• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Personal Estimate) (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 20 (20)
  • Online trophies: 1 (1)
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 6-10 hours (Personal Estimate) (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No selectable difficulty
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats currently known
  • Additional equipment required?: It's not necessary, but a second controller makes some trophies a lot easier.

This game is an isometric view, arcade survival racing game. You progress by winning normal races, surviving the longest in death races, staying in first place the longest in king of the hill races, and completing time attacks. There are various weapons and boosts that you can use and the game is designed to be chaotic and pulsating, and in my opinion it is highly fun and addictive and one of the hidden gems of the PS Store. The best way I can think to explain it is Motorstorm RC crossed with Mario Kart but there may be a better analogy than that! The game is a good candidate for a fun and easy 100%, while it can be challenging and a little frustrating but on the whole it's not a bad game.


Step 1: Play through the career and beat the boss, making sure to get at least one cup in every mission. Doing this will get you all career trophies and the bulk of the miscellaneous trophies, as they are all likely events that will happen during the course of the game.

Upon completion of this step, you will have definitely earned:

Scrapyard Trophy

You will also more than likely unlock but not limited to:

Enough Dying Maybe?
I can do it

Step 2: Grind for points if at all necessary and clean up any miscellaneous trophies that may remain, see the individual trophy descriptions for information and methods for each one.

After you have completed this step, you will have earned:

That's Not Gonna Stop Me!
Free Fall
Academy Award
Epic Fail
Try It All

In the individual trophy descriptions I make numerous references to being able to get the miscellaneous trophies during offline party with a second controller. The way to set up the match so that it is just you and your second controller, with unlimited time to get the trophies is to go Main Menu > Party > Host a Game and choose the following settings:

  • Allow online players?: No
  • Maximum players: 3
  • Fill empty slots with bots: up to 2
  • Waiting timers: Short (but doesn't really matter)
  • Allow voting: On (but doesn't really matter)
  • Game Modes: for all miscellaneous trophies, pick race, unless you need to boost a king of the hill or death race win, in which case pick those. Either way, deselect the options you don't need.
  • Map types: Turn off all apart from hard track, this is because the hard tracks have more places to easily knock off the opponent and kill them with the various weapons.

After this, go back to the top and click the arrows to start the party then press on the second controller to allow him to join. Continue from here and just the 2 players will be in the race. Make sure to nudge the second controller every few seconds otherwise a bot will spawn in his place. You can easily respawn the second player by moving the controller if you forget, unless you are in a death race, in which case the bot will stay until the end.

Step 3: Join an online party to get the final, single online trophy. As the servers are dead, find a boosting partner here: Trophy Boosting Thread

After this step you will have earned:

Good evening!

Getting this trophy will also nab you will have 100%, congratulations when you get it!

[PST Would Like To Thank morg106 for this Roadmap]

BlazeRush Trophy Guide

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21 trophies ( 21  )

  • X-1


    Break the sound barrier.


    You break the sound barrier (and earn the X-1 Medal in the top left corner of your screen) by either, using your rocket booster or pulse booster by pressing immediately after you get hit with a soundwave or getting hit with the Soundwave while you are in the middle of using the above boosters. This will most likely unlock as you play through the career but if it doesn't then it is possible in party mode offline with 2 controllers, though it's tricky to do solo. Your best bet if it hasn't unlocked on its own is to play the later career races and watch out for the other racers who pick up the soundwave and boost as they shoot you. The acceleration of your vehicle doesn't matter for this, it can be done in any vehicle.

  • Drop a slime while in the lead.


    The description for this isn't very clear but basically you need to be in the lead, shoot slime and then run into it yourself for this trophy. There is a medal of the same name as the trophy which will pop in the top left corner of your screen when this happens. This is another trophy which will most likely unlock over the course of the career. However if it doesn't, it can be done in party mode. Go into the lead and find some slime (they look like small canisters with a green liquid inside), turn towards the wall and shoot by pressing , bouncing the slime onto yourself. The trophy will pop immediately.

  • Do a NO SCOPE, while doing a 360.


    A 360 NO SCOPE is achieved by hitting another racer with your autogun as you are spinning in a 360. There is a medal of the same name which will pop in the top left of the screen when you achieve this. This one is highly likely to unlock during career but if you somehow don't have it, then it can be done in party with 2 controllers easily. Make sure one racer has the saw and one racer has the autogun. Go to a nice straight piece of track where there are no height differences between the vehicles. Have the vehicle with the saw hit the other, sending you into a 360 degree spin, then immediately press to shoot the autogun. If even one bullet hits the other racer, the trophy will pop.

  • Spend 2 seconds in the air.


    This trophy again has a medal of the same name which will appear at the top left when done right. As with all these miscellaneous trophies, it's pretty likely this will come naturally. However if it doesn't there's a pretty reliable way to unlock it in offline party mode with 2 controllers. Pick 2 vehicles with the least mass possible - UFO or Dee work well. Have both vehicles pick up missiles and go to a nice straight area where the missile will definitely make impact. Fire one of the missiles at the other vehicle and the instant the missile hits, have that vehicle fire too. There's a good chance you'll hit the ground with the second missile and propel yourself up very high. I was able to unlock it first try this way.

  • Rise from the last spot 5 seconds before the finish.

    You will get this trophy (and again, the associated in-game medal of the same name) by going from last to first at the very end of the race. It is fairly likely you'll get this naturally if you're in last, because the game gives some nice boosts and weapons to help you catch up. However if you've not accidentally got it, simply replay an earlier career race and save a good boost until right at the end. The mission "Jungle" works well for this, simply stay in last place until just before the final bend and boost all the way around the bend and over the finish line. I was unable to unlock this during party mode with 2 controllers.

  • Overtake the leader a second before the finish.


    This trophy, like the other miscellaneous trophies, has a medal of the same name which unlocks at the top left of the screen, this one is only at the end of the race. Be in any position and overtake the leader at the very end, moments before the finish line. This is likely to come naturally, more often than not it will unlock with Academy Award. However if it doesn't, it can be done in party mode with 2 controllers very easily. Have one vehicle get to the finish line of a race but do not cross the line, then take the second controller and overtake him and immediately cross the finish with the other vehicle too.

  • Be the king for most of the race.


    For this trophy you need to not only win a King of the Hill race but also dominate it. The total points for every other racer combined must be 48 or less. This might come naturally but the more racers there are, the less chance you have and the lead will change often, they can all accrue vital points and add up to a lot more. To easily get this trophy, do it in an offline party with 2 controllers then take the lead with one vehicle and stay there but make sure to nudge the second controller every now and then so a bot doesn't take his place. You should win 50-0 and therefore have the trophy within 50 seconds. The reason I say the other racers must total 48 or less is that I was able to make the Despot medal pop when winning 50-48 but not 50-49 in an offline party.

  • Be the leader and lose it all 5 seconds before the finish.

    You must be in the lead at the very end of the race and then finish last for this trophy. There is a medal of the same name that will appear at the top left of the screen if this is done correctly. For me, this was the only miscellaneous trophy that did not pop naturally during the career. There is a chance it will but if it doesn't, there is a good way to get it i.e replay the mission 'Jungle' and stay ahead until the very end. Let the other racers past you at the finish line and then cross in last place and the trophy will pop. I was unable to unlock this during party mode with 2 controllers.

  • Hit yourself with every possible weapon.


    Quite simply, hit yourself with every weapon that it is possible to do so - this equates to missiles, slime and the saw. This is cumulative and does not have to be done in a single race. You can check your cumulative progress by going Main Menu > Career > for Statistics. You'll need the Harakiri medal for catching your own saw, Rocket Jump medal for catching your own missile and Wet Confusion for catching your own slime. You will more than likely pop this trophy naturally during the career. If not, it's simple to get any of the missing medals. For the saw, simply shoot the saw off a wall where you know it will rebound back onto you (offline party with 2 controllers works best for this). For the missiles, shoot one and then immediately boost. If you do not ram into it, it will redirect it's target as you and hit you anyway. For slime, use the same tactic as the saw. You can also hit your own stationary slime for this to work.

  • Join an online party.

    This trophy will pop when you join any online party, the normal method would be Main Menu > Party > Quick Game or Find a Game and join one from the list. However the servers for this game are completely dead so you'll need a boosting partner, find one here: Trophy Boosting Thread. The host will need to set up the game via Main Menu > Party > Host a Game > Start the Party > to invite the second person or the second person can search for a game provided the host left the session public. The trophy will pop the instant that you join, you don't even need to actually play a match. However the trophy will not pop for the host so you'll need to do the same again for them.

    If you have any issues obtaining this trophy, a solution has been found in this thread. The host needs to have a wired, direct connection to the Internet. The problem seems to stem from the player's firewall blocking incoming connections, so by removing the firewall and connecting directly, anybody should be able to connect to the host and get the trophy. Thanks to diskdocx for bringing this to my attention.

  • Die a hundred times.


    Death will happen often in this game, there are 2 ways to do this:

    • Leaving the track, whereby you will rejoin again immediately by bouncing back up).
    • The machine catching and killing you in a death race.

    Either way, it's almost certain you will have this trophy by the end of the career. I got it at around 90 cups total. If not, then play a later race mission and drive off the track wherever possible to farm the deaths. You cannot farm deaths in party mode, they must be career deaths only and you can track them by going to Main Menu > Career > for Statistics and observing the number by the 'Deaths' section.

  • Win in each of the three modes.


    There are 3 modes for you to win i.e Race, Death Race and King of the Hill. Win one of each for this trophy. The earliest you can get it is when the mission 'King of the Hill' is unlocked, time attacks do not count for this trophy. This will most likely come naturally as there are a lot of missions for each mode throughout the career. If you do struggle then this trophy can also be done in Party mode, either against a second controller or Low Bot A.I.

  • Kill the opponent with each weapon but the slime.


    There are 5 weapons in total and 4 of them can kill in the sense that they can knock the opponent off-track. No weapon can kill an enemy directly. The slime is the only one that can't be used to kill, it is used instead to slow down the opposition. For this trophy you'll need to kill with the saw, missile, autogun and soundwave. While there is no way to track individual weapon kills, it is extremely likely you'll pop this naturally. If need be, you can get a kill with each weapon with ease in party mode with a second controller. Just ensure you are playing on a Hard track for the precarious edges that you can easily knock them off and are in race mode for the unlimited time.

  • Destroy 50 cars with the autogun.


    The autogun looks like an ammo crate. Kill 50 enemies (knock them off-track) with it for the trophy. If this trophy hasn't naturally unlocked during the career, either farm kills by replaying the mission 'Meet the Autogun' or do them with a second controller in Party mode.

  • Destroy 40 cars with the saw.


    The saw pickup looks like an open toolbox. Kill 40 enemies (knock them off-track) with it for the trophy. If this trophy hasn't naturally unlocked during the career, either farm kills by replaying the mission 'Forestry' or do them with a second controller in Party mode.

  • Destroy 30 cars with the missile.


    The missile pickup looks like a briefcase. Kill 30 enemies (knock them off-track) with it for the trophy. If this trophy hasn't naturally unlocked during the career, either farm kills by replaying the mission 'Rocket Roll' or do them with a second controller in Party mode.

  • Destroy 20 cars with a soundwave.


    The soundwave pickup is a small black and red rolled object. Kill 20 enemies (knock them off-track) with it for the trophy. If this trophy hasn't naturally unlocked during the career, either farm kills by replaying the mission 'Sonic Weapons' or do them with a second controller in Party mode.

  • Unlock all cars in career.

    Unlocking all cars requires 650,000 points in total. You can check your points progress by checking Main Menu > Career and viewing the number on the top right of the screen above your total cup count. Earn points by winning, killing your enemies and hitting them with the various weapons. There are 16 cars to unlock in total. This trophy will probably unlock during the career, personally it unlocked for me at the same time as unlocking the boss mission. The cars are as follows:

    • Turboboy
    • Hotty
    • Tailfin
    • Old Rowdy
    • Beast
    • Pushback
    • Arrow
    • Predator
    • Dipnoi
    • DriftKing
    • Rex
    • Panzerflachbagger
    • Dee
    • Twins
    • UFO
    • Mr. Shnek

    The first 4 are unlocked from the beginning. If you do need to farm for this, pick a vehicle and later career race you are comfortable with and stay near the back to cause as much mayhem as possible.

    Also thank you to discdocx for pointing out that you need to improve upon your score in order to gain extra points:

    Just a quick heads up, you can't farm points by replaying missions, in the traditional sense. I had the game crash on the boss, and corrupted my save. I lost about 50% of my progress, the difference between where I was when my cloud save auto-uploaded and the boss.

    Anyway, I replayed the second half of the game today and didn't really focus on much other than finishing so I didn't score very high points wise. I am about 100k short of the 650k total.

    I replayed a few races and did not get any additional points. The game only saves your best score total so if you have 25k on a given race and replay it and score 20k, your total does not go up. If you replay and score 30k then your score will go up by 5k, the difference between your new best and previous best.

    This will make grinding much slower.

  • Defeat the boss.

    The boss is unlocked after 138 cups in the career. This trophy will pop after defeating him. He can be annoying at first but he is fairly easy to beat once you have developed a strategy. Pick a car with a high mass, as the main problem is that he can fling you from the track with ease with his various weapons. Acceleration is not important as all vehicles have the same basic speed. When he is behind you, stick to the edges of the track where his autogun cannot hit you, and focus adjusting your speed to dodge the saws. Then when he is in front, just throw everything you can at him. Missiles cause the greatest damage but autogun is good too. Be careful to dodge his missiles, making sharp turns is effective against these. He will get easier the longer you initially last since the more times you hit him, the more of his weapons you will destroy. Rinse and repeat while he is switching from behind to in front, eventually he gets weaker and weaker until it is just a matter of time before he dies.

  • Complete all career missions.

    There are 53 missions in total and you'll need to get at least one cup in each for them to count as 'completed'. You get one cup for third place, two cups for second place and three cups for first place, meaning you'll need to finish at least third in every mission. There are also bonus cups in some missions for completing objectives such as killing a certain amount of enemies or earning a certain amount of points. For the time attack missions you'll need to achieve at least the slowest time on the list but realistically you will need at least 138 cups to unlock the final boss mission which is required for this trophy and then you'll get 3 cups for completing that, meaning the least amount of cups you can technically get is 141.

  • Complete your first serious competition.

    Your first serious competition is the 'Scrapyard Cup' mission which is unlocked after 4 cups. Finish at least third to complete the competition and earn this trophy. This is not a big task and you'll most likely get it first time.

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