• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 [Personal Opinion] (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 26 (14, 8, 4)
  • Online trophies: 5 (2, 1, 1, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 40-50 hours [Personal Estimate] (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 Campaign, 100+ solo and online league matches
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0 as of update 1.03
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No.
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.

Blood Bowl 2 is a turn based fantasy football strategy game and as such involves some planning and a lot of luck. The skill-based elements come from attempting to turn luck in your favour as much as possible. It is the sequel to 2009's PS3 game Blood Bowl and is based on the variant of the tabletop game, Warhammer, of the same name.

For a completely new player, make sure that you follow the Roadmap and complete the campaign first. The campaign slowly introduces game mechanics match by match, this will greatly benefit your understanding on the basic rules and be enough to get you through this platinum. This is definitely one of those games that you get better at so keep at it and don't let it discourage you if you suck at first.

You can find a lot of help on the internet if you're struggling with the concepts. Remember that this game was around for years as a tabletop game before being transferred to video game form so the best strategies and advice already exist. For more information on particular rules and strategies that go deeper than the basics shown in the campaign, here are some websites to try:

Blood Bowl Tactics | LRB5 & LRB6 Playbooks and Strategy
Blood Bowl Online

You can also have a look at the official forum for this game:

Blood Bowl - Official Forum - Official forum of Blood Bowl videogame

Some of the more important concepts and strategies are as follows:

  • Failing to complete certain actions that rely on a dice roll will immediately end your turn; save the actions with the lowest percentages for last.
  • Dice priorities - Go for the double or triple dice rolls before the singles to maximize success.
  • Make sure your players that have been knocked down are standing back up and repositioned if necessary; neglecting vulnerable players leaves them as sitting ducks.
  • If a move turns against your favour, you can reroll to have another chance at succeeding. Use your rerolls wisely as you can only use one per turn.
  • Play the percentages - Unless absolutely necessary make sure that if you are going for an action such as picking up the ball, that you have the best possible player for the job selected and therefore higher percentage chance.

On Private Leagues:

As a turn-based game, earning trophies is massively benefited here by finding a boosting partner. Post in this thread to find yourself one:

Trophy Boosting Thread.

Also, I highly recommend you set up a private league for you and your partner to boost trophies in. To do this, from the main menu select 'Team & League Management' and press and until you get to the 'My leagues' tab. You should now see the option to create a multiplayer league, press to enter a name, change the logo and add a description. When you have done this press again and a pop up will ask if you want to create a competition in the league, press again to select yes. Select Ladder as your competition type and name your competition. You can also change a few of the settings such as turn duration but you can just leave it as the defaults. Press again to create your competition.

You now can join your teams to this competition and boost away.


To BeforeJam for editing and images.


Step 1: Campaign

Playing the campaign is an ideal place on your start to Blood Bowl II. Here, you’ll learn to learn the game and be introduced to the mechanics. There also several trophies that can be achieved here. Grand exterminator requires you to beat the campaign. Along the way you should naturally get a few other trophies as well as aim for a couple of miscellaneous ones, such as Beat it!.

By the end of this step you should have the following trophies:

Expert strategist
The Grim Reaper
One down! Who's next?
Unassailable defence
Beat it!
Favour of the Amethyst College
Grand exterminator
Spike! magazine award

Step 2: Solo League

Most of your time will be spent playing in solo league or the official online league to work towards Outstanding coach. We’ll be working towards that trophy in this step, but likely won’t earn it until later. To make it simpler for later you should get the specific solo league trophy Misanthrope done now as well as a couple of easy miscellaneous ones that relate to team management. You will be aiming to earn the following trophies in this step:

Made-to-measure team
To the slaughterhouse
Newbie manager

Step 3: Online League and optional boosting

At a minimum you need to play and win one online match for the trophies Real-life opponent and Accomplished coach. Here is also where you'll want to boost a couple of potentially very annoying luck based trophies including the transfer market trophies. By the end of this step you should aim to have the following trophies completed:

Accomplished coach
Real-life opponent
Not so fast!
Favour of the Grey College
Golden goose
Law of the market
In dodge we trust

Step 4: Clean-up and grinding

You should now only have Outstanding coach to work towards. If you missed any miscellaneous trophies now is the time to finish them off.

Outstanding coach

[PST Would Like to Thank NurseFG for this Roadmap]

Blood Bowl 2 Trophy Guide

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31 trophies ( 16  )

  • You have won all the trophies

    As of update 1.03 In dodge we trust is no longer glitched and therefore it is now possible to obtain the

  • You have created a team

    On the main menu, select Team and League Management. In this menu, select the "Create Team" option then make any kind of team you like and the trophy will unlock shortly afterwards.

  • You have studied the composition of an opposition team

    This is easily earned in any of the campaign matches. At the screen where you have the option to start the match, select the opposition team and press to examine them. This screen is shown below:

    You will then see the following screen which is where the trophy will pop:

  • You have won a match in a solo league

    At the main menu, select 'Play in a League' then pick or create a team and chose join a league. When prompted, select solo league then make any type of solo league you like and simply win a match.

  • You have faced a coach in a multiplayer league

    Simply play in an online league. Win, lose or draw, it does not matter as you will get the trophy regardless. This can very easily be boosted in a private league by having either you or your boosting partner concede the match.

  • You have arrived in a competition final

    This should unlock when you reach the final match of the campaign. It can also be easily achieved by setting up a solo league as a knockout with only 2 teams. Of note is that you do not need to win this match; simply getting there is enough.

  • You bought a player in the transfer market

    See Golden goose.

  • You have hired a member of staff for a team and purchased an enhancement for its stadium

    In the team management screen using and , move to the staff tab and buy either a cheerleader or a coach assistant. Now under the Club tab, purchase any stadium enhancement.

  • You lost a player in a match (League or Campaign)

    This is completely based on luck but you should unlock this sooner or later considering the large number of matches you will be playing and the inevitability of a player's death. Make sure you do not use an Apothecary to save the player.

  • You have hired Cheerleaders for your team

    Under the Staff Tab in Team Management, simply purchase a Cheerleader for 10,000 gold.

  • You made mutated a player by increasing his level

    See Horned Rat.

  • You have bought and fired a player without him even playing a match

    Create a team and make sure to say no to the option of auto filling the team. Pick any type of player and buy them then, under the team roster, select that player and fire them.

  • You mutated a Skaven player with the Horns skill

    It is best to combine this trophy with Unnatural. Play matches either solo or online with a Skaven team to level them up. You'll need to roll doubles to be able to select a mutation upgrade, then pick the horns skill. Doubles are rolled once in every 6 level-ups.

  • You have taught an Agility skill to a Dwarf player

    You'll need to roll doubles on the level up in order to select an agility skill. This happens roughly once in every 6 level ups. When levelling up a player, agility skills are sorted into their own category and are hard to miss.

  • You intercepted opponent's Pass (League or Campaign)

    This is best done via boosting with another player because the A.I tends to not pass the ball much, I only had one opportunity in the campaign and that was against one of the Elven teams. If boosting, take turns passing the ball over the opposition. Interceptions have a very low chance of succeeding but you should get it in a game or two.

  • You have won the first match of the Campaign

    This will unlock after winning the first campaign match and is impossible to miss.

  • You have levelled up as coach

    See Outstanding coach.

  • You won a match without conceding a Touchdown (League or Campaign)

    This should occur through natural play, simply win a match without letting the opponent score. I was able to get this quite easily during the first campaign match because the A.I is very easy in this game so it's very difficult not to get it whilst playing the campaign.

  • You gained an MVP mention for a dead player (League or Campaign)

    Each team will get one player as the MVP at the conclusion of a match unless the match is conceded. In that case, the winner will get two MVP mentions. Select a weak team like Wood Elves or Skaven and let your opponent beat your team up and hope that they kill one or more of your players; make sure not to use an Apothecary to save them. The MVP awards are completely random so you'll just need to cross your fingers and hope that your dead player is selected at the end of the match. Another thing to look out for is if your team has a journeyman added due to not having enough players because if they die and get MVP, then this trophy will not unlock as it has to be one of your regular team players. Being highly luck dependent, if you want to boost it then let your boosting partner try to kill as many of you players as possible and then get them to concede on their last turn. This will give you the aforementioned two MVP mentions and therefore double the chance of getting this trophy.

  • You pushed 3 opposition players off the pitch in the same match (League or Campaign)

    There are three basic situations wherein you can push players off the pitch. The most convenient and easy is the play below, where your player, the blue circle, pushes the opponent's player, the red circle, off the pitch directly. When you blitz a player, you can push him either directly away from yours, or diagonally backwards. Also, those three squares must all be off the pitch for it to work. The following example sets you up for this:

    Alternatively, you could try a strategy that involves two or more of your players. As above, the red dot is the enemy player, while the blue is yours. The yellow circles are your secondary players that you aren't moving and are instead blocking. As they are blocking all of the locations inside of the field you could potentially push the opposing player to, the game will allow you to push them off of the pitch instead.

    If you aim to get this in each of the campaign matches you should get this eventually. If not just keep playing against the A.I in solo league, this might be a slightly easier way as you won't have to worry about also winning the match unlike in the campaign. The trophy, like the other gameplay-related ones, will unlock after the match so don't panic when it doesn't unlock after pushing the 3rd player off.

  • You have trained a team until it has killed 5 opponents (League or Campaign)

    A good place to get this is in the campaign, just keep throwing blocks on your opponents and with some luck over the course of the campaign you'll have killed 5 of them. If you don't get this in the campaign, then pick a strong team such as chaos and play either online or solo and focus on taking down your opponents.

  • You finished a match with an elf team without incurring any injuries (League or Campaign)

    Fixed as of update 1.03

    This trophy is very easily obtained by boosting online. After starting a game with a boosting partner, pass turns until the game ends with both of your teams having done nothing. If you selected either a High Elf or Dark Elf team, then you will have met the requirements for the trophy.

  • You have trained a team to a treasury level of 500,000

    On the completion of matches, win or loss, your team earns gold as long as you don’t concede the match. Don't spend any of it and save up until you have 500 000 gold. You need to hold this amount of gold at once so don’t invest in any extra player, stadium upgrades or otherwise optional upgrades for your team until you've earned the trophy.

    You can set up an Orc team to earn this trophy quickly. An Orc team with 4 Goblins and 7 lineament costs 510,000 out of your team's initial budget of 1 million gold. This leaves you with 490,000 in the treasury. Completing one match therefore earns this trophy for you.

  • You have trained a player to level 7

    Training a player to level 7 requires 176 SPP. SPP can get earned in the following ways:

    • 2 SPP for a player that injures or kills an opponent.
    • 3 SPP for a player that scores a touchdown.
    • 1 SPP for passing to another player and having that player successfully complete the catch (only the passing player earns the SPP, not the player that catches).
    • 5 SPP for the player that earns the MVP for the match.

    As you work towards other trophies such as Outstanding coach, you should get this or at least get close. Just remember to use an Apothecary if your high level players get killed.

    Alternatively you can easily boost this online. Each booster will pick one player on your teams to get to level 7 and alternate getting touchdowns with that player. If you can't quite reach the end zone at the end of the half or the match, try to make a pass to at least get 1 SPP. Depending on how you maximize the chance of your rolls, you should get 4 or 5 touchdowns with that player per match. When setting up the players on offense, place your designated level 7 player along the centre line. Have your boosting partner throw short or out of bounds for a touchback during the throw, then select the designated player to hike the ball when you get on offense.

  • You sold a level 7 player on the transfer market

    If you followed my instructions after getting Favour of the Grey College then now is the time to get your trophies done for the transfer market:

    • Create a second team that is the same race as the team in which you have the level 7 player.
    • Create an online league with a ladder competition under team & league management.
    • Join with both teams to the competition.
    • Go to team & league management and delete the competition.
    • Now you can open the transfer market.
    • Go to team roster and put a player for sale in transfer market.
    • Bid with the other team.
    • Accept the bid with the first team.

    This will also unlock Law of the market.

  • You have improved a stadium to its maximum level

    When your stadium reaches level 4 this will unlock. Going from Level 1 to 2 costs 100,000 gold, Level 2 to 3 costs 200,000 and Level 3 to 4 costs 400,000. You can easily earn the money for this trophy while playing games and selling players.

  • You have a team whose value is greater than 1900

    This is best earned by saving up your treasury past 150,000 gold, as this adds value to your team, so the ideal time to go for this is when you are working towards the trophy Favour of the Golden College. This can be easily boosted by simply drawing matches with your boosting partner so that you both get some winnings.

  • You have completed the Campaign and saved the Old World

    WARNING: Some players have reported issues with their campaign progress not saving correctly, read below for more information on how to best avoid this.

    Simply play through the campaign and this will unlock after the last game has been completed. The game tends to have issues with save games so either play the entire campaign in one session or by saving and quitting while in the middle of the match. The autosave issue appears to only manifest in between games. When you want to quit playing, start a new match, then press and save-quit while it's your turn to guarantee that the save worked.

    If you choose to save-quit after each match to further protect your save file, backup your save.

  • You have reached the maximum level as coach (20)

    This can only be earned by playing matches in the NAF official online league or in a solo league. You earn XP points no matter the result of a match, only the amount will change. You earn 10 points for a loss or draw, and 13 points for a win. Just keep playing and working towards other trophies and this will unlock after earning a total of 706 XP. It’s unlikely that you can boost this given it doesn’t work for private leagues. This will likely be the last trophy you earn for this game.

  • You have won a match in a multiplayer league

    This can be achieved in any online match including private leagues. You should get this through natural play, or if you are really struggling, it can be easily boosted by getting the other player to simply concede the match. The trophy will unlock as soon as you win a match. You can find boosting partners using the Trophy Boosting Thread.

  • You have reached a Fan Factor of 10

    Each match you win increases your fan factor by 1 so this should naturally unlock as you play through the campaign. Alternatively this can be easily earned by boosting in a private league or through natural play. Fan factor can also be bought for 100,000 each and you can buy up to 9. You can do this by navigating to the Staff tab, when looking at your team’s details.

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