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    Earn 650 000 score points and unlock all cars in career mode.

    Unlocking all cars requires 650,000 points in total. You can check your points progress by checking Main Menu > Career and viewing the number on the top right of the screen above your total cup count. Earn points by winning, killing your enemies and hitting them with the various weapons. There are 16 cars to unlock in total. This trophy will probably unlock during the career, personally it unlocked for me at the same time as unlocking the boss mission. The cars are as follows:

    • Turboboy
    • Hotty
    • Tailfin
    • Old Rowdy
    • Beast
    • Pushback
    • Arrow
    • Predator
    • Dipnoi
    • DriftKing
    • Rex
    • Panzerflachbagger
    • Dee
    • Twins
    • UFO
    • Mr. Shnek

    The first 4 are unlocked from the beginning. If you do need to farm for this, pick a vehicle and later career race you are comfortable with and stay near the back to cause as much mayhem as possible.

    Also thank you to discdocx for pointing out that you need to improve upon your score in order to gain extra points:

    Just a quick heads up, you can't farm points by replaying missions, in the traditional sense. I had the game crash on the boss, and corrupted my save. I lost about 50% of my progress, the difference between where I was when my cloud save auto-uploaded and the boss.

    Anyway, I replayed the second half of the game today and didn't really focus on much other than finishing so I didn't score very high points wise. I am about 100k short of the 650k total.

    I replayed a few races and did not get any additional points. The game only saves your best score total so if you have 25k on a given race and replay it and score 20k, your total does not go up. If you replay and score 30k then your score will go up by 5k, the difference between your new best and previous best.

    This will make grinding much slower.

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