What Happens In Blokus™, Stays In Blokus™ Trophy in Blokus

  • What Happens In Blokus™, Stays In Blokus™


    Executed a perfect block

    How to unlock What Happens In Blokus™, Stays In Blokus™

    A "perfect block" occurs when three opponents' available squares are occupied in one move.What this means is blocking all 3 opponent's options by placing a single tile. As such, you can only get this in a Classic 4 game in Tournament or Online mode, local Quick Play mode will not work.

    In a Classic 4 game, head for the center and evaluate the board carefully. With some luck, you will be able to spot a chance and place a tile in the center that blocks all your AI opponents. You will likely get this naturally while going through Tournament Mode.

    Tip by FMR

    Here's a tip to get it. When you play against 3 computers, choose the 3rd position, the red one. Then on the 3rd or 4th round, you'll have the best chance to make a perfect block has most of the time, the 3 or 4 first moves target the center. Choose the right piece to block the 3 computers. Quite easy to get it.

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