid them.

    Once you get closer Rom will start to do a second telegraph which is the reverse of the previous one; the meteors will come from underground in a wide radius. They do not launch around its body so if you can get near it without getting hit by mini spiders that is your best bet. Damage until it teleports for the third time.

    This time Rom will have a close range melee attack in addition to the previous two telegraphs. It will wiggle and writhe around and damage you if you get too close. This in combination with the mini spiders can be deadly. Try and stay close enough to only trigger the near meteor shower telegraph while juking small spiders, waiting for a path to open, and/or killing them to make one.

    Once you get in you’ll need to do as much damage as fast as you can to finish it off, otherwise you risk being overwhelmed by countless spiders.

  • Defeat the One Reborn.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    Suggested Level Range: 60-80
    Damage Types: Blunt, Blood, Fire (magicians, trivial)
    Drops: 3 Yellow Backbone - Chalice Ritual Material

    The One Reborn is the fifth main story boss that you’ll fight in the game. It is located at the very end of Yahra’gul inside the chapel plaza, but you will not be able to engage him until after you kill Rom. He is an enormous mass of bodies and bile that was summoned (reborn) by several bell wielding magicians. He is also an extremely straight forward and and easy boss to deal with, albeit somewhat unorthodox in comparison to the other enemies in the game due to his body structure.

    The One Reborn has very few attacks and for the most part can be rushed down to its death. The only things you need to look out for are special attacks that are triggered at different health totals, which also transform the way it looks and therefore how you should approach it.

    There are also six magicians that are stationed above the catwalks of the square that you battle the boss in. Half are throwing down miniscule heals to the boss (purple spheres) and the other half are attacking you with fire. The heals are so insignificant that they can basically be considered non-existent, as is the damage the fire deals to you—it’s more of a nuisance than an actual threat.

    I suggest simply ignoring the magicians and blitzing the boss. It can launch blood attacks at you from range which do decent damage but are easy to see and dodge. It also can spew acid in front and near the sides so don’t go near either. If you go inside a building or underneath the catwalks it will rain down bones and bodies above you, so avoid that, which is easy since you should be at the boss 90% of the time anyhow.

    The boss can only hit you with its forearms, rear legs, and tiny legs on the side. Directly underneath its head and “tail” are red masses that you can unload on at will. There is a space to dodge through between the hind and rear legs to reach the back, so do that and stay on it relentlessly until ~50%. You’ll see him do a loud roar and red light will appear which can almost instantly kill you if you are in front or on the side, so be sure to run away if you aren’t directly behind it.

    At ~30% his “tail” will collapse and start raining down bones on you. This is your cue to get away as fast as possible. If for some reason it doesn’t start the attack at around 20 to 25%, just run away on your own. The reason being that in the process of falling apart a ton of acidic bile will fill almost the entire square so head underneath the catwalks where it is safe.

    The second the acid evaporates you need to run and attack the very front of him. Your old point of attack will no longer be there because it was destroyed. Keep attacking until it dies and be sure to heal whenever you are under 60%.

  • Defeat Micolash, Host of the Nightmare.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    Suggested Level Range: 50-70
    Damage Types: Blunt, Arcane
    Drops: Mensis Cage - strange caged helmet that Micolash is seen wearing

    Micolash is one of the very last bosses that you’ll fight in Bloodborne. He can be found in Mergo’s Loft inside of the Nightmare of Mensis. This boss fight diverges from the typical one found in the game because it requires puzzle solving rather than raw killing power. In fact, this is one of the two easiest bosses in the game if you solve the puzzle fast and attack from point blank range. The enemies that are scattered throughout his area are more of a threat than he is.

    When you encounter Micolash it will be in a narrow, foggy corridor, filled with skeleton puppets throughout it. The puppets are extremely slow and not really a threat. There are only two that you will need to kill the entire time and the rest you can avoid.

    No matter how much you chase Micolash you will never be able to catch him. The trick to this boss is forcing him to run into a dead end, since he will always run away from the direction you are pursuing. Micolash will stop and go three times before you need to doubleback and cut him off: once straight away and twice to your right. Now he is ready to be trapped.

    Turn right around and take your first two lefts until you see Micolash and pursue him into the well lit room devoid of fog. Two of the skeleton puppets will be there so you need to handle them. Try and do so without getting near or hitting Micolash.

    When Micolash is hit he will sprout long octupuslike tentacles from his arm that lash straight out. The telegraph is quite long. So long in fact you can just walk to your right or left after you are done hitting him with your combo to avoid it. You don’t even need to dodge. The only chance of you actually getting hit by it is most likely from running out of stamina and attempting to swing instead of move, or instinctively dodging without enough stamina. It is that easy to avoid.

    As soon as Micolash hits 50% he will vanish into thin air. Exit the room and take a right up the stairs. There will be a walled off doorway that will open up to the next area. Climb the stairs up to the next area that he is in. Chase him yet again, but this time he will jump into a mirror and disappear from sight.

    Exit this room and take a quick right into a room with a hole in it and a severely hazardous railing. There are four openings on the railing but the one you want to drop down from is the one opposite of the door. Drop down and chase him into yet another dead end room, but this time a gate will slam shut to protect him.

    Now all you have to do is turn right back around, take two lefts and you are back in the room with the mirror that he jumped in from. Walk to your right after entering this room to see even more broken railings, but one of them leads to a room overlooking Micolash tucked away in his panic room. Jump down and stick to him as close as possible, because he gains a new ability. He will gather in energy and then shoot out a ton of arcane lasers that do tremendous damage. So long as you are close to him he won't cast this, so never get outside of melee range. Once in melee range you can attack him, strafe, then repeat. He is almost a non-threat while standing close.

  • Defeat Great One: Mergo's Wet Nurse.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    Suggested Level Range: 60-80
    Damage Types: Thrust
    Drops: One Third of Umbilical Cord - prerequisite for the Childhood’s Beginning

    ***Point of no return! Create your backup save right after defeating this boss.***

    The Wet Nurse is the boss right before the final boss and the end of the game, atop Mergo’s Loft in the Nightmare of Mensis. You will go from killing Micolash almost directly into this encounter, after clearing the enemies just one floor up.

    Because the death of this boss marks the point of no return, you should save your game before progressing to the next step. After saving in a slot you absolutely won’t save over, you are now free to either cleanup remaining trophies and collect things as you see fit, or move on to the ending and do it later.

    The boss itself is pretty straight forward but has multiple skills that hit very hard and all of them cleave at least 180 degrees in front of her. One attack in particular is essentially an instant death if you don’t have over 1000 health and good P.DEF and Thrust Def. When fighting it you’ll want to do a hit and run style by baiting attacks and then countering. Do not under any circumstance let it freely do long range abilities and do not try and kill it from behind.

    Every attack that the nurse does should be dodged by going backwards the majority of the time. If you attempt to go to the side you will be hit and going behind her will usually result in a hit, unless you time it absolutely perfectly. Backwards equals safety.

    The main abilities you want to look for and counter are when it crosses its arms to do a long windup cleave, a triple wide arcing cleave, and a rapid six armed assault it does while walking forward. During the rapid slashing attack the nurse will attack in a 270 degree radius, leaving only directly behind it open. It also walks quite fast so using a long ranged or quick attack is your best bet for following up on attacks.

    If it lifts all of its arms above its head you need to get backwards very far and fast, or dash behind it. That is the attack that can one shot, easily. Occasionally it will do a 180 spinning attack but it is rare and only if you are consistently behind or on the side of it, which you shouldn’t be.

    The last thing you absolutely need to look out for is when it stops and starts to channel a purple cast. Do not under any circumstance let the nurse do this, because it will create a huge purple mist effect in the room. During the mist it will also have a mirror image clone that randomly attacks, all the while teleporting around non-stop. Just rush to the boss and unload on it whenever you see this cast because it is free damage and it will quickly be interrupted.

    If for some reason you are kiting the boss around or staying too far away it will also lunge. It is easy to spot due to it lowering all of its blades while leaning forward and hovering. Just dodge straight forward when it lifts off the ground and spin around to get off free hits.

  • Defeat Cleric Beast.

    Optional boss

    Suggested Level Range: 10-20
    Damage Types: Thrust and Blunt
    Drops: Sword Hunter Badge - Unlocks Kirkhammer, Repeating Pistol, Hand Lantern, Hunter Chief Emblem (required to open Cathedral Gate), Bold Hunter's Mark at the bath messenger

    The Cleric Beast will be either the first or second boss type enemy you will encounter in the game, but he is not part of the main story progression. He is located in Central Yharnam where you start out on your journey in the game at the end of the long bridge.

    You will be unable to level up your stats until you actually engage either him or Father Gascoigne in combat, so you should do so as early on as possible. Afterwards, whether you win or lose, you can go back to Hunter’s Dream and use the Doll near the awakening stones to raise any of your stats. Be sure to pick up and wear the free Hunter Armor Set in the sewers before you engage either him or the Father, because it will make things much easier and it is one of the best all around sets in the entire game.

    The Cleric Beast is arguably the harder of the two first bosses in Central Yharnam. It has hard hitting abilities, a long reach, and multiple maneuvers that cause him to leap far distances. He also can’t be forcibly put into a visceral state using critical attacks or the gun, but will go into it twice at roughly 70% and 30% health. Luckily his telegraphs are very slow and distinct and he drastically changes which ones he uses based on your proximity to the boss. He also loves to be staggered from damage and howl wildly, which leaves him open for tons of damage.

    To start out you will want to force him into a corner to prevent him from doing his backwards leap. When he is backed up into a corner or wall and you are right in front of him, he will always use one of four attacks: grab, double swipe, single punch, and triple slam. This simplicity means you can always predict what he will do next depending on which hand he uses.

    If he swipes across with his left hand it means he will swipe with the right one next, allowing you to dodge. When he slams straight down with his left hand it means he’s either doing a single punch or triple slam. Always dodge back to the left in case it is the latter. A triple slam is when he punches with his right (our left), left, then uses both hands to do an overhand smash; dodge the final slam and unload.

    The absolute easiest ability to dodge is none other than the grab. He will seemingly stop moving and reach back with his very large arm (our right). Just dodge straight back or far to the left to avoid it.

    Keep punishing him and he will be unable to move. The only time he will escape is if he does a triple slam because it will push him forward. You can push him back in the corner by making him leap back, or continuously attacking. Freely attack during his howls and staggers but be on the lookout for the visceral state when he lowers his head to the ground.

    If this method is not working for you because he will not back into a corner, just dodge behind him while remembering the four main attacks and their patterns. I personally find being behind to be risky because of his rear swipes and requires a ton of movement, so try your best to force him into a corner.

  • Defeat Blood-starved Beast.

    Optional boss

    Suggested Level Range: 30-40
    Damage Types: Thrust, Slow Poison, Fast Poison
    Drops: Chalice of Pthumeru - unlocks Chalice Dungeon Depth 1, area Pthumeru. This is the first item required to start progressing towards Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen.

    The Blood-starved Beast will be either the third or fourth boss you face in the game, depending on the route that you take. It is located at the very bottom of Old Yharnam which is through the housing section of the Cathedral Ward. If you do not wish to fight this boss until later on in the game you can purchase the Hunter Chief Emblem for 10,000 in Hunter’s Dream, then proceed to either Vicar Amelia or the Witch of Hemwick instead.

    Killing him early on in the game will allow you to take the back route to Vicar Amelia located underneath the Healing Church Workshop. This will save you 10,000 echoes as well as open up an important area filled with valuable loot, among other trophy related things.

    After defeating the beast you will also receive the Chalice of Pthumeru and an item of the same name. It enables you to begin chalice dungeons if you have the right ritual materials and is the catalyst for the Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen.

    Below you can find a video showing how to kill the beast followed by a walkthrough of the method used, as well as a breakdown of the boss' abilities.

    The Blood-starved Beast can prove rather challenging due to its quick attack speeds, poison, and plentiful health. The keys to victory are being bringing ten Antidotes, stacking Slow and Fast Poison Res, using a long reaching weapon, and playing very aggressively in the first phase but slow and safe in phase 2 and 3.

    The beast has only a few attacks but they are all pretty strong and will result in instant poison during the second half of the fight. It also has a combo chain that can quite easily take you from 100% to 0% before you can get up, if you aren’t able to dodge before the fourth hit or get stuck somehow. Every telegraph involves it lifting either one hand or both hands, so just watch its hands.

    You should also use the pillars and the altar at the back of the room to dodge, setup counter attacks, and buy yourself time to heal or use antidotes.

    Phase 1
    During phase 1 it does nothing besides lunge attacks, a quick swipe, and a four hit combo. the four hit combo is the dangerous thing and this will persist throughout the entire fight. It’s the number one ability you absolutely MUST dodge for two reason. The first of which is it can almost instantly kill you and the second is because it is the best time to go on the offensive.

    Walk just in then out of melee range but not too far from it, because if you go very far it will do a huge lunge that makes life difficult. Dodge its random single swipes and do quick combos. If it lifts both front arms it is doing a long combo that you must dodge. The first and second swings of this attack will track you so be sure to dodge at least twice in a row before countering. Once it hit 60% phase 2 begins.

    Phase 2
    The beast will now have green gas coming out of it and every attack it lands will instantly poison you. It is also much faster now and will more frequently unleash its 4 hit combo. You will need to be quick about using fleeing and using antidotes and blood vials. Always use an antidote before the blood vial and run away if you are low. Just dodge its combo twice and you should be able to push it to phase 3 at 30%.

    Phase 3
    Now the beast will ramp up the noxious gas so that it creates a poisonous aura around him. Because of this you won’t be able to get close enough to bait out a combo so you should move to the back of the room, just around the altar. Either circle the altar itself or the pillars beside it to create room for a combo and avoid the gas. Hit and run as much as you can and don’t be afraid to let the poison meter fill during your combos, since you can always run out after to use an antidote, but you can’t substitute good damage.

  • Defeat the Witch of Hemwick.

    Optional boss

    Suggested Level Range: 20-30
    Damage Types: Thrust and Blood
    Drops: Rune Workshop Tool - enables you memorize and use Caryll Runes at the workshop

    The Witch of Hemwick is the fifth boss in the game that you’ll find in a deserted town called Chernel Lane. It is possible to travel to Chernel Lane as soon as you reach the Cathedral if you killed the Cleric Beast and the Hunter Chief Emblem for 10,000 echoes. However, the enemies can be tough due to ambushes, riflemen, swarming mobs, and tons of dogs. You can also reach it without the key by killing the Blood-starved Beast and making your way through the Healing Church Workshop in the Cathedral Ward.

    Regardless of how you choose to get there take, a sharp left in front of upper the Cathedral Chapel steps that leads to Vicar Amelia's door.

    The Witch is extremely easy due to her slow movements, low damage attacks and unique design. The Witch will frequently go invisible and wander throughout the room during the first half of the fight. You can hear her walking around which makes it easy to locate her and she will become visible when you walk close enough.

    She will also occasionally summon an extremely slow enemy that you can dispatch with charged heavy attacks at a safe distance, using the longest range weapon you have. Once you have killed her first form she will clone herself. Her attack pattern changes and she will begin to launch a white gripping attack that stuns you, as well as a red orb attack that does damage. When you take damage it will heal her clone, so avoid it by dodging and killing her as fast as possible.

  • Defeat Darkbeast Paarl.

    Optional boss

    Suggested Level Range: 50-70
    Damage Types: Blunt, Thrust, Bolt
    Drops: Spark Hunter Badge - unlocks the Tonitrus weapon and Bolt Paper at the Bath Messenger

    The Darkbeast Paarl is the third optional boss that can be found within the main story paths, rather than in a new side-quest specific area. It is located at the very end of Yahra’gul, Unseen Village underneath a place called Hypogean Gaol. You can reach this area pretty early on in the game if you let a Snatcher, the large hooded enemies with bloody bags, kill you at any time. However the story will put you in close proximity near the end of the game. As soon as you defeat Rom you will be taken to a newly opened path that leads to Yahra’gul, which is also the door you stand in front of for the Nightmare Lecture Building trophy.

    From the main lamp you must work your way through the path until you reach the Yahra'gul Chapel Lamp. Just outside will be two dogs, a rifleman, and a bell summoner that brings out an ogre and two villagers. Once you pass them the very next building will have a large statue, 3 hunters and large staircase. Go down one floor using the staircase and enter the door to find a werewolf. At the back of this room inside a cell will be a broken wall with a tunnel that leads to Darkbeast Paarl.

    Paarl is very similar to Virac Amelia in terms of its telegraphs and damage except this boss is made of bones and has some bolt area attacks. If you fight it the same way you fought Virac you should have no problem whatsoever. The only thing you have to watch out for is when it pauses and starts to surge with electricity. That means it is going to let off a close range blast so back out quickly.

  • Defeat Great One: Amygdala.

    Optional boss

    Suggested Level Range: 50-70
    Damage Types: Blunt, Arcane
    Drops: Chalice of Ailing Loran - unlocks unlocks Chalice Dungeon 4 1, Loran area. This item is a prerequisite for Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen.

    Amygdala is an enormous six armed spider boss located in the Nightmare Frontier. It hits exceptionally hard and has numerous attacks that can one shot a Hunter, even at level 50 with 900HP. To get to the Nightmare Frontier you must first gain entrance to the Byrgenwerth Lecture Building, which is not in the town of Byrgenwerth. Please see Nightmare Lecture Building for a walkthrough of this. You will also encounter it a second time during your pursuit of Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen as the third and final boss in the Defile Chalice Dungeon.

    Once slain you will also receive the Chalice of Ailing Loran and an item of the same name. This particular chalice is required for Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen and will be the fourth chalice dungeon you must tackle in a series of 7. Please see Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen for a complete walkthrough.

    Amygdala can only be damaged by hitting it in the arms or head. If you hit the body or hind legs it will do trivial damage and cause it to perform a devastating counter attack. The head takes roughly 30-50% more damage than the arms but is also much harder to it, since it is rarely low enough to the ground and must be hit with an overhand attack. It also can’t be stunned for a visceral, like Virac Amelia, but does have prompts every so often so listen for it.

    The best time to strike is when it has used its arms to attack, let out poison puddles from its head, and when it has finished leaping. Always stand to the far left or right of the boss and align yourself with one of its sets of arms. This way when it is done attacking you’ll be able to jump in and quickly strike the arms then retreat.

    The boss has about a dozen different attacks and telegraphs, half of which do between 450 and 1000 damage to a level 50 Hunter. Here’s a quick summary of what they do and look like:

    • Giant Leap
      • Roars and prepares to leap like a frog to your position. Only happens when you are very far from it but fortunately is obvious and easy to dodge. Just listen for the roar and the sound of the leap and begin spamming dodge.
    • Rapid Push
      • It will begin pushing straight out along the ground and then do a double arm slam. This is the best time to attack the head because it will rest both arms on the ground as well as its forehead. Just be prepared to sprint in right at the head as soon as the third attack lands.
    • Random Sweeps and Cleaves
      • Standard 180 degree cleave attack but Amygdala has three different ones. The first is a single arm swing that doesn’t leave it vulnerable. The second is a back-to-back swing that lets you get in attacks. The latter has a much longer windup so you will know when to start running in for the damage. There is also a third form that only happens when it has ripped its arms off and you should always dodge it.
    • Laser Beam and Pulses
      • When it is above 50% it will do a long, random laser beam along the ground. The telegraph is the head spores will glow purple and it will stand up slightly. It will begin placing it directly underneath itself and then zigzag outward. This attack can and will instantly kill you, so if you aren’t near the boss just start running. If you are close to the boss just run underneath either set of arms and start attacking, because the sides are safe.

        When it gets low and/or rips off its arms it will do tons of random pulses on the ground that also do huge damage. If you see this just sprint at top speed and don’t stop.
    • Vortex Ground Slams
      • These are the most dangerous attacks in the bosses arsenal. Once it gets low health its hands will begin to glow blue and white on certain attacks, which causes a large explosion around the hands when they hit the ground. It has two separate slam patterns and only one of them causes it to pause for an attack; the triple slam just like the previous one. To avoid this attack you can either try and always stay at max range just outside of its reach, or constantly strafe to the left of it and dodge. If you dodge the initial blow but land near the attack aftershock will hit you, so always take that into account when you are fleeing.
  • Defeat Martyr Logarius.

    Optional boss

    Suggested Level Range: 60-90
    Damage Types: Thrust, Blood
    Drops: Crown of Illusions - a helmet that is required to access the hidden throne room housing Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods. Put on the crown and walk towards where Logarius was seated to open the path. This item is a major prerequisite to help unlock Hunter's Essence.

    Martyr Logarius can be found in the hidden area known as Cainhurst Castle, which you need to visit for the Cainhurst as well as some other side quests. You will be unable to enter the castle until you’ve killed Vicar Amelie to discover the guard password and opened up the Forbidden Woods.

    For a full walkthrough of how to gain access to the area please refer to the Cainhurst description.

    Logarius can be found at the very top of the castle. You will need to make your way up the castle, through the library, and out onto the railing that leads to the highest point of the castle: the roof.

    Marty Logarius is one of the more challenging bosses due to the combination of overwhelming speed and damage. His attacks are very fast when you take into account how powerful they are and he is quick to evade as well. The battle has two distinct phases and he will only use certain attacks in each. Once he moves on from the first phase he will no longer use any of the same attacks. This is troubling due to the ease of the first phase and large difficulty spike of the second. The fight will transition to phase two after roughly 90 seconds or when he reaches somewhere between 60-70% health.

    Phase 1
    In the first phase of the fight Logarius will be a pretty standard magic user. He will cast two three different spells in all, two of which are long range and one is only cast when you are within melee range. Occasionally he will use his scythe to swing which is the best time to shoot it with for a parry and visceral attack. He will very rarely use his sword but it is his weakest attack in the entire fight. His phase 1 skills are as follows:

    • Multi-skull
      • This attack will let loose a line of red skulls that cover wide line in front of Logarius and slightly track you. There are openings in the attack that you can walk through if you are close enough when he casts it, but they will converge and track you if you are far away. Just dodge them whenever possible or be standing very close and they will travel over your head.
    • Large Skull Sphere
      • When he slams his staff down he will channel this attack for two seconds. It is a swirling ball of skulls that has a very weak tracking component. If you dodge when it is en route to you it will miss with ease since it stops tracking about half way through its travel. Because you should be within dashing distance of him at all times you should also run in and punish him when you see or hear his scythe hit the ground. Get in one or two hits then dodge to avoid the attack.
    • Melee Counter Skull
      • This is the only thing that makes this phase difficult at all. If you are very near Logarius he will leave a small skull landmine in front of him that detonates for a ton of damage. If you are too close to it when he casts it the skill will instantly explode, otherwise it will blow up on a timer of roughly 2s. The moment you see him rapidly swipe his scythe and back up it means he put one down, so dodge opposite of where the scythe went.

    You want to stay as close as possible to him and bait out his scythe attacks during Phase 1, because they are so slow that you have a very high success rate when it comes to parrying it and putting him into a visceral state. The more health you can strip away during this phase the easier the latter portion will be during Phase 2. Once he starts glowing red and growling he is trying to transition to this phase so back up, because he will do an enormously large radius area explosion once he is done chanting that hits for anywhere between 100% and 40% of your health depending on your proximity when it detonates.

    Phase 2
    This phase is frantic and dangerous from start to finish. He will move many multitudes faster than before, be on the offensive rather than defensive, and only cast one spell rather than three. He also gains a flying dive bomb that he will do that hits for massive damage. Worse yet trying to parry all but two of his telegraphs is very, very difficult. In reality he only has two new skills besides the latent aggression and rapid speed:

    • Rain of Swords
      • The animation is similar to phase transition but he will be grasping his sword and plunge it into the ground. It will have a similar area effect but do roughly half the damage and have half the explosive radius. He will leave behind a red glowing sword stuck in the ground that endlessly channels ethereal swords that fly at you and do constant damage. If you leave it be and try to fight Logarius without any sort of line of sight obscuring it, the sword will rapidly drain your health and stagger you. To counter this ability just wait roughly two dashes away for the area effect to disperse and sprint in, attack it and Logarius together. It will vanish before getting a single sword off and he will take damage. Do not leave it up under any circumstance.
    • Dive Bomb
      • The only other real threat in terms of new abilities is when he flies into the air and comes crashing down with his scythe in a wide slicing motion. This is dangerous because not only does it hit hard and have a long range, but he will often follow up with another attack and finish you off before you can flee. It also has an abnormally long telegraph so it is harder to dodge than normal. You have to visually react and dodge towards where he is coming from, not back, so he will fly over you. If you dodge back he will cleave you in half.

    Try and aim for his long telegraph scythe attacks and be generous with your whenever you see an attack animation beginning. The best attack you can hope to parry in this phase besides the scythe is his roll. If you see him roll immediately fire because he comes out of it swinging and you will parry it a lot.

  • Defeat Great One: Celestial Emissary.

    Optional boss

    Suggested Level Range: 50+
    Damage Types: Blunt and Arcane
    Drops: Communion (Caryll Rune) - Max vials held UP +4

    The Celestial Emissary is a boss located in the second deepest section of the Upper Cathedral Ward, inside the Lumenflower Gardens. To gain access to this area you will need to obtain the Upper Cathedral Ward Key as well as kill the Blood-starved Beast boss in Old Yharnam.

    Please see The Choir for a full walkthrough of how to enter the Upper Cathedral Ward.

    Once you have made it into the Upper Cathedral Ward you will have to fight through a good deal of werewolves and insight leeches. Be sure to draw the werewolves into the narrow doorways so that you can safely and easily kill them, while staying out of reach. While you are here be sure to also pick up the Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge. It is on the righthand side of the large room with the three werewolves, that the chandelier collapses in.

    After clearing your way through the entirety of the Upper Cathedral you will come to a large open garden, with a ton of flowers strewn throughout. The moment you drop down you will initiate the Celestial Emissary boss encounter. Tons of slow, tiny blue aliens will emerge to fight you and one of them is the boss. Use wide sweeping attacks to clear the small enemies and simultaneously damage the boss.

    Every 30% the boss will grow in size and do slightly more damage/gain new attacks. None of them are a real threat and you’ll have plenty of room to kite. Just attack at max range, don’t get surrounded, and the fight will be over in no time.

  • Defeat Great One: Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos.

    Optional boss

    Suggested Level Range: 70-100
    Damage Types: Blunt, Blood, Arcane
    Drops: Chalice of Isz (Depth 5)

    Ebrietas can be found at the deepest section of the Upper Cathedral Ward. This boss is located at a hidden area behind the Lumenflower Gardens called the Altar of Despair. Please see The Choir trophy for instructions on how to enter the Upper Cathedral Ward if you have yet to gain entry to it.

    After you have killed the boss in the Lumenflower Garden for the Celestial Emissary trophy, light the lamp and look away from the flower garden itself. You will see a giant window pane. Walk up to it and destroy the window to gain access to a walkway that leads you to an elevator. Take the elevator down to reach the Altar and find the boss sleeping nearby.

    First and foremost this boss hits absurdly hard and has a lot of health. Because of this I suggest not even bothering with her until you are level 80+ and/or have a +9 weapon. Ideally you should save this boss for near last and be 90+.

    Phase 1
    All of Ebrietas’ attacks are wide sweeping have a VERY long reach. Her lunge is extremely fast, far, and can almost one shot a level 80 with 900+ health. She will also slam her entire body down in front of her and produce a similarly devastating result. The most frustrating aspect of this boss is the telegraphs are very, very difficult to discern from one another due to her strange tentacle design. Worse yet the sweeping strikes are actually long reaching rather than within typical melee range.

    Fortunately there are some ways around this madness. First off the best place to be against this boss is not directly behind her, unlike most larger enemies. She has a lot of counter attacks that can’t really be dealt with easily if you are directly behind. You should literally be glued to and touching the front/side of the boss at all times. Its attack choices are abysmal for some reason when you are under her and she will even drag you around without hurting you at times.

    Because you will easily see the telegraphs, due to her entire body shifting around, you’ll be able to dodge to the side of her safely and consistently. Unlike if you were to stand behind her and get swiped constantly and have her fly backwards, then lunge you to death. Just attack from the front and side until she reaches phase 2 at 30-40%.

    Phase 2
    Ebrietas will now gain a large blue aura that will drain the life away from you if you are near it. Because of this you’ll want to stay out of it as much as possible while maximizing your up time. Back up and she will begin to most likely spit blood at you rapidly which you need to dodge. Continue to do this until she lunges at you which is your time to strike. Dodge the lunge if possible and unload on her as quickly as possible. If you dip below 60% back out and heal, because you risk dying if she knocks you down inside the aura. If all goes as planned she should die in this phase. If not, proceed to the next step.

    Phase 3
    Once she is down in the 15-20% region she will gain the ability to shoot three sets of Arcane lasers. If she jumps away from you and you have a lot of health by this point, charge her as fast as you can so she doesn’t begin shooting lasers. The lasers hit hard and fast so if you are unfortunate enough to be under attack by it, just run towards her body and do circles around her, or parallel if you are very far away while timing your dodges. Try to kill her as quickly as possible before something goes wrong and the lasers kill you.

    Glitch Warning: This glitch has been fixed as of patch 1.03, so update the game to avoid it. There is an extremely rare chance of the lift leading to Ebrietas and the Altar of Despair becoming irreparably bugged. If you were a victim the glitch you can download the patch and the elevator will be retroactively fixed. No need to go into NG+.

  • Acquire the Chalice of Ailing Loran that seals the tragic land lost to the sands.

    See Defeat Great One: Amygdala

    Minor Glitch Warning: There is a very small chance that killing Amygdala in the Nightmare Frontier will reward you with the "Lower Loran Chalice", instead of the "Ailing Loran Chalice". This is just a display error; the chalice is in fact Ailing Loran and requires all of the same materials. You do not need to replay any portion of the game or kill Amygdala again. You will still unlock the trophy and be able to create the chalice dungeon. Simply disregard the name and remember that it is the Ailing Loran Chalice when you are working Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen.

  • Acquire the Great Chalice of Isz that seals the home of the cosmic kin.

    See Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos

DLC: The Old Hunter's

6 trophies

  • Acquire all old hunter weapons.



    Bloodborne: The Old Hunters brings 16 new weapons – 11 trick weapons, 5 firearms. The only missable weapon is the Holy Moonlight Sword so make sure you get that as soon as possible. Other than that, every single one can be acquired as you progress through the game. Some of them will require backtracking so make sure you revisit some areas as you acquire new key items.

    To acquire the Holy Moonlight Sword, you must first defeat Ludwig. After the fight, his head will be around the new lamp. You can either equip your full Healing Church armor set and talk to it and say “Yes” when prompted or you can just put it out of its misery. Either way, you will get the sword. Also, if you leave the area and come back later, you might find the weapon just where the head stands but it is not guaranteed it will always be there.

    The sixteen weapons are the following (in alphabetical order):

    Trick Weapons:

    - Amygdalan Arm
    - Beasthunter Saif
    - Beast Cutter
    - Bloodletter
    - Boom Hammer
    - Church Pick
    - Holy Moonlight Sword
    - Kos Parasite
    - Rakuyo
    - Simon's Bowblade
    - Whirligig Saw


    - Church Cannon
    - Fist of Gratia
    - Gatling Gun
    - Piercing Rifle
    - Loch Shield

    As soon as you get your last missing weapon, the trophy will pop.

    A complete list of all weapons' location can be found in the following thread: LINK. It also contains a video guide, for those who prefer a visual walkthrough, credit to Bahamut for putting it together.


Secret trophies

  • Defeat Great One: Orphan of Kos.


    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    This is the final boss of the expansion. He is located at the end of the Fishing Hamlet.

    The Orphan of Kos has two distinct phases. The second one is definitely the hardest one, as the first is not quite as ferocious as the latter. The best strategy to kill this boss is to backstab and to parry him, in both phases.

    Phase one:

    - Ground double swing combo: He swings his weapon in front of you twice. It is an opportunity for you to stagger with a pistol and have a visceral attack through his front. To do that, you must shoot right before he swings for the first time. If you are near the boss when he starts this combo, dodge past him during the first swing and you should have a clean, easy backstab.
    - Jump attack: The Orphan leaps forwards, slowly. You can just walk past him and use a charge attack on his back for a visceral attack.
    - Frontal AOE attack: He can punch the ground, followed by an area of effect blast of energy in front of him. Keep away from it, dodging to the sides and everything should be fine.
    - Overhead slam: The Orphan might raise his weapon above his head and slam it to the ground. Right before he slams it there is an opportunity for the parry and the visceral attack.
    - Swing-slam combo: The boss swings his weapon once and then slams it to the ground, in close range. You can also stagger him prior to the slamming for another visceral attack.

    Phase two:

    It is activated when he gets to 50% health. In this phase, mid-range distance and patience is better than rushing to attack him. As soon as it begins, run to the ocean, as he has a special attack that originates on the shore and it can easily be dodged if you are far away from there. Also, there is a two part spit attack, which he spits, jumps over your head and spits again. You can dodge it by leaping backwards both times.

    He has a vast new set of furious, deadly attacks, which can and should be avoided by staying at mid-range. There are two move sets which are his weakness so it is recommended you memorize those two to get easy backstabs.

    - Three swings/jump combo: The orphan swings the weapon vertically twice, then charges for a horizontal leap and, afterwards, he jumps to slam you to the ground. You must dodge all three swings and when he jumps you can move forward so he misses you. When he gets to the ground you should be behind him, ready for a charge attack so you can damage him with a visceral attack.
    - Three slams/jump combo: He performs three swift slam attacks and jumps over you afterwards. Similar to the other combo listed, you should walk past him, turn around and backstab him for a visceral attack.

    You might also want to have a quick weapon to hit him whenever you feel there is space for that. Just keep in mind that you should stay mid-range whenever possible and you should save most of the blood vials from the first phase.

  • Defeat the beast that was once Ludwig, the Holy Blade.


    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    This is the first boss of the expansion, you can face him in the end of the Hunter's Nightmare location.

    Ludwig fight has two phases: Ludwig, the Accursed and Ludwig, the Holy Blade. The second phase will be active when he gets to 50% health, after a cutscene.

    Phase 1: Ludwig, the Accursed

    In this phase you have to focus on back stepping and dodging. He is most vulnerable on his sides and learning when you can leap forward to attack him is a major key in the battle. You should never stand behind him, as he has a leg attack that will certainly hit and knock you to the ground.

    After every couple hits, you should dodge back to avoid yourself being under him, as he might both leap back and try to hit you with a couple slashes or try to stomp you with his body. It is possible to hit him again if you dodge the stomp attack.

    After hitting 75% health, he starts using new attack patterns.

    - Leap attack: Ludwig always uses this when you enter the room. You can dodge forward and hit his side for some damage. He may also use this attack subsequently in the fight.
    - Triple slash combo: Ludwig starts with an right hand overhead swing, followed by a close range left hand swing and another right hand swing. You can leap close to him and damage his sides after the second attack, as the third will surely miss you.
    - Half circle attack: The boss also has a "spin" attack, which happens from his right side to his left side. You can step in and get some hits right after he performs it.
    - Quadruple bite combo: The boss can try to bite you with his left head, in four distinct motions. You can try to dodge through his fourth bite for a couple more hits.
    - Spit attack 1: Ludwig's right head will spit from right to left in a slow motion. One way to damage him during this attack is to dodge through the spit (most times you won't be hit) and attack the side of his body.
    - Spit attack 2: This one is a fast, front-faced spit attack and you must try to dodge it.
    - Jump attack 1: This is a bit tricky. Ludwig might jump into the air, out of the screen, taking about one second to fall down and hit you. You can roll just before he falls to try to avoid damage. Also, it is possible to damage him afterwards if you don't get hit.
    - Jump attack 2: This one is different, as he jumps and crawls onto the rooftop and will subsequently fall into you. Running in a straight line is a guaranteed method of avoiding this attack.
    - Charge Attack: Being one of Ludwig's strongest attacks, you should dodge this to your left, at the right moment. If he hits a wall you can try to sneak in a couple hits onto his side.

    Phase 2: Ludwig, the Holy Blade

    In the second phase, he grabs his sword and uses it to fight you. His attacks are mostly part of a combo so if you get hit once, you will most likely be hit again right away. Caution and patience are required for this phase of the fight. Always watch his sword, as some damage can be avoided if you know how he is going to swing. He has some simple swing attacks, which can be simply avoided. Right at the beginning of the fight, get close to him to avoid a ranged attack.

    - Slam attack combo: Ludwing can hit you in an up-down slam attack from 1 to 3 times in the same combo. You can quickly dodge around him to avoid being hit. Only attack when you are sure he is finished with the combo.
    - The X attack: Ludwig will raise and swing the sword diagonally twice, in the form of an X. Dodge both attacks to your left. The second dodge must happen right after the end of the first or you might get hit as well. Done correctly, you can even damage him a bit with your weapon.
    - The long range X attack: Just like the X attack, he will swing his sword twice. This time, he will unleash a wave of energy, which can hit you. You can try to dodge to the left and to the right, respectively. To avoid this attack at all, just stay up close to him.
    - Raised sword combo attack: Ludwig also may raise his sword with the tip pointed up to deal an area of effect damage around him and you must get away. After the AOE (Area of Effect) attack, get close and circle him to avoid the second part of the combo. He subsequently slams his sword onto the ground, dealing a linear wave of energy damage. If you manage to dodge the second attack, you can hit him for some good damage.
    - Raised sword AOE attack: A different version of the attack is when he raises his sword with the tip pointed down to deal an AOE damage around him.

    If you wish, you can summon both Valtr, Master of the League and Younger Madaras Twin for the fight. Their summoning sign are located behind the crows and past the two axe monsters, respectively. Make sure you have the Impurity rune equipped. To get that rune, go to the first lantern in the Forbidden Forest and into the cabin and talk to Valtr inside. That way you will be part of The League.

  • Defeat Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower.


    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    This is the third boss of this expansion. Maria is found at the Astral Clocktower, just after you kill the Living Failures.

    This boss is divided into 3 phases – 100% health, 66% health, 33% health. Whenever you manage to progress through a stage, she will float in the air for about 3 seconds and unleash a strong AOE attack. You might want to connect some blows before leaping back to safety.

    All attack patterns are kept when another phase starts so you will always improve your skills in every phase of this fight. Maria just becomes deadlier, as their attacks do more damage and get a better range. She has a wide variety of attacks so it is hard to list them all. Maria also can dodge your attacks quite easily, as she has a permanent Old Hunter’s Bone buff.

    Phase 1: She only uses her Rakuyo to fight you. She can wield it in separate hands or she can use it as a 2-handed weapon.
    Phase 2: It is similar to the first phase, however now her attacks leave a trail of blood, which can damage you. The trail has a larger range than the sword.
    Phase 3: It is similar to the second phase, however now her attacks leave a trail of fire along with the trail of blood, which can damage you even more. The fire trail has a larger range than the blood trail

    Here follows some of her attack patterns:

    - Charge Attack 1: Maria holds her weapon above her head for a second and slams it to the ground. You can dodge right before she slams the weapon and connect a few hits.
    - Charge Attack 2: Maria holds her weapon to her side for two seconds and swings it horizontally. You can dodge right before she swings the weapon and probably damage her a bit.
    - Long range charge attack: If you are away from her, she might leap forward and do a X swing attack. To dodge this one, step to her sides.
    - Spin jump attack: She can also jump when spinning, subsequently leaping towards your initial location with high speed. You can dodge forward to where she was located initially and there would be no problem.

    She also has some fast and slow swing attacks, which you can simply avoid by stepping sideways or backwards. Given the chance, she can backstab you. You can try to stagger her with quicksilver bullets, followed by a visceral attack which is recommended for the first phase of this fight.

  • Defeat the failed attempts to become Great Ones.


    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    This is the second boss of the expansion and the easiest by far, you can find him in the top of the Research Hall area. Living Failures are actually four beasts which will fight you simultaneously and independent one from another. Whenever you kill one of them, another one will raise, maintaining the balance. You can focus on killing the ones that are alone, as they are slow and won't catch you swiftly. There is a tree in the middle of the room, which you will be using as cover for their ranged attacks. On this fight, you can focus on frontal visceral attacks, as it is pretty easy to parry the ones that go fight you melee. Also, when they are close to 50% health the four of them will start to cast a meteor spell, which always comes from the same place and is easily avoided by standing behind the tree. The Loch Shield can be equipped for this fight, as it greatly reduces any magic damage you suffer from any of their ranged attacks, including the meteor shower. It can be found in the Research Hall, after you switch the position of the stairs.

    - Swing combo attack: This is pretty simple to dodge as they will slowly swing their arms twice, which can be easily dodged.
    - Slam attack: They might raise their arms in the air and slam it to the ground. Just dodge backwards and there will be no problem at all.
    - Head Attack: Similar to the slam attack, they will try to slam you with their heads. Dodge backwards to avoid it.
    - Spin attack: They also might spin from their left to their right. Their arms are a bit long so you might take some damage if you are not completely aware of it.
    - Small energy balls: One of the ranged attacks they use is this one, which they summon small energy balls which will follow you slowly. It can be avoided by standing behind the big tree.
    - Big energy ball: This one is another ranged attack which is used quite often. They summon a big energy ball, which is cast into a straight line to try to hit you. Again, hide behind the tree or just dodge to any side of it.
    - Meteor Shower: This is the only attack which will make all of them vulnerable. All four of them will raise their hands in the air, the sky will go dark and energy meteors will start to fall, always from the same direction – Northeast of where you enter the stage. You can simply hide behind the tree to avoid being damaged or you can manage to do some visceral damage to them.

    Yamamura the Wanderer can be summoned to help with the fight. He can be used as a lure so you can backstab the boss easily. To be able to summon him you must get the Underground Cell Key, located at the Patient Room 3, then you go back to the cell right after you kill Ludwig (which is on the first left after you enter the corridor and kill Yamamura, which will just be crying and saying some stuff). You can just summon him afterwards right before the boss battle, on the right side of the ledge.

  • Defeat the beast that was once Laurence, the First Vicar.


    Laurence is the only optional boss of this expansion. To face him you must have his skull in your inventory, which is found underneath the elevator that takes you to the research hall after Ludwig's fight. After the cutscene in which you go up the elevator, go back to the bottom part of it and send it upwards without being on it. The skull will be there, where you originally had to place Eye Pendant. Go back to the Grand Cathedral where you find his body, in the Hunter's Nightmare and the boss fight will begin. Laurence does fire damage so the Charred Hunter armor set plus fire resistance runes will come in handy. This boss also has two distinct phases.

    Phase 1:

    Similar to the Cleric beast, though with a bigger set of attacks and fire damage. At 75% health he gets more aggressive and uses new moves. Sometimes he falls to the ground trying to hit you and that is an opportunity for you to hit him back.

    - Triple slam combo: Laurence will hit the ground once with each arm, starting with his right, weak one, then with both at the same time. It is easy to dodge to his side and deal some good damage at him.
    - Slam/double swing combo: Laurence will hit the ground once with his left arm, the stronger one and swing twice. You can dodge to his side and land some hits, just as the triple slam combo.
    - Double swing combo: He swings horizontally once with each hand. You can step back to dodge it.
    - Side/back swipe: Laurence might swipe his side/his back of the body to hit you unprepared. Make sure you keep your distance when it is possible.

    Phase 2:

    In this phase you fight his upper body, as he crawls through the scenario. It activates when he gets to 40% of his initial health. It is better to keep on his right side as most his attacks come from his right hand.

    - Lava spit attack: He spits lava onto the floor in front of him, which doesn't disappear for a while. You can go to his side and deal some damage.
    - Lava leak attack: Laurence might "leak" lava from his lower part if you are behind him so you can hit his face instead. Make sure you step back after dealing some damage.
    - Side swipe: With his right arm he can swipe to hit you, just like in phase 1. You can dodge through it without being hit.
    - Left hand slam: He slams his strong hand on you. It will always hit you, given you are close enough. You can dodge through it if you get the correct timing.
    - Charge attack: He crawls swiftly to try to hit you with his arms. You can avoid it by running in circles, avoiding the residual lava he leaves.

    You might wish to summon Valtr to help you, his summon sign is located right before the stairs that leads to the boss.

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